Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 5002, I’ll Take Your Surname If I Let You Run Again

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Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Under the view of his Demon Eye of Annihilation, the faint traces that remained in the void that were almost imperceptible were revealed.


These traces were clearly left behind when the attacker left.


Yang Kai was about to move to pursue him when an obscure pattern suddenly lit up at his feet, followed by a shattering noise coming in from all directions that instantly enveloped him.


The many attacks were the power erupting from a Killing Array, converging into the shape of wind blades that were cutting towards Yang Kai’s direction as their centre.


It seemed that the attacker had anticipated that Yang Kai would investigate this place and had set up the Spirit Array here in advance.


*Hong hong hong…* 


The attacks erupted with a series of loud noises. Yang Kai was able to escape without much injury, but not without looking like a mess. His face was also livid.


The sneak attacker was an archery master, and although he had some knowledge of the Dao of Spirit Arrays, he was not very proficient, so the Spirit Array that he set up was not very strong. Even if Yang Kai just stood in place, the Killing Arrays would hardly be able to do anything to him.


However, it succeeded in disrupting his pursuit. To be tricked to such an extent by this person also left Yang Kai very annoyed. It felt like his intelligence was being crushed by someone else, and it left him feeling a little defeated.


It could be seen that whether it be in terms of cunning or methods, his attacker was First Class.


But that was not all. After rushing out from the Killing Array, Yang Kai was greeted by three golden lights speeding his way. The golden lights were extremely fast and almost seemed like they could ignore the barrier of space, arriving before his eyes in just an instant.


One aiming for his forehead, one for his chest, and one for his abdomen, the three golden lights came in one straight line. Though it was completely silent, it made Yang Kai’s skin crawl.


At the edge of life or death, Yang Kai brought out his Space Principles to their fullest extent and activated Near Distant Horizon, stretching out the Void in front of him infinitely.


The Void seemed to congeal at that instant, and Yang Kai could clearly see the three golden lights that were shooting his way slowed to a turtle’s crawl under the effects of Near Distant Horizon.


However, the violent power held within the golden light broke through the Secret Technique in the blink of an eye, restoring their mobility and piercing through Yang Kai’s body in unison.


The next moment, Yang Kai’s body disintegrated and disappeared without a trace. It was clearly just an after-image. His true body had already travelled away using Instantaneous Movement.


At that exact moment, on a Universe Fragment 1,000 kilometres away, Yang Kai suddenly appeared and threw a fierce punch.


A violent force erupted, and the fragment no more than several dozen square kilometres in size turned to dust in an instant, revealing a figure behind it.


The figure was wrapped in all black, and even their face was hidden underneath a hood, so it was impossible for Yang Kai to see their true appearance. It was impossible to even tell whether it was a man or a woman. This person did not look very tall, and even the longbow they were holding was longer than their entire body.


When he saw the sudden appearance of the figure, Yang Kai sneered, “Caught you!”


The Black Ink Disciple from Divine Feather Paradise had such terrifyingly powerful archery skills that Yang Kai had already eaten a loss from them twice. Any other Seventh-Order Human would not have been able to withstand such attacks. Perhaps they may not even know who their killer was even after being assassinated by them. If a Master of this calibre was not taken down, they would definitely be a snake in the grass for the Human side.


If this person had immediately fled far away when Yang Kai was pursuing them, then even he may not have been able to find them again after being delayed by the Killing Array.


But this guy truly didn’t fear the Heavens. Leaving the Killing Array behind to trap Yang Kai was not enough for them, they had even hidden themselves and tried to snipe him again, giving Yang Kai the opportunity to pursue them.


The person was clearly surprised at the sudden attack, not expecting Yang Kai to have arrived so quickly.


As soon as the figure was exposed, it used the impact of Yang Kai’s punch to back away. At the same time, it reached out to pull their bowstring, and with a harsh whistle, golden light after golden light rained down on Yang Kai like raindrops.


Yang Kai’s vision was instantly obscured by a field of golden light. After summoning his Azure Dragon Spear and blocking all of the attacks, his attacker was long gone.


Only a golden light remained far off in the void, fading away remarkably quickly.


[So fast!] Yang Kai was secretly speechless, and he was also growing increasingly irritated. Gritting his teeth, he snorted, “I’ll take your surname if I let you run again!”


If Yang Kai, who cultivated the Dao of Space, were to let someone get away from him in such a situation, then he would have cultivated all these years in vain.


In an instant, his figure disappeared.


Yang Kai thought he would be able to catch up to the assailant easily, but even with his Instantaneous Movement, he could not reach them within a short amount of time. He had no idea what sort of movement technique this person was using, but it was so profound it was almost not inferior to his use of Space Principles. Yang Kai kept on chasing after them, but all he could see was a fading golden light in the far distance.


It was unfortunate that he was unable to intercept them using Instantaneous Movement so far away. If he did try, then he could very well lose that person’s tracks.


He had no choice but to follow from behind and wait for his chance.


Their chase ended up going on for a whole day and night, and it was not known how many millions of kilometres they crossed.


Yang Kai was originally worried that his ambusher would escape to the Black Ink Clan’s territory. If that were to happen, then Yang Kai would not dare to follow lest he encounter a Master that he could not beat.


But after a long pursuit, it became apparent that this guy had no intention of escaping at all and was just circling around the wider battlefield with Yang Kai.


