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Martial Peak – Chapter 5560, One Sect, Two Great Emperors

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Of the three World Tree clones, Yang Kai had given one to Wu Kuang, which left him with two.


Wu Kuang was in quite a precarious position as no one knew when Mo would awaken. The stronger Wu Kuang was, the more he could utilize the power of Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. This was the reason why Yang Kai wanted to send Wu Kuang there as soon as possible. No matter how powerful Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction was, it was an inanimate object which could do nothing if no one was manning it. Only a stronger Wu Kuang could utilize the complete might of the Grand Array and continue to suppress and seal Mo.


The World Tree clone plus the Heaven Devouring Battle Law would ensure that Wu Kuang could grow stronger in the shortest amount of time; otherwise, he would not have boasted that he could advance to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm in just 3,000 years.


It had to be noted that Wu Kuang was currently just a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


“Who has been titled in the Star Boundary?” Yang Kai asked again.


Getting a title did not mean advancing to the Open Heaven Realm, it meant being acknowledged by the Star Boundary’s Will, and obtaining a title granted by the World itself. In truth, the person obtaining the title would just be at the peak of the Emperor Realm, but unlike others in that realm, he or she would be a Great Emperor.


Generally speaking, every Universe World had their own Great Emperors.


The number of Great Emperors was dependent on the limit of the Universe World itself.


Just like the Small Universe of an Open Heaven Realm Master had limits, so did real Universe Worlds.


In the entire history of the Star Boundary, only 10 Great Emperors could be born in the Star Boundary. This was the limit of the Star Boundary. There could be no more Great Emperors.


To a Universe World, once every Great Emperor had their own position, there was no additional vacancy. Unless a Great Emperor perished, no other Great Emperor could be born.


Originally, the Star Boundary had nine Great Emperors including Yang Kai, but after returning, Yang Kai could clearly feel that there was another Great Emperor.


When he was chatting with his parents, they had also mentioned this, but they did not mention who it was.


Hua Qing Si replied, “It’s Pastoral Great Emperor!”


Dong Hong Chen added, “Do you remember Shi Da Zhuang?”


Even though Yang Kai’s cultivation was profound and his memory was superb, he didn’t have much of an impression of this name. Nonetheless, he found it a little familiar, so he should have heard of it before.


Pondering for a moment, it suddenly came to him, “The Disciple Elder Yu Chang Dao of Free and Unfettered Paradise took a liking to?”


Duan Hong Chen affirmed, smiling, “That’s right.”


Yang Kai suddenly realized, “So, it’s him,” he happily continued, “So to say, he is also a member of my High Heaven Palace?”


Hua Qing Si added with a smile, “Yes, Palace Masters. Now, our High Heaven Palace is a Sect with two Great Emperors.”


Even though many Great Emperors of the Star Boundary were quite close to High Heaven Palace, everyone had their own backgrounds and none of them were from High Heaven Palace other than Yang Kai.


Pastoral Great Emperor, whose title was so down to earth, was different. He was born in the Star Boundary, and had joined High Heaven Palace. Now, counting Yang Kai, High Heaven Palace genuinely had two Great Emperors.


Yang Kai remembered Shi Dao Zhuang because he was one of the first Disciples to benefit from the World Tree clone’s feedback.


In the past, when word about the World Tree clone’s miraculous benefits spread through the 3,000 Worlds, various Cave Heavens and Paradies had swarmed to the Star Boundary to establish their Dao Temples in search of talented disciples. Free and Unfettered Paradise’s Elder Yu Chang Dao was quite lucky and found Shi Dao Zhuang soon after his arrival and immediately intended to take him under his wing.


Unfortunately, Shi Da Zhuang’s widowed mother, Liu Cai Xia, strictly adhered to her deceased Husband’s final request that Shi Dao Zhuang only join High Heaven Palace.


At that time, it was Yang Kai, leading High Heaven Palace and various Masters of the Star Boundary, who drove off the Demon Race. Some 200 years after Great Demon God Mo Sheng was killed, High Heaven Palace’s prestige was at its peak. The entire Star Boundary had an inexplicable fervor for High Heaven Palace and all cultivators dreamed of joining it.


