Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4889, Hanging by a Thread


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“If you want information, I can exchange it for information, no one will be at a loss,” After listening to Yang Kai’s singing, she decided not to give him another chance to do so.


“What do you want to know?” asked Yang Kai.


“Anything would do. I’ve been imprisoned for countless years and know nothing about the outside world.”


“Didn’t you transform many people into Black Ink Disciples? Did they not provide you with any information?”


“Although Black Ink Strength is powerful, it cannot bring me the information I want.”


Yang Kai was silent for a moment before replying, “The 3,000 Worlds are vast and boundless. There are countless forces of varying size and strength, but the 36 Cave Heavens and 72 Paradises reign at the top and are revered by all. They are the strongest of the forces and have countless Masters.”


This couldn’t be considered a secret, it was the most basic information. So, Yang Kai wasn’t worried about exposing anything.


The Black Ink Master rebuked with a snort, “A bunch of clowns dare act so arrogantly? Laughable!”


Yang Kai ignored her and continued, “They are the rulers and protectors of this vast Universe. They are responsible for the peace and stability of the 3,000 Worlds. It is admirable.”


The Black Ink Master sneered, “Just a dove occupying a magpie’s nest.”


“Your turn.”


The Black Ink Master snorted. Although she knew that Yang Kai was trying to trick her, she didn’t mind revealing a bit of information, “This vast space originally belonged to the Black Ink Clan. You people are nothing more than livestock raised by the Black Ink Clan. You pretentious bastards pretend to be docile, but have always harboured rebellious hearts. You stole everything from the Black Ink Clan and drove my Black Ink Clan to the edge of this Universe. Sooner or later, the Black Ink Clan will return and take everything back.”


Yang Kai frowned, “In this World, are there any other Black Ink Masters besides you?”


“Black Ink Eternal!” The Black Ink Master declared proudly.


This was not the first time Yang Kai had heard such words; he had heard them from the Black Ink Disciples many times.


By the looks of it, this obviously came from the Black Ink Clan’s own beliefs. The Royal Lord before him firmly believed that Black Ink was eternal.


But the other information she revealed worried Yang Kai even more.


“Where did the Black Ink Clan go?”


“You don’t know?” The Black Ink Master asked back.


Yang Kai shook his head, “Most people have never heard of your existence, only the Masters of the Cave Heaven and Paradises know. I only learned of your existence in the last few hundred years.”


“Hehehe…” The Black Ink Master suddenly laughed, “You all fear the Black Ink Clan, that’s why you’ve sealed anything related to us. You also know that you’re not the Black Ink Clan’s opponent. Just wait, that day will soon arrive. The Black Ink Clan will once again rule this vast Universe!”


Her words were filled with confidence, but Yang Kai remained indifferent, “We drove you away in ancient times, so we will wipe you from existence soon enough.”


“Shameless boasting!” The Black Ink Master sneered.


Yang Kai didn’t try to justify it with an answer and silently healed his injuries.


He might have obtained some information from the Black Ink Master, but she had been imprisoned here for countless millennia and had no idea about the outside world’s current situation. All she knew was some information from ancient times.


If what she said was true, then this vast world once belonged to the Black Ink Clan. Humans were nothing more than ants under the Black Ink Clan’s rule, reared by the Black Ink Clan like cattle, surviving at the whims of the Black Ink Clan.


But how could so many people bear to live in servitude like this? They finally gained freedom after countless years of accumulation and resistance. Perhaps the ancient people fought countless wars and sacrificed countless people before they finally managed to defeat the Black Ink Clan and expel them into the unknown.


As a result, the 3,000 Worlds finally welcomed a period of peace.


The relationship between Yang Kai and the Black Ink Master was extremely strange. Both of them wanted to kill each other, but neither of them could accomplish this. At times, they would calmly chat with each other, and at other times, they would be at each other’s throats. Yang Kai’s injuries kept piling up, and the Black Ink Master was also having difficulty gathering her strength.


Every time the light of purification was shot by Yang Kai, it would bring the Black Ink Master unimaginable torment and pain.


Yang Kai felt like he had really been forgotten by the outside world.


He silently calculated the time in his mind. It had been almost a decade since he volunteered to enter this cage, but the Cave Heavens and Paradises showed no intention of rescuing him.


He knew what the Cave Heavens and Paradises were wary of, so he had no complaints. It was just that after having been confronting the Black Ink Master for so long, he failed to see any hope.


All he could do was keep weakening the Black Ink Master; however, the gap between the two of them was too big, so he was simply unable to kill her.


Some day after the first decade, Yang Kai, who was healing his injuries, suddenly heard a strange sound.


He found it a little familiar, as if he had heard it once before.


However, before he could figure out what was going on, the Black Ink Master’s attack was already upon him. The aura of death instantly enveloped him, prompting Yang Kai to quickly dodge.


But before Yang Kai could stabilize himself, another wave of murderous intent engulfed him.


Yang Kai’s eyes went wide in surprise. He promptly used Space Principles and used Near Distant Horizon.


Space twisted and stretched, but under the fearsome attack, Near Distant Horizon was swiftly shattered.


