Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4997, Render Aid

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As they watched the flickering lights, they were soon obscured by dense darkness that cut off their vision. It was apparent that whoever it was, they were currently engaged in battle with the Black Ink Clan.


After checking the information in the jade slip, Yang Kai knew that those had to be the two Squads who needed their support.


From what he could see, Yang Kai was relieved to learn that Dawn did not arrive too late, so he immediately ordered Dawning Light to accelerate to maximum speed.


In the next moment, Dawning Light’s propulsion array thrummed and the Warship’s speed increased as it shot towards the battlefield.


In the distance, the Black Ink Clan also seemed to have noticed Dawning Light’s arrival and immediately split off a part of their forces to intercept them. The number of Black Ink Clansmen surrounding the two Human Warships was huge. There were hundreds of them, including a number of Feudal Lords, so it was no wonder why they were outmatched. It had to be known that there were at most a dozen members in an ordinary Squad, so it was surprising enough for them to have lasted such a long time against such a large number of Black Ink Clansmen.


Currently, the two Warships were in shambles, their hulls warped and broken in numerous places. Without reinforcements, it would take less than an hour for these two ships to be completely blown apart. If that were to happen, then the members of both Squads would be exposed to the swarm of Black Ink Clansmen and they would lose all hope of surviving.


The Black Ink Clan troops that broke away from the fight numbered almost 100 strong, and their leader was a Feudal Lord who was stalwart in appearance. The imposing figure lifted a huge axe in his hands and swung it down at Dawning Light with great force before they even closed the distance with each other.


A wave of black light tore through space with a violent force towards Dawning Light.


There was a loud bang as Dawning Light shook slightly. Its momentum was even slowed for a moment; however, Dawn had already activated their defensive arrays and a transparent shield enveloped Dawning Light. So, the power of the axe was only able to dent the barrier, doing no damage to the ship itself.


The Black Ink Feudal Lord seemed slightly taken aback by this sight. It was apparent that he did not expect to see such a strong shield on this Human Warship, enough to render his attack completely ineffective. This Warship was clearly different from the Human Warships they had been fighting up until now.


Before he could think through the matter though, a figure had emerged from the Warship with a spear in hand, charging straight at him at a tremendous speed.


The Feudal Lord roared with fury and raised his axe again, leaping out from the Black Ink Army he was leading to meet this Human in battle.


In an instant, two figures, one big and one small, clashed in the void. Yang Kai’s expression remained indifferent as his spear stabbed forward like a dragon.


The stalwart Feudal Lord instantly felt an overwhelming force bearing down on him from the front, and he could not help but reel back in response. Even his hand, which was clutching onto the handle of his axe, was trembling slightly.


This was a huge shock for him as with his large stature, this Black Ink Clansman’s strength was naturally not small. For a Human of the same Order, it was simply impossible to match him in terms of raw physical force.


However, he encountered an exception today.


The Feudal Lord was instantly enraged and, for some inexplicable reason, felt humiliated by what he had just experienced. The axe in his hand turned into a violent gust of wind which he struck down at the tiny Human.


His attack was met with a flurry of spear shadows!


Sparks flew everywhere as it was impossible to count how many times the two weapons clashed in that instant. The rage in the Feudal Lord’s eyes soon cooled and was swiftly replaced with a look of sheer horror.


The Human had already swept past him and did not even look back. Then, what entered his ears were the screams of many Black Ink Clansmen.


The Feudal Lord’s hand trembled hard as he held his axe. This was naturally the result expected when one was no match for one’s opponent, but the consequences were not the source of his horror.


He stood still, his strength stagnant, not daring to move even a muscle.


However, Dawning Light was closing in on him, so it was impossible for him to stay still any longer.


Only then did he move his body, forcefully pushing his strength, only for an eerie tearing sound to emerge from his figure.


In the next instant, black blood exploded from the Feudal Lord’s large body and his aura rapidly deflated.


During that brief clash, his opponent’s spear not only blocked all of his attacks, it even left numerous wounds on his body.


When he focused all his attention on suppressing these wounds, it was possible for him to keep his injuries sealed; however, the moment tried to move, all his injuries burst out at once.


[What kind of monster did I just face?] In all his years of fighting with Humans, he had never once crossed blades with such a terrifying opponent. From the aura his enemy gave off, he was indeed in the Seventh-Order Human Master, which was equivalent to his own cultivation as a Feudal Lord, yet their strengths were simply incomparable!


He would not have believed it if he had not experienced it for himself.


He had no time to think, though, before Dawning Light had drawn close to him. If he was in peak condition, he would naturally have no fear of a Human Warship, but as an arrow at the end of its flight, how would he be able to withstand it? With a roar, he tried to dodge aside.


However, at that moment, there was a loud rumble from Dawning Light, and a spear-like attack was shot out from the bow of the Warship, turning into a stream of light and piercing through the Feudal Lord’s waist, blasting off half of his body.


Still, this Feudal Lord had an innate savagery to him, so despite knowing that he was going to die for sure, he still swung his axe one last time before death took him, smashing it into Dawning Light. Unfortunately for him, the powerful defensive barrier rendered his attack useless.


Dawning Light sailed past the Feudal Lord’s broken body and crashed into the group of Black Ink Clansmen behind him.


