Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 495, Blessing And Misfortune Really Comes In Pairs

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor: Richard

Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


Yang Kai’s expression was calm and his eyes were crystal clear. Obviously he was being sincere.


Seeing this, Yang Ying Hao’s expression suddenly changed as he exclaimed, “So the biggest purpose of your participation in Inheritance War is this, correct?”


“Indeed!” Yang Kai nodded, “Only the Patriarch of the Yang Family has the ability to clear High Heaven Pavilion’s name.”


“You don’t want to be the Yang Family’s Patriarch? To stand at the summit of this world, able to summon the wind and rain with a wave of your hand?” Yang Ying Hao’s eyes narrowed as he asked sharply.


However, Yang Kai just grinned back at him with a smirk on his face and said, “What’s so good about being the Yang Family Patriarch? It’s ridiculous, after sitting in that position, one doesn’t even have time of cultivate. Great Uncle, aren’t you the best example? Although you’re an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master, in my opinion, amongst those who have reached the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, you should be considered relatively weak, right?”


“Outrageous!” Yang Zhen roared, his eyes turning red. He had never seen anyone speak so flippantly to Yang Ying Hao.


But with a wave of his hand, Yang Ying Hao stopped Yang Zhen from reprimanding Yang Kai any further, instead grinning as he nodded, “Correct, among Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, I really am one of the weakest. Becoming such an existence is the sorrowful fate of those who become the Patriarch of the Yang Family. You being able to see through this is beyond my expectations.”


But after a pause, Yang Ying Hao took a deep breath and continued, “But have you ever wondered why every Yang Family Patriarch is an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator?”


“Why?” Hearing these words, Yang Kai suddenly became curious.


That’s right, according to the family’s records, the Patriarch of the Yang Family has indeed, without exception, been an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master. The Above Immortal Ascension Boundary was the pinnacle of this world and the few people who achieved it could overlook all others.


Was it really possible that every Yang Family Patriarch possessed such amazing talent and aptitude?


Moreover, Yang Ying Hao age wasn’t great, at most only around fifty years old, but at such an age he had already broken through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, then just how terrifying was his aptitude?


But with such great talent and aptitude, why was his strength ranked amongst the worst of the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary?


“Because the Yang Family’s heritage allows its Patriarch to reach the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary!” Yang Ying Hao looked straight at Yang Kai and answered.


Yang Kai’s expression changed dramatically, suddenly realizing he had inadvertently learned one of the Yang Family’s great secret.


“Do you understand what I mean?” Yang Ying Hao asked.


Yang Kai shook his head. Although he had his speculations, he didn’t dare try to confirm them.


“Haha.” Yang Ying Hao smiled, “Do you think that being the Yang Family Patriarch only means painstakingly working for the family? Becoming the Patriarch also has great benefits. I’m not afraid to admit that your Great Uncle’s aptitude still has some gaps compared to your father’s; unfortunately, he was affected by a stubborn illness and so his strength stagnated. Of course, recently, for some unknown reason, his cultivation has been growing by leaps and bounds.”


As he spoke these works, intentionally or unintentionally he stared at Yang Kai, seemingly having some speculations of his own; of course, Yang Kai stared back at him indifferently, not revealing anything.


“Well let’s not discuss him, just take Great Uncle as an example. If I let myself cultivate diligently on my own, right now, I would probably be at the peak of the Immortal Ascension Boundary. I understand my own aptitude best. Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary is my limit, and there is certainly no way I could break through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary in only fifty years. In fact, many cultivators are capable of reaching the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary, but those who can take a step further and reach the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary are still quite rare.”


“However, because I became the Patriarch of the Yang Family, Great Uncle was able to break through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary almost five years ago!”


Yang Kai expression changed once more, this time showing clear surprise, “So you mean the Patriarch’s position is related with your current cultivation?”


“You can say that!” Yang Ying Hao gently nodded, “As for how the two are related, I can’t tell you, you just need to know this much.”


“Why is Patriarch telling me all this?” Yang Kai was puzzled. Although by listening to Yang Ying Hao, he did develop some curiosity towards the Patriarch position, it was only a slight interest.


“I just felt like mentioning this, you don’t have to worry about it.” Yang Ying Hao smiled faintly.


Yang Kai frowned for a moment before shaking his head, quickly following up, “What about my request?”


Yang Ying Hao paused to think a while, eventually replying, “I do have the ability to restore High Heaven Pavilion’s name, but if I were to agree to your request right now, I’m afraid that the world will misunderstand and believe I am using this condition to let you give up the Inheritance War, so… I refuse!”


Yang Kai’s expression sank.


“If you want your Sect’s reputation to be cleared, you can rely on your own ability to do so! Or, do you think that without a few extra Blood Warriors you won’t win the Inheritance War?”


Yang Kai looked indifferent and shook his head, “Patriarch, trying to goad me is pointless.”


“Then prove it with your own strength!” Yang Ying Hao smiled slightly, “Still, the Blood Warriors must be recalled, and your loss is something the family will still compensate for. Put forward a different request, I have come here today specifically to handle this matter.”


Yang Kai took a deep breath and let out a long sigh, knowing he was powerless to really change anything here.


The family had long ago decided that even if he were to raise a fuss, they would not back down.


Frowning and pondering for a long time, Yang Kai suddenly looked up, his eyes flashing a bright light, “I want all the Blood Warriors who follow me now, and all those who pledge to serve me from now on, to belong solely to me!”


