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Martial Peak – Chapter 5555, Breaking Out of the Universe Cave Heaven

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Judging by the current situation, it would seem that the Territory Lord in command of Acacia Territory was an extremely cautious individual.


Yang Kai did not dare to push his luck at this point; besides, no battle plan ever survived the first engagement, and there would always be something that would go wrong or turn out unsatisfactory. In any case, two of the four Territory Lords had entered the Universe Cave Heaven’s range, and the enemy siege would essentially dissolve if these two were taken out.


“Kill!” All of a sudden, the battered-looking Yang Kai gave a loud roar.


Following his signal, the Human Race Masters who had been holding back under his instructions stopped hiding their strength. A series of destructive Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques blasted out, throwing the Feudal Lords who were charging forward off their feet.


At the same time, Yang Kai unleashed a Soul Rending Thorn. Although his Soul was not completely healed after just one month of recuperation, he had no trouble wielding the Soul Rending Thorn once.


The Territory Lord engaged in battle with Yang Kai suddenly felt a sense of crisis washing over him, immediately followed by a sharp pain in his Soul, as though it was being dug into by thousands of needles. The pain was so great that his vision blurred and he could not hold in a cry of agony.


Yang Kai thrust his spear at that moment, but only managed to pierce the Territory Lord’s shoulder blade. Nevertheless, that was enough to blow away one of the Territory Lord’s arms.


The Territory Lord had forcibly twisted his body and avoided being struck in a vital spot at the last moment. Turning pale with fright, he finally realised how Yang Kai managed to kill so many Territory Lords with such ease in the past. Although he did not know exactly what method the other party had used, it was just as Mo Na Ye had previously speculated. It was a Secret Technique that specifically targeted the Soul.


If he had not been on constant guard and attentively protected his Soul, he would have died from that brief moment of disorientation earlier. Even taking all those precautions though, he was still severely injured and only narrowly managed to survive. Black blood gushed out of his severed shoulder, and even his Black Ink Strength poured out of the wound.


Before the Territory Lord could breathe a sigh of relief, an overwhelming number of spear shadows shot towards his face. Mustering his courage at the critical moment between life and death, he chose to fight rather than flee. Charging forward with a loud roar, he attacked Yang Kai with reckless abandon.


On the other side, You Gong and Feng Ying were engaged in an intense battle; however, You Gong was clearly stronger, so not only was he steadily pushing Feng Ying back, he could also spare some attention to monitor Yang Kai’s movements.


All of a sudden, he saw Yang Kai making an unexpected comeback and severely injuring his companion. Combined with the flash of Spiritual Energy that appeared for a brief moment, how could he not realise that Yang Kai’s battered appearance was nothing more than an act?


At this moment, he was extremely thankful that he had chosen not to fight Yang Kai. Although he had initially believed that Yang Kai was an arrow at the end of its flight, he had chosen Feng Ying as his opponent just to be safe. It would now seem that his decision had been wise indeed. If he had boldly chosen to face Yang Kai earlier, the one struggling to avoid Yang Kai’s spear right now would have been him instead.


[This is another trap! This Human named Yang Kai is the most cunning man I’ve ever encountered in my life! I’ve never met another Human Race Master as devious as him.]


The black blood of the other Territory Lord gushed out with every thrust of Yang Kai’s spear, and his aura was weakening at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.


Seeing that, You Gong lost his will to fight. Once Yang Kai finished off his companion and became unfettered, he would be Yang Kai’s next target. Black Ink Strength surged violently around him before he threw a punch and sent Feng Ying flying backwards. Immediately after that, he rushed towards the shattered portal without another backward glance. He had already escaped from the Universe Cave Heaven before Feng Ying even realised what was happening.


Outside the portal, Mo Na Ye had an extremely solemn expression on his face. He had been on guard against Yang Kai and even suspected that he had been deliberately acting weak. Even so, he could barely accept the truth when he saw Yang Kai’s abrupt comeback.


[How is that possible?]


Yang Kai had been seriously wounded previously; not to mention, he had been stabilising the Universe Cave Heaven against the bombardment of numerous Territory Lords for the past month. Where did he find the time to treat his wounds? He must have suffered from severe backlash due to the destruction of the portal, and looking at the current situation, he had indeed suffered some injuries. It was just that these injuries had little effect on his combat power.


