Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4897, Void Corridor


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“However, she was discovered by the ancient Great Experts the moment she stepped in Black Territory.


“It must have resulted in a Heaven-shaking battle.


“The Ancient Great Experts won in the end, but the appearance of the Void Corridor threw a wrench in their victory.


“Ultimately, the ancient Great Experts set up the Super Array in Black Territory, creating a cage and imprisoning the Black Ink Royal Lord while using her as a core component to seal the Void Corridor.


“Until today!”


This was only Yang Kai’s guess. It was impossible to trace what had happened back then, so no one could say for sure.


There were many unreasonable points in his analysis, but there were some that made sense too.


Yang Kai had always suspected that if the ancient Great Experts had the ability to imprison the Black Ink Master for countless years, why didn’t they just kill her and get it over with? He thought that they didn’t kill her because it was difficult to deal with the Black Ink Strength left behind by the Black Ink Masters after their death, but apparently, that wasn’t the case.


Perhaps the Void Corridor had been created by the Black Ink Royal Lord, so using her to seal it was a better choice.


In the last battle, she had not moved away from the spot, no matter what kind of danger she fell into.


It wasn’t that she didn’t want to move, nor was it that she didn’t want to escape, but rather that her entire existence had already become one with the seal of the Void Corridor. She couldn’t escape, nor could she move. She could only remain in one spot and endure the attacks of the Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises until her death.


Had she been able to freely move or escape at any moment, perhaps this battle would have ended differently.


But she was dead now, and the seal had become loose. The Void Corridor was slowly emerging, which made it possible for Yang Kai to notice it.


Lan You Ruo fell into deep thought when she heard this. If Yang Kai’s guess was right, once the seal was completely lifted, the 3,000 Worlds that had enjoyed peace for countless years would be connected to the Black Ink Battlefield. Countless Black Ink Masters would descend into Black Territory through this Void Corridor, plunging the vast universe into chaos.


She could already see corpses littered everywhere, while mournful wails echoed throughout the universe. The thought of this instantly caused her to shudder.


The Black Ink Royal Lord had been drastically weakened after being imprisoned for countless years, but she still made the Cave Heavens and Paradises suffer unimaginable losses. They would definitely not be able to defend themselves if a peak Royal Lord were to appear.


All the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters of the Cave Heavens and Paradises were stationed on the Black Ink Battlefield, so the remaining forces here would not be able to resist a Royal Lord.


She secretly prayed that the Void Corridor was not connected to the Black Ink Battlefield.


The seal slowly loosened day by day, not deteriorating any faster or slower as time passed, allowing the Void Corridor’s existence to become more and more apparent.


At first, only Yang Kai could sense its existence, and even an Eighth-Order Ancestor like Liu Mu could only barely notice that something was wrong.


But after half a month, any Eighth or Seventh-Order Master could sense the faint Space Principle fluctuations coming from the Void.


This was a clear sign of the continuous loosening of the seal, and once it was completely undone, the Void Corridor would connect the two sides together.


Be that as it may, where the Void Corridor led to was still shrouded in a veil of mystery.


Yang Kai stayed close to the place where the Black Ink Royal Lord had fallen, constantly monitoring its changes.


After working hard for a few days, Liu Mu and the others had finally managed to clean up the battlefield, though the residual Black Ink Strength remained a problem. Without Yang Kai’s help, they could only use their Arrays to seal up the remaining Black Ink Strength and wait to deal with it later.


Flying over to Yang Kai’s side, Liu Mu focused his senses for a moment before a furrow appeared on his brow, “It seems to have become more obvious?”


Yang Kai nodded his agreement, “En.”


“Are you still unable to investigate the situation on the other side?”


Yang Kai shook his head and stated, “The seal still exists, so without the ability to bypass it entirely, there’s nothing I can do.”


This seal was a relic of the ancient era. Yang Kai tried to study it, but to no avail. It belonged to a long-forgotten past, and most of the methods of that time were very different from the current ones. What’s more, the ancient Great Experts who had set up this seal must have had an unfathomable cultivation, so a mere Sixth-Order Master like Yang Kai was unable to grasp the profundities of this seal.


Liu Mu furrowed her brow. Since they couldn’t probe the situation of the other side, they couldn’t determine where the Void Corridor led to, all they could do now was guard against any possible dangers.


“If one day,” Liu Mu asked in a solemn voice, “I mean if this seal is completely broken, will you be able to seal it again?”


Yang Kai nodded his affirmation, “I will!”


His straightforward answer caught Liu Mu by surprise, “Are you sure?”


Yang Kai proudly smiled, “This Junior might be inferior to the ancient Great Experts in terms of cultivation, but when it comes to the Dao of Space, this Junior is confident he is not inferior to anyone. It won’t be difficult to seal this Void Corridor.”


Liu Mu immediately heaved a sigh of relief, “Very good, then we’ll see what you can do.”


Yang Kai assured with a nod, “Senior need not worry about this. However, we have another problem.”


Liu Mu immediately understood, “The Void Corridor will become exposed after the seal is broken. If anyone on the other side notices it, they will surely investigate!”