Whenever there was the slightest opportunity, that person would sneakily shoot out a thunderous blow at Yang Kai, and their attacks were so powerful that he did not dare to take them lightly. Each counter-attack left him worse for wear.


Yang Kai now had a stomach full of grievances and secretly made up his mind that once he caught this hateful person, he would definitely beat them up to vent his anger.


After a whole day and night passed, Yang Kai had more than a dozen new injuries on his body, all of them from his sneak attacker’s long-range attacks. Even though these injuries were not a threat to his life, any other Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master might not have the strength to keep chasing at this point and would have been forced to find a place to heal.


Yang Kai suddenly understood why this sneak attacker had not escaped to the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland.


This guy obviously had a lot of confidence in their abilities. Yang Kai wanted to take them down, and they wanted to take Yang Kai down as well, and this constant badgering was because they were trying to exhaust Yang Kai before they struck.


[What an arrogant bastard!] Yang Kai judged. A person like this was difficult to deal with. This fact was already proven earlier during the chase, but if he were to take this guy’s personality into account, then they were not that hard to deal with.


With that in mind, an idea sprouted in Yang Kai’s mind.


After another day of chasing, another dozen injuries were added to Yang Kai’s body.


At a certain point, he suddenly stopped and glared resentfully in the direction where his attacker was fleeing before he let out a roar towards the Heavens.


The roar that sounded through the void was mixed with unwillingness and rage.


A short while later, Yang Kai turned around and sped off towards the forward base. When he passed by a certain Universe Fragment though, he dashed straight inside it.


After finding a good spot, Yang Kai set up a barrier and took out some Open Heaven Pills and healing pills before stuffing them into his mouth.


He was in a miserable state right now, covered in dried blood from top to bottom. Even his aura was slightly weak. He was clearly an arrow at the end of its flight.


Even though the chase only went on for two days, Yang Kai had manipulated Space Principles countless times during that period while constantly enduring the sneak attacks of that guy, which had been a tiring experience. The exhaustion that he was showing now was not completely fake. At least half of it was real, and it was indeed time for him to get a good rest to restore his energy.


As time passed, Yang Kai’s aura slowly recovered.


He did not feel any strange sensations, so Yang Kai was wondering whether that person had taken this opportunity to run away. If that were the case, then he would have just wasted a lot of effort for nought.


But on second thought, it should not be the case. That guy was extremely confident in their abilities, something Yang Kai knew well after their silent two-day chase. A person like this would not give up so easily when faced with ‘easy’ prey.


And, Yang Kai himself was currently that prey.


As expected, just as Yang Kai was wondering if that person had truly left, a faint energy wave suddenly appeared, coming from a certain direction.


Yang Kai’s eyes flitted open as he remained seated from cultivating. He forcibly twisted his body in order to avoid getting hit, but in the next instant, he felt a pain in his abdomen. There was no need to look and Yang Kai could tell that his body had been pierced through once again.


Even with his Dragon Vein, he could not resist the force of that attack.


However, as if he did not even feel it, his body suddenly turned into a blur and he disappeared in an instant.


When he reappeared, it was at a Universe Fragment about 1,000 kilometres away.


Summoning his Azure Dragon Spear, Yang Kai displayed his Supreme Limitless Spear Art freely. The area passed through by his spear shadows seemed to be empty, but an object that appeared like a rock suddenly leapt up high and raised its longbow in front of itself to block the attack.


*Hong hong hong…* 


A series of bangs sounded and in an instant, two people were engaged in a heated melee.


Yang Kai was still bleeding from his abdomen, but he completely ignored it and faced his hooded attacker with a fierce smile, “Let’s see you run now!”


The attacker was an archery master and at least somewhat proficient in the Dao of Spirit Arrays. Besides that, this person was first class both in concealing their aura and escaping techniques, but everyone had their strengths and weaknesses. It was impossible for one to achieve perfection in all fields.


Yang Kai thought that close combat must be this guy’s weakness; otherwise, there would have been no need for them to keep on running away.


Unexpectedly, when they finally crossed blades, Yang Kai realized that this guy was also quite amazing when it came to close-quarter combat. They did not have too many flashy Secret Techniques and just fought him instinctively with the longbow in their hand, thus began a back-and-forth tussle.


This longbow that he had never heard about was also quite an amazing item, not showing any weakness even when pitted against the Azure Dragon Spear.


Yang Kai was secretly shocked. This guy really had no weaknesses!


But even so, Yang Kai’s Supreme Limitless Spear Art stood at the pinnacle of all Spear Techniques. In just a dozen breaths of time, the Azure Dragon Spear pierced through his ambusher’s shoulder in a moment of carelessness, and at once, blood was flowing uncontrollably.


The stab was followed by a grunt.


From this brief exchange, it became clear what the difference in strength between Yang Kai and themselves were, so they stopped messing around and, with a feint, sped down towards the Universe Fragment below.


Yang Kai followed closely like a shadow.


As the person passed through the Universe Fragment, they threw out an Array Plate.


Seeing this, Yang Kai knew that it was bad news. Sure enough, as soon as the Array Plate was launched, the entire Universe Fragment burst apart, and a violent power burst out in all directions. Yang Kai staggered as the force hit him and the space around him was also disrupted.



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