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Martial Peak – Chapter 5566, Auxiliary Front

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“This is a rare opportunity. Since Sir wants to launch a sneak attack, you should naturally choose the best method to kill as many Territory Lords as possible.” Kong Cheng De pointed towards the main battlefield, “There might be many Territory Lords on the main battlefield, but each of them is coordinating with the others from a distance. Once Sir makes a move, the other Territory Lords will definitely be on guard. By then, it will be difficult to achieve anything significant.”


Yang Kai pondered for a moment before nodding and agreeing, “You’re right.”


The main battlefield was undoubtedly the most important, but the war in Profound Nether Territory was not something that could be ended in one or two battles. The Human Race could not hope to defeat the Black Ink Clan in a short period of time either. This was a war that was destined to last decades, if not centuries.


Just as Kong Cheng De had stated, Yang Kai might really be able to kill a Territory Lord in a flash with his elusive methods, but it would be difficult for him to gain any more kills after that on the main front. 


The auxiliary fronts were different as there were not that many Territory Lords overseeing each of them. Even if Yang Kai was exposed, it would be extremely difficult for the Territory Lords to escape as they would first have to fight off the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters standing in their way. At that time, so long as the Eighth-Order Masters kept them pinned down somehow, Yang Kai would be able to break the balance of the battlefield, and turn the tide in their favour.


“Then it’s decided,” Yang Kai pointed towards that defensive line before he turned around and left, his voice echoing in Kong Cheng De’s ears, “I’ll have to trouble Senior Brother Kong to send a message to the Division Commanders to make preparations.”


Kong Cheng De cupped his fist and replied, “Yes Sir!”


The nearby Wei Jun Yang breathed a light sigh, looking at Yang Kai’s departing figure, “I really want to see him advance to the Ninth Order. That would really be something.”


As someone who had killed many Innate Territory Lords as an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, if Yang Kai could break through to the Ninth-Order, he would naturally be able to suppress the Royal Lords. In that case, the pressure on the Human Race would be significantly reduced.


At present, the top forces of both Races were keeping each other in check. The Human Race had two Ninth-Order Masters and a Giant Spirit God, while the Black Ink Clan had two Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods and a Royal Lord. This status quo could be said to have been deliberately created by the Human Race, while the Black Ink Clan went along with it.


This situation was advantageous to the Black Ink Clan, because whether it was the number of Territory Lords or the size of the Army, they held an edge over the Humans.


The Human Race was barely able to maintain the current situation by stubbornly holding on to a dozen or so Great Territory Battlefields. What they were waiting for was a chance, a chance for the younger generation to grow. 


Currently, many good seedlings had advanced straight to the Sixth and Seventh Orders, and someday, they would be able to rise to the Eighth Order and Ninth Order.


But as the Human Race would grow, so too would the Black Ink Clan.


If a new Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was born in the Human Race, why wouldn’t a new Royal Lord appear in the Black Ink Clan? At that time, the Human Race would not be able to do anything if they didn’t already have some kind of advantage in the war.


As such, a Master whose strength far exceeded his peers was of paramount importance. If such a Master was born, he or she would serve as a great deterrence to the Black Ink Clan.


In the entire Human Race, Yang Kai was the only one who could assume that role. When he was a Seventh-Order, he could kill Feudal Lords like they were fish on a chopping board, and now when he was an Eighth-Order Master, he could kill Territory Lords all on his own. If he really managed to break through to the Ninth Order, he would definitely be able to kill a Royal Lord just as easily.


Unfortunately, things never went exactly as one wished. The Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm was far out of Yang Kai’s reach.


Wei Jun Yang strode out of the tent, “I’ll go confront the enemy.”


Things were quite tense on the main battlefield, and he had only returned after hearing the news of Yang Kai’s arrival. Now that the battle plan had already been devised, how could he remain here? The number of Territory Lords were far more than Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. If he was not there, the Eighth-Order Masters on the main battlefield would be under a great deal of pressure.


After he left, Kong Chen De turned to a nearby Seventh-Order Master and ordered, “Inform Chen Yuan that the Army Commander will be arriving soon, and they need to cooperate with him to kill the Territory Lords.”


“Yes, Sir!” Accepting the order, the Seventh-Order Master immediately took out a Communication Bead as his Divine Sense started surging.


Somewhere in Profound Nether Territory, the Black Ink Clan Army was attacking at full swing. On the other side, the Human Army of tens of thousands of soldiers had split up into various groups as they surrounded an enormous Universe Fragment and guarded it tightly.


Warships flew about, providing cover to the exposed soldiers. All kinds of offensive and defensive Arrays and artifacts had long been set up on this Universe Fragments, which greatly contributed to the battle. The dark and endless void was lit up with dazzling flashes of lights as Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities were fired here and there.


This was one of the several auxiliary fronts in Profound Nether Territory. The Human forces tasked to defend this place were not that big, just 50,000 soldiers strong. In addition, there were four Eighth-Order Masters permanently stationed here.


Nearly 100,000 soldiers had sacrificed their lives on this auxiliary front alone in the last few decades, and even an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had fallen here.


Nonetheless, no matter how grim the battle was, the Humans had been able to hold on. Just like on the Black Ink Battlefield, the Human Race Army was specialized in fighting while being significantly outnumbered. The Human Race’s Warships provided the Army with great mobility and defense, and if one did not count the very top Masters, the Human Race’s overall strength here was higher than that of the Black Ink Clan. This was the reason the Humans had been able to hold their ground.


Such a battle had been raging for decades now, and seemed like it would continue for some time.


The lengthy battle had left everyone exhausted. Before Yang Kai returned, whether it was Profound Nether Territory or the other Great Territory Battlefields, the Human Race’s defensive lines were all in imminent danger.


