Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4994, Black Purgatory Eye

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Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Even though this thought might have seemed arrogant, it was the truth.


If any other ordinary Squad were to bump into three Black Ink Clan ships lying in wait to ambush them as they were making their way to the fourth forward base, they truly would not have been their opponents and would have had no choice but to flee.


Unfortunately for the Black Ink Clan, they ran into Dawn, who had 5 Seventh-Order Masters among their ranks.


“Leader…” Feng Ying called out and turned to look at Yang Kai, but she was stunned because he was long gone.


Brow twitching, she hurriedly looked around, and sure enough, she saw that Yang Kai had appeared on the deck like a ghost. Following that, he shot out to meet the Black Ink Clan’s soldiers in battle.


Though he was a lone figure, he seemed invincible and unstoppable.


Having seen the terrifying might of Dawning Light, the Black Ink Clan panicked and struggled to hold their ground while the three Feudal Lords were already in the process of escaping.


They thought that they could pick up a bargain here, but who knew that the Warship they encountered would be so abnormally powerful? The attacks that came from the Warship were truly terrifying, and anyone who was not careful enough and got hit would not meet a good end.


The Warships of the Human Race were all incredibly sturdy to begin with, and none was without at least one Seventh-Order Master. If they could not force a quick end to the battle, then they would have lost their advantage of launching a sneak attack.


It was at that moment that the three Feudal Lords suddenly saw a figure slaughter his way out from the Human Warship, cutting a path through the weaker Black Ink Clansmen in an instant.


The eyes of the tallest Feudal Lord flickered. Truly, there was a path to the Heavens, but the enemy refused to take it, crashing into Hell despite there being no door. From the aura fluctuations he could feel from this opponent, he judged the lone man to be a Seventh-Order Human, which put him on par with a Feudal Lord.


Obviously, he should be the Seventh-Order Master in charge of this Warship.


If this Seventh-Order Human had remained hidden in his Warship, then the Black Ink Clan may not have been able to do anything due to the defensive strength displayed by their vessel. However, for a Seventh-Order Human to rush out at them in such a bold manner was simply courting death!


At that thought, the Black Ink Feudal Lord stopped retreating and instead took a step forward, opening his mouth wide before spitting out a huge, dense cloud of Black Ink Strength that enveloped the surrounding void in an inky fog.


At the same time, a dagger-like weapon appeared in the Feudal Lord’s hand as he dove into the Black Ink Cloud, using it as cover.


Black Ink Strength had always been the Black Ink Clan’s most effective method when it came to dealing with the Humans. Unless they were at their wit’s end, Humans would never allow themselves to be tainted by Black Ink Strength. It had been that way throughout all of history.


This Feudal Lord was clearly very experienced when it came to fighting with the Human Race as the first thing he did was create a massive Black Ink Cloud. Not only did this conceal his actions, it also caused trouble for his opponent.


If his opponent showed the slightest hesitation, then they would have to withstand his violent rain of attacks. With these conditions, even a Seventh-Order Human Master would not be a match for him.


This Feudal Lord had done this before, and it worked wonders every time, so this time should be no different.


However, the unexpected always came unannounced. A figure shot straight through the inky mist without even hesitating and in an instant, he was in front of him.


The Feudal Lord jumped in fright, wondering to himself where this crazy bastard had come from. He never thought that any Human would actually play such a different hand than usual. However, without missing a beat, he lifted his dagger and unleashed a storm of attacks towards the arrogant Human.


Yang Kai stretched out his hand and summoned the Azure Dragon Spear into his grip.


However, he did not thrust his spear out immediately. Instead, he looked over at the Feudal Lord with a cold and icy gaze, his right eye suddenly turning black. Even the whites of his eye could no longer be seen, giving him an extremely strange appearance.


Black Purgatory Eye! One of the two core Eye Secret Techniques of Myriad Demons Heaven.


Before setting off for the Black Ink Battlefield, Myriad Demons Heaven’s Eighth-Order Ancestor, Mo Sha, had personally instructed Yang Kai on the mysteries of this Eye Secret Technique and also passed onto him all his cultivation experiences with it. This allowed Yang Kai to develop this Eye Secret Technique much further than he had before, unlocking some of its hidden potential and power.


However, since then, Yang Kai had yet to use this Eye Secret Technique in battle; after all, there was no chance for him to use it during the large-scale war between the two races.


Now was a good time to test it out.


Recently, Yang Kai had been refining cultivation resources to increase the heritage of his Small Universe while also exploring the mysteries of the two Eye Secret Techniques, Demon Eye of Annihilation and Black Purgatory Eye, at the same time, and he managed to gain quite a lot of insight into their complexities.


Now that the Black Purgatory Eye was released, the stalwart figure of the Feudal Lord was reflected in Yang Kai’s pitch-black right eye.


All of a sudden, the Feudal Lord’s vision went dark, as if boundless darkness had swallowed him. All of his senses instantly became disordered, but that was not all. The reflection of the Feudal Lord in Yang Kai’s eyes distorted slightly. Alongside that barely discernible distortion, the Feudal Lord in front of him grunted as if he had received some sort of attack.


The Feudal Lord had rich combat experience and knew that he had been hit by some kind of Secret Technique by this Human in front of him. Human Secret Techniques came in all sorts of bizarre forms, and the Black Ink Clan knew that fact well. Based on their experience, they were able to classify the Secret Techniques of the Human Race into various grades and ranks.


Of them, several terrifyingly powerful Secret Techniques were well known among the members of the Black Ink Clan.


