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Martial Peak – Chapter 5563, Recovering The Embodiment

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The Great Monsters left one after another. Very soon, beastly roars could be heard coming from everywhere on the Myriad Monsters World. Obviously, the Great Monsters were passing down Yang Kai’s decree.


Hua Qing Si walked to Yang Kai and asked, confused, “Palace Master, are you sending someone here to cultivate?”


Yang Kai nodded his agreement, “Yes.”


“But the Myriad Monsters World’s Grand Dao is tailored towards the Monster Race’s cultivation, so it might not be suitable for Humans.”


Previously, High Heaven Palace had also considered whether they should arrange for some Humans to settle down on the Myriad Monsters World, but the population of the Monster Race on this world was huge, and if they allowed Humans to settle here, there would definitely be some conflicts every now and then. More importantly though, this World’s Grand Dao was far more suited for the Monster Race. If Humans cultivated here, they would have to work twice as hard for half the results.


However, Yang Kai stated mysteriously, “It might not have been suitable in the past, but that may not be so in the future.”


Saying so, he took out a small sapling and made his way to the utmost top of the Spirit Peak before carefully planting it.


A look of suspicion appeared on Hua Qing Si’s face as she vaguely found this small sapling a little familiar, but at the same time, she failed to recognize it. While she was still mulling over the issue though, she saw the little sapling’s branches sway before it started growing at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the blink of an eye, it had become a towering tree.


But it did not end there. The Myriad Monsters World’s Grand Dao appeared to be fiercely undulating along with the growth of the little sapling and Hua Qing Si could clearly feel the little sapling drawing a vast and seemingly limitless energy from somewhere beyond the Void which then integrated into the Myriad Monsters World.


In less than a dozen or so breaths, the Myriad Monsters World’s Grand Dao had undergone some obvious changes, becoming stabler and clearer.


A look of astonishment blanketed Hua Qing Si’s face as she blurted out, “A World Tree clone!?”


She finally understood why this little sapling was giving her a strange sense of familiarity. Obviously, this was another World Tree clone!


The Star Boundary had such a clone, but it was unbelievably massive now; therefore, she could not relate the two right away.


However, what else could make a Universe World stabler and cause such massive changes to it in such a short period of time besides a World Tree clone?


It never crossed Hua Qing Si’s mind that Yang Kai would actually have another World Tree clone sapling on him.


[No wonder Palace Master insisted on sending people to the Myriad Monsters World to cultivate. With a World Tree clone here, no matter what the Myriad Monsters World’s Grand Dao was like before, it will soon be akin to the Star Boundary’s. All living beings residing in this World will benefit greatly from it!


The Myriad Monsters World would definitely become a second Star Boundary!


If the rest of the Human Race came to know about this, it would surely cause a huge stir!


Currently, the Star Boundary could no longer accept any more outsiders. Even the Cave Heavens and Paradises only had a few quotas while most of the cultivators who had migrated from the various Great Territories could only eye it from a distance, never to step foot on it.


If word of the Myriad Monsters World were to disseminate though, everyone would definitely flock to this place with countless people wanting to settle here.


The Myriad Monsters World would not just ease some of the dissension in the Human refugees however, it would surely lead to some new problems.


In an instant, many thoughts flashed in Hua Qing Si’s mind as she asked, “Palace Master, do we need to classify all information regarding the Myriad Monsters World?”


If need be, she would immediately return to High Heaven Palace to pick a few people and seal off this World to prevent others from noticing anything.


Yang Kai already had a plan in his mind though and refused, shaking his head lightly, “No need! From the start, I planned to open the Myriad Monsters World to all the forces of the Human Race, but not just anyone will be allowed to enter this place. After you return, deploy some men here to guard this World and seal it off. No one is allowed to enter the Myriad Monsters World for now. In addition, send word to all parties that the Myriad Monsters World will open in 50 years, with Humans being allowed to settle on it then. Anyone who wishes to enter the Myriad Monsters World must purchase a spot with Military Merits without exception, including those from High Heaven Palace! As for the Military Merits required to buy a spot… the Supreme Headquarters will announce it in the future!”


The Myriad Monsters World should have stabilized somewhat after 50 years. Since the World Tree clone had just been planted, the effects of its feedback would not be that obvious, but they should become noticeable after 50 years. Furthermore, 50 years would be enough time for the various forces of the Human Race to finish their preparations.


Exchanging settlement quotas for Military Merits was also a due consideration to the Human soldiers who were fighting the Black Ink Clan on the front lines. Similarly, it was a stimulus to push more Masters, who were so far unwilling to take risks, into the war.


Who did not have descendants or Disciples? Who did not want their Juniors to have a brighter future? Although they were unable to enter the Star Boundary, the Myriad Monsters World was open to all. All one needed was enough Military Merits to buy a spot. It was quite likely that the various forces of the Human Race would be more than happy about this arrangement.


The Myriad Monsters World was definitely going to cause a sensation.


Hua Qing Si praised with admiration, “Palace Master has thought everything through!”


Yang Kai did not say anything in return, he just turned around and stated, “Let’s head back to the Star Boundary!”


The World Tree clone had been planted, but the effects of the feedback would not be seen in a short time. Since he was finished with this matter, Yang Kai had no intention of remaining here.


He had left a Universe Temple and Universe Array on the Myriad Monsters World, so it would be easy and convenient for Humans to travel here in the future.


After returning from the New Great Territory, Hua Qing Si hurried to High Heaven Palace and prepared the necessary people to guard the Myriad Monsters World. On the other hand, Yang Kai flew off to the Demon Realm.


In High Heaven Territory, the only world buzzing with activity other than the Star Boundary was the Demon Realm.


