Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4971, Join Forces to Kill the Enemy


Translator: Silavin & June

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Feng Ying’s heart nearly stopped at that precise moment.


If Yang Kai died here, it would be an immeasurable loss to the entire Human Race. Even though she wanted to aid him, Yang Kai and the female Feudal Master were literally entangled with each other, so she did not dare to simply intervene; all she could do was move close and prepare to assist at a moment’s notice. 


Suddenly, a resounding Dragon Roar sounded through the void, and before Feng Ying’s eyes, Yang Kai, who had been bitten by the female Feudal Lord, unleashed the power of his Dragon Vein. His head shook and transformed into a Grand Dragon’s head, with sharp horns and a flowing beard. 


Although his head turned into that of a Dragon, his body remained Human, giving him a very strange appearance. 


The Dragon Head turned in a swift movement, opened its giant maw, and bit brutally into the female Feudal Lord’s slender neck, letting her get a taste of her own medicine!


Feng Ying’s face twitched when she saw this strange scene. Yang Kai and the female Feudal Lord seemed to be hugging, with their heads pressed against each other’s necks, like a pair of passionate lovers. Of course, the murderous intent that radiated from them made it clear that they wanted nothing more than to kill one another.


Dragon Roars and piercing screams sounded continuously, as fresh blood spewed everywhere.


Shortly after, the Dragon Head suddenly pulled back, and the female Feudal Lord’s head was ripped clean off. A bewildered and incredulous expression hung on her face as her vitality swiftly dissipated.


Fresh black blood poured out like a fountain from the place where her head had been torn off.


Meanwhile, the Dragon’s jaw crunched hard, while the body previously imprisoned in Yang Kai’s arms was burst by a violent force.


Yang Kai raised his head to the sky after spitting out the filth in his mouth and roared. 


On the chaotic battlefield, his figure terrified numerous Black Ink Clansmen; none daring to approach him.


The battle with the female Feudal Lord was truly dangerous, but his enemy had looked down on him too much, allowing Yang Kai to gain a decisive advantage. The female Feudal Lord tried her hardest to reverse the situation, but in such close quarters, her options were severely limited. In the end, she eventually lost and died in battle.


The next moment, Yang Kai felt someone rushing at him and instinctually threw out his fist.


Feng Ying became pale in shock and immediately flourished her sword to deflect the punch while at the same time shouting, “Yang Kai!”


Upon hearing his name, Yang Kai brought his fist back and locked eyes with the person approaching from behind. His blood-red eyes flashed, and his violent impulses finally began to subside. He then nodded to Feng Ying, and the massive Dragon Head returned to its original form.


Feng Ying took a deep breath as she looked down at his neck. A bite wound on Yang Kai’s neck was vivid and clear. A deep gash that made it a fair way through his neck demonstrated just how much strength the female Feudal Lord used at the very end. If Yang Kai hadn’t reacted quickly enough, Feng Ying might actually have had to collect his corpse. 


Nevertheless, fortune had favoured him. Yang Kai appeared to be seriously injured, but such a wound was actually not a major issue to a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. 


“Have you come to your senses?” Feng Ying inquired.


Killing a Black Ink Feudal Lord all on his own was a major accomplishment for a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, but Feng Ying felt that in that life-or-death battle, Yang Kai had completely lost track of his surroundings and given in to his battle instincts; otherwise, he wouldn’t have tried to punch her when she approached him.


Yang Kai nodded in response, feeling a little guilty. 


“Army Commander Zhong has ordered you to immediately return to the Inner Sanctum!” Feng Ying remarked.


Yang Kai’s eyes flashed, “I’m part of the Human Race too!” The connotation was he wanted to contribute on the battlefield between the two races.


Feng Ying gritted her teeth as she solemnly warned, “On the battlefield, orders are absolute. Yang Kai, don’t make things difficult for me!”


She came here to get Yang Kai to return. Even though she knew exactly why he had come to this battlefield, a breakthrough to the Seventh Order was something that should not be rushed. His safety was of utmost importance. Feng Ying really didn’t know what she should do if Yang Kai insisted on not returning. She couldn’t force him to obey, could she?


“Martial Aunt, I’m not officially a member of Blue Sky Pass, so the Army Commander’s orders can’t restrain me,” Yang Kai grinned.


When she heard those words, Feng Ying was taken aback. Yang Kai was indeed not registered in Blue Sky Pass. Although he had been there for some time, with the ongoing war and the vital role he had to play, there was simply no time for Yang Kai to officially register himself, let alone be assigned a position in one of the Armies.


Feng Ying couldn’t argue either if he insisted on using this reasoning.


In a daze, Yang Kai dashed away, heading straight towards the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords who were still battling it out nearby.


Feng Yin hurriedly chased after him, advising him bitterly as she travelled side by side with him, “Yang Kai, consider the big picture.” 


“I’m just a Sixth-Order Junior. I don’t know what ‘big picture’ you’re talking about. All I know is that the Black Ink Clan is here, and that agitates me,” Yang Kai replied nonchalantly.


As the words fell, the pair had already closed in on a Black Ink Feudal Lord.


This Feudal Lord, along with another comrade, was originally fighting the old man, but he was now diverted away by Yang Kai, which immediately eased the pressure on the elderly man. 


Seeing how stubborn Yang Kai was acting, and realizing that this chaotic battlefield was not a suitable place to convince him, Feng Ying clenched her teeth, drew her fingers across her blade, and shouted, “Myriad Swords Dragon!”


