Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4958, I Have an Idea


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“Martial Aunt Feng, do you know how the Purifying Light is produced?” Yang Kai suddenly asked.


Feng Ying said, “No.”


She had been guarding him all this time, so she was present every time he activated the Purifying Light; however, she had only seen what was happening on the surface. She did not know anything about the inner workings of Purifying Light. Even when Yang Kai had taken the time to explain this matter to the Eighth-Order Ancestors in the Main Conference Hall, she had remained outside and did not hear his explanation as a result.


Yang Kai suddenly took out two crystals. One was yellow and the other was blue. Both crystals were the size of a fist and had distinct, sharp edges. Moreover, there was an unmistakable Yin and Yang Element energy fluctuation coming from the yellow and blue crystals.


Feng Ying raised her brow at the sight, clearly recognising them as two Fifth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials. In addition, these two materials gave her a sense of great purity. They seemed to be of better quality than most Yin and Yang Element materials of the same Order.


“These are the Yellow and Blue Crystals.” Yang Kai stared at the objects in his hand, seeming to be talking to himself but also explaining to Feng Ying at the same time, “They come from the Chaotic Dead Territory!”


Stunned, Feng Ying soon yelled in surprise, “The Chaotic Dead Territory!? Which Chaotic Dead Territory!?”


Yang Kai laughed, “Are you implying that there’s a second Chaotic Dead Territory in this universe? You’re right, Martial Aunt. It’s the Chaotic Dead Territory where the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer are located.”


Feng Ying was flabbergasted.


On the other hand, Yang Kai waved his hand and said, “It is rumoured that the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer are brutal and extremely dangerous. While there is some truth to that, the rumours are somewhat exaggerated. I spent some time in the Chaotic Dead Territory and interacted with these two beings before.”


[Interacted with them before…] Feng Ying was confused and could barely believe what he was saying.


“A Black Ink Clansman once appeared in the 3,000 Worlds. Elites from all the Cave Heavens and Paradises had to be dispatched just to suppress the chaos. Unfortunately, many people were corroded by Black Ink Strength and were converted into Black Ink Disciples because of this incident. In the end, I went to the Chaotic Dead Territory to seek help. The Burning Light and Serene Glimmer were the ones who gave me these two marks! “


She asked, “The ones on the backs of your hands?”


During this period, two distinct marks would appear on the backs of Yang Kai’s hands every time he activated Purifying Light. Naturally, that had not escaped Feng Ying’s notice. She had not understood the mystery and heritage hidden in the marks, but she immediately realised after listening to his explanation.


“Exactly.” He nodded, “With these two marks as the foundation, I can channel the powers of those two beings that are contained within these Yellow and Blue Crystals. When Yin and Yang converge, the Purifying Light is produced!”


Feng Ying seemed to have an epiphany, “In other words, you need to consume these Yellow and Blue Crystals whenever you use Purifying Light.”


“That’s right.” Yang Kai looked at the objects in his hand, “Purifying Light consumes these two objects when cast.”


His words immediately made her anxious, “How many of these crystals do you have on hand?”


Yang Kai laughed, “Martial Aunt, are you worried that I will run out of these Yellow and Blue Crystals?”


“Aren’t you worried?” Even the cleverest woman could not cook a meal without rice. Nobody would be able to purify and dispel the Black Ink Strength if Yang Kai ran out.


“It’s useless to worry. Besides… I have a lot of these on hand. They will not be used up in such a short time.” Yang Kai had made an astronomical fortune back in the Chaotic Dead Territory. Even he did not know how many Yellow and Blue Crystals he had received. The amount was so large that it was practically innumerable. What’s more, there were countless piles of these crystals stacked up like mountains in his Small Universe. How could he run out of them in such a short time?


Although he had split his collection in half and given one part to High Heaven Palace before his departure, he still had literal mountains of them in his possession. The Yellow and Blue Crystals consumed during this period were nothing but a drop in the ocean for him.