[Should I charge in?] A huge conflict arose in Mo Na Ye’s heart.


Aside from him, there was another Territory Lord outside. They might stand a chance to defeat Yang Kai if all three of them joined forces, but it was nothing more than a chance. If they failed, then there was a high probability that both he and the other Territory Lord would pay for it with their lives.


However, his internal conflict did not last for long because he saw You Gong rushing out of the Universe Cave Heaven. Mo Na Ye honestly did not know what to say at this point.


You Gong had been hugely traumatised ever since he escaped alive from his first encounter with Yang Kai and was now so scared that he actually fled the battlefield without another word when he saw Yang Kai’s sudden comeback.


[The ship has sailed!] Mo Na Ye heaved a sigh in his heart.


Including You Gong who escaped from the Universe Cave Heaven, there were three Territory Lords and a Black Ink Clan Army of approximately 1 million. Unfortunately, the You Gong who had lost his courage was practically useless.


With just Mo Na Ye and one other Territory Lord alone, it would be difficult for them to keep the Human Race Masters trapped in the Universe Cave Heaven even if they had the support of the Black Ink Clan Army; after all, there were many Human Race Masters and several extremely powerful Warships on the other side. Once the Humans broke through their blockade, the Territory Lords would probably lose their lives here.


[We’ve been careless! If I had known earlier, I would have asked for more Territory Lords as reinforcements!]


It was just… who could have known that the 10 Territory Lords overseeing Acacia Territory would end up in this state?


The main reason was You Gong and his companions. They had just arrived at Acacia Territory, but they started a fight without permission before they even met up with the other Territory Lords. In the end, Yang Kai eventually slaughtered them until only one remained. That had instantly cut the number of effective Territory Lords in half.


Two more Territory Lords had been trapped in the Portal Corridor, and their survival remained a mystery even now; however, Mo Na Ye was fairly certain they too were dead now, otherwise, there was no reason for them to remain hidden for so long.


The remaining four Territory Lords might have stood a fighting chance if they all worked together, but another Territory Lord would soon be dead. Other Territory Lords were rushing to Acacia Territory to provide support right now, but they would not arrive in time.


This situation far exceeded Mo Na Ye’s wildest expectations. In just a month, Yang Kai not only recovered from most of his wounds, but also made preparations to lure them into a deadly trap.


Hence, Mo Na Ye couldn’t help feeling upset. If he had known earlier, he would not have ordered his forces into the Universe Cave Heaven when the portal shattered earlier! The truth was that they only needed to form a blockade outside the portal to prevent any of the Humans from escaping. In fact, they could have gained an absolute advantage if they only waited until the next batch of Territory Lords arrived to provide support.


However, who could have resisted the urge to rush forward after witnessing the scene of Yang Kai coughing up blood when the Universe Cave Heaven appeared? That was definitely the best time to eliminate him once and for all!


Unfortunately, one wrong move had resulted in the entire strategy falling apart! Feeling disheartened, Mo Na Ye curtly instructed, “Barricade the portal. Kill any Human who dares to exit!”


The Black Ink Clan Army of 1 million that he transferred here immediately prepared themselves for battle.


Inside the Universe Cave Heaven, both the Human Masters and the Black Ink Clan soldiers clashed violently. Many of the Black Ink Clansmen charging forward dropped dead like flies, but that was only to be expected. Launching an assault through a narrow corridor was very risky because they could easily be targeted by the Humans.


That was precisely the reason why Yang Kai did not want to charge out of the Universe Cave Heaven. Needless to say, he would launch an attack if it was necessary as he could not remain hunkered down inside the Universe Cave Heaven.


He had 2 million Small Stone Race soldiers as a last resort, and if it came down to that, he could summon that Army. They would be enough to wipe out the Black Ink Clansmen here. It was just that this Small Stone Race Army was the trump card he reserved for his battle against the Royal Lord. Yang Kai had no wish to reveal his trump card unless absolutely necessary.


The Black Ink Clan was at a disadvantage in the first place, and following You Gong’s escape, they became even more vulnerable.