Shi Da Zhuang’s Father had departed this world before the boy was born. He did not have much talent in cultivation, but before he passed away, he left a will and hoped that Shi Da Zhuang could join High Heaven Palace someday.


Yu Chang Dao wanted to take Shi Da Zhuang as his Disciple, but Liu Cai Xia was reluctant.


This matter had given Yu Chang Dao a big headache at that time. One had to know that he was from Free and Unfettered Paradise, and a Seventh-Order Master. Furthermore, he personally stepped forward to receive this Disciple. If any cultivator had obtained this opportunity, they would be dancing with joy and immediately kowtow to him. Liu Cai Xia, however, failed to appreciate this opportunity and instead wholeheartedly followed her deceased Husband’s will.


In the end, a compromise had to be reached. Yu Chang Dao became a High-Ranking Guest Elder in High Heaven Palace, while Shi Dao Zhuang became Yu Chang Dao’s Disciple after joining High Heaven Palace; everyone was happy.


So to say, Shi Da Zhuang was a High Heaven Palace disciple as well as a Free and Unfettered Paradise disciple.


As it turned out, Yu Chang Dao had quite a discerning eye. Shi Dai Zhuang’s growth had been extremely rapid after he had started cultivating. He advanced to the Emperor Realm in a short span of 200 years, obtained the acknowledgement of the Star Boundary’s Will, and earned the title of Pastoral Great Emperor. After that, he advanced directly to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. His future prospects were simply limitless.


In the past, he was Shi Da Zhuang, and now he was Pastoral Great Emperor, the Star Boundary’s 10th Great Emperor. Duan Hong Chen and the other Great Emperors could enjoy the World Tree clone’s feedback, which increased their cultivation speed, and naturally, so could the Pastoral Great Emperor. Furthermore, his foundations were far better than the current Great Emperors. He had advanced straight to the Seventh Order, which meant he had a chance to reach the Ninth Order one day.


In this regard, even Yang Kai could not hold a candle to Shi Da Zhuang. His limit was the Eighth Order, and although he had yet to reach the peak of his realm, it was next to impossible for Yang Kai to break through to the Ninth Order.


“Wonderful!” Yang Kai rejoiced. No matter what the background of the Pastoral Great Emperor was, so long as he could advance to the Ninth Order, he would become a cornerstone of the Human Race.


Thanks to the invasion of a powerful external enemy, the Human Race no longer had much internal strife.


Even though there were quite a lot of geniuses who had advanced straight to the Seventh Order, their growth would be extremely slow. Shi Da Zhuang was different though. His growth time should be much shorter than others thanks to the World Tree clone in the Star Boundary.


“There’s also something that Iron Blood and I haven’t announced to the public yet. In fact, we haven’t been able to make up our minds about what to do, but since you’re back, we’ll ask for your opinion,” Duan Hong Chen added.


Yang Kai stated, “Senior Hong Chen, please speak.”


Duan Hong Chen replied, “Actually, I don’t think you need me to tell you this, but since you just returned, you probably haven’t noticed yet. The limit of the Star Boundary seems to have increased.”


Yang Kai was momentarily stunned after hearing this before he tried to focus and sense it.


A Universe World’s limit was tangible and fixed, but normal people could not sense it unless they were a Great Emperor like Yang Kai or Duan Hong Chen. No matter how high one’s cultivation was, it was extremely difficult to perceive this as it was related to the acknowledgement of the World itself.


The number of Great Emperors depended on the capacity of the Universe World. The larger the capacity, the more Great Emperors it could give birth to.


The Star Boundary had always had a total of 10 Great Emperors at maximum. Logically speaking, after Shi Da Zhuang became a Great Emperor, the Star Boundary’s capacity should have reached its limit, making it impossible for another Great Emperor to be born.


Despite that, Yang Kai discovered that the Star Boundary still seemed to have some room to accommodate more, which meant the Star Boundary’s capacity had not reached its limit.


“When did it start to change?” Yang Kai was astounded.


