Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4985, Completing the Purifying Black Ink Battleship

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They had to make 400 Purifying Black Ink Battleships, all of which required Yang Kai to personally seal Purifying Light inside them and arrange Universe Arrays aboard.


Sealing Purifying Light was not a hard task as he only needed to trigger the two marks on the back of his hand to draw out the power of the Yellow and Blue Crystals, converge and fuse them together, and form Purifying Light. However, personally arranging a Universe Array on every Purifying Black Ink Battleship would be a huge project that Yang Kai estimated would take him three to five years to complete at best.


And that was just the start; he couldn’t rest easy after that. 


Purifying Light would be consumed in battle, and if the Purifying Light of a Great Pass was depleted in the future, they would have to come to Blue Sky Pass to replenish it.


Even though Yang Kai had countless Yellow and Blue Crystals in hand, he was still a bit worried.


At this rate of consumption, no matter how many Yellow and Blue Crystals he had, they would eventually be used up. By then, what would happen to the Humans on the Black Ink Battlefield?


Maybe he could return to the 3,000 Worlds and find Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan in the Chaotic Dead Territory?


However, this wasn’t an urgent matter as he had enough Yellow and Blue Crystals to last for some time.


Yang Kai also asked about Qing Kui and Su Ying Xue, but Xu Ling Gong only said that they were staying at Yin-Yang Pass and did not come with him this time. After hearing that they were fine, Yang Kai felt reassured.


After chatting for a while, Xu Ling Gong left without mentioning that he wanted Yang Kai to accompany him back to Yin-Yang Pass.


The next day, Yang Kai was ordered to go to the central square with Feng Ying accompanying him.


When they arrived, they saw Ding Yao waiting for them there and beside him was a lofty middle-aged man wearing golden armour. His aura was as deep as the abyss, and he was clearly also an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Judging from his looks, this man came from Great Battle Heaven.


Behind them were four brand new Purifying Black Ink Battleships lined up in a row, all of similar shape and size to those refined by Blue Sky Pass.


Yang Kai knew these were the Purifying Black Ink Battleships they had brought with them.


After Blue Sky Pass successfully built their first Purifying Black Ink Battleship, they sent a message to all the Great Passes, informing them of the purpose of the Purifying Black Ink Battleships along with the blueprints to build more.


When the Great Passes received the message, they paid a lot of attention to it and immediately began refining their own Purifying Black Ink Battleships after confirming that the message was accurate and authentic. Once they were done building the battleships, they used the Hyper Space Arrays to send an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master with the completed Purifying Black Ink Battleships to Blue Sky Pass.


Yang Kai was the only one who could finish the refinement of these ships.


When they got close enough, Yang Kai cupped his fist, “Greetings, Senior Ding!”


Ding Yao nodded lightly and said, “Do you know what you are here for?”


Yang Kai nodded, “I do.”


“Good.” Ding Yao said flatly, “The Purifying Black Ink Battleships made great contributions in the previous battle, and proved their immense value. It is now a fundamental weapon for us to win this war against the Black Ink Clan, so you will have to work even harder in the future.”


Yang Kai cupped his fist and said, “I will not disappoint you.”


“Very good!” Ding Yao gestured to the middle-aged man next to him and said, “This is Wei Jun Yang from Great Battle Pass, my Senior Brother from Great Battle Heaven. Great Battle Pass is currently engaged in a war with the Black Ink Clan Army, so he urgently needs these Purifying Black Ink Battleships to be readied for battle.”


Wei Jun Yang looked solemn and cupped his fist at Yang Kai while speaking quickly, “Martial Nephew, the safety of the 30,000 soldiers of Great Battle Pass depends on you.”


“Senior is exaggerating. I will do what I can as it is my duty,” Yang Kai said humbly, “Since Great Battle Pass is currently fighting the Black Ink Clan, we cannot delay this any further. May I begin now?”


“Very good!” Wei Jun Yang nodded his head hastily.


“Have you brought the necessary materials?” Yang Kai asked.


Hearing that, Wei Jun Yang hurriedly took out a Space Ring, “The materials for the Universe Array are all in here. If you need anything else, just let me know.”


Yang Kai reached out, took the Space Ring, checked it with his Divine Sense, and nodded, “I think this will be enough. I’ll let you know if I need anything more.”


After saying that, he moved to the nearest Purifying Black Ink Battleship and used the Space Array on the deck to teleport into the cabin.


Great Battle Pass had done a good job of preparing the Purifying Black Ink Battleships. Basically, everything that could be built had already been done. Now, all that was missing was the Universe Array and Purifying Light.


These were the things that Yang Kai had to add personally.


The moment Yang Kai dashed inside, Wei Jun Yang exhaled slightly and turned his head to look at Ding Yao, “Junior Brother, how long will it take to finish?”


The battle was raging over at Great Battle Pass, so he naturally wanted to return as soon as possible.


Ding Yao replied, “It shouldn’t take long. Though, I’m not exactly sure.” While saying so, he turned his head to look at Feng Ying who was standing to the side.


Feng Ying understood what Ding Yao wanted and spoke up after a moment of contemplation, “We can probably complete a Purifying Black Ink Battleship within six or seven days.”


Wei Jun Yang raised his brow, “One in six or seven days, so all four ships will take at most a month.”


