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Martial Peak – Chapter 5567, Tides Turned

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The Evil Purging Divine Spear had once shone its brilliance in the war outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. In that war, many Territory Lords and even Royal Lords who had emerged from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction had suffered losses.


The Black Ink Clansmen, who were originally evenly matched with their opponents, were suddenly struck by an Evil Purging Divine Spear and their strength had taken a serious hit. Even if they didn’t die, they would lose all combat effectiveness.


Against an artifact that could suppress their Black Ink Strength, the Black Ink Clan couldn’t help but be wary.


That war was too horrifying. The Black Ink Clan suffered massive casualties, and so did the Human Race. Even the Evil Purging Divine Spears were completely exhausted in that battle.


Refining Evil Purging Divine Spears themselves wasn’t difficult, but just refining them wasn’t of any use as they still needed to have Purifying Light sealed into them to pose any real threat to the Black Ink Clan.


The Human Race Army fought several wars over the next few centuries, even exhausting almost all of the Purifying Light sealed in the Purifying Black Ink Battleships. So, how could they even create new Evil Purging Divine Spears? Furthermore, Yang Kai, the only person who could create Purifying Light, had disappeared after the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction war, pushing the Human Race into a difficult situation.


The Evil Purging Divine Spear was basically never used after the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction War. This was also the reason why the No-Return Pass was quickly overrun. At that time, the No-Return Pass might not have been lost if they had a supply of Evil Purging Divine Spears; after all, there were a lot of powerful Divine Spirits stationed there, led by Dragons and Phoenixes. Even if they lost, they would have at least been able to hold on for longer.


The Human Race was currently in a state of decline with more than 90% of the 3,000 Worlds being occupied by the Black Ink Clan. All they could do was gather all of their remaining forces and tightly defend a dozen or so Great Territory Battlefields. Facing the constant attacks of the Black Ink Clan Armies, the Human Race Armies defending various Great Territory Battlefields were thoroughly exhausted. They were walking on the edge of life and death where even the slightest mistake could send them tumbling to their doom.


After decades of gruesome battles, the Black Ink Clan witnessed the tenacity of the Human Race and also all kinds of bizarre methods employed by them. The Black Ink Clan originally thought that they already knew the Human Race’s limits.


Until Chen Yuan took out an Evil Purging Divine Spear.


Hundreds of years ago, the Evil Purging Divine Spears had struck terror into the hearts of the Black Ink Clan in the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction War. Today, its brilliance shone once more as it severely wounded one of the five Territory Lords with just one strike.


The Territory Lords fighting the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters turned pale with fright as they instantly recognized this spear as the artifact that turned the tides at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.


All the Territory Lords were struck with terror.


Fortunately, the Human Race no longer showed any intention of using the Evil Purging Divine Spears in the ensuing battle. The Territory Lords guessed that the Human Race didn’t have many such weapons, otherwise, they would not have been so sparing in using them.


In fact, the current number of Evil Purging Divine Spears was indeed not high; after all, it had only been less than a year since Yang Kai had returned. So, even if the Human Race refined Evil Purging Divine Spears as quickly as possible, they could only produce so many.


Of course, the main reason they did not use another spear was because the Territory Lords were already on guard. Chen Yuan and the others didn’t have any confidence in succeeding, which was why they had been exercising more patience.


Sometimes, trump cards didn’t necessarily need to be used to intimidate others.


At the very least, after a Territory Lord was injured in the initial strike, the remaining Territory Lords were no longer as aggressive as before, giving the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters a lot more room to breathe.


After receiving the message from the Seventh-Order communications officer though, Chen Yuan immediately summoned his own Evil Purging Divine Spear. His World Force started surging as the Evil Purging Divine Spear before him started slightly trembling. It was ready to shoot at any moment.


The Territory Lords started to have a headache, especially the Territory Lord who was facing Chen Yuan. His eyes were glued onto the Evil Purging Divine Spear hovering in front of Chen Yuan as he pushed his strength to the limit, ready to resist at any moment.


After witnessing the fate of his companion, this Territory Lord knew that if he couldn’t block this artifact’s attack, he would be seriously injured if not dead.


His entire attention was focused on dealing with the incoming attack.


The Warship that had come to deliver the message was fleeing around in the vicinity, with countless Black Ink Clansmen in close pursuit. By the looks of it, the Warship would meet a tragic end in a short while.


At some point, the Warship had started flying randomly while paying no heed to where it was, panicking and even rushing straight towards the battlefield of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and Territory Lords.


The Territory Lords were enraged when they noticed this. If this was any other time, just a casual blow from them would have been enough to send this Warship and everyone aboard it to eternal damnation, but with the threat of the Evil Purging Divine Spear looming over their heads, none of them dared to be distracted.


The Evil Purging Divine Spear hovering before Chen Yuan started vibrating even more violently, giving the impression that it would shoot off at any moment.


The tattered Warship was now very close to the Territory Lords and the fear and panic on the faces of the dozen or so soldiers aboard it was apparent as the threat of impending death gripped their hearts.


Right then, a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation suddenly flared, distracting the Territory Lord who was fighting Chen Yuan. The next moment, he felt a sharp force tear through his Soul. The sudden excruciating pain caused him to instantly falter and lose concentration.


The Territory Lord was horrified as, although he didn’t know what just happened, how could he not understand that he was ambushed?


[Who? Who could manage to do this?]


He had been keeping a close eye on Chen Yuan’s movements and the other Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had also been pinned down by his companions, while the Territory Lord had not noticed any signs of another Human approaching.


The Territory Lord was unable to fathom how he could be ambushed under these circumstances.


Regardless of how it happened, he did not have any time to give it much thought as the instant that burst of Spiritual Energy appeared, the Evil Purging Divine Spear hovering before Chen Yuan was also activated and shot towards his chest, leaving a dazzling trail of light behind it.


