Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4890, Broke Free


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The purification light played a vital role as the power of the Super Array weakened over the years and the Black Ink Master gained more freedom and strength.


Every blast of purifying light Yang Kai fired dealt a certain amount of damage and suppression to her, preventing her from recovering fully.


Her hatred towards Yang Kai had already reached the apex. Had it not been for the fact that she had yet to completely regain her freedom, Yang Kai wouldn’t have had the chance to even breathe in this small cage.


Yang Kai’s 20,000-meter-long Dragon Form was riddled with wounds of all sizes. Many of his Dragon Scales had fallen off, making him look quite miserable.


Even if his strength was comparable to a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master now, he still couldn’t hold a candle to this Royal Lord.


Yang Kai silently endured and calculated.


In the beginning, a total of twelve chains happened to be piercing the Black Ink Master’s body under the Super Array’s suppression, firmly locking her in place and making it next to impossible for her to even move.


But as the Super Array weakened over the years, she had already broken free from ten of those chains. Now, only the last two were binding the Black Ink Master.


The day these two chains broke would be the day the Black Ink Master escaped.


A few days later, another chain broke as the Super Array’s power weakened to the limit.


The Black Ink Master suddenly fell silent.


She was finally going to regain her freedom after countless millennia of imprisonment, but her reaction was quite strange. She no longer tried to sneak attack Yang Kai and essentially ignored his entire existence. She had gone completely silent, which was completely opposite to her past self where she kept chattering non-stop.


[She’s accumulating her strength!] Yang Kai cursed, fully aware of what was happening.


She also knew that once the Super Array was destroyed, she would be up against the Masters of the Cave Heavens and Paradises; thus, she took this last moment to build up her strength.


Yang Kai welcomed a rare period of safety.


At this time, he should be trying to weaken the Black Ink Master as much as possible. Only by doing so would she not have too much power when she eventually broke free.


But he soon gave up on this idea.


Yang Kai also needed to gather his strength! Otherwise, he would most likely be doomed the moment she broke free. He had to save himself first.


In the current situation, he would be able to escape this calamity only by quickly advancing to the Seventh Order. Although Yang Kai had been fighting with the Black Ink Master all these years and hadn’t had the time to cultivate, the countless living beings in his Small Universe had been constantly helping him strengthen his foundation.


His Small Universe’s foundation was sufficient, so all he lacked now was the opportunity.


He vigilantly returned to his Human Form, all while paying close attention to the Black Ink Master’s movements. He was ready to transform into his Dragon Form at any moment to resist her assault.


Fortunately, his worries were unfounded. The Black Ink Master had really quieted down and did not make any moves against him.


Be that as it may, Yang Kai didn’t relax his vigilance. At the same time, he was silently searching for the opportunity to break through.


The Proprietress had gone into a retreat in Void Land for several hundred years before she was able to break through from the Sixth Order to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. Her aptitude was quite extraordinary actually, but even then, it was very hard for her to break through to the Seventh Order.


The gap between the Sixth and Seventh Orders was like the gap between the Heavens and the Earth. While a Sixth-Order Master was quite strong and could be considered a powerhouse in the Open Heaven Realm, their Small Universe was still immaterial, while a Seventh-Order Master was entirely different. Their Small Universes had already become material, which was a qualitative leap.


Since ancient times, countless Open Heaven Realm Masters had been stuck at this juncture, unable to advance even a single step forward.


The fact that one had initially broken through to the Fifth Order did not mean that they would be able to advance to the Seventh Order someday. Ascending to the Fifth Order only gave one the possibility to reach the Seventh Order. More importantly, it was extremely dangerous to break through from the Sixth Order to the Seventh Order. If one’s foundation was insufficient and one’s comprehension was lacking, a forceful attempt would only result in death.


Yang Kai felt that his accumulation should be enough; In fact, he had wanted to enter retreat and break through to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm a few centuries ago, it was just that he had been delayed by various matters.


But now, in the face of the Black Ink Master’s threat, he was left with no choice but to try his best to accomplish something he had failed to finish in the past. Yang Kai could only sigh with regret at the hand dealt to him by fate, and the results left him disappointed.


He was unable to sense the opportunity to advance!


The Black Ink Master was eyeing him like prey, ready to give a fatal blow at any moment, so how could Yang Kai focus on breaking through?


It was very hard to feel the passage of time in this pitch-black and monotonous darkness, but when Yang Kai heard a familiar sound, he instantly realized that several years had passed already.


The Super Array had been completely broken, and the Black Ink Master had gained her freedom at last.


The most dangerous moment had arrived, and Yang Kai could clearly feel the great power that the Black Ink Master desperately needed reviving. Her slumbering majestic Will instantly recovered, causing the entire cage to tremble.


At this point, a single moment of hesitation would be the difference between life and death.


Suddenly, the cry of a Golden Crow rang out as a great sun slowly rose, illuminating the world. Right behind it rose a bright round moon, radiating a chilling moonlight.


The sun and moon shone together as Time Principles began to churn.


At the same time, Space Principles also flared, merging with the Time Principles, transforming into a new and profound power.


The sun and moon intertwined, spinning like a top as they headed straight towards the Black Ink Master.


