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Martial Peak – Chapter 5461, Tens of Thousands of Years of Accumulation

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Chen Tian Fei was very satisfied with his current situation.


When he was the Second Manager of Scarlet Star, he had been nothing more than an Elder of a small great force. No matter how hard he worked, he would never have obtained a substantial amount of cultivation resources.


In contrast, the supply of cultivation resources had been continuous and inexhaustible ever since he started serving under Yang Kai. That was how he managed to break through two Orders and advanced from the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm in the short span of around 1,000 years.


If he had remained as the Second Manager of Scarlet Star, then he would never have had the achievements he enjoyed today.


Whenever he recalled the decision he made on that fateful day, he praised his past self for being bold and wise. If he had not been bright enough to bring out the Loyalty List before Yang Kai killed him that day and voluntarily offered to be Yang Kai’s slave, he would be rotting in a grave by now.


Besides, Yang Kai had been very fair to him over the years, never mistreating him. More importantly, he was not ordered around at will like a slave despite him actually being one. In fact, it was quite the opposite; the treatment he received was more like a trusted subordinate instead.


To have such a master could also be considered an opportunity of a lifetime; therefore, Chen Tian Fei smiled graciously in the face of Yang Kai’s teasing and bowed repeatedly, “It’s all thanks to your care that this subordinate has attained such achievements, Sect Master. This subordinate will repay your kindness no matter what it may cost.”


Yang Kai chuckled and did not take those words seriously.


Chen Tian Fei was extremely scared of death, so there was no saying whether he could actually be relied upon in times of danger. It was enough to listen to those words without taking them seriously.


Yang Kai did not continue the idle chatter though and taking a step forward, he descended to the ground. Chen Tian Fei followed behind Yang Kai respectfully, acting like the perfect subordinate.


Two streams of light rushed over from below. One was red, and the other was black. When the lights came closer, they dispersed and revealed two children dressed in red and black.


“Master!” The little girl shouted with a lively expression.


The boy also wanted to call out to Yang Kai, but a stream of saliva flowed out as soon as he opened his mouth.


Yang Kai looked troubled, “It’s been so many years. Why haven’t you fixed this bad habit of yours?”


The children in front of him were the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon he had brought out from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary back then. Both of them carried a Dragon Bloodline in them. When he first brought them out of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, they had the appearance of beasts and their bodies were truly enormous. It was not until they arrived at Void Land and received the teachings of Old Man Bi Xi that they finally acquired Human Forms. Be that as it may, the Earth Dragon Xiao Hei still had some bad habits. 


Xiao Hei simply smiled and giggled. It was obvious that he was very happy to see Yang Kai.


“You’ve both gotten stronger,” Yang Kai swept them with his senses and commented. From his perception, it was clear that both Xiao Hong and Xiao Hei were much more powerful than before, basically equivalent to Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Therefore, he couldn’t help feeling a little emotional. 


How time flies!


He reached out and stroked their little heads. Only then did he lead them down the mountain peak and came to a stop in front of the old man. He bowed in greeting, “Old Man!”


“Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm!” Old Man Bi Xi narrowed his eyes slightly, “Sect Master, your cultivation speed is fast indeed!”


Chen Tian Fei’s strength was insufficient, so he couldn’t sense Yang Kai’s strength while he was not actively using it. However, Old Man Bi Xi was a Mature Divine Spirit whose strength could rival any Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so he could see through Yang Kai’s true state at a glance and was secretly shocked as a result.


Yang Kai had only been in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm when he departed from the 3,000 Worlds, yet just 1,000 years later he was already in the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Old Man Bi Xi had lived for many years, and although he had seen many young and talented people in that time, none of them could compare to Yang Kai in terms of cultivation speed.


“I encountered some opportunities,” Yang Kai nonchalantly explained without saying too much.


Behind Yang Kai, Chen Tian Fei was so excited that the fat on his body literally would not stop jiggling. He was amazed that Yang Kai was in the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm. It should be said that an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was considered a Supreme Elder or Ancestor in the Cave Heavens or Paradises. 


