Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 497, Tang Yu Xian’s Demonstration

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Translator: Silavin & Gills

Editor: Richard

Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


After talking with the Blood Warriors, Yang Kai made them disperse.


Only Tang Yu Xian remained.


Unsure why Yang Kai made her stay, Tang Yu Xian was blushing slightly from the joke Yang Kai made earlier.


“Yu Xian, everyone is not an outsider, I have something to discuss with you.” Yang Kai looked serious and whispered.


“Little Lord, please speak. Yu Xian is listening,” Tang Yu Xian said while calming herself.


“I don’t know, can you feel it?” as Yang Kai said, a sudden powerful Divine Sense burst out and shrouded Tang Yu Xian.


Tang Yu Xian’s tender body trembled, her beautiful face wearing a look of fascination as she stared at Yang Kai.


“Do you feel it?” Yang Kai asked.


Tang Yu Xian took a while before nodding lightly, “Little Lord, is this your own Divine Sense?”


“Not bad!”


Yang Kai had already started to cultivate his Divine sense. However, this fact was unbeknownst to Tang Yu Xian and Tu Feng, and he only chose to reveal it because Yank Kai wished to consult Tang Yu Xian about her Divine Sense.

“I see… the Divine Sense that eclipsed Yang Tie’s mansion that night was Little Lord’s!” Tang Yu Xian suddenly realized. After several months, she could still remember the first night of the inheritance war. Yang Tie’s mansion was under siege and Yang Kai had managed to abscond with his brother while a powerful Divine Sense suddenly shrouded Yang Tie’s mansion, deterring their group from engaging.


At the time, she was still suspicious of which master it was.


“Lord, you are only at True Element Boundary Ninth Stage, so how could you…?”


His Divine Sense was as strong as someone at the summit of Immortal Ascension. Although Yang Kai had only been cultivating it for months, no one would be able to tell. It could easily be mistaken for a master who has trained their divine sense for decades.


“I don’t know.” Yang Kai shook his head hinting her not to probe deeper. “Your skills in Soul Skill are better than most. I want to learn from you.”


Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon were both masters of high skill, and their abilities in Divine sense are certainly not weaker than Tang Yu Xian, but everyone has their own strengths.


Yang Kai was only one step away from Immortal Ascension Boundary. Naturally, he wanted to prepare in advance, especially for Immortal Ascension Boundary.


True Element Boundary is a watershed for a cultivator where Yuan Qi in the body will turn into True Qi, which will become richer and purer.


Immortal Ascension Boundary was also a huge watershed. Cultivators will open their Knowledge sea and cultivate their Divine sense.


“What does the Little Lord want to ask?” Tang Yu Xian asked, calmly regaining her composure.


Yang Kai thought for a moment ”For example, how did you open your own Knowledge Sea?”


“I remember that I took some Precious Treasure for my Divine Soul,” Tang Yu Xian recalled and slowly said. “If this is not clear, then Little Lord, allow this subordinate to demonstrate. I still remember the situation at the time.”


“Demonstrate…? How?”


“If Little Lord enters my Knowledge Sea!” Tang Yu Xian exclaimed, directly releasing the defence of her Knowledge Sea.


“Good.” Yang Kai nodded, as his divine sense rushed into Tang Yu Xian’s mind.


Looking around, Yang Kai could see a clear boundless sky and a vast blue ocean stretching endlessly. This Endless Sea contained Tang Yu Xian’s Divine Soul. Yang Kai couldn’t hold his astonishment.


So far, Yang Kai had broken into the Knowledge Sea of three people.


The first was Shan Qing Luo, the second his Little Senior Sister, and the third is Tang Yu Xian.


When breaking into someone else’s Knowledge Sea, you can clearly feel the changes in their heart and thoughts. This is a very subtle feeling, and any change in their mind was impossible to conceal.


Therefore, if the relationship is not particularly good, cultivators will not release the defence of their Knowledge Sea.


The Knowledge Sea of the three had different feelings for Yang Kai.


Shan Qing Luo’s Knowledge Sea contained fascinating temptation, a vast divine Knowledge Sea that seemed to be able to inhale Yang Kai’s Soul, making people unable to extricate themselves.


Little Senior Sister’s Knowledge Sea gives a fresh and natural feeling. Staying in her Knowledge Sea, you can forget all your troubles and worries. Her atmosphere was very calming.


Tang Yu Xian is quite mature, the breeze in her knowledge sea was like the bosom of a plump woman, closely wrapping Yang Kai.


At this moment, Tang Yu Xian’s Soul body was not that far from Yang Kai.


The ocean underneath suddenly rolled up a wave after wave and the once clear sky begun to change as if a storm was coming.


Yang Kai stood stunned.


“It was the first time that someone has broken into my Knowledge Sea and I am not used to it.” Tang Yu Xian apologized.


The situation in the Knowledge Sea clearly reflected Tang Yu Xian’s inner changes: Right now, she was undoubtedly nervous. After all, all her greatest secrets lay in front of Yang Kai, which was a bit shameful for any woman.


