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Martial Peak – Chapter 5561, Myriad Monsters World

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Yang Kai was flying through the vast void of the New Great Territory, accompanied by Hua Qing Si.


There was no one else apart from these two.


Since he had decided to create another Star Boundary, Yang Kai naturally would not dawdle. He was now the Commander of the Profound Nether Army, so he could not stay away for an extended period of time.


High Heaven Territory did not have suitable Universe Worlds, so he could only search the New Great Territory.


“The New Great Territory has many Universe Worlds, but only 12 are habitable, and basically, all of them are overcrowded,” Hua Qing Si reported while pointing forward, “That’s Tranquil Blue World, Humans of 100 Great Territories have migrated here.”


Yang Kai looked ahead and saw a faint blue Universe World. In the vast and endless void, this Universe World could not be considered big, but it was quite beautiful.


At first, this Universe World was only habited by living creatures of low sentience, but after the migration of over 100 Great Territories, the entire Tranquil Blue World was bustling with activity and buildings of all shapes and sizes could be seen everywhere.


Humans were quite a tenacious race. Although they had to part with their homeland and settle on this Strange Universe World, the flames of the Human Race’s development had spread throughout the entire Universe World.


Tranquil Blue World’s Grand Dao was not very strong, but it was not that low either. It was not a problem for a cultivator to advance to the Emperor Realm here, and the capacity of this Universe World was enough to support the birth of several Great Emperors.


Yang Kai did not stay here for long though and continued to explore with Hua Qing Si.


As Yang Kai and Hua Qing Si travelled to one Universe World after another, he gradually gained a better understanding of the New Great Territory’s situation. Indeed, as Hua Qing Si had mentioned, there were 12 habitable Universe Worlds in the New Great Territory, and Humans who had migrated from other Great Territories had more or less settled down on all of them. Furthermore, as there were too many Humans, some of these Universe Worlds were as crowded as the Star Boundary.


“Are there any other Universe Worlds?” Yang Kai asked. It was actually quite simple to create a second Star Boundary; he just had to pick one from these 12 Universe Worlds and plant the World Tree clone on it. Then, after a few centuries, it would naturally turn into a second Star Boundary.


In the beginning, the Star Boundary was almost shattered, but after the World Tree clone was planted on it, it became an Open Heaven Realm Cradle. On the other hand, these 12 Universe Worlds were completely intact and even flourishing.


Be that as it may, Yang Kai had his own plans.


“Palace Master, what kind of Universe World are you looking for?” Hua Qing Si did not know what Yang Kai had in mind, “There are three more Universe Worlds besides these 12 habitable Universe Worlds, of which two World’s Grand Daos are incomplete. It would not be a problem for ordinary mortals to migrate to those Worlds, but if cultivators live on them, their cultivation would progress very slowly.”


“What about the third one?” Yang Kai asked.


“There is also a Universe World whose Grand Dao is quite strong, but its environment is a bit special. Great Monsters run rampant there. Furthermore, there are many Great Monsters at the peak of the Emperor Realm, so it would be quite dangerous for Humans to reside on it without any protection from powerful Masters.”


It was not that High Heaven Palace was unable to exterminate these Great Monsters; if a few Open Heaven Realm Masters were deployed, the Monster Race would not be able to mount any resistance. It was just that it was their territory to begin with. If High Heaven Palace really did this, it would be inhumane and go against the Heavens’ Will. So, when they arranged for the Humans to relocate to the New Great Territory, this Universe World was not taken into consideration and simply left alone.”


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up after hearing this, “Let’s go take a look.”


Hua Qing Si quickly led the way.


The two arrived at the periphery of a Universe World half a day later. Hua Qing Si pointed at the giant Universe World and introduced, “This is it. Senior Martial Beast named it the Myriad Monsters World. When we discovered this place, Senior Martial Beast personally entered it to inspect it, and subdued a few Great Monsters. Now, those Great Monsters are subordinates of Senior Martial Beast.”


High Heaven Palace did not try to subdue the Myriad Monsters World, firstly, because it was inhumane and counter to the natural order, and secondly, it was because of Marital Beast Great Emperor.


Martial Beast Great Emperor’s Grand Dao was about controlling and taming Beasts. He was naturally very fond of a place like the Myriad Monsters World.


Yang Kai looked around and immediately understood why Hua Qing Si said that this World’s environment was quite special. This World was filled with an extremely ancient and savage aura. It was no wonder that the Monster Race ran rampant here, and Great Monsters could be found everywhere. This environment was perfectly suitable for the Monster Race.


Yang Kai was overjoyed.


He was unaware that there was such a World in the New Great Territory. It must have been discovered by High Heaven Palace after he entered the Black Ink Battlefield.


“Let’s go down and take a look,” Yang Kai beckoned, leading Hua Qing Si into the Myriad Monsters World.


As soon as Yang Kai and Hua Qing Si entered the Myriad Monsters World, Great Monsters with higher cultivations seemed to have sensed something as they raised their head, looking towards the void. But how could these Great Monsters see him when Yang Kai had deliberately hidden his whereabouts?


Myriad Monsters World was quite large, bigger than any of the other 12 Universe Worlds Yang Kai had investigated before. Covering the entire Myriad Monsters World with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai could indeed detect the aura of many Great Monsters here, every one of them at the peak of the Emperor Realm. With such powerful cultivation and the tyrannical physique of the Monster Race, their strength was quite impressive.


Be that as it may, as these members of the Monster Race had no contact with the outside world, they only relied on their instincts to cultivate. The peak of the Emperor Realm was basically their limit; they could not advance any further.


