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Martial Peak – Chapter 5550, Inside the Portal Corridor

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Some of the Hunters were acquainted with Yang Xiao, so they enthusiastically exchanged greetings.


Yang Xiao responded with a smile.


Meanwhile, Li Zi Yu and the others beside him turned ashen. They initially thought that Yang Kai’s arrival would allow them to escape this place; however, it turned out that Yang Kai was being hunted by Territory Lords. Where could they escape? Not only were they doomed, but even Yang Kai and the others were doomed. For a time, they couldn’t help feeling heartbroken.


Inside the Universe Cave Heaven, Li Zi Yu and the others were gloomy and depressed. Yang Xiao seemed rather carefree and nonchalant in contrast. As the Hunters poured through the portal, he greeted those he knew and made arrangements for the Hunters to wait by the side.


The number of Hunters who came forward to provide support was not low. There were at least 1,000 of them. Although the portal was open, it would take some time for all of them to pass through it.


Outside the portal, Yang Kai wielded Space Principles to maintain the operation of the portal while he killed some stray enemies from time to time. He was secretly rejoicing over the fact that he had built up such a large amount of buffer time; otherwise, it would have been difficult to deal with these Hunters who appeared out of nowhere. They only came to help after all, so it was inappropriate for him to rush into the portal by himself and ignore them. He had to make sure that they entered before him.


The six Territory Lords were not here yet, but they were bound to arrive soon as he could already vaguely sense their powerful undulations approaching.


The entire Black Ink Clan Army of 100,000 had basically been decimated at this point. With enough time, the Human Race Masters here could have wiped out the Black Ink Clan Army entirely. Unfortunately, it would seem that they had run out of time.


One after another, the Hunters rushed into the portal and vanished out of sight. It did not take long before all of them were gone.


From a distance, Yang Kai vaguely saw the figures of the six Territory Lords, their arrival just a moment too late.


“Everyone inside!” Yang Kai yelled.


As soon as the words left his mouth, the group of little ones from the Star Boundary quickly plunged into the portal without hesitation. Once they were gone, Dawn Squad finally began to make their retreat while Yu Ru Meng and the others brought up the rear.


Before Yu Ru Meng and the others finished entering the Universe Cave Heaven, Mo Na Ye’s furious voice burst out from the turbulent Black Ink Cloud in the distance, “Stop them!”


His words were directed at the remnant Black Ink Clan Army, of which less than 30,000 troops remained of the original 100,000. The Black Ink Clan Army had suffered heavy casualties during that brief massacre, and the surviving troops were terribly frightened. The space surrounding Yang Kai was also notably empty as nobody dared to approach within 100,000 kilometres of where he stood. Nevertheless, with Mo Na Yu’s order, they had no choice but to charge towards Yang Kai despite the crippling fear in their hearts.


Yang Kai coldly snorted as the space around him shattered like a mirror, causing innumerable tiny Void Cracks to spread out into the surroundings. The Black Ink Clansmen rushing towards him were all sliced to pieces before they could even approach, with only a few Feudal Lords being lucky enough to survive.


Be that as it may, it seemed that he was really an arrow at the end of its flight. When he unleashed the Shattered Void Mirror Secret Technique, the portal also showed signs of instability.


“Courting death!” Mo Na Ye was filled with a mixture of rage and joy. He was furious that Territory Lords like themselves were being toyed around with by Yang Kai. On the other hand, he was overjoyed because Yang Kai truly seemed to be on his last legs.


When the words left his mouth, Mo Na Ye raised his hand from a distance and slammed his palm towards Yang Kai. The power of an Innate Territory Lord swept out in all directions and the shockwave was enough to destroy all the Void Cracks around Yang Kai.


Yang Kai’s expression became gloomy. Not daring to be neglectful, he responded by raising his hand and throwing his palm out as well.


A violent burst of energy erupted, causing Yang Kai’s figure to sway unsteadily. He coughed up a mouthful of Golden Blood, and his complexion turned as pale as a sheet.


Likewise, Mo Na Ye’s figure was forced backwards slightly, which astonished him greatly. The fact that Yang Kai could still be so ferocious even with such severe injuries was nothing less than shocking. [No wonder he managed to kill so many Territory Lords, his strength truly isn’t ordinary.]


