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Martial Peak – Chapter 4959, Sealing Array


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Inside the nameless Grand Array, Yang Kai extended his Divine Sense to investigate his surroundings. He could not understand the workings of the Grand Array, but he knew it had been specially researched and developed for this purpose, so it certainly contained a sealing effect. As for whether it was effective, he would know once he tested it out.


He immediately cast the Purifying Light. Of course, he did not use any Yellow and Blue Crystals of a High Order. He only used Fifth-Order ones, just in case the experiment failed and they went to waste. A small ball of white light that resembled a small Sun suddenly appeared above his hand the next moment. Under his control, the white light remained condensed in the palm of his hand without scattering or dispersing. It was extremely dazzling.


Everybody watched intently as Yang Kai tossed the ball of white light that resembled a small Sun into the air. The white light instantly filled the entire Grand Array but was blocked from escaping and sealed within its boundaries by the light barrier.


Afterwards, Yang Kai waited quietly to see whether the Grand Array could keep the Purifying Light sealed for an extended time. This was a factor that would affect the next series of plans that he wished to implement, so he could not be negligent. He had to make sure that his plans were feasible. To that end, his Divine Sense monitored the changes in the white light at all times.


Outside the Grand Array, Feng Ying and others were also paying close attention to the situation. It was just that the entire Grand Array was filled with blinding white light, causing Yang Kai’s figure that was shrouded within the veil to become a little hazy when viewed from the outside.


Yang Kai gradually revealed a happy expression as more time passed, having discovered that his previous speculations were correct. The Purifying Light was a unique and profound kind of energy, but at its root it was energy nonetheless. Since it was a type of energy, then it could be sealed and stored away. In that aspect, the Spirit Array created by Fan Xun and the others had already achieved this goal. The Purifying Light had been sealed within the confines of the Grand Array; therefore, it could neither dissipate into nothingness, reduce in amount, nor become defective in any way. Moreover, it could be maintained for a long period of time.


In this way, as long as the Human cultivators corroded by Black Ink Strength were guided into the Grand Array, the excess Purifying Light that remained after the Black Ink Strength in their bodies was dispelled would no longer be wasted. Little by little, the many grains of sand would eventually build a tower. The existence of the Grand Array would undoubtedly decrease the consumption of the Yellow and Blue Crystals to a great extent in the long run.


“Martial Uncle Fan, that’s enough,” Yang Kai said.


Upon hearing that, Fan Xun who was controlling the Grand Array from the outside immediately formed a set of hand seals and the light barrier of the Grand Array cracked open slightly. However, a portion of the Purifying Light inside the Grand Array escaped outside before Yang Kai could leave the Grand Array. Fan Xun resealed the light barrier as soon as Yang Kai left its range, but it was obvious that the amount of Purifying Light inside the Grand Array had decreased.


Yang Kai looked back, and the look of joy on his face faded from his face. His brow furrowed tightly together instead. He had forgotten that while the Grand Array had an excellent sealing effect, and could easily contain the Purifying Light, a portal would open whenever someone needed to enter or exit, allowing the Purifying Light contained inside to flow out.


The losses accumulated from opening the portal once or twice might not be significant, but what about tens or hundreds of times? It had to be said that if this plan could be realised, then every cultivator who was corroded by Black Ink Strength would have to enter and exit the Grand Array. In that way, the entry and exit of a single person would cause some amount of Purifying Light to be lost twice. That would be far too much waste unless they could keep the Grand Array sealed at all times. But, if the Grand Array was sealed at all times, then those who were corrupted by Black Ink Strength would not be able to enter.


This was a difficult problem, and it was obvious that Fan Xun and others had also discovered this issue. All of them were frowning deeply at this moment.


Yang Kai looked at Fan Xun, “Is there a way to improve the Grand Array, Martial Uncle Fan?”


Fan Xun pondered for a while before he made a suggestion, “We might be able to add a gathering effect, which may stem the loss.”


The others nodded lightly with one of them agreeing, “That sounds reasonable.”


“Then, I shall have to trouble you.”


The Spirit Array Grandmasters immediately got to work. They were planning to add an additional effect to the foundation of the original Spirit Array. Unfortunately, it was not as simple as adding one Spirit Array onto another. Each Spirit Array was intricately constructed, so adding an entirely new effect onto an existing Array was by no means easy. The slightest change would affect everything else. That was why great changes had to be made to the Grand Array in order to add the gathering effect. They needed to make sure that the Grand Array not only operated perfectly, but also achieved the desired effects.


Fan Xun and the others gathered to the side, busy as bees. From time to time, they would set up numerous Array Banners. At other times, they would gather together and hold a deep discussion. There were times when they even quarrelled until they were red in the face due to various disagreements.


Unable to help them, Yang Kai could only wait by the side. Those corrupted by Black Ink Strength would occasionally come to him for help during this period. Needless to say, he swiftly dispelled and purified the Black Ink Strength in their bodies.


Those who came to seek treatment had no idea what Fan Xun and the others were doing, but most of the time, they would leave immediately after receiving treatment from Yang Kai and return to the battlefield to fight the Black Ink Clan. This battle would continue until the Black Ink Clan withdrew their forces. Only then would the current war finally come to an end.


Several days passed in the same manner before a brand-new Grand Array took shape. Fan Xun and others might have profound cultivation in this field, but even they were exhausted. Their exhaustion did not come from physical exertion though, but rather psychological exhaustion. Everybody knew that Yang Kai’s request was extremely important, so they had given their all to fulfil his request. The mental burden bearing down on them was very exhausting.


Just like before, Yang Kai stood in the middle of the Grand Array and cast the Purifying Light.


