Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4987, Dawn Battleship

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“Brother Shen Tu has a point!” Someone nodded lightly.


Following that, another spoke up, “Brother Shen Tu has thought about this matter more thoroughly. We feel ashamed.”


Shen Tu Mo’s words dissuaded many people from the idea of poaching Yang Kai, which was already a bit unorthodox. They couldn’t argue with the others because they didn’t have a reason to, and their chances of succeeding were slim. Now that they heard Shen Tu Mo’s analysis of the pros and cons of this matter, they thought he was right and cancelled their current plans.


Meanwhile, Ding Yao and the others were observing the crowd, so they knew Shen Tu Mo’s words had persuaded them and immediately felt relieved. Zhong Liang looked toward Tang Qiu after a moment and asked, “What do you think, Brother Tang?”


Tang Qiu frowned and said, “I still insist on bringing Yang Kai back to Yin-Yang Pass. If he is willing to come back with me.”


Although he said that, his tone was not as insistent as before.


Smiling, Zhong Liang spoke up, “If you ask him in person, that brat might not be able to refuse; after all, you are also his Elder, so why force him to make a decision? I don’t think it’s necessary to ask him that, and I think his presence in Blue Sky Pass is just right.”


Tang Qiu raised his eyebrows, “How is it just right?”


Zhong Liang answered, “We have more than 100 Great Passes that form a barrier on the Black Ink Battlefield, blocking the Black Ink Clan’s invasion of the 3,000 Worlds. Blue Sky Pass just happens to sit at the centre of this barrier, so no matter which Great Pass you all come from, the distance to here does not vary much. But if Yang Kai goes to Yin-Yang Pass, the situation will be different. The distance between passes will vary greatly, so I believe it is best for him to stay in Blue Sky Pass. And, no matter which Great Pass he’s at, he will still be serving the Human Race, so why does it matter which Great Pass he belongs to?” 




One month later, the four Purifying Black Ink Battleships of Great Battle Pass were completed and delivered. Wei Jun Yang, who had been waiting at the central square the whole time, thanked Yang Kai and put the four Purifying Black Ink Battleships in his Small Universe. Then, he immediately left.


Great Battle Pass was engaged in battle with the Black Ink Clan and needed the Purifying Black Ink Battleships to aid them as soon as possible.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai had no time to rest before another four Purifying Black Ink Battleships from another Great Pass were ready and waiting for him to finish.


He had no idea how the others negotiated it, but every time Yang Kai finished the Purifying Black Ink Battleships from one Pass, he had to work on the ones from another.


After huge amounts of supplies were consumed, and all the Universe Arrays were arranged, the Purifying Black Ink Battleships that were filled with Purifying Light were taken away by their respective Great Pass representatives.


Once the Purifying Black Ink Battleships were introduced into the battlefield, they could greatly curb the problem of Black Ink Strength, and at the same time, the Universe Array inside each Purifying Black Ink Battleship could allow the Humans to return to their lines quickly.


Repeating this process day in and day out was incredibly dull, yet Yang Kai was meticulous because he knew that the tedium he endured today could save the lives of many tomorrow.


Gradually, he even forgot about the passage of time.


Except for resting for a few days after exhausting himself, he continued working in the central square.


Almost every month, one of the visitors to Blue Sky Pass would leave while feeling satisfied. The Purifying Black Ink Battleships that were brought back to the Great Passes blossomed like a beautiful flower, with Blue Sky Pass as its stem.


Finally, after Yang Kai delivered four more battleships and saw them off together with an Eighth-Order Master from one of the Great Passes, he suddenly realised that the square was empty.


In the past, before he finished his work, there would be four new Purifying Black Ink Battleships waiting here for him, and he had long gotten used to this kind of life, but there seemed to be something different today.


Soon after, Zhong Liang came over. He smiled and nodded when he saw Yang Kai looking at him, “You’ve worked hard these past few years. Go back and have a good rest.”


Yang Kai was slightly dazed, and only then did he respond, “Is that all?”


“Yes,” Zhong Liang patted Yang Kai’s shoulder, “Now, more than 100 Great Passes have their own Purifying Black Ink Battleships. In the future, we no longer have to be afraid of being corrupted by Black Ink Strength when facing the Black Ink Clan, and it’s all thanks to you.”


Yang Kai silently nodded before taking a moment and calculating things, soon realizing that some seven to eight years had passed. 


In other words, he had been busy in this square for seven to eight years. Although a few years was nothing to an Open Heaven Realm Master, it was still surprising that time had passed so quickly.


“Go back to your residence. You’ve only recently advanced to the Seventh Order, so you need to stabilize your cultivation,” Zhong Liang waved his hand and said.


“Yes, Sir!” Yang Kai took orders and left.


When he returned to Feng Ying’s compound, Yang Kai opened the barrier and entered.


He sat alone in front of the porch steps and suddenly felt a little dazed. After being used to a busy life, he somehow felt like a fish out of water when it was all peaceful and quiet.