After listening to what he said, Feng Ying relaxed considerably. Even so, she admonished him lightly, “We need to plan for that eventuality in advance. Have you tried using other Yin and Yang Element materials to replace the Yellow and Blue Crystals?”


“I tried, but it didn’t work. Purifying Light has to be cast with the Yellow and Blue Crystals that come from the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer.” While speaking, Yang Kai waved his hand dismissively and continued “I didn’t bring this up to discuss this matter with you, Martial Aunt. Rather, I’ve always felt that the Purifying Light leftover from purifying Black Ink Strength within those I’ve treated goes to waste because there are no other immediate uses for it.”


Feng Ying nodded lightly. This situation had not escaped her notice. That was indeed the case. Every time someone infected came over, Yang Kai would use Purifying Light to dispel the Black Ink Strength from them. However, the remaining white light would linger for a time before dissipating.


In the past, she had thought that the ability came from Yang Kai himself and was not too concerned, but now that she knew the Purifying Light consumed Yellow and Blue Crystals, she immediately felt a twinge of pain in her heart. The Purifying Light that had been wasted was still an invaluable treasure that could dispel more Black Ink Strength if it could only be preserved somehow.


“What do you want to do?” She asked, “Is there a way to prevent this wastage?”


“I have an idea, but I don’t know if it can be realised.” He put the Yellow and Blue Crystals away, “Strictly speaking, the Purifying Light is just another form of energy. Since it is a type of energy, do you think it can be stored?”


“Stored?” She furrowed her eyebrows slightly.


“For example, with the help of a Grand Array. If we can achieve this, then there will be no need to worry about waste in the future.” Yang Kai continued slowly, “I have quite a few Yellow and Blue Crystals in my possession; nevertheless, it is better to plan ahead for the long term since we are on the Black Ink Battlefield. We should save wherever we can. In that way, more people can receive treatment in the future.”


Her eyes brightened at those words, “It’s exactly as you said. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about the Dao of Spirit Arrays. You will have to consult others regarding this matter.”


“Many thanks, Martial Aunt,” Yang Kai cupped his fist and bowed.


Feng Ying pondered for a while before saying, “Wait a moment. I will summon some people over.”


While saying that, she took out a communication artifact and sent out a few messages. Zhong Liang had already granted her the right to mobilise the people within the Inner Sanctum so that she could better protect and cooperate with Yang Kai; hence, there were no issues with her current actions.


Less than an hour later, an elderly man with a longsword descended from the sky. He greeted Feng Ying after he landed and studied Yang Kai with great interest.


Feng Ying introduced them, “Yang Kai, this is Senior Brother Fan Xun from Mo Sha Heaven.”


Yang Kai bowed, “Greetings, Martial Uncle Fan!”


Fan Xun stretched out his hand and laughed loudly, “No need to be polite. I have heard a lot about you, so I’ve been wanting to meet you all this while. Unfortunately, the ongoing war makes it difficult for me to leave my post without permission. Now that I see you today, I can see that you really are a talented young man.”


There was no doubt that Yang Kai was currently the most popular person in Blue Sky Pass. Quite some time had passed since his arrival, and at this point, almost every Cave Heaven or Paradise guarding Blue Sky Pass had a disciple who was rescued by Yang Kai. There was no saying how many people were indebted to him by now.


Those who had not been corroded by the Black Ink Strength were naturally curious about these mystical means that suddenly appeared in Blue Sky Pass. The Human Race had been deeply troubled by the Black Ink Strength for countless years because there had been no method to dispel it; therefore, Yang Kai’s arrival had undoubtedly brought a solution to this age-old problem. Who would not be curious about such a person and their means?


That was also why Fan Xun behaved so politely. Things on the battlefield could change at a moment’s notice and he could not guarantee that he would not be invaded by Black Ink Strength one day. So, even though he was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he did not put on airs around Yang Kai. There was no saying whether he would need Yang Kai’s help in the future, so how could he act arrogantly now?


“You praise me too much, Martial Uncle Fan,” Yang Kai responded humbly.