The current cultivation path of the Human Race was passed down by Cang and other nine Martial Ancestors, which allowed them to open up a Small Universe in their bodies and break through the shackles of their Universe Worlds, allowing them to attain far greater strength.


The Divine Spirits’ cultivation mainly focused on purifying their bloodline. The purer one’s bloodline was, the stronger they would be.


As for the Monster Race, their cultivation method depended mainly on taking Human Form and then using the Human’s Open Heaven Realm cultivation method to break through from their equivalent of the Emperor Realm to the Open Heaven Realm.


The Monster Race of the Myriad Monsters World had never even seen Humans before though, so how would they assume Human Form? Therefore, no matter how profound their cultivation was, they had always maintained their Monster Form. Some of them were incomparably massive and looked quite magnificent from a distance.


In fact, when the Monster Race ruled the Universe in the Early Ancient Era, they had their own cultivation methods that did not involve taking Human Form to constantly improve their strength.


However, the Monster Race’s cultivation method was lost with the destruction of the Early Ancient Era.


Whether it was the Early Ancient Era’s cultivation method, or the Open Heaven Realm method of the Human Race, the Monster Race of the Myriad Monsters World knew nothing about them. Thus, they only maintained their Monster Forms and the peak of the Emperor Realm was their limit. This was the World’s shackles on them, the constraints of this World’s Grand Dao.


The Monster Race on the Myriad Monsters World had quite a huge population. There were quite a lot of Great Monsters here, but none of them were able to break their shackles without a proper cultivation method. This problem had plagued the Great Monsters of the Myriad Monsters World for countless eras. They had tried to solve this problem, but had never been able to.


As Yang Kai continued to investigate the Myriad Monsters World, every Great Monster on it started to become restless. Although they were unable to detect Yang Kai or his aura, they still instinctively felt that a great catastrophe was looming over their heads. The Monster Race’s instincts had always been quite sharp, so the strongest among them could faintly feel that someone had entered this World, someone whom they could not resist.


It was not like this had never happened before though. Several hundred years ago, when Martial Beast Great Emperor had entered the Myriad Monsters World and subdued a few of the strongest Great Monsters, he too had given them a similar feeling.


The surviving Great Monsters had personally witnessed this strange individual’s strength. The strongest of the Great Monsters were unable to fight back against that tiny figure.


That same feeling had once again descended today.


All the Great Monsters began to lie low for fear of being targeted. They were also unaware of what fate befell those Great Monsters who were taken away by that ‘Human’, but they were unwilling to hand their life and death over to others.


The movements of these Great Monsters naturally could not escape Yang Kai’s investigation, who actually found it quite funny, [These Monster Beasts’ instincts are quite sharp.]


Be that as it may, he had not come here to subdue these Great Monsters. Although the Monster Race here was quite amazing, he did not attach any importance to them.


At some point, Yang Kai came to a stop as a smile appeared on his lips. The next moment, his Divine Sense flooded the Myriad Monsters World like a tide, completely enveloping it.


Immediately after, the Great Monsters who were hiding in their lairs heard a loud sound like a bell tolling in their minds.


The sudden intrusion of that sound immediately made the Great Monsters panic, but very soon, they discovered that the sound that had appeared was not lethal or anything of the sort, just rather noisy.


Furthermore… that undulating sound seemed to be subtly guiding them.


Immediately, the intelligent Great Monsters calmed their minds and began carefully comprehending it.


The Great Monsters relied completely on their instincts to cultivate, but those who could cultivate to the peak had naturally opened up a degree of sentience that vastly exceeded that of common Monster Beasts.


After this enlightenment, some Great Monsters went wild with joy, as if they had seen the road ahead in their ever-stagnant cultivation.


After half a day, in a mountain valley filled with flowers, a Great Monster spat out its Monster Core and followed the guidance of the sound in its mind, carefully tempering it.


In another place, on some mountain peak, another Great Monster similarly spat out a vibrant five-coloured Monster Core before its Blood Essence started surging and Monster Qi filled the surroundings.


In the middle of the sea, a giant whale emerged from the water, its Monster Core hovering over its head. 


In the middle of a forest, on the plains, on the snowy mountains, Great Monsters spat out their Monster Cores after seeing the light in the darkness, and began cultivating with all their heart.


In an instant, Monster Qi filled the Myriads Monsters World as powerful auras began to suddenly emerge one after another.


Hua Qing Si’s mouth went agape at the sight of this and she immediately turned to Yang Kai and asked, “Palace Master, what did you do?”


She had no idea what Yang Kai had done, all she noticed was his Divine Sense surging, stirring the calm Myriad Monsters World the next moment.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “I taught them a cultivation method.”


Hua Qing Si was shaken up by this revelation. Yang Kai’s words might be simple, but she knew that this cultivation method was definitely far from ordinary, otherwise, it would have been impossible to see such changes so rapidly in the Myriad Monsters World.


Currently, the Monster Race relied on the Human Race’s Open Heaven Realm cultivation method, but judging by the momentum of Myriad Monsters World’s Great Monsters, they wanted to break through with their Monster Forms alone.


How could such a Secret Art be simple?


This was definitely an extremely profound and ancient method.


In fact, Hua Qing Si’s guess was correct. What Yang Kai had passed down was indeed an ancient cultivation method used by the Monster Race in the Early Ancient Era. This ancient method was long lost with the destruction of the Early Ancient Era.


However, in this Universe, if anyone knew this ancient method, that would be Wu Kuang!


When Yang Kai and Wu Kuang parted ways at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, Wu Kuang had taught him the Monster Race’s ancient cultivation method. It was not that Wu Kuan foresaw the existence of the Myriad Monsters World; rather, if Yang Kai wanted to advance to the Ninth Order, he needed this ancient Monster Race cultivation method.



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