The Purifying Light was allowed to flood the entire Grand Array as an experiment. The sealing effect of the Grand Array remained the same as before, so there were no problems in that aspect. The Purifying Light was perfectly sealed inside the Grand Array; however, the same situation repeated once more when the Grand Array was opened. A small amount of the Purifying Light escaped when Yang Kai walked out of the Grand Array’s boundary. The amount that escaped might have lessened considerably compared to the first attempt, but it was obvious that the gathering effect could not achieve the desired result entirely.


The Purifying Light was the only way to treat those invaded by Black Ink Strength. Moreover, this ability consumed two unique materials known as the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals. These materials only come from the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer in the Chaotic Dead Territory, so they could not be found on the Black Ink Battlefield.


In other words, if Yang Kai exhausted his supply of Yellow and Blue Crystals, the Human Race would once again fall into a situation where they were powerless against the Black Ink Strength. That was something nobody wanted to see.


The trace amounts of Purifying Light that were wasted today might have been the last rays of hope for one of the corrupted at some point in the future. With those thoughts in mind, how could Fan Xun and the others dare to be careless? They all felt as though there was a heavy burden pressing down on their shoulders.


The second experiment had undoubtedly ended in failure once more. Nevertheless, the Spirit Array Grandmasters gathered together again to learn from their previous experience and improve upon their solution.


For the next two months, the Spirit Array Grandmasters would come up with brand-new solutions and prepare a different Grand Array every few days. Be that as it may, the results of each experiment were unsatisfactory. They were unable to solve the issue of the Purifying Light escaping when the Grand Array was opened, so they could not avoid the wastage caused when people entered or exited.


After just a short span of two months, all the Spirit Array Grandmasters had bloodshot eyes. For them, their inability to answer Yang Kai’s request was an indication of their lack of skill and their shortcomings in the Dao of Spirit Arrays. How could these people, who had always been proud of their ability, accept such a reality? They were the top figures who represented the Dao of Spirit Arrays in the major Cave Heavens and Paradises. There were only a handful of people in the world who could surpass their achievements in the Dao of Spirit Arrays. Therefore, they secretly vowed to develop a Grand Array that could solve this problem perfectly.


Following another failed experiment, they did not become discouraged. On the contrary, they seemed to become even more enthusiastic than before. It felt as though they had gone back to the time when they were young and learning as apprentices. Back then, they had yet to make great achievements in the Dao of Spirit Arrays. Despite facing all sorts of challenges, they had always figured out a solution to their troubles. The joy they would experience in their heart every time they solved a difficult problem was indescribable. They were looking forward to the day they would experience that feeling again.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was worried about this group’s mental condition. It was obvious that something was wrong with these Spirit Array Grandmasters. They were putting in special effort and competing against their very own selves. Although there were times when being persistent was a good thing, there were times when they could fall into an obsessive state instead.


During this period of time, Yang Kai had also formed a vague idea in his heart. It was just that he had been too embarrassed to mention his idea in front of them, lest he be suspected of trying to show off meagre skills before an expert. But, at this moment, he could not remain silent any longer. At the very least, he would be able to provide them with a different perspective.


“Martial Uncle Fan, what do you think of this idea? If we set up a Space Array inside the Grand Array, then we can use the Space Array to come and go freely. In that way, there will be no need to open the Grand Array at all.”


If they did not open the Grand Array, then no wastage caused by the loss of the Purifying Light would occur.


“A Space Array?” Fan Xun raised his brow at those words. His bloodshot eyes that were staring fixedly at Yang Kai gradually brightened, “That’s right! A Space Array! Why didn’t I think of that!?”


Similarly, the others also looked speechless and ashamed of themselves. How could they fail to realise such a simple thing until Yang Kai reminded them?


Feng Ying secretly found the scene amusing from where she watched them by the side. She knew that these Spirit Array Grandmasters had fallen into a spiral and were looking at things from the wrong direction. They had been constantly obsessing over creating the perfect Grand Array, so how could they even think about a completely different solution to the issue? There were times when overly complicated thoughts were not a good thing. It could be said that Yang Kai had brought them back to their senses with a single sentence.


Fan Xun and others immediately cheered up and began working on preparing another Grand Array.


With several Spirit Array Grandmasters joining forces, it was only natural that a small Space Array would not be difficult for them. In less than a day, there was an additional Space Array inside the Sealing Array. The Space Array was useless on its own; therefore, they prepared another Space Array at a place not far away from the Grand Array so that both Space Arrays could resonate with each other.


When both Space Arrays were ready, Fan Xun suddenly spoke up with a troubled expression, “Yang Kai, this Old Master suddenly realised a problem.”


“Please elaborate, Martial Uncle Fan!”


“In order to ensure that the Purifying Light does not go to waste, we worked very hard on the Sealing Array. The sealing effect is absolutely extraordinary as a result. To put it bluntly, the area covered by the Grand Array is completely isolated from the outside world. In other words, the two Space Arrays will not be able to connect with each other when the Sealing Array is in operation.” Fan Xun blushed slightly while speaking.


The other Spirit Array Grandmasters also revealed expressions of realisation at that moment.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai was stunned by those words. When he finally recovered from his shock, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This was truly a huge blunder. He had merely been expressing his thoughts when he suggested using a Space Array. Unfortunately, it would now seem that his efforts had been for nought.


Thanks to the Sealing Array, the space within was completely isolated from the outside world. The connection between both Space Arrays would naturally be cut off as a result, so it was impossible to transport something from the outside into the inside via the Space Array.


“Of course, it might not be completely impossible. I might be able to make some adjustments. When the Space Array is activated, the Sealing Array will activate at the same time to open a small portal. In that way, the two Space Arrays will be able to connect with each other. But, I cannot guarantee that the Purifying Light will not be lost by doing that.”




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