When he thought about the pitch-black eye, adding on what he was experiencing now, the words ‘Black Purgatory Eye’ immediately came to mind.


The Black Ink Clan knew that Myriad Demons Cave Heaven’s Black Purgatory Eye was definitely one of the most dangerous Secret Techniques in existence. Once, when a Black Ink Clan army stormed Myriad Demons Pass, the Old Ancestor of Myriad Demons Pass came to meet them in battle. With a single look of his eye, hundreds of thousands of the Black Ink Clan’s soldiers were simply erased from existence, including many Feudal Lords.


It was that very battle that made the Black Purgatory Eye of Myriad Demons Heaven so famous among the Black Ink Clan.


However, as far as the Black Ink Clan knew, this Black Purgatory Eye Secret Technique was powerful, but it could not be cultivated by just anyone. Until now, in the entire Black Ink Battlefield, they knew that the only Humans who could use that Secret Technique, other than the Old Ancestor of Myriad Demons Heaven, numbered no more than a few dozen people.


This Feudal Lord never expected that he would come across it here.


This was no trivial matter, so the Feudal Lord swung his dagger faster and faster while drawing back at the same time. Judging from how he felt after his opponent used his Secret Technique, this person must not have cultivated the Black Purgatory Eye for long and was not very skilled at using it, so he was unable to do too much harm to him with it directly.


However, the feeling of being enveloped by darkness still lingered, so he had no choice but to retreat for now before coming up with a new plan.


It had to be said that this was an extremely prudent decision. It would have been unwise to fight in a situation where all of your senses were cut off.


The darkness that enveloped him went as quickly as it came, solidifying the fact that this Human’s cultivation of this Secret Technique was not very profound.


As his vision was restored, the Feudal Lord saw the Human across from him sweep past. In a flash, he had dashed straight into the camp at the rear without even a glance at him.


Such contempt angered the Feudal Lord, yet boundless fear gripped him as the darkness dispersed.


His eyes widened as he felt his strength and vitality rapidly leaving his body. Black Ink blood flowed down from his forehead, blurring his vision.


Following where the blood was coming out of, the Feudal Lord could very clearly feel that a hole had been pierced straight through his head.


[When did…]


Screams erupted from behind him. The Human that dashed over was cutting down the other Black Ink Clansmen like melons and vegetables, taking hardly any time to slaughter them all, with none being able to put up a fight against him.


Then, even those screams subsided. The Feudal Lord’s large body slowly collapsed like a leaf being swept away by a violent wind, floating in the void, not knowing where he was going to end up.


At the same time, Shen Ao, Ning Qi Zhi, and Qi Tai Chu rushed over, each one of them wearing a shocked expression on their face. Their brows were twitching as they passed by the Feudal Lord who had just been killed.


They had all followed Yang Kai and Feng Ying back from the Black Ink Clan’s domain, but even though Yang Kai’s performance on that journey was not bad, he was limited by his cultivation and was hardly as astonishing as he was now.


However, now that Yang Kai had broken through to the Seventh Order, he was able to show astonishing strength.


A Feudal Lord could not even withstand a single move from him and had his head pierced through, instantly killing him.


This was not something that Shen Ao and the others could compare to. Even Feng Ying would not be on par with Yang Kai, who was able to lift such a heavy load as if it was feather-light.


It had to be known that Yang Kai had only reached the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm a few years ago and was already this powerful. If the heritage of his Small Universe were to continue to grow, then how terrifyingly strong would he become?


Stowing away the shock in their hearts, the three of them rushed over to catch up with Yang Kai, slaughtering their way through the scattered Black Ink Clansmen. With each of them unleashing their own Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities, they were able to reduce the Black Ink Clan group to dead and dying within moments.


Feng Ying did not come out during the fight. Despite how powerful Dawning Light was, a Seventh-Order Master had to stay behind just in case something unexpected were to happen.


At this moment, Dawning Light was also following behind Shen Ao and the others. Offensive Arrays fired blasts of energy comparable to the full-powered attacks of Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in all directions.


The Black Ink Clansmen were all dumbfounded.


There were a few hundred Black Ink Clansmen present, along with three Feudal Lords from their three ships. They were a strong force that no Human Squad could compete with, but unfortunately for them, they had bumped into Dawn.


The strongest Feudal Lord, who had tried to take the lead, was killed by a single spear thrust from Yang Kai, who then rushed in alone and threw the enemy into disarray. With the addition of Shen Ao’s group and Dawning Light’s support, the Black Ink Clansmen had completely fallen into despair.


Some tried to escape, but how could they be able to?


Four Seventh-Order Masters spread out from Dawning Light, and in less than an incense stick of time, the Black Ink Clan group was completely wiped out without a single survivor left.


Dawn, on the other hand, had not suffered a single casualty, not even an injury. It was only in the very beginning when Dawning Light had been caught in the enemy ambush that the Warship suffered some damage.


However, the damage was negligible and did not affect the Warship’s performance at all.


There were a few hundred Black Ink Clansmen involved in this ambush, but Yang Kai alone killed more than half of them, including two Feudal Lords. The third one was killed by the joint efforts of Shen Ao and his other two companions.


This left Shen Ao and the others feeling a bit embarrassed. They had only managed to gain this kill because they acted quickly. If they had been just a little bit slower, then they may not have even been given the chance to fight that last Feudal Lord.


After the dust settled, the battlefield was cleaned up and records were kept, all of which had to be reported for Military Merits.



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