Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4903, Fight!


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Outside, Yang Xue, Zhan Wu Hen, and the others took out pre-prepared Space Rings to distribute to the Golden Antelope Paradise disciples who blocked the way. Each ring contained 100,000 Open Heaven Pills. It was not much, but it was a celebratory token.


They could certainly have provided more, but this was just the beginning of the celebrations. Golden Antelope Paradise alone had hundreds of members, so they had just spent 10 million Open Heaven Pills. They did not know how many more of such situations would require them to hand out Space Rings again. Furthermore, these disciples didn’t really need such a paltry sum of pills.


Those who received the celebratory tokens were naturally happy though and continued to offer their congratulations.


A few moments later, Yang Kai emerged from the palace while accompanying Xue Yue, who was wearing her red phoenix coronet.


Yang Xue and the others led Yang Kai to the boat. Zhan Wu Hen, who was in charge of the directions and route, waved his hand and ordered, “Set sail! To the next family!”


Xue Yue was placed in a compartment on the boat and sat upright there with a red veil covering her face.


She had been dragged away by his Little Sister before Yang Kai could even say a word to her.


“W-Where are we going now?” Yang Kai slurred drunkenly.


Xue Yue had been accepted by Liu Mu as his Legacy Disciple, and was considered to be a disciple of Golden Antelope Paradise; so, where were the others? Yang Kai did not know how they arranged it, but he knew that it was the good intentions of all the Cave Heavens and Paradises, along with High Heaven Palace and Void Land, who had prepared this entire event. He just needed to go along with it.


The wedding came out of nowhere, and he was unprepared for it, but he was willing to go through with it.


“We’ll know when we get there.”


Yang Xue stood beside him, pursed her lips, and smiled. She was naturally happy to see her Big Brother getting married. Her only regret was that some of her Sisters-in-Law were not around, and her parents were not able to attend.


There was nothing she could do about it though as Su Yan and her other Sisters-in-Law were in the Ancestral Land while her parents were in the Star Boundary; thus, she could not invite them over on such short notice.


Soon, the boat arrived at another Spirit Province. It was the second stop for Yang Kai to pick up his brides.


Yang Kai scanned below the ship and saw High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters lined up in two rows. They were led by a stately Eighth-Order Ancestor and all of them were blocking the palace behind them. Although there were only a few of them, they stood straight in tidy ranks, like they were a thousand-man army. It was immediately clear that this was Great Battle Heaven!


Only the disciples from Great Battle Heaven gave off such a presence.


Yang Kai had previously seen the Eighth-Order Ancestor who stood at the front. He was extremely fierce in the fight against the Black Ink Royal Lord.


Yang Xue whispered to him, “Great Battle Heaven’s Thunderbolt Divine Monarch, Pi Li, has taken Ji Yao as his Disciple!”


Although Yang Kai had a vague suspicion after what happened in Golden Antelope Paradise, he was still a little surprised to hear his Little Sister say this.


The Cave Heavens and Paradises had really gone all out. Xue Yue had become the Disciple of Golden Antelope Paradise’s Six Wood Divine Monarch, and now, Ji Yao had become the disciple of Great Battle Cave Heaven’s Thunderbolt Divine Monarch, Pi Li.


The Cave Heavens and Paradises were obviously raising the status of these women. They were doing this to assure Yang Kai that he could seal the Void Corridor without leaving behind any worries. It would be for the best if he could come back after determining it was safe, but if he could not return, then High Heaven Palace and Void Land would have an extra layer of protection with the Cave Heavens and Paradises by doing this. Thus, he did not have anything to worry about.


This was a great assurance.


Yang Kai led the groom’s party swiftly down the boat towards Thunderbolt Divine Monarch, where he hastily bowed and saluted, “Greetings, Divine Monarch!”


Pi Li looked Yang Kai over from head to toe. He nodded slightly but did not smile as he asked, “You want to marry my Great Battle Heaven’s disciple? It is not an easy task, you brat. Are you prepared?”


After what happened at Golden Antelope Paradise, Yang Kai was already mentally prepared that he would have some challenge each time he picked up one of his brides. Ultimately, they would not go overboard to interfere though as this was more of a ceremonial tradition rather than a real obstruction.


Yang Kai puffed his chest with his head held high and said arrogantly, “I am prepared, Divine Monarch!”


Pi Li chuckled and said while waving his hand, “You have guts!” 


Seven Open Heaven Realm Masters immediately landed behind him and immediately assumed a Formation. Each looked very serious with murderous intent and shouted, “Kill!”


Open Heaven Realm auras permeated the air, indicating that all seven of them were in the Sixth-Order.


The Sixth-Order was just right. A lower cultivation was unable to hinder Yang Kai, while a higher cultivation might be too difficult for the groom’s party. In any case, the stronger Open Heaven Realm Masters from High Heaven Palace and Void Land were also in this realm. Meanwhile, their only Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had been requested by Yang Kai to go back to the Star Boundary on a mission.


Yang Kai immediately rolled up his sleeves and grinned, “All I need to do is to beat them, right?”


He looked at the seven like an Ominous Beast fixated on his prey. The seven came from Great Battle Cave Heaven and had cultivated a fearless mentality since they were young, but somehow, they still felt rather intimidated by Yang Kai.


They had heard of many of his deeds over the years. In particular, they knew he had spent 100 years inside the Black Prison cage with the Black Ink Royal Lord, yet still survived. Who else could possibly accomplish such a feat?


Yang Xue did not know whether to laugh or cry though as she went forward to tug Yang Kai’s sleeve and protest, “Big Brother, what are you thinking? Today is your wedding day! Why do you want to take them on yourself?”


