Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4901, What is the Situation


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Yu Ru Meng looked at him and snapped, “It may not be risky? Then let me ask you, can you still come back after sealing the Void Corridor?”


Yang Kai was at a loss for words.


Yu Ru Meng said through gritted teeth, “Look! If I’m not mistaken, after you seal the Void Corridor, won’t you end up in the Black Ink Battlefield?”


Yang Kai replied softly, “That side may not be the Black Ink Battlefield either, it’s just a guess.”


“What if it is?”


Yang Kai was silent.


“There’s a good chance it is, right?” Yu Ru Meng stared at him.


Now Yang Kai nodded his head. The Void Corridor that was left behind after the death of the Black Ink Royal Lord was indeed very likely to have some connection with the Black Ink Battlefield. There was little doubt about that.


Yu Ru Meng scoffed, “All of us weak and delicate women have been with you for so many years, and yet you haven’t even given any of us proper status. You always take risks and put us in a state of extreme anxiety, and now you did not even consult us before deciding to go to that Black Ink Battlefield? What do you take us for!?”


Yang Kai felt ashamed, and was speechless as he knew that this was indeed his fault.  


For countless years, these women had followed him without any complaints; however, they truly did not have any status as his women. Although they had never asked for it, which woman did not look forward to celebrating that auspicious day?


Yu Ru Meng stood up and declared, “Ning Chang, Xue Yue, Ji Yao, Qu’er, Xiao Wan, come with me to pack up our things. We’re leaving!”


Yang Kai was confused as he asked, “Where are you going?”


Yu Ru Meng coldly snorted, “Since we’re going to be widows anyway, you don’t have to care about where we are going. The world is big and there are plenty of men around. I will take my Sisters to find someone who will cherish us, and live our lives in peace.”


Xia Ning Chang was at her wits’ end and said, “Big Sister Ru Meng, Husband must have had no choice but to do what he plans to do.”


Tao Ling Wan also nodded vigorously, the two of them were the most docile among all the women, so Yu Ru Meng’s words undoubtedly made them suffer a great shock.


“Have no choice?” Yu Ru Meng exclaimed, “No one forced him to do anything, he decided to do it all by himself. What do you mean by he had no choice?”


She then looked at Xia Ning Chang and the others, “Are you leaving with me?”


Xia Ning Chang had no choice but to get up, nod apologetically to Yang Kai, and walk over to Yu Ru Meng’s side.


She did not want to see Yang Kai go to the Black Ink Battlefield either, and although Yu Ru Meng’s actions were a bit extreme, she would be happy to do it if it could make Yang Kai change his mind.


Xue Yue got up, but kept her head down. She just kept looking at the ground.


Ji Yao also stood up in a similar manner.


Tao Ling Wan looked at Qu Hua Shang.


Qu Hua Shang pondered for a moment before she stood up too. Regardless of what happened next, she would have to spend the rest of her life with Yu Ru Meng and the others; thus, it was better to side with her on this issue.


“Hmph!” Yu Ru Meng snorted scornfully at Yang Kai, then turned around, and led the girls away.


The atmosphere in the Grand Hall instantly became very awkward. The Great Emperors and other Sixth-Order Masters looked at each other but did not know what to say; after all, this was a family matter, and it was inappropriate for them to comment. Although what Yu Ru Meng said was rather harsh, everyone knew that she just did not want Yang Kai to risk his life again. They too felt the same and did not want Yang Kai to go.


Even if the stability of the 3,000 Worlds was at stake, there was no reason to put the entire burden on a single Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


This burden was too heavy even for High Heaven Palace and Void Land to bear, not to mention Yang Kai alone.


“I’ll go and check on my Sisters-in-Law.” Yang Xue stood up and chased after them, but when she reached the entrance of the Grand Hall, she stood still and with her back towards Yang Kai, she said, “Big Brother, I will support you whatever you decide to do, but… I don’t agree with you in this case!” She dashed away after saying that.


Yang Kai sighed. He was already mentally prepared for this when he made his decision as this was not the same as previous situations he had been through.


In the past, even if the situation was critical, as long as he overcame the danger, he could return safely.


However, this time was different. If he really was sucked into the Black Ink Battlefield, it would be the same as abandoning everything in the 3,000 Worlds. It was impossible for him to return.


Throughout history, so many elites from the Cave Heavens and Paradises had stepped through the No-Return Pass and none had ever returned. Thus, there would be no exception for him.


Yu Ru Meng was keenly aware of this, which was why her reaction was so intense.


“Do you all also want to persuade me to not go?” Yang Kai asked as he looked around at the crowd. Although Yu Ru Meng was furious and his backyard was essentially on fire, he would not apologize for his decision. They were all family so he felt he had nothing to be embarrassed about.


Zhan Wu Hen said, “Since you have already decided, then any attempt at persuasion would be meaningless. If the Void Corridor is not sealed and is really connected to the Black Ink Battlefield, then who can avoid responsibility in the 3,000 Worlds? Don’t worry too much about it, if anyone dares to get close to your Wives while you’re away, I’ll smash his head in.”


This was of course a joke. Even if Yang Kai really left, Yu Ru Meng and others would not really go off seeking another husband. Everything she said was just to force Yang Kai to change his mind.


