Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4980, Trap

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However, they couldn’t find anything of value even after performing a careful exploration.


Seeming to have noticed Yang Kai’s doubts, Feng Ying explained, “Every time a war breaks out, everyone in Blue Sky Pass leaves everything of value they possess in the Inner Sanctum. Everything beside their important artifacts and pills which can restore energy and heal their wounds is left behind. That way, if they die, the resources left in the Inner Sanctum can be used by others.”


On the chaotic battlefield, no one could be certain if they could come back alive, which was why they would carry the mentality that they were heading to the last battle of their lives and had to fight to the death. 


That was also the reason why they couldn’t find anything of value in this Small Universe. The belongings of the owner had been collected by others in Blue Sky Pass after his death and became materials for others to become stronger.


Yang Kai stood in awe.


If that was true, there was no reason to continue exploring.


A while later, Yang Kai and Feng Ying left the Universe Paradise. When they came out, the four Army Commanders were waiting for them.


Feng Ying had contacted Zhong Liang, who then contacted Ding Yao and the others. The four arrived at almost the same time.


Four pairs of eyes were instantly attracted to the portal that led to the Universe Paradise, and Zhong Liang even swept his eyes over Yang Kai while asking, “Did you do this?”


Yang Kai nodded. There was no need to hide that fact.


“Do you know who left this behind?” Zhong Liang asked another question. This time, it wasn’t directed at Yang Kai, but at Feng Ying.


Shaking her head, Feng Ying answered, “I’m not sure. Unless it’s someone who knows the owner going in to have a look, I’m afraid it will be hard to determine who it belonged to.”


Zhong Liang stayed silent. Unless the Small Universe left by the cultivator had special characteristics, it was difficult to determine who its former owner was. Moreover, countless Masters had been killed outside Blue Sky Pass over the ages, and so much time had passed it was almost impossible to determine who these Small Universes belonged to.


Suddenly, Ding Yao looked at Yang Kai and questioned, “Did you find this by chance, or do you have the ability to open portals to all these Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises?”


Yang Kai replied, “As long as they aren’t hidden too deeply, I can find and open them.”


Hearing this, the four Army Commanders frowned. Ding Yao nodded and said, “Very good. If it’s true, then you might be making a huge contribution.”


Yang Kai was confused. What huge contribution? If what Feng Ying said was true, there wouldn’t be many valuable things in the Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises hidden outside Blue Sky Pass. Even if he found and opened them, what good would they bring to Blue Sky Pass?


Nevertheless, since Ding Yao had spoken, it must be something important.


On the other hand, Yang Kai also found the arrival of all four Army Commanders a little fishy. He didn’t expect all four to come when Feng Ying said she had to make a report.


Also, judging by the expressions on Zhong Liang’s and the others’ faces, Yang Kai was clear that it might be something important.


As he was still confused, he simply decided to ask, “Are these Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises very important? There aren’t many valuables inside.”


Ding Yao explained, “Those who went into battle naturally wouldn’t bring much with them. They fought to the death against the Black Ink Clan when they were alive, and the Small Universes they left behind after they died can also become a weapon to kill the Black Ink Clan. We’ve had such plans for a long time, but we didn’t have the ability to open these hidden Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises. Who would have thought you were capable of this.”


Then, Zhong Liang continued, “Think of it this way. The Universe Paradise before you has little value on its own. Though it has World Force and the owner’s Dao Essence, it is essentially useless to us Humans. However, what if we make it into a trap?”


“A trap?” Yang Kai frowned.


Zhong Liang’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he elaborated, “The Black Ink Clan Army repeatedly besieges Blue Sky Pass. If we convert this Universe Paradise into a trap, when the Black Ink Clan Army approaches, we can trigger it and all nearby Black Ink Clansmen will be drawn inside.”


Liang Yu Long continued, “We can arrange Killing Arrays in this Universe Paradise in advance. After the Black Ink Clan is trapped inside, the Killing Array will activate and weaken the Black Ink Clan without us having to fight them directly.”


Shen Tu Mo agreed, “One Universe Paradise may not make much of a difference, but there are so many Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises outside of Blue Sky Pass. If we activate 1,000 of them at once, we may be able to win the next war in one fell swoop!”


After listening to their explanation, Yang Kai felt his pulse accelerate. A magnificent sight came into his mind where the Black Ink Clan Army besieged Blue Sky Pass from all sides in full momentum and then fell into the traps set up using the Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises. Then, in a flash, they triggered the Killing Arrays and slaughtered the enemy.


If this could be achieved, Blue Sky Pass could win a large battle effortlessly. Had the Humans set up such traps in previous battles, they would have had another sharp weapon with which to repel the enemy.


People from Blue Sky Pass clearly had such an idea long ago; unfortunately, although the idea was good, it was difficult to put it into action. They had no way to find and open up these hidden Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises, so how could they use them as traps?


Therefore, after hearing that Yang Kai could find and force open these Small Universes, Zhong Liang immediately realised the importance of the matter and summoned Ding Yao and the others to come and assess the situation.


This time, the Black Ink Clan Army suffered heavy losses and severely damaged their foundation, so Blue Sky Pass was safe for the time being. But the Black Ink Clan Army would return someday, and there would be another fierce battle when they did.


