Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 501, Touched Something That Shouldn’t Be Touched

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


After going over it in her mind several times, Shui Ling eventually did not condense her True Qi.


“What is your special constitution?” Yang Kai stared at her closely, immediately realizing after hearing her words that she too possessed a special constitution.


Special constitutions. So far, Yang Kai had only met two: Little Senior Sister and Shan Qing Luo. This was something generally inherited at birth and was a gift from the Heavens, extremely difficult to acquire later in life. Moreover, each special constitution had its own unique characteristics. It was extraordinarily rare for two people with the same special constitutions to meet.


Little Senior Sister’s special constitution was especially suited to Alchemy, and now there was another person with a special constitution in front of him. Yang Kai was naturally interested and wanted to know more details.


Shui Ling looked at Yang Kai with vigilance and was quite unwilling to answer.


Just like how Xia Ning Chang’s Sacred Spirit Medicine Body was a closely guarded secret, Shui Ling’s special constitution was something she wanted to hide, but a person under someone’s rule will have to bow.


After agonizing over it for a long time, Shui Ling finally muttered, “Water Spirit Body.”


Yang Kai nodded slightly, knowing that the other party didn’t lie to him. From the ability she had displayed repeatedly, her special constitution should be related to water. Her own name probably came from this as well.


“What kind of special abilities do you possess?” Yang Kai asked curiously.


“I can transform my body into flowing water.” Shui Ling said, pushing her True Qi to demonstrate. Yang Kai didn’t raise his guard against her as she did. Under the watchful eyes of the other three in the room, the long, light blue haired woman really becomes transparent, leaving behind only a human shaped figure, gradually even transforming into a round sphere of water.


Even the usually calm Ying Jiu couldn’t help his jaw from dropping, clear shock appearing on his face.


“Is this the extent of your abilities?” Yang Kai smiled, reached out and touched the water sphere in front of him gently.


*Peng* The sphere of water suddenly burst and transformed into mist before Shui Ling’s body reappeared beside Yang Kai, her face blushing bright red as she crossed her arms in front of her chest, gritting her teeth, seemingly a bit ashamed and angry.


Yang Kai stared back blankly, gently rubbing his fingers as his eyebrow raised, “Did I touch something that shouldn’t be touched?”


“What do you think?” Shui Ling angrily spat back, gritting her teeth.


“I didn’t mean to, and… I didn’t feel anything.” Yang Kai said calmly. Just now, he only felt like he was touching a stream of water, nothing at all like touching a human body, but for Shui Ling, it was probably not the case, otherwise she wouldn’t be so angry and embarrassed now.


“I’ll remember you!” Shui Ling said, hatred flashing across her eyes.


“There are many people who have said that.” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, obviously not caring, “But none of those people had good ends. Let’s continue, I’m very curious about your Water Spirit Body’s abilities.”


Seeing his indifferent expression, seemingly not embarrassed in the slightest about this indecent assault, Shui Ling couldn’t help feeling a sense of powerlessness.


She had never before met such a shameless man, she really wondered how he cultivated to acquire such thick skin.


“I have nothing more to say.” Shui Ling coldly snorted, “If you’re going to kill me, just get it over with.”


Yang Kai rubbed his forehead, knowing his unintentional act just now had really angered Shui Ling. Forcing her now would obviously yield no further results. The reason he so feared this mysterious woman was simply because he didn’t know her intentions or her origins.


But now that he understood a bit more, he no longer cared much about her. As long as she wasn’t someone recruited by his brothers, Yang Kai felt it was fine to let her go as long as she didn’t try to harm Xia Ning Chang.


“Is there anything else you want to ask? If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave now.”


Yang Kai shook his head.


Shui Ling was honestly surprised, she hadn’t expected him to really just let her go, quickly extending her hand and saying, “Give me back my hair.”


“That’s impossible.” Yang Kai chuckled, “You can go, I won’t stop you, but this thing must remain with me, because I have no way of knowing if what you’ve told me is true or not, nor do I know if you’ll try to act against me or my allies!”


“How can you be like this?” Shui Ling’s mood dropped again. “As long as you have that doll, you can control whether I live or die. Even if you let me leave, where can I go?”


“Anywhere. As long as you don’t try to make trouble in my house, the sky is infinite, just go wherever you please.” After a pause, Yang Kai chuckled, “Of course, if you’re willing to work for me, I’ll happily welcome you.”


“Work for you?” Shui Ling laughed disdainfully, “You think you have the qualifications?”


“If you don’t like the sound of that then call it cooperation. As long as you are willing to stay, anything is open to discussion.” Yang Kai continued to persuade.


“Who would want to stay here!?” Shui Ling all but shouted, turned around and left in a huff, secretly circulating her True Qi to guard against Yang Kai going back on his word and suddenly attacking her.


Walking neither fast nor slow, Shui Ling left Yang Kai’s mansion without encountering any resistance or restriction. The other party obviously didn’t plan to embarrass her.


Looking back, Shui Ling couldn’t help fuming. This time, she had really suffered a big loss. Not only had she failed to escape the control of that man, she even had her pure, innocent body defiled. What’s worse, after committing the act, her assaulter had acted like nothing had happened!


