Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4954, Find Someone Named Yang Kai


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On the Black Ink Battlefield, the Human Race had always upheld an unchanging stance towards Black Ink Disciples: Kill without mercy! It was not that they were being ruthless; rather, there was simply no other solution.


The Black Ink Disciples corrupted by Black Ink Strength would always hold the Black Ink Clan supreme over all else in their hearts; in other words, they stood against the Human Race as mortal enemies. If the Human Race did not kill the Black Ink Disciples, then the Black Ink Disciple would kill them instead!


Over the years, countless people had been corrupted by Black Ink Strength and converted into Black Ink Disciples by the Black Ink Clan. On a similar note, the number of Black Ink Disciples who died at the hands of their original allies was too high to count.


Which one of these Black Ink Disciples did not come from one of the major Cave Heavens or Paradises? Which one of them was not one of the elite disciples of these forces?


This was the cruel reality faced by the Human Race. Even so, they were powerless in this situation. All they could do was prevent themselves from being corrupted by Black Ink Strength as much as possible, and the price they had to pay for their safety was to voluntarily sacrifice parts of their Small Universe. Unfortunately, their sacrifice would cause their cultivation to decline, their Order to fall, and their Martial Dao to be cut off forever.


At least 20% of the cultivators at each of the various great passes had an incomplete Small Universe, regardless of their Order in the Open Heaven Realm. Their damaged Small Universe was the best evidence of the deadly struggle against the Black Ink Clan.


There were many Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the various great passes. Where did these Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters come from? All of them were originally cultivators in the Sixth-Order whose strength had declined by an Order.


Throughout history, the lowest Order among the personnel dispatched to the Black Ink Battlefield by the Cave Heavens and Paradises was the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. They would never send somebody in the Fifth-Order as they were too weak to join the war against the Black Ink Clan.


As a result, almost all of the talented individuals accumulated by the Human Race over the aeons had been gathered on the Black Ink Battlefield. That was also the reason why Yang Kai felt that the overall strength in Lang Ya Paradise was hugely different from what he imagined when he went there in the past. It turned out that what he saw was not the full heritage of Lang Ya Paradise.


The existence of Purifying Light had resolved the problem that had always been insurmountable to the Human Race; hence, it was only natural that the news would rouse the excitement of the people.


It was conceivable that the morale of the Human Race Army would increase sharply once this information was spread to the public. Morale was something intangible, but it played a big role in any war, even the one between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan.


Yang Kai gave a gentle reminder, “Seniors, I must inform you that using this Secret Technique is not without cost. Just as this Junior mentioned earlier, this Secret Technique is cast by drawing upon the powers of the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer through the two marks on my hands. Since this Secret Technique and the means to activate it were given to me by the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer, casting it is essentially effortless on my part; however, performing the Secret Technique requires a certain amount of resources. This Junior has some materials on hand, but they are not inexhaustible. So, this Junior would like to ask the Seniors present to warn others to try and avoid being corrupted by Black Ink Strength as much as possible.”


Lu An nodded and said, “That’s only natural. After fighting for so many years, it has become a habit. Even if the news spreads, the disciples will not allow themselves to be easily corrupted by Black Ink Strength.”


Zhong Liang looked at Yang Kai and asked, “Do you have anything else to say?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “No.”


“Good.” Zhong Liang turned to look at the others, “The Black Ink Clan is still besieging Blue Sky Pass at this moment, so it is not convenient for you to stay here for a long time. Let’s deal with the war first.”


Somebody inquired, “Where will you place Yang Boy?”


Zhong Liang had mentioned earlier that he would set up an area within the Inner Sanctum where Yang Kai would be responsible for helping the disciples to purify the Black Ink Strength in their bodies. It was only natural for this location to be clarified in advance.


Zhong Liang pondered for a while before he spoke, “How about the Central Square? It’s the most central spot!”


Everybody nodded in unison, “Good!”


Now that the discussion was over, everybody left quickly. They were the Masters in charge of the various defence lines after all, so it was not appropriate for them to remain here for too long.