With a loud clatter, thousands of sword waves emerged behind her. These sword waves were so dense that they were practically solid, with sharp Sword Qi emanating from them. The sword waves quickly gathered towards her, forming the body of a 1,000-metre-long Sword Dragon. As for Feng Ying herself, she was perfectly hidden inside the head of the Sword Dragon.


The Dragon roared, and it shot directly towards the direction of Yang Kai and the Feudal Lord. 


When he saw this, the Feudal Lord, who was fighting against Yang Kai, became pale with fright. The Black Ink Clan was well-versed in their enemy’s tactics and abilities, so, at a glance, he recognised the Myriad Swords Dragon as a Human Master’s Divine Manifestation. How would he have the audacity to take it head-on?


Immediately, he tried to flee, but how could Yang Kai allow that? Immediately, Space Principles flared and shackled the Feudal Lord in place. 


Frozen for an instant, the Feudal Lord watched helplessly as the Sword Dragon opened its terrifying maw and devoured him in one gulp. 


Yang Kai was also devoured by the Sword Dragon along with the Feudal Lord as he was just too close for Feng Ying’s attack to succeed without avoiding him, not that she planned to either.


Once Yang Kai entered the Sword Dragon’s belly, he vividly felt the deadly murderous intent and the rich Sword Qi around him, but he remained unharmed.


On the contrary, the Feudal Lord, who had been devoured by Feng Ying’s Sword Dragon too, cried out ceaselessly as his body was viscously cut to pieces.


A short while later, the aura of the Feudal Lord disappeared, indicating that Feng Ying had killed him; even so, she had no intention of letting Yang Kai out. The massive Sword Dragon turned around and began rushing back towards Blue Sky Pass.


If Yang Kai refused to return to Blue Sky Pass, she would just capture him and bring him back herself.


However, just as she turned to leave, Feng Ying’s expression changed. This was because Yang Kai was thrashing around inside the Sword Dragon’s belly, attempting to break free.


Yang Kai was rapidly covered in wounds despite Feng Ying’s best efforts to restrict her Sword Qi. He clearly has no intention of compromising. His relentless efforts proved how he would not stop until he escaped or she allowed him to leave. 


Feng Ying felt like stomping her foot in frustration. Of course, she could lock Yang Kai in the Sword Dragon, but doing so would only result in a lose-lose situation.


After some thought, the Myriad Swords Dragon opened an exit, and Yang Kai emerged outside in an instant. 


“Smelly brat, what do you think you’re doing?” Feng Ying raged. 


“We collaborated quite well just now, how about we join forces to kill some enemies?” Grinned Yang Kai as blood dripped from his wounds.


“You want to join forces with me?” 


“I have the power to restrict the enemy’s movements, and you have the power to eliminate them. We complement each other perfectly!” 


Feng Ying’s thoughts shifted as she looked at him from top to bottom, “Is that your only intention?”


Yang Kai replied nonchalantly, “You’re here already. What other intentions can I have?”


Seeing his sincerity, Feng Ying nodded slightly, “I hope that’s the case.”


Forcing Yang Kai to return was basically impossible, so she would have no other option but to guard him since he insisted on staying on the battlefield. Rather than just being by his side guarding him though, it was preferable to work with him to eliminate some enemies. As Yang Kai stated, the restrictive abilities of Space Principles was extremely useful, and the power of the Myriad Swords Dragon was overwhelming. With the two of them joining forces, only a Territory Lord would be able to stop them. 


Of course, Feng Ying also had made other considerations before agreeing to Yang Kai.


Seeing how Yang Kai was acting, he seemed to have given up on his original purpose of coming to the Black Ink Battlefield.


The purpose of sneaking out was undoubtedly to grasp the opportunity to break through while treading the fine line between life and death. However, the atmosphere of the battlefield had influenced him, causing him to fully immerse himself in it, seeking the blood of the enemy wholeheartedly. This caused him to change his priorities.


Thinking about it logically, Feng Ying felt that agreeing with Yang Kai to join forces was her best option, as it would allow her to guard him as closely as possible.


However, if this was done, Yang Kai’s chance to advance to the Seventh Order by risking his life in battle would be lost.


It was impossible to put Yang Kai in danger with her protection unless a Territory Lord came after them, but all the Territory Lords were tied up dealing with the Eighth-Order Masters. 


That was why Yang Kai said that he had no other intentions now that the situation had reached this point. There was no way to carry out his initial goal even if he wanted to. With a Seventh-Order Master like Feng Ying constantly protecting him, there would be no chance for him to experience any near-death situations.


The instant Feng Ying nodded, Yang Kai bolted and stood atop the Sword Dragon’s Head.


The Sword Dragon shook its head and flicked its tail, crashing into the nearby Black Ink Clan Army. Wherever it passed, a reign of chaos descended. The pair had a clear target, the Black Ink Feudal Lords. The other Black Ink Clansmen they killed along the way were nothing more than a bonus.


A moment later, the Sword Dragon dashed to the vicinity of the nearby warship, which was currently under siege by two Feudal Lords. Thankfully, the warship was a carefully refined artifact, so its protective shields were very powerful. Not to mention, there were many Human Masters on board, so even if they were besieged by two Feudal Lords, they could deal with them for some time and even spare some attention to thin out the surrounding Black Ink Clansmen.




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