While the Black Ink Clan were recuperating, there was enough time for them to set up a Grand Killing Array here at Blue Sky Pass. If their plan was executed well, the next time the Black Ink Clan Army arrived, there would be a huge unpleasant surprise waiting for them.


The key to this plan relied on Yang Kai’s ability to find and open these long-lost Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises.


If he could do this, then everything else would fall into place, but if he couldn’t, then they couldn’t even begin. 


The four Army Commanders looked at Yang Kai with complicated expressions. Originally, because Yang Kai disobeyed orders, they decided to punish him by having him clean up the battlefield, but who would have thought that cleaning up the battlefield could earn him another great merit?


They also heard from Feng Ying that Yang Kai was going to contribute a large batch of Profound Yin Bamboo to Blue Sky Pass…


Each Profound Yin Bamboo was a precious treasure, especially for the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters on the Black Ink Battlefield. If they did get their hands on those Profound Yin Bamboo, they would have a huge advantage in both resisting the corruption of Black Ink Strength and improving their own cultivation.


This was another great merit that could be awarded to Yang Kai.


That realization gave Zhong Liang and others a headache. A Junior with too many merits wasn’t something to celebrate, because it made it difficult to force him into line when the time came. 


Once all his merits were converted into Military Merits, Yang Kai would have accumulated a considerable amount of wealth. With these potential merits, and the ones he earned in the last battle, he now had more than most Eighth-Order Division Commanders.


“Yang Kai, this matter is of great importance. Are you sure you can find and open those Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises?” Zhong Liang put aside the many thoughts in his head and asked solemnly. This was a matter related to the situation of future wars, so he had to confirm everything carefully.


Yang Kai answered respectfully, “I wouldn’t dare to make any wild claims.”


Ding Yao retorted indifferently, “Seeing is believing!”


Naturally, he meant he wanted Yang Kai to do a demonstration for them. Yang Kai didn’t refuse and immediately nodded, “Follow me, please.”


When he was cleaning the battlefield, he found several suspicious places, so it was not difficult to open another portal.


A short while later, the crowd stopped at a certain place, and under everyone’s watchful gaze, Yang Kai, like before, stretched his hand out into the Void.


There seemed to be a faint burst of Space Principles before Yang Kai’s hand immediately disappeared without a trace before everyone’s eyes.


Zhong Liang and others immediately raised their brows.


The next moment, Yang Kai twisted his hand and manipulated the Space Principles. Then, a slowly rotating vortex appeared in everyone’s field of vision. Also, there was an aura of a Small Universe gradually diffusing outward from that vortex. 


Ding Yao and others watched with widened eyes. They knew Yang Kai wouldn’t deceive them about such matters, and they believed that he had such abilities, but wasn’t this too easy for him?


It felt like opening a hidden Universe Cave Heavens or Universe Paradises for him was as easy as eating a snack or drinking a glass of water.


They had the idea of converting the Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises outside Blue Sky Pass into traps, but even after many attempts, they couldn’t open any because they had too few people who were proficient in the Dao of Space! Even if they had Masters who had cultivated the Dao of Space, their attainments were quite low and they could not find and open these hidden Small Universes.


On the other hand, Yang Kai could open a portal just by stretching out his hand. How great were his attainments in the Dao of Space for this brat to accomplish this? But, when they recalled that this kid could even arrange Universe Arrays, they didn’t feel surprised anymore.


In the meantime, Yang Kai was frowning at the portal. The aura coming from it gave him a feeling that something was not right. 


“What happened?” Zhong Liang asked.


Yang Kai said, “This Universe Paradise seems to be stained by Black Ink Strength.”


“Stained by Black Ink Strength?” Zhong Liang frowned.


Yang Kai nodded before he fiercely extended his hands, and the vortex greatly expanded. The hazy centre of the vortex revealed a scene that was as black as ink. It was obvious that the scene before them was the scene inside the portal.


With the opening of the portal, the Black Ink Strength inside wanted to gush out, but under Yang Kai’s suppression, it remained sealed inside the Universe Paradise.


Zhong Liang sighed slightly, “Seal it up. This Universe Paradise can’t be used anymore.”


To set up an Array inside a Universe Paradise, the Spirit Array Grandmasters had to enter it; however, they couldn’t enter a Universe Paradise if it was suffused with Black Ink Strength. The Spirit Array Grandmasters didn’t have Yang Kai’s ability to resist the corruption of Black Ink Strength.


This Universe Paradise was completely stained with Black Ink Strength, so it was conceivable that its owner was already corrupted by Black Ink Strength while he was alive. Before the owner died, he still fought hard, but eventually died, leaving this Small Universe behind.


There had to be more than one Small Universe like this. There were likely many in fact.


Furthermore, not every High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master would leave behind a Small Universe after their death.


There were also many who had given their lives for the sake of the Human Race but couldn’t even leave a trace of their existence behind. It was pitiful. 


Even so, the Cave Heavens and Paradises were still fighting against the Black Ink Clan on the Black Ink Battlefield, not allowing the Black Ink Clan to set foot into the 3,000 Worlds, which was a sacrifice worthy of respect.



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