Fatty Chen couldn’t help suddenly feeling a sense of pride and honour.


During the brief conversation, two other streams of light came speeding over from opposite directions and landed nearby. They turned out to be Lu Xue and Mo Mei.


Lu Xue came to serve under Yang Kai when they were in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, joining him even earlier than Chen Tian Fei. Back in those days she was bestowed with a Mid-Rank World Fruit by Yang Kai in a time of crisis to improve her Order.


On the other hand, Mo Mei was the former City Lord of Ding Feng City in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. The cultivators from Ding Feng City had been under the effects of the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture’s Bloodline Restriction, so they could not leave the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. It was Yang Kai who used the Grand Evolution Immoral Blood Light Scripture to remove that seal from them and brought them out of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. They had since become part of Void Land.


When Yang Kai departed, Lu Xue had been in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm while Mo Mei had been in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Today, Lu Xue was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and Mo Mei had advanced to the Seventh-Order!


The reason for their arrival was that they had detected the disturbance caused when the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array was opened. Although they were shocked to see Yang Kai, they quickly bowed in greeting.


Yang Kai nodded, “Are you the only ones who remained behind to oversee the Sect?”


He had actually expected this situation.


The Cave Heavens and Paradises were currently recruiting Fifth and Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Second Class great forces as reinforcements for the Barren Territory battlefield. Under these circumstances, Void Land couldn’t be an exception.


When he swept his Divine Sense over Void Land earlier, he had not perceived the auras of many Masters in Void Land, with the ones in front of him being the strongest people present who had remained behind to guard the Sect.


As the strongest Human Master present, Mo Mei had command of Void Land now, so she replied, “We received orders from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven, so for the past 100 years, all Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and above in Void Land have gradually been deployed to the front lines. Only a few of us remained behind to manage the Sect.”


Yang Kai nodded. Having sensed Su Yan’s aura back on the Barren Territory battlefield, he had already guessed that this was the case. Even Su Yan had gone to the front, so Void Land couldn’t have had many people remain behind.


“Sect Master, did you return from ‘that place’?” Mo Mei inquired.


“Yes, and no,” he replied without explaining in detail. The explanation would take too long after all, “I was simply passing by. There are some things I need to deal with, and then I need to rush back to the battlefield.”


While saying so, he gave a wave of his hand and the portal to his Small Universe opened.


In the blink of an eye, many figures emerged from the portal. There were men and women, both old and young. More importantly, every one of them was at the peak of the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm, having condensed their Dao Seals and refined all the necessary Element Powers. There were no exceptions. Some of them even experienced a surge in their aura and showed vague signs of a breakthrough as soon as they walked out of the Small Universe. 


Mo Mei and the others looked slightly stunned by what they could perceive from these people, “Sect Master, these…”


“They are all about to break through to the Open Heaven Realm. I’ll leave them in your hands.” During the brief moment it took for Yang Kai to speak, no less than 100 people had walked out of the portal. Be that as it may, more were still streaming out.


These people were the cultivators who had been living in his Small Universe.


Back in Blue Sky Pass and Great Evolution Pass, Yang Kai would regularly allow some cultivators to leave his Small Universe and advance to the Open Heaven Realm.


Unfortunately, he had been pursued by a Royal Lord during the battle at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. Then, he spent several years in the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon and later had to find a way back to the 3,000 Worlds. Having been constantly in mortal danger and engaged in brutal fighting, Yang Kai simply had no time to take care of the cultivators in his Small Universe.


In the outside world, it had only been a bit more than 500 years since the battle at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction; however, close to 5,000 years had passed for him.


As for those in his Small Universe, time had to be counted in units of tens of thousands of years! After all, the flow of time in his Small Universe was currently seven times faster than the outside world.


After so many years of accumulation, the number of talents who gathered in the Void Dao Temple had reached a terrifying number!