She was thinking that her Big Brother must have been a little drunk due to all the wine he had at Golden Antelope Paradise, so now that he had been taunted, he could not resist taking up the challenge. This was totally different from what Liu Mu had agreed on before, but she could not help it if he had decided to change things at the last moment.


Zhan Wu Hen then said, “These tasks should be left to the groom’s party!”


Pi Li finally smiled, “I don’t care how many people you use, but you must defeat them in order to take the bride away.”


Yang Kai looked around and grinned meaningfully, “You underestimate my Void Land and High Heaven Palace!”


Zhan Wu Hen and the others snorted coldly. They then stepped forward one by one and soon all of them gathered around Yang Kai.


The Sixth-Order Masters of Void Land and High Heaven Palace were basically all present, numbering nearly 20 people or three times as many as those from Great Battle Heaven.


Looking at each other across the void, the seven members of Great Battle Cave Heaven appeared calm and collected. They did not look intimidated by the numerically superior enemy, which showed their mental fortitude.


Yang Kai waved his hand and declared, “Fight!”


The next moment, twenty Void Land Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters rushed forward and clashed with the seven from Great Battle Heaven. Immediately, fists and feet began to fly.


There was no need for any modesty or standing on ceremony. Since the fight was inevitable, all of them should get it over and done with as fast as possible.


It was just a competition similar in nature to a sparring match, so neither side used any Divine Abilities or Secret Techniques, not to mention artifacts. They all simply fought with their bodies and World Force.


The huge advantage in numbers did not enable Void Land to sweep aside their foes, though, and the battle soon turned into a stalemate.


The seven men of Great Battle Heaven were arranged in an amazing Formation that allowed them to join their powers together, as if they became one entity.


Yang Kai was amazed by this display.


The seven people were obviously familiar with fighting together and had a tacit understanding of each other’s strengths and tactics due to many years of practice. At times, they gathered together, only to spread out in the next instant, causing High Heaven Palace’s Sixth-Order Masters to lose ground.


However, High Heaven Palace fighters were no pushovers; after all, they had the numbers advantage and after they broke through to the Sixth-Order, each of them had at least hundreds of years of experience consolidating their cultivation. Additionally, every one of them had the experience of entering one of the Small Source Worlds of the Cave Heavens and Paradises at least once.


In their current state, their Small Universe heritage was no longer the same as when they initially broke through to the Open Heaven Realm.


A fierce battle ensued for the next incense stick worth of time.


In the end, it was Iron Blood Great Emperor Zhan Wu Hen who found the opportunity to break the Formation of the seven men with a heavy punch. Immediately, the rest swarmed over them and split up the Great Battle Heaven disciples, denying them the chance to re-establish their Formation.


Zhan Wu Hen came back with a huge black eye, cupped his fist, and said, “Fortunately, we have not failed our mission!”


The black eye was from a punch from one of the Great Battle Heaven Sixth-Order disciples. Yang Kai’s face twitched as he tried to control his laughter before he nodded lightly, “Many thanks for all your hard work!”


Yang Kai turned to Pi Li. The Divine Monarch nodded and declared, “You’ve passed the test!”


He then stepped to the side and invited them in.


“Many thanks, Divine Monarch!” Yang Kai thanked him, rushed into the Palace, and escorted Ji Yao out.


Thereafter, the ship continued on its way.


The third stop, to Yang Kai’s surprise, was the temporary base of Myriad Demons Heaven!


The one who became a disciple of Myriad Demons Heaven was naturally Yu Ru Meng.


Yang Kai had a grudge with Thousand Cranes Paradise, but he also had one with Myriad Demons Heaven, because when he was determined to advance directly to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, it was Myriad Demons Heaven that headed the effort to suppress him. A Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master named Ti Zheng personally went to Shattered Heaven and finally forced Yang Kai to only advance to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Ti Zheng died afterward for some unknown reason, which did alleviate Yang Kai’s grievance with them.


Afterwards, Myriad Demons Heaven’s Core Disciple, Pei Wen Xuan, involved himself with Zuo Quan Hui and was also killed.


Of all the Cave Heavens and Paradises, if there was one that Yang Kai hated the most, it was definitely Myriad Demons Heaven.


So he could never have imagined that Myriad Demons Heaven would accept Yu Ru Meng.


However, when all things were considered, Yu Ru Meng was part of the Demon Race, and if the matter was looked into in detail, all the Demon Race from the Demon Realm were the disciples of Myriad Demons Heaven. This was a result of Mo Sheng being from Myriad Demons Heaven and having ended up in a Universe World which he contaminated with his Demon Qi, transforming it into the Demon Realm when his physical body failed him.


It was the best choice for Yu Ru Meng to become a disciple of Myriad Demons Heaven.


It was also an Eighth-Order Ancestor, called Mo Sha Divine Monarch, who personally took her as a Disciple!


At that moment, Mo Sha led a group of Myriad Demons Heaven disciples to intercept the groom’s party outside the palace. Each Myriad Demons Heaven disciple was covered with Demon Qi, and several of them were smiling deviously at Yang Kai, looking very menacing.


Yang Kai led the groom’s party forward to greet the group. Mo Sha carefully looked at him from head to toe several times before pointing behind him and declaring, “She’s waiting inside, enter by yourself.”


Yang Kai was stunned.


They were as good as sworn enemies and he thought that Myriad Demons Heaven would be prepared to make things hard for him, so Yang Kai had rolled up his sleeves preparing for a huge fight. He never thought that it would be so easy.


This was a good thing though, so he quickly thanked Mo Sha and hastily entered the palace.




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