Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4970, My Condolences


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The female Feudal Lord quickly realised what Yang Kai meant when he said that he ‘wouldn’t take advantage of her’.


He actually put away his artifact and then leapt towards her, throwing out his fists as he flew.


She dodged the attack by diving to the side as rage began surging within her. She was even angrier now that she was being looked down upon and mocked by a mere Sixth-Order Human. With a fierce cry, Blank Ink Strength erupted from her and she assailed Yang Kai, her razor-sharp claws serving as her weapons as she slashed wildly.


Ignoring her attack entirely, Yang Kai raised his fist and punched out, engaging in a deadly melee.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


Black and golden blood splattered out. The pair even began coughing up blood onto each other’s faces as their bodies trembled fiercely.


In just a short time, the female Feudal Lord’s ferocity was quickly dulled, as the momentum she had collapsed.


She hadn’t met a Human like this before. Everyone in the Human Race had viewed death slightly differently in critical situations and there were indeed times when her enemies would choose to drag Black Ink Clansman down with them in death. However, Yang Kai was the first Human she had encountered who was so vicious.


[How is he Human? He’s more like a ravenous beast!] 


What made her even more terrified was that the erosion of Black Ink Strength seemed to have no effect on him. Even with the help of her sharp claws, there was no evidence of Black Ink Strength corrupting him.


She was quite hopeful that it would still take effect. If it did, she could take him down with ease once her Black Ink Strength had completely corrupted him. She might even be able to obtain a powerful new Black Ink Disciple. It had to be noted that capturing a Black Ink Disciple on the battlefield was something to be proud of in the Black Ink Clan. However, even now, this man’s consciousness remained crystal clear.


Not only that, the power from each of his punches was heavier than the previous one. There were no signs of him weakening at all. 


She was well-versed in regards to Humans and was aware that their Small Universes served as a foundation of their cultivation. If the Small Universe was disrupted, it would affect their strength. 


Logically speaking, after all these violent clashes, Yang Kai’s combat ability should have been reduced.


But it was the complete opposite for him!


Additionally, close combat was not her forte.


The dreadful thought that she would perish at the hands of this strange Human slowly crept into the female Feudal Lord’s mind. She was terrified when this notion crossed her thoughts, and she seriously considered fleeing. 


After another clash, the female Feudal Lord suddenly tried to shake off Yang Kai and retreat.


“Want to run?” Yang Kai glared fiercely. He did not immediately chase after her, but rather his body shook and the Void stretched infinitely as Space Principles surged.


Near Distant Horizon!


The female Feudal Lord was shocked to discover that no matter how hard she tried to escape, she was unable to move away from Yang Kai due to some strange power engulfing her.


[What is this Secret Technique?!] Despite the fact that she had no idea what the mystery of this Secret Technique was, her fingers were moving as swiftly as the wind, and she immediately broke free of its restraints by disrupting the space around her.


In the end, she was still stronger than Yang Kai in terms of realms; thus, Near Distant Horizon couldn’t trap her for long.


But thanks to this moment of delay, Yang Kai successfully caught up to her, and the fierce battle continued. 


Outside, on the battlefield, Feng Ying wielded her long sword. She was one of the strongest Seventh-Order Masters in Blue Sky Pass, so no one other than a Black Ink Territory Lord could stop her.


All around her, Sword Qi flashed as Blank Ink Clansmen died before Feng Ying even approached them. Even a Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord could hardly resist three strikes from her sword. They could either flee or fight on knowing they would die.


She had not used her Divine Manifestation, but if she did her strength would only increase further.


Feng Ying once killed a Territory Lord, even if she did so with Yang Kai’s assistance, so it was clear she had an incredibly strong heritage.


She kept moving forward, with many allies helping her clear the way, and eventually reached the front lines of the battle. At the spot where Golden Crow Casts the Sun had previously erupted, she turned around and looked in all directions. Her Divine Sense surged, but she was unable to locate Yang Kai at all.


Her face suddenly sank. Could it be that she was too late and Yang Kai had already been killed?


Two Feudal Lords were besieging a Seventh-Order Master nearby, and he was in danger of dying at any moment. Even though Humans were somewhat stronger than those from the Black Ink Clan in the same Realm, two fists could not block four strikes. Once two Feudal Lords joined forces, most Seventh-Order Masters would not be their opponent. 


Slashing out with her sword, Feng Ying struck the two Feudal Lords and forced them to retreat temporarily. 


“Have you seen Yang Kai?” She urgently questioned, grabbing the collar of the Seventh-Order Master before he re-engaged the two Feudal Lords. 


The old man who was caught by her, was stunned and asked, “Who’s Yang Kai?”


Suddenly, Feng Ying remembered that not everyone knew who Yang Kai was, or what he looked like. She realised that she might not be able to learn anything by asking this question, so she instantly changed the question to, “Have you seen a strange Sixth-Order youth?”