Before leaving, Lu An said a few words with Yang Kai in private. He did not say much and simply told Yang Kai to let him know immediately if there was anything he needed. They were one family after all. He was happy to help out Yang Kai within the limits of his abilities. For that, he even left his contact information with Yang Kai.


Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling grateful.


After everybody left, Zhong Liang beckoned to Yang Kai, “Come with me.”


The two of them strode out of the Conference Hall. Feng Ying was waiting for them outside and, with a flicker, all three of them sped off in a certain direction.


A short while later, they arrived in the sky above a huge square. Zhong Liang explained, “During the battle, you will be stationed here. There will likely be an endless stream of disciples who come asking for help after becoming corrupted by Black Ink Strength. When that happens, we will be relying on you.”


Yang Kai cupped his fist, “Senior Zhong may rest assured. As long as it is an issue caused by Black Ink Strength, this Junior will definitely solve it.”


Zhong Liang nodded in satisfaction before turning to Feng Ying, “From now on, your task is to protect him. Do not allow any harm to come to him. If you lack the necessary manpower, I grant you the right to mobilise the people of the Inner Sanctum at will!”


“Disciple understands!” Feng Ying cupped her fist.


After watching Zhong Liang leave, Yang Kai glanced at Feng Ying, “Many thanks for your hard work, Martial Aunt Feng.”


Feng Ying shook her head, “It’s nothing. On the contrary, you should take some time to treat your injuries and recover. You were rushed off your feet earlier and didn’t even have the time to tend to your wounds. I’m afraid you will become very busy soon.”


In the previous battle with the Black Ink Clan Army, Yang Kai had transformed into a Grand Dragon and used his body as a shield to protect his allies. Naturally he was battered and bruised from the Black Ink Clan’s assault. After entering the Inner Sanctum, Zhong Liang had then brought him all over the place; therefore, Yang Kai had not had the time to treat his injuries so far.


His appearance at the moment could only be described as unkempt, and there were various bloodstains all over his body. Of course, his injuries were not important given his recuperative abilities, but his strength had indeed been heavily expended. Even he would need some time to recover and recuperate.


“Alright, then I shall trouble you to stand guard, Martial Aunt Feng,” Yang Kai nodded and sat down cross-legged without another word. Stuffing a recovery Spirit Pill into his mouth, he slowly began to refine the medicinal efficacies.


Despite being inside the Inner Sanctum, one could still vaguely hear the sound of battle coming from outside the great pass. In addition, the impact caused by the shockwaves of battle would occasionally be transmitted from the outside. It could be seen that the war was very intense.


Although the life-or-death battle outside raged on incessantly, Yang Kai and Feng Ying enjoyed a peace that was as calm as water. They waited for half a day only for nobody to come. Yang Kai focused on healing in the meantime, without feeling bored or frustrated.


All of a sudden, there seemed to be a commotion coming from the side. Feng Ying immediately looked in that direction and saw several streams of lights speeding over at a high speed. There were six or seven figures in total.


The person in the lead stood in mid-air and looked around below him with all his might. Without warning, he pointed in the direction where Yang Kai and Feng Ying were located and shouted loudly, “This way! This way!”


At the same time, he took the lead and rushed over.


Feng Ying instantly became vigilant. Zhong Liang had entrusted Yang Kai’s safety to her, so naturally she did not dare to take her mission lightly. Having seen Purifying Light in action, she deeply understood the importance of Yang Kai’s existence.


Fortunately, the newcomers did not act rashly. As they approached, the group’s leader immediately cupped his fist, “Senior Sister Feng!”


Feng Ying nodded lightly and asked, “What’s the situation?”


That person pointed behind him and explained, “They have been corroded by Black Ink Strength. Martial Uncle mentioned that we should withdraw as soon as possible if we ever find ourselves in such a situation and come here to find somebody named Yang Kai. Supposedly, he has the means to resolve the situation.”