This was the first time he confronted Yang Kai directly, and although it was only an exchange of blows from across a vast distance, he could grasp the depths of Yang Kai’s true strength. [This person is too terrifying! If we fail to kill him here, there is no saying how many other Territory Lords will die by his hands in the future!]


Near the portal, Yu Ru Meng’s Squad, which had been bringing up the rear, had almost finished evacuating. The last to leave was Yu Ru Meng herself. When she saw that the six Territory Lords were about to reach them, she shouted anxiously, “Husband, let’s go!”


Yang Kai nodded and gave Mo Na Ye a vicious look. The look in his eyes was cold, almost as though he wanted to memorise the other party’s appearance. Only then did he slip into the portal. 


Following his entry, the opened portal slowly began to close.


Mo Na Ye roared, “After him!”


The look Yang Kai gave him just now frightened him; thus, he became even more determined to kill him. Seeing that the portal was about to close though, he couldn’t help becoming anxious.


Mo Na Ye could sense that Yang Kai was an arrow at the end of its flight. After all, a person couldn’t remain at their peak after killing so many Territory Lords in quick succession. No amount of strength could hold out after such energy-consuming feats.


This was their best chance to kill Yang Kai. If he allowed him to escape into the Universe Cave Heaven and recuperate, then killing him would undoubtedly become very difficult. No matter what, they couldn’t give him a chance to heal himself!


If not for the exchange of blows with Yang Kai earlier that had delayed his pace slightly, Mo Na Ye would have been the first to charge into the portal. Unfortunately, the brief delay caused by Yang Kai’s counterattack had allowed the other five Territory Lords to rush ahead of him.


After hearing Mo Na Ye’s roar, the three leading Territory Lords plunged into the portal without any hesitation.


In the next moment, the portal that had been closing slowly abruptly slammed shut and vanished without a trace! The two Territory Lords following closely behind simply passed through the empty void.


The situation made Mo Na Ye’s heart clench up tight, [Damn it! We’ve been tricked again!]


It turned out that the portal could have immediately been closed… However, Yang Kai made a show of closing the portal slowly to entice the Territory Lords into believing that they could take advantage of the situation. This clearly revealed the other party’s intentions.


[He still has the strength to scheme against us at a time like this!?] Mo Na Ye was filled with disbelief.


At this moment, Yang Kai stood inside the Portal Corridor and cursed vehemently, [Why are there three Territory Lords here!?]


He had only planned to lure one of the Territory Lords inside, but three had managed to plunge in together. This situation was difficult, because his current condition was extremely poor. Although he could deal with one Territory Lord, dealing with three… was impossible.


In the next moment, Yang Kai kicked one of the Territory Lords with a ferocious roar. Space Principles fluctuated wildly in response, “Get out!”


Outside the portal, the two Territory Lords who passed through the empty Void quickly came back to their senses. Among them, You Gong had a frightened expression on his face. He was secretly glad that he had been injured previously, which slowed his speed slightly. If he had been at the front, then he would have been the one to rush into the portal instead.


Thinking back to the tragic deaths of his four companions from before, he couldn’t help shuddering in fear.


At that moment, the portal that had been closed opened up once more and a figure flew out with a muffled grunt of pain. The opened portal slammed shut again in the next instant. Everything happened so quickly that nobody could react in time.


Mo Na Ye was stunned, “You…”


The Territory Lord clutched at his chest with a furious expression, “I was kicked out by him!”


Mo Na Ye’s expression became extremely hideous at those words!


Three Territory Lords had plunged into the portal, but one of them was kicked out by Yang Kai. What did that say about the situation? Yang Kai’s actions confirmed that he was indeed a lamp running out of oil. He was no longer confident about dealing with three Territory Lords at once, so he could only retain two of them. It might be that he couldn’t even handle two Territory Lords at once!


“Break the Void and open the portal by force!” Mo Na Ye gave a low roar.


It was not that they could not open the portal to the Universe Cave Heaven before now; rather, they simply didn’t since they were planning to use the Human refugees trapped within as bait. However, they could no longer delay opening the portal at this moment. If they missed this golden opportunity, they would never receive a better one again.


