Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 5003, Falling Short

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Translator: Silavin & Raikov

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By the time Yang Kai emerged from the chaotic cloud of energy, the attacker had already escaped far away, as he had anticipated. Only, they left behind a clear trail this time that was not as indistinct as before.


Yang Kai coldly snorted. That strike from his Azure Dragon Spear was not easy to take. Even if his spear did not give his attacker a severe injury, it would still dampen their performance.


[One arrow for one spear, that makes it even!]


The biggest difference between them was the strength of their physiques. So, when it came to trading wounds like this, Yang Kai had the advantage no matter how one saw it.


Without dallying in place, Yang Kai pursued his attacker in the direction they left.


The fact that he was unable to catch this guy even after the plot he set up earlier showed just how difficult this ambusher was to manage.


Among Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, Yang Kai had never met one of this calibre before. Even if Feng Ying were to face this person, she would not be their opponent if they were facing off at a distance.


But with this, the boiling anger inside Yang Kai finally eased down. The more difficult his opponent was, the calmer he had to be. This was not an enemy he could take down simply, so he had no choice but to be patient. He believed that if he kept on going, then an opportunity would come to him eventually.


While chasing after that person by constant use of Space Principles, Yang Kai gradually shortened the distance between them.


It seemed that his attacker was now much slower after suffering a hit from his Azure Dragon Spear and also having exhausted their strength during this long chase.


They were both similarly in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, and Yang Kai had not advanced into this realm for long, but he had an abnormally strong heritage. So, despite not having broken through for many years, his Small Universe’s stamina was not something that an ordinary Seventh-Order Master could compare with. What was more, he was raising many living beings inside of his body and time flowed differently in his Small Universe, so even if he did not put effort into restoring his World Force, it would recover on its own at a steady rate.


That gave him the advantage when it came to a drawn-out fight.


On the other hand, even if his opponent was a veteran Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, they would still not be able to withstand such intense consumption for such a long period of time, and that was also the reason why his attacker was slowing down.


Just as Yang Kai saw that he was about to catch up with his opponent, a large ship suddenly appeared in his range of vision.


It was a Black Ink Clan ship, which was easily distinguishable on the battlefield due to its strange shape, its large-bodied crew, and the ship’s own bulky size.


Naturally, Yang Kai would have no fear of facing this kind of large ship from the Black Ink Clan. As long as there was no Territory Lord standing by on the ship, then it was impossible for these scattered Black Ink Clansmen to do anything to him. And, even if he did bump into a Territory Lord, he was currently in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. If he could not fight, then he could just run away.


The sudden appearance of a Black Ink Clan ship was a headache for him.


His fleeing attacker was headed straight for the large ship, and in a few moments, joined up with them, boarding the ship and disappearing.


The large ship was heading straight for Yang Kai, with many large Black Ink Clansmen standing on the deck.


His sneak attacker obviously intended to borrow the strength of these Black Ink Clansmen to disrupt his chase.


Even though Yang Kai understood their intentions, he did not slow down at all and instead rushed straight at the ship.


As the distance between them closed rapidly, a couple dozen Black Ink Clansmen suddenly formed up on the deck. This group was led by two Feudal Lords, while the rest were High-Rank Clansmen.


Faced with a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, the two Feudal Lords’ eyes were shining with greed; after all, Seventh-Order Black Ink Disciples were still considered a rare sight in the Black Ink Clan. Generally, capturing them was possible only by the Territory Lords themselves. They had been leading this team and wandering around this zone for days and fought a few times with the Humans with wins and losses on both sides, but they had never encountered a lone Human before.


Today, they were able to come across one, and it was a Seventh-Order Human at that.


The two Feudal Lords shared the same thought. They decided that they had to capture this Human alive and convert him into a Black Ink Disciple no matter what. As for who this Human would belong to after his capture, that would have to depend on their respective skills.


Alone, they may be no match for a Human in the Seventh Order as Humans in the equivalent Realm were always slightly stronger than them, and they knew that.


But with two against one, and with so many subordinates for them to use at their disposal, adding on to the fact that this Human seemed to be injured, what was there for them to even be afraid of?


As they watched the Seventh-Order Human continue his charge with undiminished vigour, the Feudal Lord on the left waved his hand, and a dozen High-Rank Black Ink Clans charged out, going straight towards the Human.


Yang Kai’s face was indifferent. His spear was as steady as a mountain, but when it crossed paths with these Black Ink Clansmen, his spear turned into a torrent. His seemingly thin figure passed straight through the many High-Rank Black Ink Clansmen in the next instant.


The dozen High-Rank Black Ink Clansmen froze, as if they had been bound in place, their faces filled with horror before they all exploded into a black-blood mist.


The two Feudal Lords at the back were also in a state of shock. Even though they were not weak, they were not strong enough to see what had happened ahead during that instant.


[Is this guy really in the Seventh Order?]


Both the Feudal Lords were taken aback. If the Human Seventh-Order Masters were all so strong, then how were the Black Ink Clan supposed to continue this war?


When they saw the incoming attacker continuing his mad dash, one of the Feudal Lords finally came back to his senses and roared in anger. As he opened his mouth, a Black Ink Cloud was spat out.


“Get out of my way!” Yang Kai shouted, plunging into the Black Ink Cloud without hesitation and stabbing his spear out.


When his spear struck out, space trembled.


The Feudal Lord clearly did not expect Yang Kai to have so little fear of their Black Ink Strength. He thought that this move would definitely force Yang Kai back, but he never anticipated him rushing in head-first with unwavering murderous intent.