Truthfully speaking, if it had not been an Eighth-Order Ancestor who told him about this matter, he would not have believed those words at all.


In the past, the people who were corrupted by Black Ink Strength would sacrifice a part of their Small Universe as soon as possible to resolve the crisis; however, it was too late for that now. The speed of the Black Ink Strength’s corrosion was very fast. If they wanted to sacrifice their Small Universe at this point, there was no saying how much they would need to give up. There was a high possibility that doing so would endanger their life. In other words, if Yang Kai could not resolve this matter, then the people who were corroded by Black Ink Strength would most likely die on the spot.


It was just that those words had come from an Eighth-Order Ancestor. If they could preserve the integrity of their Small Universe, then they were willing to give this method a try.


While speaking, he glanced at Yang Kai who had already stood up, “Are you Yang Kai?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Indeed!”


[I’ve never seen him before… Moreover, the aura coming from him does not seem very powerful. He is definitely not in the Seventh-Order. Can a person like him really remove the threat of the Black Ink Strength’s corrosion?]


That person felt his heart sinking in his chest and did not dare to hope for too much.


Yang Kai looked behind that person and saw that seven people had come in total. Leaving aside the leader, there were six others in groups of two. Each group contained one person who seemed to be struggling and urging their power as if resisting something, while the other person in the group had an expression of great concern mixed with a trace of vigilance on their face.


Yang Kai immediately understood the situation.


The three people who seemed to be struggling and silently urging their power to resist something were probably the ones whose Small Universe had been corroded by Black Ink Strength. They were currently fighting the corrosion of the Black Ink Strength, but their efforts were tantamount to drinking poison to quench their thirst. In other words, their efforts were not having much of an effect and could only serve to delay the process of becoming corrupted.


Meanwhile, the other three were most likely in charge of monitoring the ones who had been corrupted by Black Ink Strength; after all, if things spiralled out of control, then it might become necessary to execute their comrades.


Lastly, there was also a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master acting as the group’s leader. This arrangement was fairly reasonable, lest somebody became completely corrupted by Black Ink Strength on the way here. If that were to happen, such a line-up would be capable of dealing with the situation.


“Can you save them?” The leader clearly did not dare to expect too much, but he couldn’t help asking anyway.


Yang Kai glanced at that person and nodded, “Don’t worry!”


He did not waste any more time and quickly activated the Yin and Yang Element Powers. Yellow and blue lights bloomed into existence and soon transformed into a pure white light.


“Let those three stand together!” Yang Kai instructed.


Although the three of them had been corrupted by Black Ink Strength, they were stubbornly holding on to their true nature by the skin of their teeth. With the help of their companions, they stood together in one place. The white light immediately engulfed them.


Feng Ying had seen this situation many times already, so it was no longer surprising to her.


On the other hand, the four others who escorted those three here felt as though their hearts were leaping up into their throats. They stared unblinkingly at the sight in front of them, not willing to miss a single thing.


Sizzling sounds filled the air, and the three men revealed expressions of pain. Fortunately, their pained expressions gradually calmed down as the Black Ink Strength in their bodies was purified and dispelled.


After a while, Yang Kai withdrew his hand and the white light continued to linger. Shrouded in the white light, those three men successively opened their eyes with surprised expressions on their faces.


“How is it?” The Seventh-Order leader asked nervously. Looking at them, it seemed as though the Black Ink Strength had truly been dispelled; however, until he received a definite answer, he did not dare to believe that it was true.


“Squad Leader, I think we’re alright now,” one of them replied.


“What do you mean by that!? Are you alright or not!?” The Squad Leader glared.


Another person added, “It’s probably fine now. The Black Ink Strength has been dispelled.”


“Open your Small Universes!” The Squad Leader ordered.


The three men obediently did as they were told and opened up their Small Universes.


The Divine Senses of the Squad Leader and the other three men surged as they probed the situation together. A moment later, they looked at each other with shocked expressions. There was not the slightest trace of Black Ink Strength left! It was unbelievable!




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