“When will you leave?” asked Serene Soul Great Emperor, Yao Jun.


Yang Kai said, “Not so soon. The ancient sealing power is still holding the Void Corridor closed and will continue to do so for a while, I will not leave until I sort out the matters at hand.”


Yao Jun nodded lightly, “That’s good. You should only go when you have no other concerns.”


The crowd talked for a while more before dispersing.


Yang Kai walked out of the Grand Hall looking rather depressed. Although he had a lot of Wives, he wasn’t actually very good at dealing with women. Now that Yu Ru Meng had led them to rebel against him, he did not know how to pacify them.


Of course, he could tell them that he had changed his mind and Yu Ru Meng and the rest would immediately be relieved; however, since he had already made the decision, how could he change it just like that?


Yang Kai was not doing this for the sake of the wider world, nor was it due to a sense of righteousness. He was not noble to that extent. If the Cave Heavens and Paradises were capable of solving the problem at hand without him, he certainly would not have insisted. However, the problem was that even taking into consideration the whole of the 3,000 Worlds, there was no one else who could do it except for him.


He had to step forward in the face of this predicament.


If the Black Ink Clan really came through the Void Corridor and invaded the 3,000 Worlds then, not to mention his Wives, everyone in High Heaven Palace, Void Land, and the Star Boundary would be in peril.


He could not even say goodbye to Su Yan, Shan Qing Luo, and Zhu Qing before departing.


The three of them had been taken to the Ancestral Land to cultivate their Divine Spirit heritage, and had not yet returned.


Standing at the edge of a certain Spirit Province and looking into the depths of the void, Yang Kai’s thoughts fluctuated. He thought about how much he owed his Wives. For so many years, it seemed that he had not spent much time with them. He always seemed to have one thing or another to keep him occupied.


This time was even worse. How could he still go when he knew that it was a one-way trip. Once he left, he might never be able to see them again. He did not even consider their feelings when he made that decision.


Yang Kai felt that if the situation was reversed, he also would not accept it so easily. Yu Ru Meng kicking up that fuss without any regard for him was a perfectly normal reaction. In fact, it would be a problem if she had accepted his decision without any hesitation.


[I’m truly scum!] Yang Kai chastised himself and made up his mind that this time he would kneel in front of them and beg for their understanding and forgiveness!


He turned around suddenly, a firm and unwavering look on his face.


Just as he took a step forward though, Yang Xue quickly descended from above and landed in front of him, calling out anxiously, “Big Brother, I’ve finally found you.”


Yang Kai’s face stiffened and asked, “What happened?”


“Something terrible!” Yang Xue blurted out.


“What?” Yang Kai was shocked.


“It’s hard for me to explain. Come with me to take a look and you’ll soon understand.” Yang Xue said, grabbed his arm, and dragged him away.


Yang Kai’s heart sank. He did not know what had happened to cause his Little Sister to become so anxious. She had gone to find Yu Ru Meng and the others, so her anxiety might be due to them.


Yang Xue shook her head and refused to answer regardless of how many questions he asked, which made Yang Kai feel increasingly uneasy.


Soon they arrived at a Spirit Province, one which served as the temporary base for one of the Cave Heavens or Paradises. All the Ore Stars in Black Territory had been mined clean, so there were broken Spirit Provinces of all sizes everywhere. The Cave Heavens and Paradises naturally occupied a few of the larger ones.


There was a palace on this Spirit Province.


Yang Xue took Yang Kai and rushed inside.


As soon as they entered, there were several beautiful women smiling at them on either side, but Yang Kai did not know any of them.


The critical point though was that these women all had profound Seventh-Order auras radiating from them.


They were obviously High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Yang Kai’s heart tensed up and he became instinctively cautious as he did not know what was happening.


Yang Xue, however, pushed Yang Kai to the front with a smile.


The women grabbed him from the left and right and dragged him inside.


“What’s going on?” Yang Kai was completely confused. [Didn’t Xue’er say something happened? What is the meaning of this joyful mood now?]


“Big Brother don’t be afraid, I lied to you earlier. Nothing happened, just go along with it,” Yang Xue followed along, and reassured him as they walked.


“No no no, what the Hell is going on?” Yang Kai did not know how he should react. He was still anxious to appease his Wives and now, he was being dragged along here. He felt uncomfortable with the few High-Rank Open Heaven Realm flowers holding onto him to his left and right, teasing his nose with their alluring fragrance.  


“You’ll know soon enough,” Yang Xue said with a playful smile, refusing to tell him anything more.


Yang Kai flicked her forehead with his finger, but could not bear to do anything more. He only had one Little Sister and he hardly took care of her as she was growing up. However, they were bound by blood and Yang Kai could not bear to chastise her.


From the looks of this situation, nothing should happen. Even if something did happen, it should be a good thing.


Once they entered an inner room, which was obviously a bedroom, they were greeted with a distinct fragrance. Yang Kai did not know whose room this was, but it was clear it belonged to a woman.


Yang Kai was dragged directly to a chair, and then the ladies to his left and right pressed his shoulder hard, “Sit down!”




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