The Black Ink Clansmen’s numbers had already been whittled down by Yang Kai’s rampage. He was like the sharp tip of a spear, cutting through the Black Ink Clan ranks while making his way towards the enemies who were besieging the two Human Warships.


Feng Ying and the others had no other choice but to follow close behind him, picking off the enemies Yang Kai missed along the way.


Soon, Dawning Light arrived at the main battlefield. In the distance, two ragged Human Warships were being besieged on all sides. Despite trying to break out to their left and right, they were unable to shake off this danger no matter how they tried. The surrounding Black Ink Clansmen sent attack after attack against those Warships, and the impacts caused the protective shields to grow dimmer, rippling violently as if it were about to collapse.


Thick Black Ink Clouds coated the battlefield!


In the midst of these clouds, a man and his spear passed through with unstoppable momentum, leaving a reign of terror in his wake. The masses of Low and High-Rank Black Ink Clansmen seemed as weak as paper when faced with that spear, left either dead or critically injured with a mere sweep of it.


Shen Ao, Ning Qi Zhi, and Qi Tai Chu rushed out from Dawning Light. Even Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters like them would not dare to act alone on such a battlefield; otherwise, they could fall into danger at any moment. The three of them took up a triangle formation with each one of them in charge of one corner before crashing into the Black Ink Clan’s Army like a rolling stone.


Meanwhile, Dawning Light, which was following closely behind the three of them, released its attacks in full swing. One by one, the lights from the offensive arrays shot ruthlessly towards the places where the Black Ink Clan had converged.


Screams rang out unceasingly as ink-black blood filled the void. Black Ink Strength was also being spread like mad.


Cries burst forth from the two Warships that had been ensnared for so long, “Reinforcements have arrived! Fight!”


The Human cultivators who had been trapped on the two Warships had been holding in their anger all this while. Now that they had seen the reinforcements, their spirits were instantly lifted and they let out what little strength they had left, joining forces with their allies to strike down the enemy forces.


Black Ink Clansmen were slaughtered rapidly in the ensuing frenzy. Though their numbers were many, they only had four Feudal Lords, one of whom had already been all but killed by Yang Kai earlier. The remaining three Feudal Lords were all caught up dealing with Dawning Light as well as Shen Ao and the others, unable to extricate themselves. Meanwhile, Yang Kai dealt with the rest of the Black Ink Clansmen weaker than the Feudal Lords.


After advancing to the Seventh Order, Yang Kai’s strength increased tremendously. These Black Ink Clansmen who were at most on par with Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Humans were no match for him. Everywhere he went, Black Ink Clansmen were cut down like weeds.


In just half an incense stick of time, more than half of the Black Ink Clansmen had been eradicated, and the void was filled with ink-black blood and severed limbs, creating a horrific scene.


As a result, a large gap opened up in the otherwise impenetrable encirclement.


The two Warships that had been trapped for so long saw their opportunity to escape, and with Dawning Light’s coordination, were able to retreat from battle and head back towards the forward base.


Yang Kai’s battle continued. He raced back and forth, killing Black Ink Clansmen, his body soaked in black blood. After witnessing the terror of his might, the surviving Black Ink Clansmen dared not engage him, scattering like birds and beasts before he could even get close.


After a few moments of this slaughter, Yang Kai turned his head and saw that there was no longer anyone else around him.


On the other hand, he saw Shen Ao fighting with a Feudal Lord not far away. Even though it seemed like he had the upper hand, their difference in strength was not great. It would be easy for Shen Ao to defeat this Feudal Lord, but killing him was another story entirely.


In an instant, Yang Kai appeared by Shen Ao’s side and thrust his spear towards the Feudal Lord.


The Feudal Lord had long seen Yang Kai’s terrifying strength and his heart froze when he saw him mysteriously appear. Raising the huge sword in his hand, he tried to parry Yang Kai’s thrust.




The large body of the Feudal Lord trembled as he felt his hand almost being ripped apart. With a great roar, he concentrated all his strength into his weapon, trying to suppress the tiny human opponent in front of him.


Much to the contrary, there was only cold indifference in Yang Kai’s eyes. The spear in his hand remained steady and unmoving, but Space Principles rippled out, freezing the space around him in an instant.


The Feudal Lord’s roar was caught in his throat, while Shen Ao took the opportunity to swing his sword. With a cold flash, the sword cut towards the Feudal Lord’s neck.


The Feudal Lord was thoroughly shocked and he immediately tried to move back to avoid the fatal blow, but he still suffered a long gash that cut halfway through his neck.


Despite the terrible appearance of this wound, it was not a fatal blow. As long as he could safely return to the Black Ink Clan’s territory and enter a Black Ink Nest, he could recover completely given enough time.


But at that moment, his large body suddenly shook and a look of horror and unwillingness appeared in his eyes.


At the same instant, Young Kai’s heart clenched up tight. There seemed to be some sort of danger rapidly approaching him, but before he could react to the situation, he saw a golden light pierce through the Feudal Lord’s chest and fly straight at him.


In this critical life-or-death moment, Yang Kai shifted his body instinctively. Then, he felt a small prick in his chest, like an insect had just bitten him.


However, Yang Kai clearly felt a terrifying force pass through his body, entering from the front and piercing out the back.


His body flew backwards involuntarily, and a violent force shook his five viscera and six organs, causing him to cough up a mouthful of Golden Blood.



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