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Martial Peak – Chapter 5574, Initiating the Attack

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Six Arms asked, “How many do you want?”


Mo Na Ye replied, “Since Yang Kai can attack three times, at least three. It would be best if there were five.”


Six Arms couldn’t help but furrow his brow, hesitantly asking, “You want that many?”


Mo Na Ye explained, slowly shaking his head, “Sir, from what I can tell, Yang Kai is an extremely cautious person, despite his actions seeming so bold and bombastic. If he doesn’t have absolute confidence in succeeding, he won’t act rashly. What’s more, he is now the Army Commander of the Profound Nether Army, so he will be more cautious than ever. Even a fool will get suspicious if there is just one vulnerable target. Yang Kai won’t take such obvious bait. We need to dispel his suspicions. Of course, we can’t use too many as too much vulnerability will also be suspicious.”


Six Arms pondered for a moment. Although he had some resentment towards Mo Na Ye, he had to admit that what the latter said made sense.


Seeing him hesitate, Mo Na Ye added, “Sir, this Yang Kai is already so strong when he is just an Eighth-Order Master. Has Sir thought about what would happen if he were to break through to the Ninth Order someday?”


Six Arms had not considered this before, but after giving it a thought, he couldn’t help but shiver.


[That’s right, Yang Kai is already so powerful in the Eighth Order, what would happen if he broke through to the Ninth Order? At that time, even Royal Lords would not be his opponent!]


Without any more hesitation, Six Arms declared, “Go get ready. I have arrangements to make on my side.”


Although he didn’t obtain the answer he wanted, Mo Na Ye knew that Six Arms was tempted, and since he was tempted, he would definitely act according to his plan. Without further ado, Mo Na Ye nodded and left.


A short while later, the Black Ink Clan Army also began to mobilize under a series of Six Arms’ orders, preparing to deal with the assault of the Human Race. The Black Ink Clansmen who were healing in the Black Ink Nests also emerged one after another.


The battle was about to begin.


The scouts of both sides constantly shuttled back and forth, passing information they had obtained from the frontline back to their respective command centres. Half a day later, the two Armies drew closer to each other; they looked like two swarms of locusts.


Seventh-Order cultivators were shuttling around the fleets, passing orders for the Squads to check their armaments and prepare for battle.


This was the first time the Profound Nether Army had launched such a large-scale attack on their own initiative and it was quite a significant move. As a result, the morale and fighting spirit of the soldiers had risen to a whole new level.


Soon, when the distance between the two Armies had reached a critical point, the beats of war drums started reverberating across the battlefield from the vanguard one after another.


Under the leadership of Ou Yang Lie and the other Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, the Human Race Army began their attack.


The battle broke out in an instant, and the moment the two Armies clashed, the entire Profound Nether Territory appeared to shudder. The brilliance of Secret Techniques and artifacts filled the entire void, brightly illuminating the previously dark Profound Nether Territory.


Warships shuttled here and there, coordinating with each other as they bombarded the approaching Black Ink Clan troops.


Every time a war broke out, the Human Race would always hold the advantage in the opening moments as they killed countless enemies at long range. This was not because the Human Race Army was stronger per se, but rather because the Black Ink Clan always sent out weak cannon fodder first as a means of exhausting the Humans.


The Black Ink Clan could spawn as much cannon fodder as they wanted, so no matter how many of them died, so long as they had Black Ink Nests and ample resources, the ranks could be refilled.


It was completely different for the Human Race. The current Human Armies might not hold a candle to the elites who fought back on the Black Ink Battlefield, but they were still plenty stronger on average than the Black Ink Clan cannon fodder. Not to mention the Humans still had their Warships to bolster their strength.


Most of the Black Ink Clan cannon fodder charging at the forefront had been killed in less than an hour, while the main force of the Black Ink Clan Army took action soon after. The main Black Ink Clan Army mainly consisted of Low-Rank Black Ink Clansmen, equivalent to Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Human Masters.


The Black Ink Clan’s casualties continued to rise, but the Human Race’s momentum had been blunted quite dramatically; after all, the Human Race was at a huge disadvantage in terms of numbers.


Six Arms in the rear failed to understand the Human Race’s plan, nor could he understand where the Human Race was getting its confidence from. Even if they could kill some useless cannon fodder, they still wouldn’t be able to resist the main Army of the Black Ink Clan.


It might look like the Black Ink Clan had taken quite huge losses, but their casualties were still within a tolerable range. On the other hand, if the Humans tired themselves out too quickly and got themselves surrounded by the Black Ink Clan Army, their losses would be devastating.


Since he couldn’t figure it out though, Six Arms did not brood too much over it. Right now, his entire focus was on finding Yang Kai’s whereabouts.


Unsurprisingly, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen. He must be hiding somewhere and waiting for an opportunity to strike.


Intentionally or unintentionally, Six Arms’ gaze swept across a few particular locations on the battlefield. Those were the locations where he had set the bait. If Yang Kai really made a move, he would definitely target those Territory Lords.


Mo Na Ye was nowhere to be seen either, and would not make an appearance unless Yang Kai did.


Six Arms furrowed his brow and looked behind him towards where the main camp of the Black Ink Clan was situated. There were many Black Ink Nests there, which could be considered the foundation of Profound Nether Territory’s Black Ink Clan. Could Yang Kai be planning to invade their main camp?


