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Martial Peak – Chapter 52, A Worthwhile Investment

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To this bitter-faced Disciple, Yang Kai laughed. “Now, now don’t be nervous, I am only intending to earn a few contribution points. Rest assured, I will be very light with my hits and promise that you will feel no lasting pain.”

Ten breaths later, this Disciple fell onto the ground and Yang Kai turned around to leave.

Xia Ning Chang stood in the top of a tree watching everything that had just happened. Her eyes narrowed into crescents, a faint, faint smile on her lips as she watched this Disciple who once lost one hundred and forty-seven times, slowly rise in power. This caused her to give birth to a sense of accomplishment. Although Yang Kai’s improvement had nothing to do with her, she had watched for over two years and long gotten used to watching this Disciple. This could also be called being a silent guardian, with Yang Kai becoming stronger, Xia Ning Chang also felt joyous.

Next, to Coiling Dragon Stream, Yang Kai was once again training. It had been five days since the Three Sun’s Fruit seed had been planted and it had already grown to ten feet; practically showing an obvious change each day. At this very moment, the Three Suns’ Fruit Tree was swaying with the wind, while three bright red flowers were in full bloom. It shouldn’t take more than a few more days for these to bear fruit.

At that time, Yang Kai would be able to heartily indulge himself.

And in these past couple days, Yang Kai’s training had been quite fruitful. Within his Dantian, another drop of Yang Liquid had been condensed and the True Yang Secret Arts had once again advanced.

With his daily sweeping completed by others, Yang Kai had a lot more time to train.

Also during this time, Yang Kai had been making various discreet inquiries for news regarding Storm House, for he had killed both Cheng Shao Feng and Niu Tao. There was no guarantee that trouble wouldn’t arise, but what relieved Yang Kai was that Storm House didn’t take any action. It looked like Hu Mei Er didn’t betray him.

[To think that woman, was this trust worthy…]

The eighth day of the month soon came and he could finally get a total sum of his accumulated contribution points.

The eighth day of the previous month, he had just gotten the Golden Skeleton and back then, he was only at the Tempered Body Third Stage. In one measly month, he had actually reached the Tempered Body Eighth Stage! This type of training speed, in this world no one could match it, even those so called earth shaking geniuses with their high-class elixirs aiding them couldn’t train with such speed.

Walking into the Contribution Hall, Treasurer Meng who was slouching behind the counter suddenly narrowed his eyes. He looked at Yang Kai surprised, he hadn’t seen him recently and Yang Kai’s strength had increased by a lot!

His surprise lasted only a moment before Treasurer Meng regained his composure. It wasn’t something he had never seen before, for he was also to see everyone in High Heaven Pavilion in his Contribution Hall. Thus, Yang Kai’s increase in strength wouldn’t make him too astonished. A youngster’s growth period was dazzling and bright, so in the end, he had seen scenes like this one too many times.

“Treasurer Meng.” Yang Kai called out in greeting.

“Come to exchange some things?” Old man Meng looked up and down.

“*En.* This month, I should have fifty-nine contribution points right?”

Sweeping the grounds would give him ten points, while each duel would give two points. There were three days that he wasn’t in the school, so he had battled a total of twenty-seven times, but last time when he was drinking with Su Mu and got caught by that Dark Hall Disciple he had been fined five points. Taking all of this into account, it should come to a total of fifty-nine contribution points.

“That’s right. What do you want to exchange them for?”

“Twenty-nine Dead Jedi Tree Grasses and thirty Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flowers.” It had been quite some time since he had used the incense burner, mainly because he lacked the required herbs to do so. This provided no assistance to training his Yuan Qi, but training his body in the Tempered Body Stage was a wondrous opportunity.

Old Man Meng looked at Yang Kai with a gaze full of puzzlement, before walking to the back hall. Wrapping up Yang Kai’s desired items, he came back out.

Just as Yang Kai reached out his hands to accept the package, Treasurer Meng took back the package and asked, “Little Yang Kai, can you tell me, what thing did you eat when you went into Black Wind Mountains?”

He was still interested in Yang Kai’s good fortune.

Yang Kai spoke with a mouthful of nonsense. “I don’t really know. It was a beautiful red coloured fruit. Since I was hungry, I ate it.”