The Evil Purging Divine Spear might be effective against the Black Ink Clan, but it also had its drawbacks; after all, it was just an artifact in the end. If the Black Ink Clansmen were on guard against it, it might not necessarily be effective.


That was why Chan Yuan had not made a move after summoning the Evil Purging Divine Spear, he was waiting for the right opportunity.


Chen Yuan’s patience was rewarded at this moment.


The Territory Lord was already in a state of shock and was unable to defend against Chen Yuan’s attack at all.


The Evil Purging Divine Spear exploded after it pierced into the Territory Lord’s chest. In an instant, a small pure white Sun suddenly appeared in the void and enveloped the Territory Lord, melting away the Black Ink Strength in his body.


The Territory Lord was unable to endure the twin attacks on his Soul and body and let out a miserable cry.


Chen Yuan, on the other hand, didn’t pause for even a moment. After launching the Evil Purging Divine Spear, he charged towards the Territory Lord, brandishing his sword.


A cold gleam flickered across the long sword in his hand as it cut across the Territory Lord’s thick neck.


A frigid look blanketed Chen Yuan’s face as they passed each other. The next moment, the Territory Lord’s head shot into the sky behind him as a fountain of black blood gushed out from the severed neck. The long sword was so sharp and cut so swiftly that the wound on the Territory Lord’s neck was as smooth as a mirror.


A Territory Lord had fallen.


Only at the moment of his death did the Territory Lord vaguely catch sight of an elusive figure flying out from the shadow of the tattered Warship, one he had not noticed the figure before now.


He finally understood where this sneak attack had come from, but unfortunately, he no longer had the strength to warn his companions. The pair of eyes on his massive head remained open, angrily glaring in some direction. It gave the impression that he had been unresigned in his death.


Compared to the Territory Lord’s anguish, Chen Yuan was feeling quite satisfied.


He was also a veteran Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master with impressive strength. Although he was not as extraordinary as Xiang Shan, he was almost on par with Ou Yang Lie. In fact, in the past, he too was an Army Commander.


Be that as it may, even a veteran Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like him felt powerless in the current war against the Black Ink Clan.


In the past, the battles on the Black Ink Battlefield were slightly easier. Although the Territory Lords were still greater in number, most of them were weaker than the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, not to mention veterans like him.


He had also killed some Territory Lords in the past.


Things changed after the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction War. Before then, all the ordinary Territory Lords were wiped out, while the newly appeared Territory Lords were all Innate Territory Lords who came directly from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. Each and every one of them was far stronger than the Territory Lords of the past.


After hundreds of years of fighting, Chen Yuan had only managed to kill three Territory Lords. Moreover, each time he had to team up with others to score a kill. Each battle was extremely arduous and he had put his life on the line several times to achieve such results.


Today, he finally managed to vent all the frustrations in his heart. He finally got to enjoy the feel of killing a Territory Lord with a single slash of his sword.


Even though the success of his attack was not entirely due to his own efforts and more so because of Yang Kai’s sneak attack, he was the one to take the Territory Lord’s head. That was more than enough for him.


While he was still immersed in his flurry of emotions, the other four Territory Lords’ expressions changed drastically.


The originally tense situation suddenly turned into a battle where life and death could be decided at any moment, making the Territory Lords shocked and apprehensive. They could not understand what just happened.


Not just them, but even the other Eighth-Order Human Masters were confused as to why Chen Yuan suddenly became so fierce. 


But soon, they understood the root of everything, Yang Kai had arrived!


After shooting a Soul Rending Thorn, Yang Kai could not hide his tracks any longer. As such, he simply chose to come out from the bottom of the Warship and fire another Soul Rending Thorn, targeting another Territory Lord.


After firing the first Soul Rending Thorn, Yang Kai did not pay any attention to Chen Yuan’s opponent. If Chen Yuan was unable to finish his opponent even with the help of a Soul Rending Thorn and an Evil Purging Divine Spear, his years of arduous cultivation would be a waste.


What Yang Kai needed to do now was to kill as many of these Territory Lords as quickly as possible. If he hesitated for even a moment, these Territory Lords might escape.


This was a rare opportunity as the Black Ink Clan in Profound Nether Territory was under the impression that he was still trapped in Acacia Territory, and thus, had wantonly launched an assault on the Human Race. They had no idea that Yang Kai had already escaped. This was a huge oversight.


Nonetheless, it could not be blamed on the Black Ink Clansmen in Acacia Territory; after all, how could they have known that Yang Kai could freely use the World Tree to travel to the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and then to other Universe Worlds?


Only a small number of Humans knew about this secret.


A war was not just about differences in strength, information also played a crucial role in determining the course of battle.


While the members of both races were still reeling from shock, Yang Kai had already fired a second Soul Rending Thorn, making a defenceless Territory Lord cry in pain as he staggered unsteadily.


Yang Kai didn’t stop there and immediately fired a third Soul Rending Thorn at the next closest Territory Lord.


The Soul Rending Thorns carried impressive destructive might, but they were also quite simple to defend against. As long as one shielded their Soul diligently, it would greatly weaken the Soul Rending Thorn’s effectiveness. Yang Kai could not give these Territory Lords any chance to mount a defence.


With another set of miserable screams, two Territory Lords were heavily injured by the Soul Rending Thorns and staggered as their auras started fluctuating wildly.


There were five Territory Lords here, of which one was seriously injured while the other four were completely unharmed. They had the absolute upper hand against the four Eighth-Order Human Masters presiding over this front.


But the tides had turned in an instant. One Territory Lord was decapitated in a single stroke, and another two were injured and had their auras plummet. So, including the one who was already seriously injured, only one Territory Lord was currently left unscathed.



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