Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 5228, Please Stop Making Trouble, Old Ancestor

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In the end, Doctor Cai left behind a prescription slip. Faced with the threat, he didn’t think he could reason with the stout woman, who was holding a rolling pin.


With that said, he wouldn’t dare to prescribe any strong medicine. The herbs on the slip could be easily found on the mountain and were simply meant to nurture one’s Blood Essence. There wouldn’t be a problem even if the young girl really consumed them.


The hunter personally sent Doctor Cai back to the village, then returned to his home in a hurry.


It was the middle of the night, but the stout woman was still seated by the bed as she looked lovingly at the little girl. The hunter felt moved at the sight.


It had been over 20 years since they got married, so he was fully aware of his Wife’s temperament. He had never seen her behaving so gently before.


He hadn’t had any food for the entire day, and he was exhausted from all the travelling; hence, he was both knackered and starving, so he said to his Wife, “Let’s have dinner. I’ll get some rest after the meal, and look for those herbs in the morning.”


The stout woman grunted in agreement and picked up the rolling pin before shuffling towards the kitchen.


At the break of dawn, the hunter left the house to do some hunting and looked for the herbs on the prescription.


He made a living by hunting on the mountain, so he was also familiar with the herbs in this area; as such, it wasn’t hard for him to carry out both tasks, though it did require some experience and luck.


The hunter returned before dusk. He was lucky this time as he had captured a roe deer and found some herbs. He passed everything to his Wife so that she could prepare dinner and feed the little girl.


It was a small village with only more than a dozen families living here; hence, everyone soon found out that the hunter had picked up a little girl from the mountain and would come over and take a look at her from time to time. Although the villagers had never received any formal education, they were all kind-hearted people; hence, no one would gossip about this child who came out of nowhere. They just felt sorry that she had to go through so much pain at such a young age.


The neighbours were kind enough to lend them a hand. Whenever the other hunters went up the mountain, they would always bring back some herbs and pass them to the stout woman.


The hunter also returned to the log house several times in an attempt to search for her family members, but his efforts were in vain.


Three months passed just like that. Although they fed her with herbal soup and broth every day, the child that the hunter had brought back remained unconscious.


With that said, the couple was relieved that the little girl now looked healthier than before. Her face was no longer horrifyingly pale as some colour had been restored to it.


That made them feel increasingly hopeful.


Four months had passed since the hunter picked up the girl, and one morning, the stout woman was preparing some broth as usual. She then brought it into the room to feed the little girl with it.


Meanwhile, the hunter was sharpening his arrowheads in the yard.


All of a sudden, the stout woman was heard exclaiming from the room, “Darling!”


Shocked, the hunter promptly put down the arrow and dashed into the room before asking anxiously, “What’s wrong?”


In a dazed state, the stout woman pointed at the bed.


The hunter looked in that direction and became astonished as well.


That was because the little girl, who had been lying on the bed for four months, had sat up at this moment. She stared at them with a pair of eyes that were filled with puzzlement.


“She’s regained consciousness!” The stout woman spoke in a shaking voice. With the bowl of broth in one hand, she grabbed her Husband’s arm with her other hand using all her strength as she was worried that she was dreaming.


The hunter felt dizzy as he was swayed by his Wife and called out, “Calm down, you’re frightening her!”


The stout woman came to her senses and put on a harmless-looking smile. With the bowl of broth in her hand, she took a seat by the bed and said gently, “You’re finally awake. When did you wake up? How are you feeling?”


The little girl seated on the bed didn’t seem to hear her, nor did she respond to her. She just stared fixedly at the bowl of broth in her hand.


Even after asking a few more questions, the stout woman still didn’t get any responses.


As she darted her gaze between the kid and the bowl of broth in her hand, she asked, “Are you hungry?”


Saying so, she leaned close to her as she wrapped one arm around the little girl’s neck and held out the bowl for her with the other hand.


In just 10 breaths of time, the little girl chugged down the entire bowl of broth.


The hunter was elated on the side, “Since she can eat, it means that she’s alright. Go get her another bowl of broth.”


When the little girl was done having the second bowl of broth, she licked her lips as though she was craving more. She looked pitifully at the stout woman.


Despite feeling sorry for her, the stout woman still shook her head, “You can’t drink so much broth since you just woke up. I’ll let you eat anything you want when you recover.”


She then put down the bowl and asked gently, “What’s your name? Where’s your home?”


The little girl appeared perplexed.


After asking several questions, the stout woman still didn’t get any replies.


She turned to look at her Husband and asked worriedly, “Darling, do you think she might be a mute?”


The hunter replied, “Perhaps she’s just too young to understand what you’re saying. Regardless, she’s awake now. It seems that Doctor Cai’s prescription is useful.”


“We’ll have to thank him, then.”


The hunter nodded, “That’s for sure. Since the herbs are useful, I’ll get more from the mountain now.”


He then went up the mountain while the stout woman told the little girl to stay in the house while she put together a gift. Although the gift wasn’t valuable, it could show her sincerity. She then headed to Doctor Cai’s house, which was 20 kilometres away.


After the couple was gone, the little girl remained seated on the bed in silence. She looked up at the ceiling with her eyes, but no one knew what was on her mind.


