Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4973, Surround and Kill


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The adjutant got up and stomped angrily as he watched the Army leave before hastily sending a message to the Northern and Southern Armies. He then hurriedly followed the Army forward. 


Ding Yao’s judgement was swiftly proven correct. Liang Yu Long’s Southern Army and Shen Tu Mo’s Northern Army immediately made the same decision when they received the message stating that Ding Yao ordered his Army to pursue the retreating enemy. Within moments, other than those who had to stay behind to tend to the wounded, tens of thousands of Human Masters set out to attack the enemy from three different directions.


On the Eastern Army side, Ding Yao led the charge to hunt down the Black Ink Clan. He was initially a bit worried that the Black Ink Clan was really scheming something, but after chasing them for a while, he discovered that the enemy appeared to have no plots in mind. It was a true retreat, with no traps along the way. 


This made him completely relieved, and to the Black Ink Clan Army who made a beleaguered retreat, they would show no mercy. 


It was not when the two massive armies were facing one another in a large-scale battle that massive casualties were incurred. Although there would be losses in conflicts when they were battling each other, the casualties suffered would be minimal as long as the difference in strength between the two sides was not too big.


What truly led to mass casualties was when one party lost the will to fight and was forced to escape. Great results could naturally be achieved when chasing down a disorganized, fleeing enemy as the pursuing side could focus all their attention on attacking. 


This was the scenario that the Eastern Army found itself in right now.


When the Black Ink Clan Army saw that the Human Army was pursuing and attacking them from behind, they sacrificed some of their troops to block the Eastern Army. Needless to say, these Black Ink Clansmen were rapidly wiped out.


The whole of the Eastern Army was deployed, so Masters were as numerous as clouds and naturally they dealt significant damage to the enemy.


The same situation occurred with both the Northern and Southern Armies as well. The number of Black Ink Clansmen killed was so high they couldn’t be counted anymore. 


Ding Yao and the others weren’t sure why the Black Ink Clan retreated at first, but after pursuing them for some time, they realized that the Black Ink Clansmen were all heading in the same direction.


The Western Front!


The Black Ink Clan Armies in the North, South, and East, were all racing towards the West to provide assistance.


When Ding Yao and the rest discovered this, they hurriedly sent a message to Zhong Liang to alert him of the situation. Zhong Liang was shocked as well when he heard the message, because he never anticipated the Black Ink Clan to respond in such a manner.


It made no sense! Although the Black Ink Clan on the Western Front were defeated and were fleeing due to Zhong Liang borrowing so many reinforcements, the Black Ink Clan Armies in the North, South, and East did not need to risk coming here to rescue them. All the enemy needed to do was continue to attack Blue Sky Pass to overturn their defeat on the Western Front. Given what Zhong Laing knew of the Black Ink Clan, he wouldn’t be surprised if they were willing to sacrifice their entire Western force if they could breach Blue Sky Pass’ defences on the other three sides.


Unlike the Human Race, the Black Ink Clan cared little for their fellow clansmen, so they wouldn’t provide support to each other at the risk of their own lives and benefits. 


There was definitely something wrong here, but for a while, Zhong Liang couldn’t figure out what the problem was. 


However, this had provided him with a tremendous chance. Initially, he had to take a lot of risks by borrowing troops from the three other Armies. This approach aided the Western front, but thinned the lines on the South, North, and East. 


The original plan was for him to wait until the fighting on the Western Front ended before he sent reinforcements to the other three fronts. 


But the Black Ink Clan had apparently become impatient for some reason and was now all but handing victory to them. Zhong Liang, who had served as Army Commander for thousands of years, was extremely sensitive to the ebb and flow of the battlefield, so he did not miss this chance to capitalize on the situation. 


Immediately, he sent orders to redeploy the army.


On the Western battlefield, the Human Masters quickly seized the initiative and began dividing up their forces. Some pursued the remnants of the Black Ink Clan’s Western army while another portion turned around to meet the enemy reinforcements.


At the same time, Zhong Liang himself also disappeared from where he stood and hurried towards the battlefield. Ding Yao and others were already fighting on the front lines, and every asset that both Blue Sky Pass and the Black Ink Clan possessed had been deployed. It was almost predetermined that the Black Ink Clan would lose this war now, so there was no need for Zhong Liang to restrain himself.


Soon after, Zhong Liang reached the front lines. The divided Army had already prepared itself and was just waiting for the command to attack. When they saw the Army Commander arrive, their gazes sharpened and they readied themselves to charge.


When the Division Commanders came to enquire about the situation, Zhong Liang did not hold anything back and informed them of the changes on the other three fronts, drawing happy cheers from all around. 


They understood the situation just as well as Zhong Liang did.


They all recognised that the Black Ink Clan had made a huge blunder this time.


“Here they come!” One of the Division Commanders said soon after. 


Everyone turned towards Blue Sky Pass and saw three massive Black Ink Armies moving in their direction like tidal waves. These groups were undoubtedly the Blank Ink Clan Armies from the North, East, and Southern Fronts. 


Behind those three Armies, were the Humans who were closely chasing after them. They were the Armies led by Ding Yao and the other Army Commanders. 


During the pursuit, the Black Ink Clan was taking heavy casualties, with life auras disappearing en masse. 


Soon, the Black Ink Clan Armies that retreated gathered together. Likewise, the Human Race Armies rendezvoused like many streams flowing into the ocean. 


The split force from the Western Army held their ground, waiting for the enemy to arrive. As the Black Ink Clan Army took in the situation, many of them wanted to turn around and flee; however, Zhong Liang had been waiting for this moment in person, so he certainly wouldn’t allow the Black Ink Clan to do as they wished. Drawing his sword, he lifted it high and roared, “With me men, kill!” 


