Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 5039, The Use of the Clone’s World Fruits


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“Please help me check how many Military Merits I have,” Yang Kai requested.


“Please give me a moment, Senior Brother,” the woman replied.


The information in the War Materials Hall was shared with the Merit Hall. The transactions of the Military Merits of all Human soldiers were recorded in detail in the Merit Hall; after all, it wasn’t easy for Human soldiers to earn Military Merits on the Black Ink Battlefield, so no negligence could be tolerated.


Soon, the woman reported a figure.


Yang Kai was shocked upon hearing it and blurted out, “Why do I have so few?”


The woman was astounded and asked back, “You call that few?”


According to the information she had found, Yang Kai could be considered wealthy when it came to Military Merits. Most people only had a fraction of his savings.


However, Yang Kai was fully aware of how many contributions he had made recently. When he went to forward base 4 previously, he and the members of Dawn had killed a lot of Black Ink Clansmen. He even managed to save Bai Yi and worked with her to kill Zhu Feng. In the last battle, the two of them even assisted Cha Hu to execute a Territory Lord.


After occupying forward base 4, Yang Kai brought out the Void Yin-Yang Mirrors, which allowed those from Blue Sky Pass to move the Universe Worlds back from different resource harvesting areas. Following that, he opened up eleven portals to ancient Sealed Worlds. All those were contributions he had made.


Just the fact that he and Bai Yi had worked together to kill a Territory Lord would have earned him a lot of Military Merits.


According to his own estimation, he should have at least three times more Military Merits than the figure he had just heard.


“Do you want me to help you check the transactions of your Military Merits?” the woman asked.


“Is it alright for you to do so?” Yang Kai gazed at her.


The woman put on a faint smile, “Our information is shared with the Merit Hall. It’s certainly alright for me to do so.” After she finished speaking, she started looking into the matter.


A moment later, she sported a doubtful expression, “Senior Brother, from what I’ve gathered, you had a transaction last month that cost a lot of Military Merits; however, this piece of information is classified, so I’m unable to access it to find out what you traded for. Do you not know what you traded for?”


Yang Kai was stunned upon hearing that. He had just finished refining the World Tree a month ago, so he hadn’t traded his Military Merits for anything.


The next instant, he suddenly realised that his Military Merits must have been exchanged for the World Tree. Cha Hu had said that the World Tree’s clone could be given to him, and those from the Inner Sanctum wouldn’t object to it. However, Yang Kai would have to exchange his Military Merits for it.


No one could judge how valuable a World Tree clone truly was, for it was one of the rarest and most precious treasures in the universe.


The Army Commanders must have told the people in Merit Hall to deduct Yang Kai’s Military Merits. Although it was a large sum, the figure was nothing compared to the real value of the World Tree clone.


Yang Kai relaxed upon that realization.


On the other hand, the woman behind the counter examined Yang Kai with her alluring eyes as she wondered what he had traded for. This piece of information was so important that it was classified to the point even she couldn’t access it. This had never happened before.


“Is there anything else you need, Senior Brother? We’ve received a lot of good things in the War Materials Hall recently,” the woman asked.


Yang Kai initially intended to trade for some Spirit Pills to increase his cultivation speed, so his interest was piqued when he heard that. Recently, those from the Inner Sanctum had been mining many Universe Worlds, so it wasn’t surprising that some interesting stuff had been found.


“I’ll have a look first,” Yang Kai replied. 


“All the tradable resources are here. Please take a look, Senior Brother.” As the woman spoke, she passed him a jade slip.


After taking the jade slip, Yang Kai infused his Divine Sense into it.


Just like what he had seen previously, the jade slip recorded all the purchasable resources. The number one item on the list was still Profound Yin Spirit Fruits, but they were currently out of stock. It was apparent that this item was always hard to come by.


Although they had found a lot of Profound Yin Spirit Fruits in the Sealed World left behind by the Senior Alchemist, the need for such fruits was insatiable in Blue Sky Pass. The moment the Spirit Fruits appeared in the War Materials Hall, they would be snapped up within a few hours.


To the Humans, there could never be enough Profound Yin Spirit Fruits. Only when all of the Open Heaven Realm Masters, who had given up parts of their Small Universes, fully repaired them would such Spirit Fruits lose their value.


As Yang Kai scrolled down, he was shocked by the second item on the list and he couldn’t help but gaze at the woman and ask, “There are World Fruits here?”


The words ‘World Fruit’ were written on the second row of the jade slip. There was a note behind it which said that they were Mid-Rank World Fruits picked from the World Tree’s clone.


World Fruits were also the third item on the list, but these were Low-Rank World Fruits.


Certainly, Yang Kai knew where the World Fruits came from, for he and Cha Hu had personally picked them from the World Tree clone. Nevertheless, he had never expected that they would be listed in the War Materials Hall for others to buy.


The woman nodded, “Yes, but there are only a small number of Mid-Rank World Fruits left. There are still a lot of Low-Rank World Fruits, though.”


Yang Kai was astonished, “There are still some Mid-Rank World Fruits?”


These items should have been snapped up by the soldiers in the Inner Sanctum by now; after all, the effects of World Fruits were simply too amazing. When Yang Kai consumed a World Fruit back then, he directly ascended to the Sixth Order from the Fifth Order. Not only did it help him save lots of cultivation time, but it also extended the limit of his Martial Dao.