“I don’t know,” Dong Hong Chen shook his head, “In the past, the Star Boundary had never been able to give birth to more than 10 Great Emperors. We only had nine for so long we did not pay much attention to it. It was only when Pastoral was titled that we noticed that the Star Boundary had still not hit its limit. Furthermore, it seemed to have continued growing over the years.”


“The World Tree clone?” Yang Kai pondered.


Duan Hong Chen nodded, “Apart from this, I can’t find any other explanation. As you know, a Universe World’s capacity is directly correlated to its Grand Dao. Some Universe Worlds’ Grand Dao is stronger, so their capacity is larger. Correspondingly, the number of Great Emperors they could give birth to is higher. Under normal circumstances, the limit of a Universe World’s Grand Dao is fixed, and that was also true for the Star Boundary. So, the number of Great Emperors was also fixed. But now, after years of the World Tree clone’s nourishment, the Star Boundary’s Grand Dao has become stronger. This should be the reason why the World’s capacity has increased.”


Yang Kai nodded his agreement, “Makes sense.”


Duan Hong Chen continued with a smile, “Right now, only a few people besides the Great Emperors know about this matter. We haven’t publicly announced it…”


Yang Kai knew what was going through their minds. There might not be any strife among Humans right now, but everyone still had their own selfish motives. In the current Star Boundary, the Dao Temples of various Cave Heavens and Paradises had many disciples. Naturally, Duan Hong Chen and the others were more inclined to have the Star Boundary native cultivators become Great Emperors and occupy the final position. As such, the more Star Boundary Great Emperors there were, the stronger their overall strength would be and the greater their position in the Human Race’s hierarchy would become.


“Do you think we should announce it to the public?” Duan Hong Chen asked.


Yang Kai pondered for a moment before agreeing, “Let’s announce it to the public. Presently, the 3,000 Worlds has been invaded by foreign enemies, uniting us all in a common cause. In times like this, it would be quite petty to hide such a fact. Also, announcing it should stimulate competitiveness in the younger generation. Although the Star Boundary’s capacity has increased, it seems to only be able to give birth to one more Great Emperor at most. It might increase in the future, but that remains to be seen. Not to mention, we won’t be able to hide this forever. Someone will eventually rise up to take that Great Emperor position.”


Duan Hong Chen nodded, “Then we’ll follow your lead. Head Manager, find an opportunity to spread the news.”


The nearby Hua Qing Si nodded her acknowledgement, “Leave it to me.”


A Great Emperor might not be much on its own, as it was just another Emperor Realm Master that was a little stronger than normal, after all; but a Great Emperor of the Star Boundary was another thing altogether. Duan Hong Chen, Zhan Wu Hen, and the other Great Emperors’ rapid growth was obvious to other cultivators. Everyone knew that it was thanks to the World Tree clone’s feedback. If they could be titled as a Great Emperor in the Star Boundary, it would definitely save them a great deal of time in the future.


It was quite easy to imagine that once this news was disseminated, it would create a cultivation frenzy among the younger generation. There was only one position, and everyone would compete for it. Whether one could compete or not would depend on one’s potential.


“The Star Boundary is too crowded,” Yang Kai suddenly looked outside and said.


In the past, various Cave Heavens and Paradises came to the Star Boundary to establish Dao Temples, dividing up some of the territory. At that time, it was nothing to worry about. Although High Heaven Palace enjoyed quite a popularity in the Star Boundary, it alone was unable to nurture all the rising talents. So, Yang Kai was more than happy to share the burden with the Cave Heavens and Paradises.


It was a win-win cooperation.


Only, with the migration of cultivators from other Great Territories, in which even Cave Heavens and Paradises lost their millennia of heritage and foundation, a single Star Boundary was unable to meet the needs of the entire Human Race.


The sight of all the remaining forces and elites of the Human Race gathered at one spot might have looked spectacular, but in fact, it was quite detrimental to their development.


Originally, Yang Kai had been hesitant about creating another Star Boundary, but by the looks of it, doing so was imperative.


Not only could it relieve the pressure of the Star Boundary, but it could also resolve some internal issues of the Human Race.


Not to mention, if there was another Star Boundary, there would be more Great Emperors like Duan Hong Chen and Zhan Wu Hen in the future.



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