Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4975, Survive


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Yang Kai had encountered several life-or-death crises since he first began treading the Martial Dao, and during the Human-Demon War in the Star Boundary, his body was totally destroyed by Mo Sheng. It was only thanks to the Soul Warming Lotus protecting his Soul that Yang Kai had managed to survive that disaster and resurrect himself with the help of the Immortal Tree.


That was unquestionably the most dangerous battle he had ever fought.


Still, although that battle was extremely dangerous, he never lost hope. The Great Emperors all gathered together and united with all the Masters of the Star Boundary to face Mo Sheng. Eventually, after a hard-fought battle, they won and saved the Star Boundary, along with all those that lived there.


But, at this very moment, targeted by this aura of death, Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel despair. 


The Royal Lord he encountered in Black Territory was completely different from the one behind him now. The Black Prison Royal Lord had been shackled for countless eons and could not bring out anywhere near her full strength. Although the one behind him now was injured, he was still much stronger than the one Yang Kai met in Black Territory.


With great effort, Yang Kai stiffly turned his head and saw the massive figure in the Black Ink Cloud wave his giant hand, after which a torrent of darkness surged towards him. The action seemed light and casual, like flicking off an annoying bug, but the bug that was soon to be flicked off was Yang Kai. 


The darkness cut through the void, shattering the space around it as it rapidly approached its target.


At that moment, time seemed to be frozen.


Many scenes inexplicably flashed before Yang Kai’s eyes. Familiar faces appeared and disappeared like a rotating lantern as his entire life’s journey vividly replayed in his mind.


All this while, the aura of death grew increasingly intense.


At the critical moment, Yang Kai’s Dragon Vein suddenly rampaged. The strength of his Dragon Vein almost exploded in the face of this certain death crisis. However, even if he transformed into his Grand Dragon Form right now, it would be impossible to resist this seemingly off-handed attack from the Black Ink Royal Lord.


The Royal Lord had really used only a small bit of force, a result of the vast disparity in their strength preventing him from even considering Yang Kai a threat worthy enough of a fight. He only intended to kill Yang Kai because he was irritated that this ant had revealed his location and interfered with his recovery process.


After this simple strike, the Royal Lord quickly turned his head and gazed in the direction of Blue Sky Pass, where a shooting-star-like stream of light was speeding in his direction.


The familiar aura of his old enemy, the Human Race Old Ancestor, was coming!


His whereabouts had been revealed, so the Old Ancestor would definitely not stand idly by. Facing this Human Race Old Ancestor, the Royal Lord naturally felt some anxiety and he could not spare any energy or attention to anything else, so naturally, the irritating Human bug he had just swatted had long since left his thoughts. 




The sound of something cracking rang out from the depths of Yang Kai’s heart, and he abruptly came to his senses. 


The simple strike from the Royal Lord was still bearing down on him, leaving him feeling defeated. It was an absolute suppression of strength, a gulf that could not be crossed. Yang Kai had, however, encountered certain death before, so of course he would not sit still and wait for the end to take him.


[I will never give up so easily!]


Yang Kai roared fiercely, resisting the agitation of the Dragon Vein in his body, refusing to transform into his Grand Dragon Form at this critical juncture. The cry of a Golden Crow resounded across the void in the next instant, and a Great Sun slowly rose behind him, followed by a Full Moon leaping out.


As both the Sun and the Moon appeared together, they formed an astonishing scene. 


Even the Royal Lord, who was intently observing the Old Ancestor’s movements, took notice of this anomaly and couldn’t help glancing over to inspect it.


Space Principles surged as the Sun and Moon began orbiting around Yang Kai. When the Sun set, the Moon rose, and Time Principles propagated out. The two Principle Strengths swirled and intermingled just as the Sun and Moon did, forming a profound and mysterious new strength. 


Sun and Moon Divine Wheel!


Under Yang Kai’s control, the Great Sun and Full Moon rapidly spun together and crashed towards the approaching wave of darkness, Space-Time Strength warping everything around it in a surreal manner.


Yang Kai’s face was as pale as paper after he unleashed this blow. He was already an arrow at the end of its flight, but now, he had forced out his greatest trump card, draining almost all the World Force left in his Small Universe. He was now truly out of strength. 


Yang Kai had no clue whether he could withstand the Royal Lord’s attack, but he had already given everything he had. Even under the Royal Lord’s pressure, he refused to back down and resolved to fight back. There was no other Sixth-Order Master who could claim to have ever accomplished such a feat. 


Now, life or death was entirely up to fate!


Seemingly inspired by Yang Kai, Feng Ying, who was shivering under the Royal Lord’s might, let out a fierce cry as well and aggressively mobilised all the strength she had left. Ten Thousand Swords appeared before rapidly condensing into a small Sword Dragon only a couple dozen meters long that wrapped around Yang Kai and herself.


While on the verge of blacking out, Yang Kai was wrapped in the Sword Dragon. He could not see the scene in front of him, nor hear any noise, only the screeching of swords rang in his ears. 


In the next instant, a violent surge of energy erupted, forming an unstoppable shockwave that burst out in all directions.


Tumbling uncontrollably, Yang Kai clearly felt the Sword Dragon wrapped around him breaking apart as a result of the impact of the shockwave.


Just the fallout had such a violent impact, so it was easy to imagine just how they would have fared if they had been struck directly by the Royal Lord’s attack.


Feng Ying coughed up blood repeatedly. When her Myriad Swords Dragon, her Divine Manifestation, was damaged, she naturally suffered along with it.


