Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4989, Let’s Make A Bet

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Translator: Silavin & Qing

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


After Yang Kai said what he had to say, he turned around to leave.


He had only taken a few steps when a furious shout came from behind though, “Brat, you dare leave the pass without authorization!?”


Yang Kai did not look back and stubbornly said, “Try me!”


He then walked forward with large strides.


Zhong Liang, who was pretending to have gone out, couldn’t sit still any longer and stormed out of the hall and stopped right in front of Yang Kai.


Yang Kai looked at him with a derisive expression, “Sir Army Commander, didn’t you leave the Great Pass on a mission?”


Shamelessly keeping his expression, Zhong Liang calmly declared, “I just came back. It’s just a coincidence.”


Yang Kai let out a chuckle, “What a coincidence. Since you’re here, I need to ask permission to lead my Squad…”


Before he could finish his words, Zhong Liang waved his hand, “Rejected!”


Feeling like half of his words were stuck in his throat, Yang Kai almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He took a deep breath, gazed helplessly at Zhong Liang, and pleaded, “Army Commander, I’ve fought my way up from my youth, and killed so many I have lost track of their number. I’m not some weak and delicate greenhouse flower.”


Zhong Liang answered flatly, “It has nothing to do with your strength or weakness. Your existence is of vital importance to the Human Race and cannot be treated carelessly. I understand your feelings, but Yang Boy, I hope you can put the big picture first.”


Hanging his head, Yang Kai said, “I’ve just advanced to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, and the bigger picture of the Black Ink Battlefield is too much for me to care about. I can only do what I can.”


Zhong Liang raised his brow and ordered, “Stay in the Inner Sanctum. That’s what you can do, and what we want the most.”


After Zhong Liang said that, Yang Kai fell silent. Of course he knew what Zhong Liang and others were thinking and understood why they had such thoughts. If he were in Zhong Liang’s shoes, he wouldn’t be willing to let himself be in danger by leaving the Pass either.


However, understanding their situation was one thing, but he still had his own insistence and plans. 


With a World Spring, Yang Kai was not afraid of being corrupted by Black Ink Strength, and he also had his Purifying Light which could safeguard those around him. He had just advanced to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, and his strength had increased greatly, so he should have been able to move freely around the Black Ink Battlefield.


If he were trapped inside Blue Sky Pass, he would lose his vigour in the long run, which would not be beneficial to his future growth.


If he wanted to keep striving for greater heights in the Martial Dao, the only option was to go out and fight.


“The Black Ink Battlefield has more than 100 Great Passes and millions of Masters. I am just one of them. I can do what others can and go wherever the others go. I don’t want to receive any special treatment, and I hope you all can realise my wish.” Yang Kai looked solemn and cupped his fist.


Zhong Liang sighed, “Life never goes the way you want it to. There are always people in this world who have abilities that others do not, so they have to bear the responsibilities that others cannot. You said you don’t want any special treatment, but you have a unique ability, so it’s impossible for you not to have special treatment.”


Feeling unresigned, Yang Kai argued, “They always say that the older a person gets, the more stubborn they become. I originally did not believe it, but seeing how you’re acting now, I have to believe it.”


A few guards nearby couldn’t help but laugh at those words.


Zhong Liang gave a light *tsk*, “Brat, you’re acting reckless again.” Then, he glared at the guards to shut them up.


Yang Kai gritted his teeth and shouted, “Army Commander, I am proficient in the Dao of Space!”


Zhong Liang nodded, “Yes, I know. What are you trying to say?”


“What I’m trying to say is that if I insist on leaving, you cannot stop me unless you lock down the entire Blue Sky Pass. Otherwise, I can easily leave at will.”


Zhong Liang felt his face twitch as he snarled, “Don’t forget that you are an official member of Blue Sky Pass. Disregarding orders is punishable by Military Law.”


Yang Kai snorted, obviously not taking his words to heart.


“How about this, Army Commander? Let’s make a bet.”


“What kind of bet?” Zhong Liang frowned at him.


“Using Blue Sky Pass’ interior as the boundary, if you can catch me before an incense stick burns out, I will stay, but if you can’t, you have to approve my application. How about that?”


Zhong Liang was immediately exasperated as he quipped, “Are you that confident in yourself?” 


He did know that those who were proficient in the Dao of Space were good at escaping, and if it had been the limitless void outside, he wasn’t confident if he could catch Yang Kai within an incense stick; however, with the inside of Blue Sky Pass as the boundary, it would be a simple matter for an Eight-Order Master to catch a Seventh-Order Junior.


With his nostrils pointing up towards the sky, Yang Kai looked at Zhong Liang arrogantly, “I dare you to make a bet with me! It’s fine if you don’t, I won’t laugh.”


Even though Zhong Liang knew Yang Kai was trying to provoke him, he was still furious and said through clenched teeth, “Good, I’ll take that bet! But boy, if I catch you, it won’t be as simple as you staying in Blue Sky Pass. I’ll beat you black and blue until you beg for mercy!”


With a wave of his hand, Zhong Liang ordered, “Light up an incense stick!”


One of the guards who had been watching the fun hurriedly took out an incense burner from his Small Universe.


Yang Kai glanced at the half-human tall incense and incense burner, and he couldn’t help but snicker, “Army Commander, your methods continue to astound me. This incense is much, much bigger than any I’ve ever seen before.”


No matter how shameless Zhong Liang was, he couldn’t help but blush at this moment. A normal stick of incense was a bit longer than a palm’s length, so the time it took to burn through was naturally not too long. This giant incense stick was several times bigger and would probably burn for at least five times as long.