Yang Kai abruptly appeared beside the bed and looked down at her.


A moment later, the little girl on the bed realised that something was off and she turned her head and met Yang Kai’s eyes.


Instead of being shocked though, she was just curious about why there was a stranger standing beside her bed.


“What are you doing, Old Ancestor?” Yang Kai asked curiously.


He had been secretly observing the Old Ancestor for the past four months, and during this period, he found something that he couldn’t understand.


After the great battle with the Royal Lord, the Old Ancestor became severely wounded and fell into a coma for four months; however, as Yang Kai observed the Old Ancestor, he realised that there was something amiss with her condition.


Nevertheless, he couldn’t spell out what was wrong.


Faced with his question, the Old Ancestor remained silent. She grew increasingly curious about this stranger as she gazed at him with a pair of clear-looking eyes.


After staring at each other for a moment, Yang Kai sighed, “Please stop making trouble, Old Ancestor.”


The Old Ancestor remained silent. She didn’t even seem to have the intention of parting her lips.


This prompted Yang Kai to frown.


The Old Ancestor didn’t seem to be messing with him; instead, she looked both curious and puzzled, as though she really couldn’t recognise him.


Yang Kai felt his heart clench up tight. Could the Old Ancestor be more severely wounded than he thought and had lost her memory?


However, he soon dismissed the speculation. As a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she was one of the most powerful cultivators alive. Regardless of how badly injured she was, she couldn’t possibly lose her memory over some simply physical trauma.


Therefore, he reckoned that the Old Ancestor was either pulling his leg or had used some kind of special technique to seal her memory.


Usually, regardless of how horribly injured the Old Ancestor was, her memory wouldn’t be affected after she turned into a kid; only her temperament would change as she would become somewhat childish.


Nevertheless, if she had sealed off her memory, it was only natural that she couldn’t recognise him.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai reckoned that he couldn’t make a judgement now. Since it would still take the Old Ancestor a long time to recuperate, he could just keep observing her.


Faced with such an Old Ancestor, Yang Kai wasn’t even sure how to communicate with her and could only briefly examine her injuries.


Even with his Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation, Yang Kai was unable to detect any injuries on the Old Ancestor’s figure. Upon examination, he realised that the Old Ancestor was completely fine; it was just that she was weaker than the other kids of the same age.


As the stout woman was about to return, Yang Kai could only bid her farewell for now, “I’ll have a talk with you again sometime in the future. Get some rest for now.”


Upon finishing his words, Yang Kai disappeared from the spot.


When the stout woman returned from Doctor Cai’s house and stepped into her home, she saw the little girl wandering around, as though the latter was looking for something. Flabbergasted, she hurriedly picked up the little girl and put her down on the bed before telling her again that she shouldn’t move around as she pleased when no one else was at home.




When Yang Kai retracted his gaze from the Old Ancestor, what was happening in the outside world caught his attention.


Seated on the rooftop of the hunter’s house, he looked up into the void, past the World Barrier of his Small Universe.


Some rays of light seemed to be rapidly approaching from the depths of the void.


There were only three rays of light, but they were travelling in a straight line as they moved forward at great speed.


The sight made Yang Kai feel doubtful, as these rays of light didn’t seem like they belonged to the Open Heaven Realm Masters. Instead, they looked like lights that radiated from Spirit Arrays.


But what kind of Spirit Arrays could move so quickly?


Curious, he activated the Demon Eye of Annihilation and observed more closely.


What came into his sight astounded Yang Kai.


The three dots of light that rushed forward in a line were indeed lights that radiated from Spirit Arrays; Spirit Arrays that had been set up on three round Universe Worlds.


These Universe Worlds must have been carefully selected as they were neither small nor big. They were respectively one-tenth of the size of the Universe World used as a forward base by the East-West Army.


Various arrays had been arranged on these Universe Worlds, and with those arrays in operation, these Universe Worlds flew over rapidly from the depths of the Void and were still accelerating.


Yang Kai had no idea where they were coming from, but it was apparent that they had crossed a long distance.


They were already moving at the speed of lightning when they came into Yang Kai’s sight. Moreover, each Universe World exuded a dangerous aura. It was obvious that the arrays on the Universe Worlds did not just propel them forward, but they also served other important purposes.


After examining the Universe Worlds for a time, Yang Kai figured out what those arrays were for.


His face twitched upon that realisation. Needless to say, it was another plan that Xiang Shan had come up with to deal with the Black Ink Clan; however, this plan was rather devious and he wondered if the Black Ink Clansmen could bear it.


Additionally, Yang Kai also discovered something that piqued his interest, which was the differences between the sizes of these Universe Worlds.


The Royal City was located on a Universe World, and the forward base set up by the Humans was also built on a Universe World. However, the latter was moved to this place by the Humans using a special technique.


Comparing the two, the Universe World the forward base sat on was much larger than the one the Royal City was located at, about three times larger in fact.


Initially, Yang Kai didn’t understand why the Army Commanders had selected such an enormous Universe World when it was only meant to be a temporary forward base. It seemed like a huge waste of resources at the time.



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