Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4953, Unable to Be Spread to the Public


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Zhong Liang nodded seriously, “En. What you are thinking is exactly how things are. And, that’s also the reason why I summoned you all here.”


“Impossible!” Tian Xiu Zhu faintly lost his composure, “Black Ink Strength is extremely corrosive; once a person’s Small Universe is corroded by it, they will lose themselves completely! It is not as though we have not tried various methods to reverse this phenomenon throughout the ages. Even the Old Ancestors have been trying to find a solution, but they have never succeeded. H-How is this possible?”


It was not that he did not want to believe the truth, he was simply afraid that having great hope would only lead to greater disappointment.


“Seeing is believing!” Zhong Liang quickly said.


He was feeling a little more comfortable with himself at the moment. When he first learned about this matter, he had also been filled with a sense of incredulity. In fact, he was so shocked that he lost the composure of an Eighth-Order Ancestor. Therefore, he secretly felt cheerful to see the others reacting much more dramatically than him.


It was not that he was trying to mock them, he was simply in a good mood. Turning to look at the Black Ink Disciple he captured previously, he asked, “How do you feel?”


After the Black Ink Strength had been dispelled, the Black Ink Disciple remained standing frozen on the spot with a deep frown on his face. He seemed to be confused by the situation; however, he had not forgotten everything he did when he was a Black Ink Disciple.


Looking back now, he could not understand how he had become so fanatical or how he could willingly follow behind the Black Ink Clan to attack his fellow comrades. Even though he understood that his actions were caused by the corrosion of the Black Ink Strength, he was filled with guilt at this moment.


Upon hearing Zhong Liang’s question, he looked up with a strange expression. It seemed as though he did not know whether to laugh or cry, “Answering Senior’s question, this Junior feels as though he has just woken up from a long nightmare.”


Zhong Liang nodded, “Now that you have awoken, you should be more careful in the future.”




“Open your Small Universe. We would like to investigate,” Zhong Liang instructed.


The former Black Ink Disciple nodded and opened the portal to his Small Universe with great enthusiasm. In the next moment, the Eighth-Order Ancestors who had been waiting for what seemed like forever quickly poured their Divine Senses into the Small Universe to investigate.


The Eighth-Order Masters probed very carefully without missing any nook or cranny. Only after a thorough sweep did they slowly withdraw their Divine Senses. Most of them had looks of disbelief on their faces, but even more of them were delighted beyond words.


Throughout the ages, the Human Race had fought against the Black Ink Clan. Although they had always guarded the various great passes and prevented the Black Ink Clan from invading the 3,000 Worlds, the price they paid was the continuous investment of generation after generation who would eventually meet their deaths!


On the other hand, the Black Ink Clan endlessly sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain. As soon as one was cut down, another would immediately sprout up again. They would never be wiped out for good!


The Human Masters who passed through the No-Return Pass would forever lose their chance to return home. That was because nobody could guarantee that they had not been corroded by Black Ink Strength on the Black Ink Battlefield. If they accidentally allowed a Black Ink Disciple to return, it would be a disaster for the 3,000 Worlds.


The key was in the Black Ink Strength! This was an extremely strange and intractable power. Even a Ninth-Order Old Ancestor could not dispel Black Ink Strength that had invaded a Black Ink Disciple’s body; hence, their only option was to slaughter the Black Ink Disciples to prevent future troubles.


However, they had just witnessed a method that could easily purify and dispel Black Ink Strength inside the body of a Black Ink Disciple. Not only could this Secret Technique restore order to chaos, but it also allowed the Black Ink Disciple to break free from the corrosion of Black Ink Strength and recover their true nature!


How could they not be excited and elated? All of them could understand the preciousness of this Secret Technique. This was definitely something that could rewrite the endless years of conflict between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan.


Taking a deep breath, one of them turned to look at Lu An and asked, “Brother Lu, since when did Yin-Yang Cave Heaven become capable of such a feat? Why have we never heard you mention anything before?”


Yang Kai could be considered part of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. Even if he was not born in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, he was a Son-in-Law; therefore, it was not strange for the speaker to associate them together.


What’s more, when Yang Kai cast the Secret Technique just now, he had clearly used Yin and Yang Element Powers. The two Powers had converged into one when he pressed both his left and right palms together. There were some similarities with how certain Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Secret Techniques operated.


Lu An shook his head with a serious expression, “I don’t know anything either.”


He could not be certain whether this was a Secret Technique from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven; after all, he had been stationed on the Black Ink Battlefield for thousands of years. It would not be strange for him to know nothing if this was a new Secret Technique that was recently developed by his Juniors.


After listening to the conversation between these two, Yang Kai cupped his fist, “Reporting to Seniors, this Secret Technique did not originate from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.”


Tian Xiu Zhu chuckled, “Regardless of where the Secret Technique comes from, an ability that can dispel and purify Black Ink Strength is a good ability! If this Secret Technique can be spread to the public, we Humans will never need to fear the Black Ink Clan again!”


Somebody else immediately nodded in agreement, “That’s right! We have been troubled by the Black Ink Clan for so many years. If everyone can master this Secret Technique, then we will no longer need to fear the corrosion of Black Ink Strength. Nobody else will ever be converted into a Black Ink Disciple again. We can even charge straight into the Black Ink Clan’s territory and purge all the Black Ink Clan once and for all!”


His face flushed red as he spoke. It was as if he could see the glorious scene in front of him, and his heart was filled with excitement.