Mo Na Ye was the first to take action as he slammed his strength into the position where the portal appeared just now. The other three Territory Lords did not dare to hold back and quickly joined Mo Na Ye, and for a time, the Void shuddered and twisted under the immense force.


As Territory Lords, it was easy for them to shatter space. Be that as it may, even they would take some time and effort to force open a portal that was buried so deep within the Void, and it was not like the portal would simply emerge just because the surrounding Void had been shattered, that would take even more effort to achieve. 


Mo Na Ye did not know how long it would take for them to force the portal open, but he was determined to kill Yang Kai here!


With four Territory Lords attacking with such ferocity, their power was extremely terrifying. The Portal Corridor and the Void Turbulence had been stirred up as a result, causing the originally stable tunnel to warp and distort fiercely.


Yang Kai was limping painfully. At this moment, he was an absolute mess. It was true that he had kicked one of the Territory Lords out of the portal, but the other party’s last-moment counterattack had also broken one of his leg bones in the process.


He could not perceive the situation outside the portal, but the effects inside the corridor were as clear as day. Suppressing his pain, he manipulated Space Principles to calm the Void Turbulence in his surroundings. Despite his miserable condition, Yang Kai was still able to control his surroundings so that he remained as motionless as a mountain.


The two Territory Lords nearby were not nearly as lucky. Currently, they felt as though their bodies were being torn apart by the Void Turbulence, losing almost any ability to stabilize themselves.


After seeing Yang Kai’s pathetic condition, they had planned to charge at him and quickly finish him off; unfortunately, the actions of Mo Na Ye and the others from the outside left them in an awkward situation. The impact from countless Void Turbulence caused their bodies to tremble violently. It felt as though they were trapped in a quagmire and continuously sinking into the abyss. The more they struggled, the more unbearable they felt.


Under such circumstances, it was an amazing feat just to keep themselves safe, so where would they find the extra strength to attack Yang Kai?


[Mo Na Ye, you idiot!] The two Territory Lords cursed in their hearts.


On the other hand, Yang Kai laughed wildly, [The Territory Lords outside are such good people.]


He felt a twinge of regret about kicking out the third Territory Lord now. If he had known things would develop into this situation earlier, he would have kept him here too. Nevertheless, he knew that he would be in great danger if he had kept the other party here. There was no denying that his current condition was simply too poor to take such risks. He could figure out a way to deal with two Territory Lords, but he probably wouldn’t even have the chance to make a move against three of them.


The disturbance in the Portal Corridor was getting stronger and stronger as the Territory Lords outside were probably increasing the intensity of their attacks.


Mo Na Ye and the others could not be blamed for their actions. There was no denying that Innate Territory Lords were immensely powerful, but they were completely ignorant about the Dao of Space. Even if they were familiar with passing through Territory Gates, from their perspective, they would simply enter from one side and exit on the other, not understanding any of the mysteries behind the workings of the Void Corridor itself.


On the other hand, Yang Kai, who was proficient in the Dao of Space and constantly travelled across the Void, could not be more familiar with this kind of environment.


Inside the Portal Corridor, the two Territory Lords had to exert all their efforts to keep themselves from being swallowed by the Void Turbulence, with no spare strength to deal with anything else.


Yang Kai abruptly made a bold move. It didn’t matter that one of his legs was crippled because he had the Azure Dragon Spear. Summoning the spear, he formed an overwhelming number of spear shadows that rained down on one of the Territory Lords. The power behind his attack was extremely violent and brutal.


The Territory Lord gave a loud roar and tried his best to fight back, but blood just gushed out from his entire body after being stabbed repeatedly by Yang Kai.


When the other Territory Lord saw what was happening, he did not dare to hesitate and immediately stepped forward to help. For a time, the aftermath of the battle spread out across the entire Portal Corridor. The Void Turbulence became increasingly violent and unpredictable as a result.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai quickly retreated. Spitting out a mouthful of Golden Blood, he glared furiously at the two Territory Lords. He had never fought in such a place before, so he was shocked to discover that the Portal Corridor was showing signs of instability after just one exchange of blows with the enemy.



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