Fortunately, this small delay gave Yang Kai some breathing room. Taking advantage of this, he promptly took out his Azure Dragon Spear and swung it to the side.


The next moment, a savage force struck him. It was so strong that Yang Kai was unable to resist it. He exerted all his strength and was barely able to hold on.


Yang Kai’s five viscera and six bowels were shaken, but he didn’t dare relax for even a moment before this danger. He intelligently used the rebound force to retreat to the edge of the cage.


“Count yourself lucky!” The Black Ink Master’s tone was filled with resentment and unwillingness. She might have chatted with Yang Kai like they were old friends at times, and she might have hummed a song for him at others, but the Black Ink Master had never given up on killing him.


She would launch a surprise attack as long as she found an opportunity.


This most recent attack had been quite a good chance, but unfortunately, Yang Kai’s reaction was too quick and he had quite a few powerful tricks up his sleeves, allowing him to ultimately avoid disaster.


Yang Kai didn’t say anything, but a flash of purifying light once again expanded into a small sun and shot straight towards the Black Ink Master.


But the next moment, two gleams of cold light flashed as the small sun was cut apart before it could even reach the Black Ink Master. The ball of purification light exploded, illuminating every inch of the cage. Although the purifying light could purify and disperse the endless darkness, even evaporate a great deal of the Black Ink Master’s Black Ink Strength, it still did not cause her much harm in this dispersed form.


Yang Kai’s pupils slightly contracted at what he saw.


With the help of the short burst of light, he noticed that the Black Ink Master actually had two free legs now.


He finally understood what the strange sound he had just heard was. It was the sound of the Secret Technique Chains breaking. He had heard it once not long after entering this cage.


Although the Black Ink Master had been continuously attacking the Secret Technique Chains over the past decade, she had not made any progress. Yang Kai had not expected that another one of the chains would suddenly snap, allowing her to regain a bit more freedom.


[Is it because of her constant attacks?]


Yang Kai quickly denied this conjecture. [The source of these chains is the Super Array that spans Black Territory. The Secret Technique Chains would never break until this Super Array breaks.]


The reason she could break one of the chains before was that the Super Array had weakened, but now she broke another one, and the Super Array couldn’t have weakened unless it was damaged intentionally!


Thinking so, Yang Kai vaguely guessed what was happening outside.


This immediately lifted Yang Kai’s spirits. [I haven’t been abandoned, and the Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises are trying to find a solution. The weakening of the Super Array is the best proof.]


However, this would only make things more difficult for him in the meantime.


The Super Array would grow weaker and weaker with time, meaning the Black Ink Master could display more and more of her strength. Would he be able to resist once that happened?


Perhaps he would have already lost his life at the hands of the Black Ink Master before he could escape this cage.


A strong sense of crisis immediately gripped Yang Kai’s heart.


Black Territory had countless Ore Stars, and each one was extremely rich in cultivation materials. It was so rich in materials that even if a force mined for tens of millennia, or even longer, they would still not be able to mine out everything.


However, every Cave Heaven and Paradise was participating in this operation, and each of them had dispatched hundreds of disciples. Naturally, their mining speed was extraordinary.


In order to break the Super Array, the simplest and fastest method was to destroy all the Ore Stars.


Nonetheless, the Cave Heavens and Paradises were mining the Ore Stars step by step in order to complete this 100-year plan.


Massive amounts of Black Stones were constantly sent to High Heaven Palace, allowing it to gather an unimaginable amount of wealth in this short span of ten years.


Fortunately, they had made an agreement beforehand, and the Cave Heavens and Paradises did not do anything greedy with a great enemy like the Black Ink Clansman knocking at their door.


All of the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, regardless of whether they were Seventh-Order or Eighth-Order, had entered seclusion and were sparing no expense to cultivate Profound Yin Bamboo in their Small Universes.


Everyone knew that once the Black Ink Clansman was set free, a great battle would break out, and the Profound Yin Bamboo was the best treasure to resist the Black Ink Strength. At the critical moment, it might be able to save their lives.


It was precisely because cultivating the Profound Yin Bamboo needed time that the Cave Heavens and Paradises came up with this 100-year plan.


As years went by, the Ore Stars in Black Territory continued to wane and the Spirit Arrays were broken one after another, while the might of the Super Array was constantly weakened.


As the 100-year deadline was approaching, everyone was able to feel the tension in the air.


The Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises might be oblivious to how much the Super Array had weakened, but Yang Kai, who was in the centre of the cage, could clearly feel it.


Inside the cage, Yang Kai could no longer remain in his Human Form and had already switched to his Dragon Form.


He was only a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so his cultivation was insufficient to face off against a Black Ink Royal Lord, even if she had been imprisoned for so many years. As the power of the Super Array weakened, the Black Ink Master could display more and more of her strength. So, Yang Kai had no choice but to resort to his Dragon Form to protect himself.


A 20,000-meter-long Grand Dragon was as strong as a peak Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, which allowed him to preserve his life.


However, he was hanging on by the thread! It took everything he had to resist each of the Black Ink Master’s attacks, and each blow would leave him injured. Had it not been for the strong resilience of his Dragon Body and the restorative power of the Immortal Tree, he would have not been able to hold on for this long.




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