The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was the most powerful Secret Technique Yang Kai had ever comprehended. With just a Sixth-Order Heaven Open Realm cultivation, Yang Kai had overwhelmed three Sixth-Order Masters from the Shadowless Cave Heaven’s Profound Yang Mountain with this Secret Technique.


With this Secret Technique, he was able to injure the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Zuo Quan Hui who was far stronger than him.


Space-Time Strength was an extremely profound power, and Yang Kai had just scratched its surface.


The Black Ink Master’s crisp laughter rang out, filled with pride and ruthlessness. She was finally going to be free after countless years of imprisonment. This was indeed joyous news for her.


The next moment, her sharp foot promptly slashed towards the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.


This Secret Technique, which was strong enough to even severely wound a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, failed to even put a scratch on her. Just a swipe of her foot had caused the Sun to dim and the full Moon to collapse, dispersing the Space-Time Strength.


But surprisingly, another dazzling sun suddenly appeared right behind the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.


Naturally, it was a ball of purifying light!


Since Yang Kai was well aware of the gap between them, how could he place all his hopes on the Secret Technique he had created? The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was just a cover, while his real trump card was this purifying light hidden behind it.


This was the only method Yang Kai had that could restrain the Black Ink Master!


The Royal Lord obviously didn’t expect Yang Kai to be so shrewd, so in her moment of carelessness, the small sun-like ball of purifying light broke through her defences and smashed into her massive body.


The light immediately dispelled the darkness in the vicinity and left a giant hole on her body, from where thick ink-like liquid flowed.


Immediately after, a blood-curdling scream rang out before the Black Ink Master roared in fury, “I want you dead!”


She slammed her long leg that destroyed the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel straight down on Yang Kai’s head, sealing off all routes of retreat.


Yang Kai was already prepared for this counterattack though, and the moment he cast the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, his body had already transformed into his 20,000-meter-long Dragon Form, bolstering his defence to its highest.


Even so, her long leg scraped through the Dragon Scales as his blood splashed out.


The Black Ink Master’s leg left a several-hundred-meter-long gaping wound on Yang Kai’s Dragon Body, almost cutting him in two.


Although he had escaped death, it was clear that the Black Ink Master had no intention of letting Yang Kai off so easily. Her multiple long legs slashed at him from different angles, causing his face to turn ashen. Even if he had assumed his Dragon Form, he would not be able to resist this attack.


Furthermore, even if he wanted to escape, he couldn’t do so inside this cage.


Yang Kai promptly manipulated Space Principles, placing all his hopes on the Masters in the Cave Heavens and Paradises.


Fortunately, the Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises did not disappoint him. The cage that was once flawless was riddled with cracks now. Since the Super Array had been broken, the cage that imprisoned the Black Ink Master was naturally no longer flawless.


Over the past hundred years, Yang Kai had continuously been using Space Principles in an attempt to find a gap in the cage, but he had found none until now!


Yang Kai quickly swung his Dragon Tail, smashing it into the invisible barrier of the cage.


The next moment, the cage completely broke, giving the impression that an entirely new world had been created.


Immediately after, one powerful aura after another immediately entered Yang Kai’s perception as countless figures came rushing towards his side, defending him.


These figures all exuded the powerful aura of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


*Hong hong hong!*


Deafening explosions immediately rang out as the Eight-Order Open Heaven Realm Master blocked the oncoming legs for Yang Kai one by one. Some people let out muffled groans while some sneered.


After this fierce exchange, the entire world fell silent.


The Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises were already preparing outside to break this final barrier, so Yang Kai’s last attack had saved them a lot of time and effort, while also saving his own life in return.


Otherwise, if the Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises attempted to break this cage themselves, it would have taken them at least a few breaths, which was far slower than Yang Kai using Space Principles from the inside.


At this moment, Yang Kai was disoriented and stars were circling before his eyes, but before he could recover from his near-death experience, he suddenly felt someone standing over him.


“Brat, you’re still alive?” Liu Mu asked from above.


Yang Kai replied, shaking his head, “Fortunately!”


Liu Mu meaningfully chuckled, “One who survives a great disaster is destined to have good fortune. Leave the rest to us old fogies and take a rest.”


Yang Kai fell silent for a moment before warning, “Seniors, please be careful. She calls herself a Royal Lord, but I don’t know what it means.”


Liu Mu clicked his tongue, “Although we had already guessed as much, it is still disheartening to hear you say it.” 


He took a pregnant pause before explaining, “This so-called Royal Lord is equivalent to a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master!”


[Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master!]


Yang Kai’s heart trembled upon hearing this. Although the Black Ink Master was not at her peak after having been imprisoned for countless years, and Yang Kai had been constantly weakening her using the purification light over the past 100 years, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse. Who knew how much strength she could still display?


Thinking about how he had spent 100 years in the same cage with a Black Ink Royal Lord that was equivalent to a Ninth-Order Master, Yang Kai couldn’t help but shiver in fright a little.




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  1. This fight between the black ink master and YK is soo stupid. I was almost killed multiple times whenn she only had 1 leg free… and that was only after a short few years… how the efff did he survived for another 90+ years more, while at the same time the Black Ink Master be getting stronger and more legs are freed???

  2. I guess they dont have a single ninth order master left in the 3000 worlds? Very smart decision, so Sounds like something the Cave Morons and Paradiots would do.

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