Feng Ying said, “Within the Inner Sanctum, in the Seventh Order, Senior Brother Fan can be ranked among the top three in terms of his mastery in the Dao of Spirit Arrays.”


Fan Xun smiled and waved his hand dismissively, “Everybody has their talents. If your words spread to the public, Junior Sister, I will not be able to hold my head up anymore.” His expression turned solemn, “Why did you summon me, Junior Sister?”


Feng Ying said, “Yang Kai is the one who has something to discuss with you. But, don’t be in such a rush. I also summoned a few others, so let’s wait for them to arrive before we talk about that.”


Doing that would allow them to save some energy from repeating themselves over and over again. Besides, it would be better to explain things in one go after everybody had gathered.


Fan Xun nodded. With the goal of promoting a good relationship with Yang Kai, he spent the time chatting with him.


While they were waiting, a cultivator who was corroded by Black Ink Strength happened to arrive seeking help. Fan Xun witnessed Yang Kai casting the Purifying Light with his own eyes. The sight of the pure white light shrouding the cultivator and dispelling the Black Ink Strength amazed him greatly.


Four people arrived in quick succession after a short wait. All of them were proficient in the Dao of Spirit Arrays. Their cultivations might vary, but even the lowest among them was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. These people would be known as Grandmasters wherever they went.


According to Yang Kai’s own system of classification for the Dao, all of them had reached the sixth level, Exceeding the Ordinary to Reach the Extraordinary, in the Dao of Spirit Arrays, at the very least.


It had to be said that Yang Kai himself was only at this level in his Dao of Time.


Such talented people would not face the Black Ink Clan’s offensive directly on the battlefield and were generally stationed inside the Barrier Grand Array of Blue Sky Pass, ready to repair and maintain the operation of all the Grand Arrays at any time. As long as the enemies did not invade Blue Sky Pass, they usually would not face any danger.


Feng Ying introduced everybody to Yang Kai. Yang Kai memorised their details and greeted them in turn.


Like Fan Xun, the people who came were very friendly towards Yang Kai.


It was only then that Yang Kai revealed his purpose of inviting them over. In order to show them what they needed to do, he deliberately cast the Purifying Light in front of them.


After witnessing the Purifying Light, Fan Xun seemed pensive, “That is a great idea, Martial Nephew. If we can achieve that, it will certainly be possible to save on some materials for later use.”


The others nodded in agreement.


Fan Xun looked at the others, “If that’s the case, why don’t we discuss how we should proceed with this matter?”


The others naturally had no objections. They immediately gathered together and communicated with each other through their surging Divine Senses. During this period, some of them even demonstrated various Spirit Arrays in an attempt to come up with a feasible solution.


Yang Kai and Feng Ying remained idle by the side. They both knew nothing about the Dao of Spirit Arrays, so they could not provide any input. In fact, they didn’t even understand what these people were doing most of the time.


Several days passed in a similar fashion before the Spirit Array Grandmasters took action. In quick order, they set out various Array Boards and installed various Array Banners everywhere. Their movements were so smooth and skilful that the people watching could only gape in amazement. It didn’t take long for them to finish setting up a new Grand Array.


Fan Xun looked at Yang Kai, “Would you like to test out the Spirit Array, Martial Nephew?”


“I would indeed,” Yang Kai nodded and asked, “What is this Spirit Array?”


Fan Xun smiled, “This Spirit Array was specially researched and developed for this matter. It has the effect of sealing and storing energy. As for the name, we have yet to decide.”


Yang Kai raised his brow slightly. These Spirit Array Grandmasters had managed to create a brand-new Spirit Array after discussing with each other for just a few days. It could be seen that their achievements in the Dao of Spirit Arrays were very high.


Yang Kai stepped into the centre of the Grand Array and stood still. Then, Fan Xun made a gesture with one hand, gently waved the Array Banner with his other hand, and shouted, “Rise!”


A transparent light barrier immediately rose up from the ground and closed around Yang Kai.




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