“Red coloured fruit… red coloured fruit…” Old Man Meng sank deep into his thoughts, but he couldn’t think of the corresponding spirit fruit.

After a good while, Treasurer Meng shook his head. “Never mind. Aren’t you going to save up your contribution points so you can exchange them for Essence Developer Pills?”

The old Yang Kai, he would carefully calculate and ponder each usage of his contribution points, he was always stingy with them. But now, he was quite generous when it came to spending them. As soon as they entered his account he used them. This was very unlike him.

Yang Kai smiled. “I won’t exchange for Essence Developer Pills anymore, for only one’s hard work will make one strong. To put all my hopes on a Divine Pill, my outlook was far too narrow.”

Hearing this, Treasurer Meng looked at him deeply. Smiling, he nodded his head. “Not bad, not bad at all. The fact that you are able to understand this point has surpassed this old man’s expectations. Little Yang Kai, let this old man give you a word of advice.”

“Please say it, Treasurer Meng!”

“Work hard, do not waste your stroke of good fortune!”

“This Disciple has received your word of advice!”

Leaving the Contribution Hall, Yang Kai sprinted back to Coiling Dragon Stream.

Calling out the incense burner, putting the herbs inside, Yang Kai started to practice his punches and kicks. A familiar pressure descended, this pressure was definitely something Yang Kai, with his current strength, could take. In a short while, Yang Kai was gasping for breath, his body weary, but he did not give up and continued to slowly throw out punches and kicks. Each motion was incomparably hard, his strength quickly leaked away, his mental energy depleted; he had exhausted himself by pushing to the limit.

A while later, Yang Kai could no longer endure, he fell head first to the ground.

Forcing himself into a sitting position, he activated the True Yang Secret Arts, restoring his strength and mind.

Originally he thought that the incense burner would have no effect on the development of Yuan Qi, but now he knew he was wrong. Under the effects of that perfume, there was like a seal on the Qi within his meridians, causing it to circulate one centimeter at a time forcing him to feel a sense of helplessness.

The perfume obstructed the movement of his Yang Yuan Qi, causing his cultivation speed to greatly slow down.

Yang Kai was in no hurry to recall the burner and instead decided to analyze it. He felt that this incense burner didn’t just assist the development of one’s body at the Tempered Body Stage, it was a marvelous object, it wouldn’t be a waste of time to examine it for a bit.

With the assistance of the incense burner, Yang Kai’s body grew stronger day by day, but the efficiency of the True Yang Secret Arts had been greatly reduced. The absorption speed of Yang Qi had been reduced by a large amount. After two-three days of training, he had hardly absorbed any.

[Could this incense burner really hinder the development of Yuan Qi?] Experimenting for two-three days, Yang Kai felt a bit hungry for Yuan Qi.

If this really was the case, then the incense burner’s worth would be greatly diminished.

Helplessly, Yang Kai could only choose to recall the incense burner as he recovered to avoid further impacting his Yuan Qi. This sadly increased his recovery time.

Once again exhausted, Yang Kai recalled the incense burner into the black book.

Starting to cultivate the True Yang Secret Arts, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed, carefully he felt his body.

At that moment, the corners of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched upwards into a smile. The speed of his Yuan Qi in his meridians was a level faster.

The faster the Yuan Qi revolved, the quicker he absorbed Yang Qi. If it was during a battle, the killing potential of his attacks would be stronger.

[So that was it!] The incense burner’s impact with regard to his Yuan Qi was not one of obstruction, but one of benefit.

The Yuan Qi within him had adapted to the pressure from the perfume, so without the perfume’s pressure, it would naturally revolve faster than before. This like how if a person got used to carrying a 1500 kilogram stone and it was suddenly exchanged for a 150 kilogram stone, then their steps would much faster.

(Erza: yea no. no one could just carry around a 1500kg stone like that YK. We’re not monsters like you.)

This was the same concept.

(Erza: yeah, no Yang Kai. It’s not.)

Understanding this point, Yang Kai started to laugh.

In the short term, the incense would only hinder Yang Kai’s True Yang Secret Arts, but in the long term, this obstruction would result in great benefits and rewards. All in all, this was a worthwhile investment!


Erza: Well then, that was a very eventful chapter. Not really, but let’s hope the next chapter will be more eventful. But Xia Ning Chang being happy for Yang Kai was sweet. ~


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