One month was not too long for a battle that could take decades to end, so they could afford the wait. 


Then, Ding Yao persuaded, “Senior Brother Wei, why don’t you head back and rest? You can return to collect them once they’re ready.”


Wei Jun Yang waved his hand, “No, I’ll wait here. I must return to Great Battle Pass as soon as the ships are ready.” If he could return even a moment sooner, he would be able to save more people. Moreover, he couldn’t bring himself to rest at such a moment.


Knowing his Senior Brother’s character, Ding Yao stopped trying to persuade him.


Wei Jun Yang said, “You may go if you have something to do. I’ll leave as soon as these are done.”


Ding Yao nodded, cupped his fist, and said, “Take care, Senior Brother!”


Wei Jun Yang returned the gesture without saying anything. 


They had known each other for thousands of years and had entered the Black Ink Battlefield together, but since they came to the Black Ink Battlefield, they had met only a handful of times. After they parted today, there was no telling when they would see each other again, or if they ever would.


Such a situation was not uncommon on the Black Ink Battlefield.


As time passed slowly, Yang Kai didn’t leave the Purifying Black Ink Battleship while Wei Jun Yang and Feng Ying waited outside.


Perhaps news had spread around the Pass because someone sped over and stopped before them a few moments later.


“Brother Wei!” The visitor cupped his fist and greeted them.


“Brother Ma!” Wei Jun Yang recognised the identity of the man and returned the salute. The visitor, like him, was an Army Commander of one of the Great Passes, and his identity and cultivation were not inferior to his.


“Has it begun?” Brother Ma took a look at Purifying Black Ink Battleship and asked.


“En,” Wei Jun Yang nodded his head.


Brother Ma said, “I’ll go in and take a look.” While he said that, he dashed into the Purifying Black Ink Battleship from the Space Array.


Wei Jun Yang frowned, but he could not say anything more.


In fact, when they came to Blue Sky Pass, they had already seen the interior of a complete Purifying Black Ink Battleship. The pure white light inside was astonishing, and the Universe Array was even more exquisite.


The battleships they visited were already finished products, so none of them had been inside a semi-finished battleship like this one. It was natural that they would be curious. 


After a few moments, Brother Ma came out of the Purifying Black Ink Battleship, nodded lightly at Wei Jun Yang, then rushed off again. He seemed to have only taken a short visit and then left, so both Wei Jun Yang and Feng Ying did not pay much attention to him.


However, this was just the beginning.


The news seemed to have spread quickly because the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from the other Great Passes found out that Yang Kai had started to complete a Purifying Black Ink Battleship, so they ran to central square one after another to take a look.


Even though Wei Jun Yang had a straightforward personality and might even be considered simple-minded, he still noticed that something was amiss. These old fogies all wore solemn yet subtle expressions when they left the battleship like they were plotting something.


Yang Kai exited the Purifying Black Ink Battleship with a bitter face soon after one such guest left and stood on the deck while looking at Wei Jun Yang, “Senior Wei, I can’t focus with people constantly interrupting me. If I make a mistake, those from Great Battle Pass will not be able to use the Universe Array.”


Wei Jun Yang raised his brow at these words and came to the deck in a flash. Then, he announced, “From now on, I will stand guard here. Whoever dares to trespass will have to face my wrath!”


The man’s face looked murderous as he stood there.


His tone made Yang Kai break out in cold sweat, so he hurriedly waved his hands, “Of course, of course.”


After he said that, he glanced at Feng Ying and silently sent a message to her. 


Feng Ying understood and nodded imperceptibly.


Yang Kai turned around and re-entered the cabin.


A few moments later, someone else arrived, but what they saw was a menacing Wei Jun Yang standing on the deck with his sword in hand.


The visitor cupped his fist and said with a smile, “Brother Wei, I heard that the completion of the battleships has started. I would like to take a look inside. Would you…”


Before the person could finish his words, Wei Jun Yang unsheathed his sword and pointed it at the newcomer, “You will have the opportunity to take a look when it’s your Purifying Black Ink Battleships’ turn to be completed, but right now, Great Battle Pass is in a difficult battle and urgently needs the support from these battleships. It’s a race against time, so no one is to disturb the process; otherwise, that person will face the entire Great Battle Pass!”


The man was stunned and didn’t say anything more. He just wanted to take a look at the Purifying Black Ink Battleship, not make an enemy of Great Battle Pass.


People from Great Battle Cave Heaven generally acted more fiercely than others. Also, they always stuck to their word. Judging by Wei Jun Yang’s attitude, it seemed like a fight would break out if he defied him.


Laughing sheepishly, the man said, “Brother Wei, you must be exaggerating. I just want to take a look at it.”


“You will have a chance to look at it later, but not now!”


The man looked at him for a moment, sighed, and turned to leave.


A few more people arrived one after another, but they were all stopped by Wei Jun Yang and reluctantly left.


Meanwhile, Zhong Liang, who was discussing important matters with Liang Yu Long, suddenly received a message. After reading it with his Divine Sense, he was furious, “Those ungrateful thieves! Blue Sky Pass kindly let them come over to complete their Purifying Black Ink Battleships, but now they try to poach one of our people!? This is going too far!”


Feeling shocked by the sudden outburst, Liang Yu Long asked, “Brother Zhong, What happened?”



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