It was inconceivable that there were still some of them left. The only reasonable explanation was that these World Fruits were different from the ones he had consumed in the past, so they were less valuable.


As expected, the woman explained, “En. You might not be aware of it yet, Senior Brother, but it is said that these World Fruits were picked from a World Tree’s clone, so they’re not as amazing as the ones in the legends. Even if a person consumes a Mid-Rank World Fruit, it will only help them increase the heritage of their Small Universe a little. It can’t help them directly ascend to the next Order. It also requires a lot of Military Merits to trade for these World Fruits, so most people would rather get more resources and just cultivate slowly.”


Upon hearing her explanation, Yang Kai finally realised the reason behind the current situation. It was expected that the World Fruits produced from the World Tree’s clone were not as incredible as the ones from the Mother tree.


The weakest soldiers in the Inner Sanctum were in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so Mid-Rank World Fruits should supposedly be quite attractive to them. However, Military Merits were not easy to come by, so no one was willing to squander them.


“What about the Low-Rank World Fruits? What are their uses?”


Even the Low-Rank World Fruits grown on the Mother tree were not very valuable, let alone the ones from a mere clone. In the War Materials Hall, there was a stark difference between the Military Merits needed to trade for these two kinds of World Fruits.


The woman replied, “A Low-Rank World Fruit is able to help rapidly restore one’s World Force. It’s equivalent to a potent Spirit Pill.”


It was not different from what Yang Kai was aware of.


“Senior Brother, you’re in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, so these two kinds of World Fruits are useless to you. You’ll only restore your strength by consuming them. Do you still want to purchase them?”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “No. I was just curious.”


These Mid-Rank and Low-Rank World Fruits were useless to him since their effects were not so incredible. It wasn’t necessary to waste his Military Merits to purchase them.


As Yang Kai continued to scroll down, he realised that there were really a lot of wonderful things that he had never seen before. They must have been extracted from those Universe Worlds.


With that said, Yang Kai didn’t lack cultivation resources. Before he left the 3,000 Worlds to head to the Black Ink Battlefield, he had prepared enough resources to help him ascend to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


In the end, he simply purchased some Spirit Pills that were used for cultivation and left the War Materials Hall.


To this day, Yang Kai had never had his own residence in Blue Sky Pass, so he just lived with Feng Ying. Fortunately, Feng Ying was a Battalion Commander in the past, so she was important enough to have her own courtyard with a lot of rooms.


He soon returned to his residence, and the moment he stepped into the courtyard, Feng Ying came over as she had heard some noises. Upon seeing that Yang Kai had returned, she was surprised and asked, “Are you done with everything?”


Yang Kai let out a sigh, “It’s not so easy. I’ve passed everything to the Pill Hall, so I no longer have to worry about it.”


Feng Ying nodded, “That’s good. You should focus on fortifying your cultivation instead of getting distracted.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I’m going to cultivate in seclusion now, so you have to pay attention to the affairs in the Inner Sanctum. Inform me if there’s any emergency.”


“Good.” Feng Ying nodded, then fished out a square wooden box, “This is for you.”


“What is it?” Yang Kai took it and asked in puzzlement.


Feng Ying shook her head, “Army Commander Zhong Liang told someone to send it here a few days ago. Supposedly it’s a reward for you. I don’t know what it is.”


Yang Kai measured the wooden box’s weight with his hand and realised that it wasn’t heavy. After he opened it, a red Spirit Fruit the size of a baby fist came into his sight. At the same time, he caught a whiff of a pleasant fragrance.


“A World Fruit?” Feng Ying arched her brow.


“A High-Rank World Fruit!” Yang Kai exclaimed.


He and Cha Hu had worked together to pick the World Fruits from the World Tree clone. Even though there were a lot of World Fruits, most of them were Low-Rank while some of them were Mid-Rank. As for High-Rank World Fruits, there had only been six of them.


Even if Cha Hu had also acquired some High-Rank World Fruits, there shouldn’t have been more than a dozen or so.


Mid-rank and Low-Rank World Fruits were placed in the War Materials Hall for the soldiers to get. Yang Kai initially wondered where the High-Rank World Fruits were. It never crossed his mind that he would see one here.


He was now a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so Mid-Rank and Low-Rank World Fruits were useless to him. Only the High-Rank ones were useful to him.


“So, it’s a World Fruit.” Feng Ying wasn’t aware of what was inside the box before opening it. It wasn’t until this moment that she realised it was a World Fruit. Worried that Yang Kai might have some unrealistic expectations, she said, “The Army Commanders have told some people to study these World Fruits. They’ve found that the World Fruits grown on the clone are not as amazing as the ones in the legend. With that said, you can indeed increase the heritage of your Small Universe by consuming this thing, which saves you some cultivation time. It’s best for your current condition. However, it can’t help you directly ascend to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm.”


“The Army Commanders are indeed thoughtful.” Yang Kai nodded and stored the wooden box, “I’ll start cultivating now, then. Please keep an eye on the affairs around here, Senior Sister. Call out to me in case of an emergency.”


“Alright.” Feng Ying waved her hand.


Yang Kai bowed his head and returned to his own room. Following that, he activated the restriction around the room and sat down with his legs crossed.




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