This was not something Zhong Liang had prepared in advance of course, it was something the guard had done of his own accord.


Although it felt like he was cheating, it was exactly what Zhong Liang had in mind, so he choked down his embarrassment and instead laughed and taunted, “If you think it’s inappropriate, we can stop the bet and you’ll have to obediently stay in the Inner Sanctum; otherwise, you would know the consequences of disobeying my orders.”


Taking a look at the big incense, Yang Kai knew that there was no room for him to retreat at this point, so he clenched his and said, “Let’s begin!”


Zhong Liang smiled even more cunningly than a fox as he raised his hand and shouted, “Light it up!”


The guard got the order and immediately prepared to burn the incense.


Zhong Liang smilingly looked at Yang Kai and said, “Boy, don’t blame me for not reminding you. You can start running now. Once the incense is lit, I’ll be making my move.”


While saying so, he stood in place and began to stretch and loosen his muscles. 


Before he finished his sentence, Yang Kai turned around and ran.


Behind Zhong Liang, the incense was also lit at the same time.


The moment the incense filled the air, Zhong Liang rushed in Yang Kai’s direction like an arrow that had been shot from a bow. He wanted to take this smelly brat down in one fell swoop and cut off anything thought of leaving the Pass so Yang Kai would obediently stay inside the Inner Sanctum from now on.


Suddenly, Zhong Liang felt a sense of crisis, and when he looked up, he saw that Yang Kai, who should have been wildly fleeing, had actually turned around and was looking at him with a fierce grin. Yang Kai raised his hands high into the sky, and above him a Great Sun around with a Golden Crow was cawing rose. Above his other hand a shimmering Full Moon had manifested.


Both the Sun and Moon shone together!


The two celestial bodies began circling one another, radiating rich Time Principles as they orbited faster and faster. Yang Kai surged his Space Principles next and merged the two images together to create a new, mysterious force.


The rapidly rotating Sun and Moon enlarged and soon filled Zhong Liang’s field of vision. Even though he was an Eighth-Order Master, he couldn’t help but feel chills run down his spine at this moment. The power of this Divine Ability was beyond his imagination, and it was definitely not something that a Seventh-Order Master could perform.


With such a Divine Ability, even though he was at the peak of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, he would not escape unscathed if he just stood there and took the hit from Yang Kai.


Zhong Liang never expected Yang Kai to turn around and attack him instead of fleeing, so he was caught completely off guard and didn’t have time to dodge.


In addition, under the influence of this strange Divine Ability, Time and Space around him distorted, and even his thoughts and perception became a little blurred.


This whole situation was too absurd!


Zhong Liang made an immediate decision, and with a loud shout, the power of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master exploded forth. World Force exploded from his body as he threw his fist out at Yang Kai.


A loud bang was heard, and violent energy surged throughout the space. The entire Blue Sky Pass was shaken by the shockwave and all the Humans inside the Inner Sanctum were so shocked that they thought the Black Ink Clan was attacking, so they all came out to investigate.


All of a sudden, the sky above Blue Sky Pass was filled with people.


Meanwhile, inside the Eastern Army’s Headquarters, Ding Yao leapt up into the air after noticing the movement. He looked around and frowned when he saw Zhong Liang suspended in mid-air. However, the current Zhong Liang looked a bit haggard. Although the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel didn’t injure him, it wasn’t easy for him to take the blow. His vitality was churning slightly, making it impossible for him to chase after Yang Kai immediately. Moreover, under the dazzling fallout from the clash, he had lost sight of Yang Kai, and didn’t know where to find him. 


Frowning, Ding Yao flew over and soon arrived in front of the Western Army’s Headquarters.


Together with him were Liang Yu Long and Shen Tu Mo, who were supposed to be ‘outside’ right now.


The three Army Commanders gathered together, and Zhong Liang’s adjutant hurriedly greeted them.


“What’s the meaning of this?” Ding Yao asked with a frown.


As soon as he spoke those words though, he turned his head up towards Zhong Liang. In his vision, Ding Yao clearly saw a ripple in the Void, followed by Yang Kai’s ghostly figure appearing less than 100 metres behind Zhong Liang. Yang Kai was holding his Azure Dragon Spear and fiercely thrust it out at Zhong Liang’s back.


Ding Yao’s eyes widened at Yang Kai’s action, but he also saw that Yang Kai did not have any killing intent. Moreover, Zhong Liang was at the peak of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so although this spear attack was unexpected and powerful, it couldn’t do much to Zhong Liang.


What Ding Yao didn’t know was that Zhong Liang’s senses had been scrambled somewhat after being struck by the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, so when Yang Kai launched this sneak attack, he was not able to detect it until the spear tip was almost touching his body. Only then did Zhong Liang sense danger and turn around to throw out a punch.


Yang Kai’s body flew out like a paper kite before plunging into the Void, disappearing between the ripples as his voice lingered in the air, “As expected of an Army Commander. My greatest respects to your strength….”


Zhong Liang grabbed at him, but missed. His face now as black as the bottom of a pot, he could not help but roar, “You Little Bastard! You better hide well and not let me catch you or I swear your end will be miserable!”


He was the Army Commander of the Western Army, one of the most important figures in all of Blue Sky Pass, only ranking below the Old Ancestor himself; but now, he was being played by Yang Kai, who had just advanced to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, in front of everyone. What’s more, he actually suffered two losses because he was repeatedly caught off guard, furthering his humiliation. 


Zhong Liang was angry, but he was also forced to admit that he admired Yang Kai’s boldness.


He simply did not expect Yang Kai would dare act so recklessly and decisively. If it had been an ordinary Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, that person would have already died twice by now.



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