Yang Ying Hao’s face cramped as he stared at Yang Kai while Yang Zhen and the other white haired Elders all gasped. It seemed like they had greatly underestimated Yang Kai’s appetite.


“This request… is too unreasonable.” Yang Zhen coldly snorted.


The masters from the Blood Warrior Hall had always been faithful to the family and would never pledge their loyalty to an individual; however, Yang Kai had now made such a request. If they were to agree, that meant that at least seven Blood Warriors would become his exclusive subordinates.


“I only have this request, whether you agree to it or not, Patriarch, that is your decision to make.” Yang Kai reiterated, making a display of his seriousness.


Although Yang Ying Hao, as the Patriarch of the Yang Family, was used to great winds and storms, at this moment he couldn’t help feeling some headaches.


No one had ever made such a grand request to him, it could even be considered downright rude.


But he had just rejected Yang Kai’s other request. If he were to refuse once again…


What’s more, all of this was because the family had pledged to compensate him for his losses.


Smiling wryly, “More than half of those Blood Warriors still won’t be allowed to participate in the Inheritance War, what use is their loyalty to you?”


“I naturally have uses for it.” Yang Kai faintly replied.


Yang Ying Hao let out a long sighed, a trace of helplessness appearing on his face, but after staying silent for a while, he nodded. “Good, I accept!”


Yang Kai couldn’t help staring at him in surprise; even he hadn’t expected Yang Ying Hao to agree so easily.


Yang Zhen of course hurriedly tried to object, “Patriarch, you can’t…”


“It’s fine!” Yang Ying Hao waved his hand, “Yang Kai is also a Yang Family member. Even if the Blood Warrior belong to him, they still belong to the Yang Family.”


“Although that’s true, still…”


“Enough. This time, everything is the fault of the family.” Yang Ying Hao obviously didn’t want to discuss this topic any more, turning his eyes to Yang Kai and saying, “Since I have accepted your request, I hope you can make good use of these Blood Warriors. The family spent a great deal to cultivate them after all!”


“I know. Many thanks, Great Uncle.”


“But you must choose two Blood Warriors to be involved in the Inheritance War, once you’ve made your choice, the others may not contribute anything from now on.”


“Right now?” Yang Ka’s brow wrinkled.


“Right now!”


Yang Kai suddenly felt a little awkward.


Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu were the first to follow him while Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian were the first he got to know and were the ones who escorted him back to the Central Capital, as for Xiao Shun, Luo Hai, and Yan Ling Xing, Yang Kai hadn’t spent much time and wasn’t familiar with them, obviously he wouldn’t select them, but that still left four to choose from.


After only a moment’s hesitation, Yang Kai’s look became firm, “Then I choose Ying Jiu and Tang Yu Xian.”


“En, very decisive. That is how a Yang Family man should be!” Yang Ying Hao commended, “Our business here is concluded then, return to War City as soon as possible.”


“Junior will take his leave!” Yang Kai cupped his fists once more, turned around, and quickly left the Elder Hall.


Outside the door, Ying Jiu and Tang Yu Xian both had sweat on their foreheads as they waited anxiously.


The quarrels in the Elder Hall had naturally reached their ears, so they were secretly worried about Yang Kai.


When Yang Kai came out, the two nodded towards him with gratitude. Yang Kai choosing them to help him win the Inheritance War made them feel honoured and proud.


After exiting the hall, Yang Kai didn’t say anything, but anyone who saw him could tell his mood wasn’t very good at the moment.


Returning to the Fourth Master’s residence, Yang Kai left behind some Myriad Drug Liquid for Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu before riding off with Ying Jiu and Yang Yu Xian.


Along the way, Yang Kai’s silence made Ying Jiu and Yu Xian both feel on edge. They wanted to relieve some of the bitterness in his heart but neither of them knew what word to speak.


As they anxiously rode forward, Yang Kai, who sitting atop his Cloud Treading Colt in the front, suddenly burst out into laughter.


The two Blood Warriors both exchanged a confused glance when they saw Yang Kai’s joy filled face, his former frustrated and disappointed expression entirely blown away.


“Little Lord…” Tang Yu Xian gently bit her lips, wondering why his state of mind had suddenly changed so much.


But in response, Yang Kai simply laughed even louder.


Suddenly realizing something, Tang Yu Xian called out, “Little Lord’s look just now was just an act for others to see.”


“After suffering such a big loss, of course I should show others an aggrieved expression. If I were to look excited, I’m afraid the Elders would become suspicious.” Yang Kai nodded lightly.


This time, it could be said he had made a massive profit.


Although the family’s orders had a detrimental effect on Yang Kai’s progress in the Inheritance War, in the long run, Yang Kai would undoubtedly be the biggest winner.


So many Blood Warriors now becoming one person’s dedicated servants, this was something that had never happened in the Yang Family’s entire history.


Blessings and misfortune really comes in pairs.


What’s more, although only two Blood Warriors were allowed to participate in the Inheritance War now, couldn’t he still win? Yang Kai had absolute confidence in his future!


All the way back, his mood was jubilant.


A hundred kilometers away, after half an hour of riding, Yang Kai returned to his mansion.


The unique sound of Cloud Treading Colt’s alerted Qiu Yi Meng. Once she heard that familiar sound, the maiden Qiu, who was anxiously waiting in the mansion, rushed out to meet Yang Kai, her beautiful pair of eyes carefully observing him and secretly guessing why the Yang Family had suddenly ordered him to return to the Central Capital.


After seeing Yang Kai’s dull expression, she couldn’t help trembling slightly as she suddenly had a bad feeling.


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