Living inside his Small Universe, they were unable to break through their limitations and advance to the Open Heaven Realm even though they had cultivated until the peak of the Emperor Realm. As a result, there were many examples of Emperor Realm Masters who died of old age in Void Continent over the past tens of thousands of years.


Unfortunately, there was nothing Yang Kai could do about this situation. He could not allow these people to leave his Small Universe and advance to the Open Heaven Realm when he was in the Temporal Rivers of the Great Sea Celestial Phenomenon as that would simply result in them dying.


That long wait finally ended today though, and the accumulation over tens of thousands of years was released into the world all at once.


After an hour, the mountain peak became crowded with people, nearly 5,000 people in total! Many of them could barely suppress their auras from surging; moreover, this caused a kind of resonance among them which resulted in a form of Heavenly Manifestation appearing in the sky.


Advancing into the Open Heaven Realm was an extremely meticulous affair that could broker no outside interference, so if these people were not separated as soon as possible, at least half of them would die a tragic death once their auras began to soar.


Mo Mei hastily instructed the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land to provide support to these people. At the same time, she also instructed the others to bring out all the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills from the warehouse to help these people with their breakthroughs.


For a time, the entire Void Land was extremely hectic. Even Old Man Bi Xi constantly used the power of the Grand Array to send the cultivators from the Void Dao Temple to different locations in order to separate them from each other.


After making the necessary arrangements, nearly 5,000 disciples began the process of breaking through.


On the other hand, Yang Kai did not remain for long. The goal of his return trip to Void Land had been to deliver these people here so that they could advance into the Open Heaven Realm.


Before Yang Kai departed, Chen Tian Fei expressed great reluctance for their separation, so Yang Kai casually quipped, “In that case, why don’t you join me on the battlefield, Fatty? You can prove your mettle and loyalty by slaying the enemy!”


Those words made Chen Tian Fei turn pale and ashen-faced with horror. He hurriedly backpedalled, weakly babbling that it was better for him to stay behind and help Yang Kai protect Void Land.


How could slaying enemies on the battlefield compare with living a leisurely life in Void Land? Besides, he had always been very scared of dying. He would never have offered up the Loyalty List otherwise.


Yang Kai chuckled and did not force Chen Tian Fei, instead turning to look at Old Man Bi Xi as his expression became grim, “Old Man, please take care of the people if Void Land has to migrate.”


Old Man Bi Xi asked solemnly, “Is the situation that serious?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s just a precaution.”


After saying that, he soared into the sky and vanished in the blink of an eye.


Yang Kai had no intention of hiding the contents of his final conversation with Old Man Bi Xi; consequently, Chen Tian Fei became anxious and secretly prayed that the Human Race fighting in the Barren Territory could return victorious. Otherwise, he would never have time for a leisurely life again despite how vast the 3,000 Worlds were.


Similarly, Mo Mei and Lu Xue became worried and quickly began to make various plans for a future emergency.


Even the Inner Disciples could clearly perceive the abnormal situation in Void Land.


In Fire Spirit Land, a young man in a brocade robe followed behind a young woman. The young woman had a graceful figure and a beautiful appearance. In particular, her eyes resembled pure spring water. She was truly a rare beauty.


The young man was laughing as he made small talk, “Junior Sister Chen, with this Senior Brother’s current aptitude, it is only a matter of time for me to break through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. I’m sure it’s more than enough to match up to your talents, Junior Sister. Not to mention, our families have a long-standing relationship already. The Elders are hoping that we will marry. Now that we have entered Void Land, we should support and take care of each other. Why are you ignoring me and being so cold to me?”


The young woman ignored him and looked up at the sky. After a long time, she finally spoke, “Senior Brother Liu, do you feel that?  Somebody is about to break through.”


Likewise, Senior Brother Liu looked up at the sky, “Of course, I feel it. But… it’s strange. It feels like more than one person is about to advance.”


Junior Sister Chen nodded, “I sense many people on the cusp of breaking through!”



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