Moments later, the Myriad Swords Dragon completely shattered, revealing the two figures hidden inside.


The aftermath was still rampaging, and fresh blood from both Yang Kai and Feng Ying violently gushed from their wounds. They both felt as though they were fallen leaves caught in the raging storm, at risk of being ripped to pieces at any moment. 


Even at this point though, Feng Ying was still tightly gripping Yang Kai’s arm, keeping him from separating from her.


As Zhong Liang approached from behind, he happened to see the collision of the wave of darkness with the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel from afar. To one party, it was simply a casual strike, while to the other, it was everything they could muster; however, the darkness still came out on top in the clash, collapsing the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel after only a brief standstill.


The attack then directly smashed into the Sword Dragon.


Zhong Liang’s face paled at this sight and in the next instant he spat out a mouthful of blood mist, burning his own Blood Essence just to increase his speed.


He originally didn’t know where Yang Kai was, but the second he saw the Sword Dragon, he understood. Feng Ying’s Divine Manifestation couldn’t be more obvious, and Zhong Liang knew she was together with Yang Kai.


Zhong Liang’s heart pounded with anxiety. How could the Royal Lord attack the two of them out of everyone around? Zhong Liang didn’t think that the Royal Lord would be so petty as to assault weaklings like Yang Kai and Feng Ying. The only enemies the Royal Lord should have paid any attention to were the Old Ancestor and the Eighth-Order Humans. 


The Old Ancestor was also already rushing to the battlefield, so the most logical course of action for the Royal Lord was to conserve his energy for the coming fight. So, why would the Royal Lord actually target Yang Kai and Feng Ying? 


Zhong Liang silently prayed that the two of them weren’t dead; however, the wave of darkness had clearly shattered Feng Ying’s Myriad Swords Dragon. Zhong Liang vividly observed two individuals tumbling in the tumultuous aftermath of the explosion as the horrific shockwave pummeled their bodies, causing them both to cough up blood incessantly.


Zhong Liang’s speed increased dramatically when he burnt his Blood Essence, and he arrived at where Yang Kai and Feng Ying were after just three breaths of time. With his blade drawn, he slashed forward and cut through the remnant shockwave.


He wasn’t weak; after all, he was an Eight-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and the Western Army Commander. Under normal circumstances, such a casual strike from a Royal Lord wouldn’t have been too difficult for Zhong Liang to block because the other party hadn’t put any real strength into the attack. 


However, Zhong Liang had just burnt his Blood Essence, and though it gave him a momentary boost in speed, he suffered from a backlash soon after, resulting in a loss of strength. As such, he was pushed back and slightly injured when dispersing the shockwave. 


Before he even checked his own condition though, Zhong Liang immediately whirled around and grabbed both Yang Kai and Feng Ying.


Looking down at them, he saw that they were both drenched in blood and their auras were so weak they could barely be detected. Feng Ying was in a particularly bad shape and had seemingly slipped into a coma.


However, Zhong Liang was relieved to discover that Yang Kai was still alive. As long as he didn’t die, he could slowly restore himself. 


From behind, a terrible force erupted. Zhong Liang turned his head to look and his eyes caught sight of two figures, one large and one small, battling in the distance. Every time they collided, space shattered like glass, rending apart chaotically.


It was the battle between the Old Ancestor and the Royal Lord.


The surrounding Humans and Black Ink Clansmen hurriedly withdrew. In such a battle, no one could interfere or they would only end up dead.


The Royal Lord was unconcerned with the lives of his subordinates, but the Old Ancestor wasn’t; therefore, whenever he clashed with the Royal Lord, he would purposefully shift their battlefield to an area further away from the Army.


The location they were at was not suitable to linger at for much longer, so Zhong Liang tightened his grip on Feng Ying and Yang Kai and dashed towards Blue Sky Pass. 


Shortly after, Zhong Liang set down both of them on the outer ramparts of Blue Sky Pass and scolded Yang Kai while glaring at him, “Stay here! If you have the audacity to run off again, I’ll break your damn legs!”


Yang Kai’s neck shrank as he spoke weakly, “In my condition… I couldn’t move even if I wanted to.”


“I’ll deal with you later!” Zhong Liang furiously snapped. 


After instructing some nearby cultivators to tend to Yang Kai and Feng Ying’s injuries, Zhong Liang returned to the battlefield. His Eighth-Order strength could not be absent on the battlefield at this crucial time. The outcome of the current war was about to be determined, so he had to return. 


Those left behind immediately took out healing pills and gave them to Yang Kai and Feng Ying after receiving orders from Zhong Liang. Compared to Feng Ying, Yang Kai was luckier as he was awake at the very least. Whereas Feng Ying was already in a coma, so they could only open her lips and place the healing pill in her mouth before using their own World Force to help her refine its medicinal efficacies. 


Yang Kai, on the other hand, sat cross-legged on the wall, staring out into the vast battlefield, feeling delighted.


Fortunately, the Royal Lord did not take him or Feng Ying seriously as he needed to conserve his strength to battle against the Old Ancestor, or else both of them would have died then and there.


The wave of darkness that struck them managed to destroy his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel and Feng Ying’s Divine Manifestation while still having enough power remaining to inflict critical injuries on both of them. 


Yang Kai was not in a rush to recover though as he was more concerned about the outcome of the war. 


In any case, he had an intrepid physique due to his Dragon Vein, with strong restoration powers. Though his injuries appeared quite serious, possibly even fatal, it would only take him cultivating for a few days to recover. The results of the current battle were of more interest to Yang Kai right now.




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