“You’re looking for him?” The elderly man instantly knew who she was referring to.


This old man was one of the four Masters that Yang Kai had been cooperating with before. There were innumerable Sixth-Order youths on the battlefield, but Feng Ying must have her reason for asking, so the old man recalled a certain Sixth-Order Master right away.


“Where is he?” Feng Ying was nervous about the response she would receive; she was afraid the answer was not what she wanted to hear.


The old man’s expression suddenly darkened, and he pointed to a specific area, saying, “In there, dealing with a Feudal Lord.”


Looking in the direction he was pointing, Feng Ying noticed a sizable gathering of Black Ink Clouds.


Feng Ying’s heart clenched.


“That brat was very strong, but unfortunately…” The old man let out a small sigh. He would have liked to look after Yang Kai on the battlefield if it were possible, but unfortunately, he was entirely preoccupied with dealing with the two Feudal Lords who surrounded him and couldn’t render any aid.


The old man didn’t know how Feng Ying was related to Yang Kai, so he simply blurted out, “My condolence!” 


He was almost positive that the Feudal Lord had already killed the boy; after all, even if it was him, his fate would not be pleasant if he were to fight inside those Black Ink Clouds.


“He won’t die so easily!” Feng Ying gritted her teeth. She had witnessed Yang Kai’s abilities. What’s more, Yang Kai still had a World Spring, and would not be corrupted by Black Ink Strength. He could even transform into a Grand Dragon…


But she was also aware that Yang Kai would not simply transform into his Grand Dragon Form even if his life was in danger solely because he entered the battlefield this time to seek an opportunity to break through. Transforming into a Grand Dragon simply meant he failed to accomplish his goal.


Feng Ying sped towards the Black Ink Cloud as soon as the words were spoken. 


The very next moment though, a sudden change occurred. 


Two entwined figures suddenly burst out of an enormous Black Ink Cloud. The two were so close to each other, it was as if they were one person. The murderous aura emanating from the two figures made one’s blood run cold. 


Feng Ying’s eyes lit up as soon as she recognized that one of the figures was Yang Kai.


[He’s still alive! He can still be saved!] Just when Feng Ying prepared to rush to his rescue, she stopped abruptly, her expression odd. 


The old man was also shocked when he looked over.


It was the previous female Feudal Lord who was entangled with Yang Kai, with his arms tightly encircled around her body like chains.


This was only possibly because her figure was quite small. If she was like most Black Ink Clansmen, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to use his arms to tie her up like this.


It was possible to imagine the intensity of the power of Yang Kai’s physique as fresh blood continued to spew forth from the mouth of the female Feudal Lord. The bones in her upper body had been crushed, and it was clear that her chest had caved in slightly. Her pain was visible in the twisted expression on her face. 


Yang Kai’s shirt was gone, leaving him half-naked, while the female Feudal Lord was also almost completely naked in her shredded clothing.


Feng Ying and the elderly man were at a loss for words as they observed this scene.


Naturally, this had not been part of Yang Kai’s original plan, it was just that the female Feudal Lord was constantly trying to escape. Even though he once used Near Distant Horizon to stop her, he might not be able to do so if she tried again.


In order to prevent his opponent from fleeing, Yang Kai had to resort to this.


Although his cultivation was one Minor Realm lower than his opponent, the ferocity of Yang Kai’s strength was enough to battle against this female Feudal Lord. As she was struggling to escape, more of her bones broke and stabbed into her organs, causing her immense pain. 


With her life on the line, she held nothing back, but because she was unable to use her arms as they were currently bound, she used her knees to kick and struggle against Yang Kai’s lower half. Fortunately, Yang Kai was prepared for this as well, and as a result, he managed to wrap his legs around hers and lock them in place. It was this scene that appeared in front of Feng Ying and the others.


Yang Kai unleashed a vicious headbutt, causing him to see stars while knocking the female Feudal Lord’s head back. A large bump even formed on Yang Kai’s forehead as a result, but he couldn’t care less at the moment. The female Feudal Lord, of course, didn’t just lay there waiting for death and fought back with everything she had. The sound of their battle echoed all around.


All the Open Heaven Realm Masters gasped when they saw this scene. It was the first time they had witnessed such a scene even after fighting against the Black Ink Clan for so long. Yang Kai’s brutality was simply shocking.


[Where did this guy come from…]


Predicting that Yang Kai was going to headbutt her again, the female Feudal Lord stretched her slender neck, resulting in his attack missing its mark.


The next instant, her stretched-out head abruptly bounced back. Her cherry lips parted to reveal the fangs in the corners of her mouth as she bit towards the nearest exposed target.


Feng Ying had come to help immediately after recognizing Yang Kai’s figure, but she was too late, as she had to witness the female Feudal Lord’s teeth sinking into Yang Kai’s neck with her own eyes.




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