Zhong Liang had asked him to consolidate his cultivation, but he was not in a hurry to do so. Since his advancement to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, although he hadn’t had the time to cultivate properly, the special situation of his Small Universe made it possible for his heritage to continuously increase. Now that seven or eight years had passed, his cultivation had long since been stabilised.


However, after checking the situation of his Small Universe, Yang Kai let out a faint sigh.


Over the past seven or eight years, he had completed more than 400 Purifying Black Ink Battleships. While he did not need to bother with the materials for the Universe Arrays as each Great Pass had prepared them, he had to consume Yellow and Blue Crystals to seal Purifying Light into each Purifying Black Ink Battleship.


Finishing 400 Purifying Black Ink Battleships had depleted roughly 10% of his Yellow and Blue Crystal stockpile.


Before he left the 3,000 Worlds, he had divided half of the Yellow and Blue Crystals he received in the Chaotic Dead Territory to be used by High Heaven Palace. Still, he retained an enormous amount.


Even after all the work he put in, he only consumed about 10% of it.


Although there were still huge amounts of Yellow and Blue Crystals left, they would be consumed sooner or later. By then, there would be no more Purifying Light for the Human Race to use on the Black Ink Battlefield.


When that day arrived, where would he find more Yellow and Blue Crystals?


Yang Kai looked up and saw a stream of light falling straight down towards him.


Once the light cleared, Feng Ying’s slender figure was revealed.


“You’re back?” Feng Ying was surprised to see him.


“En.” Yang Kai nodded his head.


“It’s good that you’re back. Come with me, I’ll show you something good.” Feng Ying beckoned with a mysterious expression.


Feeling curious, Yang Kai wanted to ask what it was, but Feng Ying had dashed away already, so he had no choice but to follow her.


Soon, they returned to the central square, and Feng Ying waved her hand. Then, a portal to her Small Universe flickered, followed by a large ship-like Warship that appeared in Yang Kai’s view. The ship was approximately 100 metres in length, 25 metres wide, and seemed to have three levels. It was much larger than the smallest Warships, but definitely smaller than the biggest ones Yang Kai had seen on the battlefield.


Yang Kai’s brow rose slightly as he asked curiously, “What’s this?”


Feng Ying smiled, “This is the Dawn Battleship!”


Astonishment filled him as he asked, “Dawn Battleship?”


Feng Ying nodded and explained, “Blue Sky Pass provided us with this. Each Squad has its own Warship, and since Dawn is also a Squad, and a Special Operations Squad at that, of course we have one.”


Yang Kai questioned, “Is that why this Warship has such an odd size?”


“A Battalion’s ship needs to accommodate 100 people, so it has to be bigger. This is a ship for a Squad, so it’s not comparable to a Battalion’s. In large-scale battles like the previous one, it’s safer if we move in Battalions, which is why you didn’t see many Squad Warships,” Feng Ying explained.


Yang Kai nodded in a daze, “So, that’s how it is.”


He looked at it with interest; after all, it belonged to Dawn and was considered a great weapon allocated to the Dawn Squad by Blue Sky Pass.


Feng Ying gestured to him, “Want to go up and take a look?”


“Indeed.” Yang Kai dashed up onto the Warship, followed by Feng Ying.


The large ship-like artifact was not too big as it was only 100 meters long, but it was not small either, and it had all the necessary features.


Feeling surprised, Yang Kai said, “The power of this thing seems to be a bit unusual.”


According to Feng Ying’s introduction, a Squad Warship only needed a few Open Heaven Realm Masters to control their direction and speed across the battlefield. This ship, however, had eight Offensive Arrays with an extremely powerful Array Artifact as a Core. It only took three Sixth-Order Masters working together to bring out the power of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master with the help of one such Offensive Array.


Therefore, Eight Arrays were equivalent to, and could display, the power of eight Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters!


There were also several Grand Arrays dedicated to defence, each one with outstanding Array Cores which required the combined efforts of three Sixth-Order Masters to bring forth the defensive strength of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


This Warship had incredible offensive and defensive capabilities.


Feng Ying explained, “The Warships of ordinary Squads are naturally quite different from this one. I went to ask someone from the Refining Hall to custom make this ship, and all of the Grand Arrays were specially designed to best suit it. If we have the proper amount of personnel on our ship, the power it can display will be far greater than average. With a few Seven-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters with us onboard, we can confront a Territory Lord.”


Nodding incessantly, Yang Kai repeated, “Good, good, good! This is amazing!”


Then, Feng Ying added, “But this ship has cost a lot of Military Merits, your Military Merits in fact. They’ve basically been depleted.”


“My Military Merits?” Yang Kai was stunned, then suddenly remembered that a few years ago, Feng Ying had asked him for his Identity Token. Back then, he was so busy arranging Universe Arrays for the Purifying Black Ink Battleships and sealing Purifying Light in them that he gave it to her without asking any questions.


At that time, Feng Ying must have already had the plan to build such a powerful ship using his Military Merits.


Feng Ying explained, “The Inner Sanctum gives each Squad a ship, but that ship only has the most standard configuration. If you want to modify and enhance your Squad’s Warship, you need to spend Military Merits to get help from the Refining Hall.”



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