Feng Ying did not chase after You Gong, choosing instead to turn around and target the Feudal Lords. Although she was no match for an Innate Territory Lord, killing some Feudal Lords was a piece of cake with her Divine Manifestation.


In addition, there were the 1,000 or so Hunters and the three Squads, including Dawn. It did not take long before most of the Black Ink Clansmen who charged into the Universe Cave Heaven were eliminated. Only several Feudal Lords reacted quickly enough and escaped back through the portal.


Moments later, the disturbance caused by the death of a Territory Lord spread out. It was Yang Kai’s opponent being slain. The Territory Lord had been struck by a Soul Rending Thorn earlier, so even though he survived the initial attack, his strength had suffered a huge decline. How could he compete with Yang Kai in a one-on-one fight in that condition?


Looking around, Yang Kai confirmed that the battle within the Universe Cave Heaven had been decided; then, he raised his spear and charged towards the portal with a roar, “Li Zi Yu and the others are to remain behind. The rest, follow me into battle!”


“Yes!” Numerous figures transformed into streams of light and followed behind Yang Kai as they sped towards the portal.


Yang Kai charged out of the portal in the blink of an eye, and as he had expected, was immediately greeted with a storm of attacks blasting towards him from all directions. Fortunately, he had prepared himself in advance.


A Dragon Roar reverberated through the void, and a 70,000-metre-long Ancient Dragon manifested before everyone’s eyes, releasing intense Dragon Pressure all around. The Dragon Body curled around the portal to form a defensive barrier in the void.


Countless attacks landed on Yang Kai’s Dragon Body, causing him to tremble from the impact. Dragon Scales flew everywhere as the Black Ink Clan Army of a million had formed a blockade in all directions. Of course, space was limited, so not all of them could attack at once; nevertheless, Yang Kai still endured at least 100,000 attacks at that moment. Even a 70,000 metre long Ancient Dragon could not endure such a barrage for long.


Five breaths! That was the limit of what he could endure! He would not be able to take it any longer than that!


Yang Kai was on high alert against the Territory Lords outside. While he could endure the onslaught of ordinary Black Ink Clansmen for some time, he would not be able to defend against the attacks of several Territory Lords. Unexpectedly, his Divine Sense perception did not detect the aura of any Territory Lords nearby. Even the aura of You Gong, who fled earlier, was nowhere to be seen.


[What’s going on?]


Before Yang Kai could figure out what was happening, Feng Ying slipped out of the portal. She glanced at Yang Kai’s Dragon Form and instantly understood that he was shielding the Human Race Masters behind him. That was why he curled his Dragon Form to form a defensive barrier around the portal. Otherwise, only the two of them could exit the portal safely. If the other Human Race Masters rushed out, they would surely suffer innumerable casualties.


“Kill!” Her voice rang out. Urging the Myriad Swords Dragon to its limits, she produced an overwhelming number of sword waves that fanned out before her. The sword waves swept out, piercing the bodies of the nearby Black Ink Clansmen, reaping countless lives in an instant.


The solution to relieve Yang Kai’s burden was simple, they simply had to annihilate the Black Ink Clan soldiers as quickly as possible. At this moment, Feng Ying attacked at full strength without holding back in the slightest.


Dawning Light and the two Bi Xi Battleships also charged out and immediately dispersed in different directions to take down their enemies.


Following closely behind the three Warships were the 1,000 or so Hunters. These Hunters retained their previous formations and remained in their respective Squads. Scattering in all directions, they rushed towards the Black Ink Clan Army.


Once five breaths of time were up, Yang Kai immediately retracted his Dragon Form. His body was covered in countless wounds, and his complexion was deathly pale.


Even an elephant could be killed by countless ant bites. At this moment, Yang Kai fully understood the meaning behind this saying. No matter how strong a Master was, it was only a matter of time before they cracked if they were targeted by an overwhelming number of enemies, even if those enemies were weak by comparison.


What puzzled him was that he had not felt any attacks from the Territory Lords until now. A thought flashed through his mind, and a vague speculation formed before he let out a roar, “Your Territory Lords have fled! All of you will die here today!”


His furious roar reverberated throughout the void and after that, he raised his spear and slashed his way through the Black Ink Clan Army. Everywhere he passed, he left a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood in his wake.



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