If Yang Kai went too deep into her Knowledge Sea, he can even peek into all the bits and pieces that she had experienced since she was a child till now, but Yang Kai would never do that.


Listening to her say this, Yang Kai just nodded and waited for her mood to calm down.


Sure enough, after a while, the sea had calmed down again.


“Little Lord, look carefully. I will begin the demonstration now.” Tang Yu Xian whispered. Yang Kai’s vision soon went dark.


Everything had disappeared. From the Endless Sea to clear skies and breeze, there was only darkness.


Surrounded by nothingness, his body seemed to be in chaos.


he knew that Tang Yu Xian was showing the development and formation of her Knowledge Sea, and now he had to pay attention.


He didn’t know how long he was in that place of emptiness and chaos. Eventually, one or two free energies were born, just as the first life at the beginning of the heavens and earth, full of vitality and energy fluctuations.


Tang Yu Xian’s Divine Soul thread!


These two energies were swimming in this chaos, like a candle in the wind and rain, or like the snow under the sun.


Subtle, but delicate!


But it caused some strange changes in the Nothingness, and chaos was no longer the only theme in this world. In the darkness, the Divine Soul threads appeared one after another, lighting up the dark space.


Initially, these Soul threads were scattered, not even forming nearby. Some Soul threads shattered and were attributed to nothingness, but eventually they began to take form.


As this continued, more and more Divine Soul threads survived.


Gradually, this piece of nothingness and chaos became a starry night sky.


As time passed, these Soul threads gathered together, and the subtle energy was twisted into one. There was a sudden rush of water.


In this world of nothingness, a small stream appeared, the stream flowing and stretching into the distance.


More and more magnificent, larger and larger. The stream became a river, the river became the Endless Sea, and the Endless Sea radiated outward in all directions, ending out of sight!


As the heavens and the earth split apart, chaos disappeared.


The darkness was expelled, and Yang Kai’s eyes lit up!


The breeze came, and the water was flowing underneath. Tang Yu Xian stood still in front of him quietly. She gave a soft breath, and there was a tired look on her Soul Body.


The demonstration just now was very exhausting.


“Does Little Lord understand?”


Yang Kai nodded lightly but did not answer, he was immersed in the artistic conception that grew from nothing to something.


Opening the Knowledge Sea is the same as opening a world! A world belonging to only one person.


This demonstration by Tang Yu Xian has given Yang Kai a big gain! How to open his own Knowledge Sea in the future, how to promote Immortal Ascension Boundary, he has a lot of ideas.


The only difference now was the crucial moment and cultivation level.


Yang Kai believed that if he has enough strength to promote to Immortal Ascension Boundary, he would be able to open his Knowledge Sea quickly.


“In fact, if Little Lord wants to refine his divine sense, I have a suggestion.”


“Oh?” Yang Kai was looking at her.


“Little Lord can find a partner… well, when two people dual cultivate!” Tang Yu Xian’s face became a little red.


Yang Kai laughed, “Isn’t that a soul union?”


“Yes.” Tang Yu Xian suddenly apologized. There was a faint feeling of being encouraged by the Little Lord.


“I heard that once you try this kind of thing, it’s easy to get lost.” Yang Kai smiled weirdly.


Soul union- when two people start to blend their souls, one can feel a joy that surpasses the flesh by a thousand times. Although the pleasure was immense, to blend one’s divine soul can make the memories of the two fuse. It was a risky endeavour that can change their character, to the point where they lose themselves.


“Others may get lost, but Little Lord has a strong heart and should be fine.” Tang Yu Xian paused and said, “Absolutely no problem.”


“So sure?” Yang Kai smiled and nodded. “I will consider it.”


There was one person in mind, but he didn’t know where they were now.


The Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art with Su Yan went to the second-order, and if the third-order is in their heart, it will certainly resonate with their divine souls.


It is also a good idea to use dual spiritual and enhance each other’s Divine sense.


“Thank you for your time.” Yang Kai solemnly said.


“Little Lord is polite. Such a small task should be expected by his subordinates.” Tang Yu Xian smiled.


Yang Kai gently nodded and was about to withdraw from Tang Yu Xian’s Knowledge Sea. Suddenly his expression changed, and he couldn’t help but scream, his brow wrinkled.


“What happened?” Tang Yu Xian asked.


“There is movement!” Yang Kai’s look sank and disappeared the next moment.


Tang Yu Xian was stunned and quickly left her Knowledge Sea.


Opening her eyes, she watched Yang Kai quickly stand up and leave.


At the same time, the mansion resounded a burst of horrible laughter, “Since you’re here, why hide it? Show yourself to me!”


Immediately, inside the mansion, there was a wave of earth-shattering energy fluctuations. The earth began to move, and a red light started rising in a certain position over the mansion.


Tang Yu Xian’s face changed, not knowing what has transpired.


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