There were still a large number of Demon Race survivors on it, and Embodiment had always been stationed here as well.


The Demon Realm was shattered to pieces in the past, but in the end, Yang Kai used his Embodiment and the Heaven Devouring Battle Law to piece it back together. This had the effect of tying Embodiment and the Demon Realm together.


After 1,000 years, the Demon Realm’s shattered Grand Dao had started showing signs of healing, and the Demon Race living on it also slowly regained their vitality. Now, the Demon Realm not only had the Demon Race, but also many Humans who cultivated Demon Techniques.


Myriad Demons Heaven disciples especially liked coming to the Demon Realm because the environment here was particularly suitable for their cultivation.


Yang Kai still had a World Tree clone in his possession. If he planted the clone here, the Demon Realm would definitely prosper in a short time, but he had no plans to do so. The Humans already had the Star Boundary, and would also have the Myriad Monsters World in the future, that was already sufficient. He had other uses for the final clone.


Today, he did not come here to check the Demon Realm, but rather for Embodiment.


Ever since he left it here, his Embodiment had been sleeping in the depths of the Demon Realm while remaining connected to it.


Yang Kai did not need to summon it, as the moment he appeared on a mountain peak in the Demon Realm, the sleeping Embodiment immediately woke up and appeared in front of Yang Kai.


The Embodiment’s true form was a Stone Spirit Clansman. It could be considered Xiao Xiao’s clansmen, but when it was hatching, it failed to gain sentience. Yang Kai didn’t know why at the time, but later found out there could only be a maximum of 10 Stone Spirit Clansmen at any given time, and the maximum had been reached. Yang Kai had placed his Soul Clone in it at that time, turning it into a kind of avatar.


In the past, Embodiment had saved Yang Kai during many crises.


Although they had not seen each other for 1,000 years, Yang Kai did not feel any unfamiliarity; after all, Embodiment was a part of him, only, it was a different existence that carried a piece of Yang Kai’s Soul.


“As expected, I’ve become quite strong,” the Embodiment marvelled, looking Yang Kai up and down.


Yang Kai grinned, “There are no outsiders here, there is no need to toot your own horn.”


Compared to the true body, Embodiment was far weaker. Yang Kai felt that it was only as strong as a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, which was nothing before the current Yang Kai who had killed many Feudal Lords and Territory Lords.


Because it was one with the Demon Realm, it was impossible for Embodiment to actively cultivate and grow stronger. Instead, the more perfect the Demon Realm’s Grand Dao was, the stronger it would become, and vice versa.


The strength Embodiment could show was basically equivalent to the strength of the Demon Realm’s Grand Dao.


In other words, the combined World Force of the Demon Realm was equivalent to that of a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master’s Small Universe.


Compared to the Star Boundary, the gap was simply enormous.


Furthermore, the Embodiment also had another huge limitation. Ever since it had used the Heaven Devouring Battle Law to rebuild the Demon Realm, it couldn’t go far from it.


It could be said that the current Embodiment was not much help to Yang Kai anymore.


Yang Kai stretched out his finger, laying it on Embodiment’s forehead. The next moment, a variety of information was instantaneously transferred to the Embodiment’s mind.


When Yang Kai withdrew his finger, the Embodiment nodded his understanding, “So that’s how it is, this technique is indeed quite profound.”


Yang Kai added, sighing, “Shi is truly amazing to have created this Secret Art, but no one has ever attempted to cultivate it before, so it’s hard to say if it will succeed.”


“At the end of the day, it represents hope. Even if it doesn’t succeed, we won’t suffer much of a loss.”


Yang Kai refuted, shaking his head, “If we’re not careful, it might backfire on me.”


Embodiment asked with a smile, “Do we have a choice?”


Helplessness immediately took over Yang Kai’s face as he shook his head, “I’m afraid not.”


Embodiment continued, “Then what is there to hesitate about? We can’t wait for the Universe Furnace to just show itself, right? Who knows how long that will take.” 


Saying so, Embodiment approached Yang Kai, “Today, you and I will become one once more. We’ll advance to the Ninth Order and vanquish Mo!”


As Embodiment approached, his figure became more illusory and transparent before merging into Yang Kai’s body.


Yang Kai’s body trembled slightly as lightning appeared in the sky above his Small Universe. At this moment, the World Force became richer and denser. Embodiment’s energy was Yang Kai’s energy, so now that the two were rejoined, all its strength became Yang Kai’s strength, increasing his cultivation.


Be that as it may, as Embodiment was not that strong, this increase was not that obvious.


When Embodiment merged with Yang Kai, nearly 1,000 years of his memories also integrated with Yang Kai’s mind, but as Embodiment had been asleep this whole time, those memories were quite simple.


By the time Yang Kai came to his senses, Embodiment’s figure was no longer before him, only a gust of wind blowing up some loose sand.


At this moment, all the living creatures on the Demon Realm looked towards the sky one after another. They could vaguely feel that the Demon Realm had changed somehow, but they were unable to tell how.


Another gust of wind blew up as Yang Kai disappeared from his spot.


More than a month later, a piece of news spread from High Heaven Palace. High Heaven Palace’s Palace Master, Yang Kai, had created three Sealed Worlds in the vicinity of the Star Boundary using his own strength. These Sealed Worlds were known as Space Dao Sealed World, Time Dao Sealed World, and Spear Dao Sealed World. These three Sealed Worlds contained the profundities of these three Grand Daos, and anyone could enter them to comprehend these Grand Daos after passing a few tests.


As soon as this news was disseminated, the entire Human Race became abuzz with activity. Countless young geniuses scrambled to enter these Sealed Worlds, and in a flash, the surrounding void of these three Sealed Worlds was constantly crowded with people.



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