Everybody else was also influenced by the beautiful dream he described, and many of them looked extremely excited. At the same time, they finally understood why Zhong Liang had sent an urgent message to summon them despite knowing that the Black Ink Clan army was still attacking. The significance behind this Secret Technique was too great, and the news had to be announced to the public as soon as possible.


Although some people were originally dissatisfied with Zhong Liang’s impatience, their dissatisfaction had all but vanished at this moment. This was an important matter that could benefit the entire Human Race after all.


Seeing the heated discussion, Yang Kai sighed inwardly as he had no choice but to disappoint them, “Seniors, this Secret Technique cannot be taught to the public. Nobody else can cultivate this Secret Technique either. Only this Junior can use it.”


The discussion in the Conference Hall stopped abruptly as countless pairs of eyes turned to look at Yang Kai. Even Zhong Liang stared at Yang Kai in astonishment.


He had known that Yang Kai had the means to cast the Purifying Light, but he did not know much else. There had been no time for him to ask either.


Hence, he made some assumptions since Purifying Light was a Secret Technique. Even if it was impossible for everybody to cultivate it, there were thousands of talented individuals in Blue Sky Pass, so there were bound to be some who would succeed. He never imagined that he would hear such words from Yang Kai.


“Why can’t others cultivate this Secret Technique?” Lu An asked in confusion. He had the same thoughts as Zhong Liang. Since it was a Secret Technique, there would definitely be a method to cultivate it. As long as this method could be spread to the public, there was bound to be somebody who could successfully cultivate the Secret Technique.


Yang Kai explained, “This Secret Technique was not obtained through this Junior’s own cultivation, but was rather granted to me by senior experts. There is no cultivation method, so naturally, it cannot be taught to others.”


Having said that, he lifted his hands and activated the two marks. The marks that resembled a sun and moon instantly appeared before the eyes of the Eighth-Order Ancestors.


Yang Kai then continued, “These two marks are the foundation to cast Purifying Light, and they were given to me directly by the Sun’s Burning Light and Moon’s Serene Glimmer respectively. The Yin and Yang Element Power that this Junior used to condense the Purifying Light before also comes from the source of those two Seniors’ power.”


“The Burning Light and Serene Glimmer!” Somebody gasped in awe.


Meanwhile, most of the others looked solemn instead.


These two famous existences were so well-known that it was difficult not to have heard of them. It was rumoured that they were Ancient Masters born alongside the world itself. Moreover, they represented destruction and annihilation. The Chaotic Dead Territory where they resided was filled with dead silence. Nobody could enter that place and survive for long, much less meet these two supreme beings.


For Yang Kai to claim that the two marks were given to him by the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer, they could hardly believe their ears, but on second thought, it was possible that the powers of such beings were the only thing in the universe that could restrain the Black Ink Strength


Lu An frowned, “You’ve met the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer?”


Yang Kai nodded, “I spent some time with them in the past, and we can be considered friends.”


The Eighth-Order Ancestors felt their faces twitching hard when they heard those words. On the other hand, Zhong Liang widened his eyes and stared at Yang Kai like he was looking at a ghost.


If Yang Kai had claimed that he was fortunate enough to meet the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer, then they would have reluctantly accepted his explanation; after all, neither the marks on his hands nor the Purifying Light could be faked. However, Yang Kai claimed that he had spent some time with them and could even be considered friends!


[He was friends with those two existences!? Those are words not even the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Old Ancestors would dare to say!]


“It is quite easy to get along with Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, but… they have some unique hobbies.” Yang Kai casually explained.


“Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan?” Zhong Liang was puzzled.


“Oh! That’s how the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer requested I call them.”


Upon hearing those words, Zhong Liang felt his brow twitching as though he was playing the drums! [What kind of relationship do they have!? Why is he calling them Big Brother and Big Sister!?]


Lu An coughed lightly and asked cautiously, “What unique hobbies do they have?”


Yang Kai looked ashamed, “It’s hard to look back on the past, let alone mention it.”


He could not speak the truth out loud. He could not bring himself to tell them that he had played house with those two for a long time in the Chaotic Dead Territory. Every time he thought about that time, he couldn’t help feeling ashamed deep inside.


Changing the topic of conversation, Yang Kai added, “But, it is precisely for this reason that this Junior was blessed with these two marks by them. It is only with their strength as the source that I can unleash Purifying Light; therefore, it is not that this Junior is unwilling to teach this Secret Technique, it is simply that I cannot teach it. For the same reason, no one else can cultivate this Secret Technique.”


After listening to his explanation, everybody finally understood. This was certainly a Secret Technique that could not be spread to the public. They had been imagining a better future just moments ago, but they were forced to give up that hope at this moment.


The value of a Secret Technique that could be taught to the masses and a Secret Technique that could not be taught to the masses was not equal. It could be said that the significance of Purifying Light had been greatly reduced. For that reason, all the people who had high expectations earlier were extremely disappointed.


After a short silence, Zhong Liang finally opened his mouth, “Although it is impossible to spread this Secret Technique to the public, Yang Kai is able to perform this Secret Technique. That in itself is already very helpful in the war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan. Now that you have gathered here and witnessed the power of Purifying Light, please announce this good news when you return. Tell the disciples that they no longer have to hold back when fighting the Black Ink Clan. They can fight without any inhibitions. Even if they accidentally become corroded by Black Ink Strength, they no longer need to sacrifice parts of their Small Universe as before. They only need to return to the Inner Sanctum as soon as possible. I will designate an area where Yang Kai can help them to purify Black Ink Strength that has seeped into their bodies.”


“Also, as long as your lives are not at risk, please try to capture the Black Ink Disciples alive when you are on the battlefield. There’s no longer a need to kill them outright.”




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