This Feudal Lord shrieked and hastily tried to fight back, but with a great splatter of blood, half of his neck had been sliced through.


Even though it was a severe injury, it was not fatal. Writhing in pain, the Feudal Lord backed away while the other took the opportunity to close in for a counter-attack. Yang Kai swept his spear to the side, sending an immense force out. Yang Kai stumbled slightly after blocking this blow, but the second Feudal Lord was sent flying.


Before Yang Kai could stabilize himself, a golden light shot through the void at him from the large ship. Yang Kai had once again been attacked by that sneak attacker he had been chasing.


His attacker’s grasp for an opening was exceptional. Just as Yang Kai had lost his balance and was powerless to resist, the golden light hit his forehead, throwing his head back and sending him tumbling.


The two Feudal Lords were overjoyed at this sight as both of them tried to flank Yang Kai from the left and right.


One Feudal Lord had his head half cut off by Yang Kai, and the other had a huge gash in his waist, both very serious injuries. It had to be known that these were the injuries resulting from just one exchange of moves with Yang Kai, which clearly showed the great disparity in their strengths.


After sustaining such wounds, both of the Feudal Lords had immediately wanted to flee; however, when they saw that Yang Kai was also badly injured, they couldn’t resist trying to take advantage of this situation.


Unfortunately, before they could even get close, the tumbling Yang Kai regained his footing and stood up straight again.


The Dragon Scales on his forehead had shattered, and at the centre of his forehead was a wound so deep that one could see the bone. Clearly, the last attack had almost pierced through his head.


In fact, if Yang Kai had not used his Dragon Scales at the last moment to protect himself, the sneak attacker could have taken his life.


Golden Blood dripped from his forehead, blurring his vision and making Yang Kai look even more miserable than before.


After their long chase, this was the biggest loss he suffered, and it sent him into a complete rage.


Throwing a cold look at the Feudal Lords trying to pincer him from the left and right, Yang Kai inhaled softly, and a chilling aura surrounded his body.


The two Feudal Lords felt as if they had been thrown into an ice cellar. The Feudal Lord who had half of his neck cut through tried to turn around and run when he sensed that things were going to get bad, but as soon as he turned around, a long spear had already pierced through his back and into his heart before emerging out his chest.


He looked down and his eyes were filled with horror.


A violent energy burst through his body, instantly blasting the Feudal Lord into a blood mist.


Yang Kai did not even care about the second Feudal Lord. He wrapped his body in his spear aura and shot directly at the Black Ink Clan ship.




The large ship was blasted apart and many of the High-Rank and Low-Rank Black Ink Clansmen hiding inside were killed, but Yang Kai saw no sign of the accursed Black Ink Disciple he was hunting.


That person had obviously escaped after the attack earlier.


This made Yang Kai so angry that he could only laugh. It was no longer possible for him to catch that person even if he wanted to now. After that chaotic situation earlier, he could no longer grasp that person’s trail, and with their concealment skills, he would not be able to catch them anyway unless they decide to reappear on their own.


It was a lost cause!


If not for the sudden appearance of the Black Ink Clan’s ship here to spoil his good deed, Yang Kai was confident that he could take that person down within half a day.


When he turned around, the second Feudal Lord who was still alive was fleeing far away. Eyes narrowing coldly, Yang Kai’s body rushed out in pursuit.


Since he failed to catch that Black Ink Disciple, then he had no choice but to kill off this Feudal Lord to vent his anger.


Even though the Feudal Lord ran fast, there was no way he could outrun Yang Kai. Within moments, he was caught and could barely resist for more than a dozen breaths before being executed under Yang Kai’s spear.


After the fierce battle, Yang Kai was able to exterminate a large number of Black Ink Clansmen, but he let his true target escape, much to his dismay.


However, with his past experiences as references, Yang Kai was suspicious about whether or not that person had truly left or not, or whether they were just hiding in the shadows, waiting for the right opportunity to launch another sneak attack.


With that in consideration, Yang Kai did not go too far; instead, he stopped at a Universe Fragment nearby and began to recuperate from his injuries.


The wound he sustained this time around was by no means minor. Even though it was blocked by his Dragon Scales, the violent force behind that attack still penetrated his skull, and Yang Kai was somewhat dizzy even now.


A wound of this level was enough to affect his strength adversely.


The healing pills produced by Blue Sky Pass were quite effective though, and Yang Kai had exchanged his Military Merits for some of them at the Inner Sanctum, so he took them now so that he could recover quickly from his injuries.


However, despite keeping a close eye on his surroundings, he could not sense any movements from his attacker.


It seemed from this that the ambusher had well and truly left, unlike last time when they were still lurking around, waiting for an opportunity to make their move.


It was a shame that he failed to catch that guy, but as long as he was still active around this battle zone, then Yang Kai would see that person again sooner or later.


Having made up his mind, Yang Kai relaxed.


There was little for him to worry about in regards to Dawn. Even though he left chasing after an enemy, there were still 4 Seventh-Order Masters there to watch over Dawn, led by a Master like Feng Ying. As long as they did not bump into an enemy that was too strong, then it should be no problem for them to protect themselves.


Forming several hand seals, Yang Kai tried to activate the Universe Transference Law.


There was a Universe Array arranged inside Dawning Light, and all of Dawn’s members had already left their Imprints inside of it. As long as the distance was not too far away, one could use the Universe Transference Law to return instantly.



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