Yang Kai lightly nodded his acknowledgement.


The conversation between the two was naturally heard by other Eighth-Order Ancestors who were guarding the Void Corridor, so all of them furrowed their brow after hearing this. If they could not take care of this problem, sealing the Void Corridor again would be completely meaningless.


Nonetheless, no one had a solution. Everyone could only wait and see.


After half a month, a needle-sized black hole could be seen in the void. Yang Kai noticed it right away and he immediately focused his attention on it, finally confirming it to be the Void Corridor.


Naturally, the Void Corridor couldn’t be so narrow; it had not been visible before because of the existence of the ancient seal. In the past, only he could sense its existence, but the Void Corridor had appeared with the weakening of the seal’s power. Although it was only the size of a needle, it would definitely become larger with time.


This was indeed the case. The needle-sized Void Corridor had grown to the size of a fist after less than a month, pulsing with the aura of nihility and chaos.


As everyone attempted to probe it, they could clearly sense the existence of an invisible wall-like force inside the Void Corridor that was blocking their Divine Sense.


Obviously, this invisible wall was the seal’s power. It filled the Void Corridor and sealed the connection between its two ends.


This wall had become weaker with the loosening of the seal though, and one day, it would completely collapse, connecting Black Territory to whatever was on the other side.


Another month later, the fist-sized black hole had grown to more than twice that size. The joy of defeating the Royal Lord had long since faded from the faces of everyone, replaced by a solemn look as they kept staring at the changes in the Void Corridor.


These days, Lan You Ruo felt that there was something wrong with Yang Kai’s condition. Hesitation filled his face ever since the Void Corridor entrance had grown to the size of a fist, as if he was struggling to make a decision.


Although she had asked him about it, Yang Kai assured her that he was fine, so she questioned him further.


But today, she suddenly noticed that Yang Kai’s expression had become firm, as if the problem that had been plaguing him these days had finally been solved.


Just as she was about to ask, Yang Kai suddenly turned around and asked, “Proprietress, can I trouble you with something?”


Lan You Ruo asked, frowning “What is it?”


“I would like to ask you to return to the Star Boundary and invite Head Manager over, as well as Chen Tian Fei and Yun Xing Hua.”


Lan You Ruo’s expression slightly changed, “Why do you want me to bring them here?”


She faintly felt that something was off. Yang Kai obviously had something on his mind for him to suddenly want to see these three people for no apparent reason.


Yang Kai shook his head and didn’t answer. He just stared at her stubbornly.


“I’m not going. If you want to see them, you can go back and see them yourself,” Lan You Ruo looked away.


“Proprietress…” Yang Kai gently called her out.


“Shut up!” Lan You Ruo was completely infuriated and disappeared without a trace the next moment, apparently unwilling to speak with him further.


When the surrounding Eighth-Order Ancestors saw this, they all gave him a kind smile.


But soon, Lan You Ruo returned and stated, glaring at Yang Kai, “Smelly brat, no matter what you’re planning to do, do it after I get back!”


She also knew that even if she didn’t agree to Yang Kai’s request, the rest of High Heaven Palace’s members would still comply; after all, she wasn’t the only one in Black Territory right now.


“I understand,” Yang Kai nodded.


Lan You Ruo glared at him again before zooming away, leaving a long streak of light behind her. Although she was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, it would take her at least a few months to travel to the Star Boundary, and then back to Black Territory.


She didn’t know what Yang Kai wanted to do, but it was obviously something dangerous, so she wanted to return as soon as possible.


“Did you discover anything?” An Eighth-Order Ancestor asked.


The fact Yang Kai suddenly asked Lan You Ruo to return to the Star Boundary and bring some people here was obviously because he wanted to entrust them with something. In light of everything that had happened here, everyone could easily guess some things.


“Seniors, please gather everyone, this Junior has something to say.” Yang Kai cupped his fist.


“Good!” The Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master raised his hand and pointed toward the void. The next moment, a streak of light flew out from his fingertip, transforming into a dazzling light that shone for quite some time.


A short while later, the Eighth-Order Ancestors scattered throughout Black Territory, investigating various things, left everything they were doing and flew over.


The people who arrived later were oblivious to everything, but after asking around, they understood what was going on. All of them turned to Yang Kai one by one, looking at him curiously.


Once everyone was present, Liu Mu addressed the crowd, “Everyone is here. Yang Boy, now can you tell us what you want to say?”


Yang Kai stood up before he started speaking, “This Junior has been observing this place for a long time and I have made some discoveries I want to share with Seniors.”


Everyone perked up their ears. They might be his Seniors in terms of age and cultivation, but their attainment in Dao of Space was still inferior to Yang Kai’s. They too had been constantly investigating the Void Corridor these past few days, but they hadn’t made much progress.


“Although this Junior has yet to figure out where this Void Corridor is connected to, the only thing we can confirm now is that the Black Ink Royal Lord is indeed a part of the original seal. In any case, the Ancient Masters spent a great deal of effort to suppress the Black Ink Royal Lord here in order to seal this Void Corridor. Since they were so meticulous and serious about it, we can only assume the worst.”




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