[Such an infuriating man!]


Also, how did he make that doll in the first place? How did he manage to link it to her Spiritual Essence?


[That damn bastard; sooner or later I’ll make him pay for this!] Shui Ling silently swore to herself.


Back in the room, Yang Kai stood up and put down the heavy psychological burden that had plagued him for so long.


“Young Master, why did you just let that girl leave? Her unique talents would be of great use to you.” Old Demon asked bluntly.


“Strongly squeezed melon isn’t sweet,” Yang Kai shook his head and casually lifted the little doll. “With this, I have the ability to force her to stay, but what about after that? If she were to suddenly retaliate and stir up chaos, who could suppress her?”


“If we were to fight, she is definitely not Old Servant’s opponent. Even a few of your Blood Warriors could defeat her, but dealing with her special physique would really be a headache.” Old Demon nodded, Shui Ling’s Water Spirit Body was difficult to handle.


Without relying on the hair Yang Kai obtained at Po Jing Lake that day, Old Demon wasn’t confident he could have captured Shui Ling.


“Not to mention, as long as I have this, she won’t stay too far away from me. When I want to make use of her, do you really think she’ll have any choice?” Yang Kai grinned fiendishly.


“Young Master is wise.” Old Demon suddenly felt a bit cold, almost feeling sorry for Shui Ling. That young girl probably believed Yang Kai’s words and thought she and him would be like well water and river water, not interfering with one another again. Little did she know that Yang Kai already considered her one of his henchmen, able to make use of her any time he wanted.


“A nineteen-year-old Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage…” Yang Kai murmured, letting out a long sigh, unable to stop himself from revealing a look of longing. What kind of force was this Water Spirit Temple that could cultivate such a genius? On top of that, Shui Ling had said that she was only among the top three juniors in the Water Spirit Temple.


That meant that there were at least two other young geniuses in the Water Spirit Temple that were at least as strong as Shui Ling.


[There was such a force in this world!] Yang Kai couldn’t help wanting to rush out and see it for himself.


“Treasurer Meng!” Unable to calm himself for a long time, Yang Kai suddenly called out.


Meng Wu Ya’s voice immediately reached his ear, “Don’t ask anything. When you’re qualified to know, this old master will naturally tell you. For now, just focus on reaching the Immortal Ascension Boundary.”


“Very well.” Yang Kai sighed.


No one else in the house knew about this night’s confrontation with Shui Ling besides Meng Wu Ya, Old Demon and Ying Jiu. Maybe some of the powerful Blood Warriors had sensed something, but without Yang Kai’s orders, none of them dared approach, so they naturally didn’t know any specific details.


The following day, Yang Kai announced he would enter secluded retreat to prepare for his breakthrough to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, leaving Qiu Yi Meng in total control of the mansion’s affairs.


The Inheritance War’s situation had become complicated now that Yang Kai only had two Blood Warriors available. Although he had a great advantage in financial and material resources, Yang Zhao had surpassed him in terms of manpower.


Rash actions now would only give his enemies opportunities to strike back, so for a short time, Yang Kai didn’t intend to seek trouble with Yang Zhao, only permitting Qiu Yi Meng to bring some people to harass him.


As for his Eldest Brother Yang Wei, although the strength he possessed wasn’t weak, comparatively, his position was undoubtedly the worst of the remaining three brothers and had long been excluded from the list of potential victors of the Inheritance War.


All eyes were on Yang Kai and Yang Zhao; the Yang Family’s next Patriarch would definitely be one of them.


But whether it was Yang Kai and Yang Zhao, neither of them wanted to attack Yang Wei, even if they already had sufficient strength to defeat him.


Firstly, attacking Yang Wei would definitely cost them a great price and weaken their forces.


Secondly, even after Yang Wei was eliminated, the two Blood Warriors beside him wouldn’t be able to provide any assistance in the Inheritance War, while any of his remaining allies would definitely choose to support the one who didn’t attack them, thus bolstering the enemy’s forces.


Such developments would definitely change the situation of the Inheritance War.


It was for these very reasons that although Yang Wei was the weakest of the three, he was also the safest.


It was even possible that if Yang Zhao and Yang Kai fought a great battle and were mutually wounded, the one to profit would be Yang Wei. This possibility was not something everyone could see clearly, only some stronger, more strategic masters who examined the big picture recognized it.


Time flew by and soon two months had passed!


War City had been completely silent for two months after the last turbulent shuffle.


Occasionally, the remaining three parties would have some small scale skirmishes, but facing the mutual constraint of each other, there would never be many casualties.


In general, the cultivators from the various forces participating in the Inheritance War were zealously cultivating.


After more than two months of development, although Yang Kai’s forces hadn’t expanded, their overall strength had grown several steps.


After taking Mysterious Grade pills every day and obtaining high grade artifacts from the Treasure Instrument Sect’s Artifact Refiners, it would be strange if all of their strengths didn’t noticeably increase.


Every day, there would be many cultivators breaking through their bottlenecks and promoting to the next stage. During this time, many of the leaders from the younger generation had even broken through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary!


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