As soon as his words dropped, his body transformed into a stream of light as he crashed towards the approaching Black Ink Clan army. Following him were the Eighth-Order Division Commanders, and behind them was the rest of the Army. 


Divine Abilities pummelled the Black Ink Clan Army even before they arrived, and in the blink of an eye, the Black Ink Clan suffered massive casualties.


Ding Yao and other Army Commanders lead their forces into the fray, showing no mercy.


In the void, the Black Ink Clan Army from the East, North, and South sides, who had just gathered together, were now surrounded and besieged. 


World Forces continuously erupted as the light of Diving Abilities and Secret Techniques set the void alight. The situation soon descended into chaos. 


Even taking its entire history into consideration, Blue Sky Pass had not engaged in many battles of this scale. Previously, Blue Sky Pass’s defenders were separated into four Armies that each fought independently of one another. It was the same for the Black Ink Clan. The current condition, though, was essentially all of Blue Sky Pass’ forces against all of the Black Ink Clan Army in one, massive melee.


On their way to the West to provide support, the Black Ink Clan had already taken significant losses from Ding Yao and the other three Armies pursuit, and now they were halted by Zhong Liang’s Army from the front. They were assailed from both sides, forcing them into a passive position where they couldn’t counterattack at all. 


The number of Feudal Lords that had fallen was simply uncountable, and even three Territory Lords had perished in less than half an hour. 


The Black Ink Clan Army, like any cornered beast, naturally fought back fiercely. They tried their hardest to break through, but the more desperately they struggled, the greater the casualties they suffered. 


At the front lines of the Western battlefield, Feng Ying’s Divine Manifestation was in shambles and no longer possessed its original power. 


Yang Kai had been standing on top of the Dragon’s head, working with Feng Ying to kill the enemy all this time.


More than a dozen Feudal Lords had perished at the hands of these two, but their resistance before death could not be disregarded. Yang Kai and Feng Ying both suffered a lot, especially Yang Kai, whose bare chest was covered with scars and blood, making him look equal parts terrifying and miserable. 


But to him, it didn’t matter as long as the injury wasn’t fatal.


The massive commotion behind him of course drew Yang Kai’s attention, and as he turned his head to look back, and saw that the two Races’ armies were locked in battle some distance away and he exclaimed in shock, “Why are there so many Black Ink Clansmen coming from behind us!”


Feng Ying also noticed the situation behind him and commented, “They should be reinforcements from the other three fronts.”


“It seems that the battle on the Western Front is so intense that the Black Ink Clan can’t hold on any longer,” Yang Kai smirked.


He assumed that the Black Ink Clan Armies from the other three fronts came to assist because of the disadvantage they suffered on the Western Front, but Feng Ying had the feeling that something was amiss.


Compared to Yang Kai, who was new to the Black Ink Battlefield, Feng Ying had been here for thousands of years and had some grasp of the Black Ink Clan’s way of thinking. Typically, even if the war on the Western Front was very intense, the Black Ink Clan on the other three lines would never come to support them. Instead, they would attack Blue Sky Pass more and more aggressively with no regard for the lives of their allies. 


However, despite the fact that she had no idea why this was happening, the reality in front of her was clear. The Human Race had achieved a significant advantage, and after this battle, the Black Ink Clan would definitely suffer severe losses. 


On the Western Front, the reinforcements Zhong Liang borrowed from the three other Armies were in charge of intercepting the reinforcements from the Black Ink Clan, while the original Western Army was still in charge of advancing.


It was impossible for everyone to turn around and intercept the Black Ink Clan reinforcements, otherwise, the original Western Black Ink Army would assault them from behind, and in the end, the Human Race would also find itself besieged from both sides.


The Black Ink Clan on the Western Front was still trying to retreat. Having taken huge losses over the past day or so though, they were unable to withstand the assault of the Western Army.


The Sword Dragon shook its head and flicked its tail, charging towards a Black Ink Feudal Lord. The High-Rank and Low-Rank Black Ink Clansmen along the way all burst and died as the sharp sword waves brushed across them. 


The Feudal Lord, who apparently had sharp perception, sensed the approaching crisis and instantly turned his head to stare at Sword Dragon and roared. His initially large body expanded as rich Black Ink Strength lingered around his figure. Next, a fierce punch was thrown towards the Sword Dragon.


With one punch, space shook. 


Yang Kai, who was standing atop the Sword Dragon’s head, abruptly stepped forward and his Azure Dragon Spear thrust out at the Feudal Lord without hesitation.


When the violent energies collided, Yang Kai flew out while coughing up blood. On the other side, the Feudal Lord cried out in pain as his gigantic hand was pierced through by the Azure Dragon Spear, causing fresh black blood to gush out.


Without giving him a chance to recover, Feng Ying’s Sword Dragon instantly transformed into thousands of sword waves and began pelting the Feudal Lord. Despite his best efforts to repel them, the Feudal Lord was swiftly pierced by hundreds of blades. 


Yang Kai, who had previously been blasted away, flickered and appeared right before his target. Channeling his strength, Yang Kai cast his Divine Manifestation and the Great Sun directly struck the Feudal Lord’s chest.


A massive hole was silently formed in the Feudal Lord’s chest, and with a conspicuous flash of sword light, Feng Ying, whose Divine Manifestation had collapsed, found its mark. 


A massive head flew up, and black blood gushed into the void. The massive body of the Feudal Lord staggered before collapsing in a dead heap.




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