Yang Kai’s return had greatly eased this crisis though as he had brought a fresh supply of Purifying Light with him.


Thanks to the Purifying Light, the Humans were able to fight with the Black Ink Clan without fear of being corrupted by Black Ink Strength. In the past, after the Purifying Light was exhausted, the Human Race always had to act with caution. It was as if their arms and legs were tied, making things extremely difficult.


Now, they no longer had to worry about this. 


Yang Kai had distributed 10 sets of Great Sun and Moon Marks, and also given out a massive amount of Yellow and Blue Crystals. There was no shortage of Purifying Light on the various battlefields of the Human Race and every Purifying Black Ink Battleship had a large amount of Purifying Light sealed in it. Anyone contaminated by Black Ink Strength just had to enter a Purifying Black Ink Battleship and he or she would be totally safe and sound.


With ample Purifying Light, the Evil Purging Divine Spears that had once shone brilliantly during the Human Race’s crusade were also resurrected!


This was a weapon created by the combined efforts of Grandmaster Ma Fan and Yang Kai and was extremely effective against the Black Ink Clan. Once the Purifying Light sealed inside an Evil Purging Divine Spear erupted inside a Black Ink Clansman’s body, their Black Ink Strength would be greatly reduced, and in worst scenarios, they might even die on spot.


Be that as it may, there were not many Evil Purging Divine Spears in each Army due to the short timeframe. As such, the available Evil Purging Divine Spears were all in the hands of the strongest Human Race Masters for emergency use only.


Nevertheless, large quantities of this mighty artifact would definitely be disseminated to the various Armies soon. At that time, it would become the Black Ink Clan’s nightmare. Perhaps, the Humans might be able to offset the disadvantage of top combatants using this sharp tool.


A Seventh-Order Open Heaven Master was moving to and fro around the Universe Fragment, observing the entire battlefield carefully. Suddenly, he felt something and quickly took out a Communication Bead. After receiving the message, a look of joy brightened his face as he immediately shouted to a nearby companion, “Senior Brother Lu, hold on for a moment, I’ll be right back.”


Saying so, he ordered a dozen people to follow him and boarded a Warship, flying away the next moment, leaving Senior Brother Lu dumbfounded at the whole ordeal.


The ship flew out of the Universe Fragment that they were defending as a large number of Black Ink Clansmen swarmed towards it. Nonetheless, the Warship paid no heed to the oncoming assault and sailed heading towards the most intense battle at full speed.


The destination of the ship was the battlefield between the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and the Territory Lords.


The Warship blazed its way through all manner of obstacles and finally managed to break through the Black Ink Clan’s encirclement, entering into the fierce battlefield.


On the other end of the void, four Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and five Territory Lords were locked in a heated battle. All of them were old rivals by now who had fought each other countless times over the last few decades.


In the past, the four Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had always been at a disadvantage when facing these five Territory Lords. There had even been quite a few instances where an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would come this close to dying; after all, they were one man short of their opponent. Moreover, their enemies were all Innate Territory Lords.


But the situation this time was a little different. The Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were able to put up a good fight even in a four vs five situation. The aura of one of the Territory Lords was quite weak, making it obvious he was heavily injured. He didn’t dare to confront the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters head-on and could only roam around the periphery, looking for opportunities to strike.


Division Commander Chen Yuan was a little annoyed. If he had taken advantage of the situation just now, he might have been able to kill the Territory Lord; unfortunately, the situation was pressing, and he did not have the room to pay attention to everything, which made him miss this opportunity.


Now, the Territory Lords were on guard and it would be difficult for them to find another chance.


As the battle raged on, Chen Yuan noticed a Warship rapidly approaching, and a familiar figure standing on its deck.


Chen Yuan recognized this man. He was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who was responsible for communication with the main battlefield.


Chen Yuan knew that his appearance must be related to a message from the front lines of the main battlefield, and as expected, a message was quickly sent to his ears!


Chen Yuan’s heart skipped a beat in joy, but he did not let it show on his face. He simply nodded imperceptibly to indicate that he understood.


After passing the message from afar, the Seventh-Order Master on the deck let out a sigh of relief, [Fortunately, I did not fail my mission. Since the Eighth-Order Division Commanders know about the Army Commander’s situation, the situation in this battle should change a little.]


“Sir, a lot of Black Ink Clansmen are chasing us, are we going back?” Someone suddenly asked.


The Seventh-Order looked back, and when he saw a large group of Black Ink Clansmen chasing after them, his expression immediately changed, “Run, run!”


After breaking out of the encirclement, almost all of their defensive Arrays were on the verge of failing. If he ordered them to return, it would be tantamount to committing suicide. Although he wasn’t afraid of death, his death should at least be a meaningful one.


Furthermore, he wanted to see how many of the Territory Lords here would survive after the Army Commander took action.


As a result, the Eighth Order and Territory Lords witnessed an extremely strange sight. While they were engaged in an earth-shattering battle, a Human Warship was fleeing in a wide circle around them with a large group of Black Ink Clansmen hot on its tail.


Although the Warship was temporarily safe, anyone with a discerning eye could see that it would be destroyed sooner or later if it kept fleeing like this.


The Territory Lords paid no attention to this matter as their enemies were the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters only. Killing these opponents was far more important than one Human Warship, and even if one of their Territory Lords was seriously injured, they still held the advantage so they intended to press it.


At one point, Chen Yuan suddenly summoned something.


It was a spear-like artifact, but it did not look like anything special. The Human Race’s Secret Techniques and Artifacts were varied, but after decades of war, the Black Ink Clan had seen most of them by now.


However, when Chen Yuan took out this artifact, the Territory Lords stared at him with solemn expressions, as if they were facing a formidable enemy. They even slowed down their attacks and focused more on defence.


It was an Evil Purging Divine Spear!



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