Six Arms was a little suspicious, but it did not matter even if Yang Kai really went to the main camp as 10 Territory Lords were still standing guard there. Yang Kai would not be able to raise any waves, even if he tried to sneak in.


The Territory Lords were far greater in number than the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, which was why Six Arms had made such arrangements.


The battle had been raging intensely from the very start. It was like the Human Race Army had lost their minds as they were going all out right from the start, as if they wanted to vent all the resentment they had accumulated over the years in this one battle.


Nonetheless, the Human Race’s offence was stopped soon after when the Black Ink Clan main Army launched a counterattack and quickly put them into a disadvantageous position.


[Yang Kai has still not been sighted. It seems he’s quite patient.]


Just as Six Arms was thinking so, a sun-like brilliance suddenly flashed somewhere on the battlefield!


This sun-like flash appeared to be some kind of a signal as small white suns erupted all over the battlefield, one after another, illuminating the entire void.


Even though the suns had erupted quite a distance away from him, the pure rays of white light blaring one after another made Six Arms feel extremely uncomfortable.


Six Arms had seen this light before and knew that it was the power of some artifact. The Human Race also used these artifacts in the war two years ago.


Six Arms had no idea about this artifact’s name, but Black Ink Clan survivors of that battle had reported that it had an extremely suppressive effect on Black Ink Strength. The rays originating from what seemed to be spears could actually vaporize Black Ink Strength. 


Back then, much to the Black Ink Clan’s dismay, a Territory Lord hit by this artifact was instantly injured and had he not quickly escaped, he would have been killed by an Eighth-Order Human Master.


When these flashes of light reappeared, a despondent look appeared on Six Arms’ face.


They had been fighting the Profound Nether Army for several decades now, but the Human Race had not used this artifact before. It was used for the first time two years ago, but at that time, the Humans did not possess many of these artifacts, so the Black Ink Clan did not suffer too many casualties from them.


However, the current situation was different. That pure white brilliance was erupting all across the battlefield one after another, and it covered a vast expanse of space every time.


[How could the Human Race have so many such artifacts? Why didn’t they use them before?]


Although he was unable to understand, Six Arms knew it was this Human Race trump card that gave them the confidence to launch an attack. He reached this conclusion because the Human Race Army, which was at a disadvantage just a moment ago, instantly became as fierce as a Tiger and mighty as a Dragon after the appearance of these brilliances, overwhelming the Black Ink Clan Army to the point that they were unable to mount any counterattack.


Some Territory Lords were injured, and numerous Feudal Lords died at the hand of this artifact.


Six Arms would not even bat an eye at the deaths of Low-Rank Black Ink Clansmen, regardless of how many of them died, but the deaths of Feudal Lords were different. The birth of each Feudal Lord was not easy, and the Black Ink Clan was counting on these Feudal Lords to become Territory Lords and then Royal Lords in the future. Their annihilation would set the Black Ink Clan towards a bleak future.


Fortunately, the Black Ink Clan Army quickly stabilized the situation and maintained their formation after a short period of panic and loss. Now though, they didn’t try to kill their opponents and instead focused on defending themselves.


For a time, the situation on the battlefield reached a stalemate.


The Black Ink Clan had the absolute advantage in terms of numbers, but thanks to the Evil Purging Divine Spears, the Human Race would not be at a disadvantage for a short time.


Be that as it may, the Evil Purging Divine Spears would eventually be exhausted, and once that happened, if the Humans had not yet retreated, what awaited them then would be a merciless slaughter.


Somewhere on the battlefield, Ou Yang Lie was bathed in blood as he engaged in a life-and-death battle.


Since the start of the battle, he had been caught in a one versus two situation. It had been a difficult fight, but fortunately, he had been through this very situation multiple times, so even though he had fallen into a disadvantageous position, his life was not in immediate danger.


On top of that, Ou Yang Lie was also keenly aware that his two opponents were not using their full strength as they were obviously on guard against something.


Regarding this, Ou Yang Lie was well aware that these people were worried about Yang Kai sneak attacking them. Although this situation would make it difficult for Yang Kai to launch a sneak attack here, it did make Ou Yang Lie’s situation a little more bearable.


Pitifully, he had just asked Yang Kai to give him a helping hand in killing a Territory Lord so he could brag about it, but by the looks of things, it was highly unlikely to happen this time. Since two Territory Lords were targeting him, it would not be the best choice for Yang Kai to attack here.


In the void, Mo Na Ye and four other Territory Lords were hiding inside a Black Ink Cloud, concealing their auras as they observed the battlefield.


Black Ink Clouds were everywhere on the battlefield, and the Human Race would not venture inside to investigate them if they could avoid doing so, so it was the best place to hide without worrying about being exposed.


Through the Black Ink Cloud, Mo Na Ye’s sharp eyes were scanning the surroundings. He was certain that Yang Kai was hiding somewhere, waiting for an opportunity to attack.


[Perhaps… Yang Kai was also hiding in a Black Ink Cloud?]


Mo Na Ye looked towards the various Black Ink Clouds, having no clue. Suddenly, he muttered, “You Gong, if you dare to escape again, I will not forgive you.”


Beside him, You Gong’s face flushed red as he muttered, “Don’t worry, I also want to kill that Yang Kai. If he dares to show his face, he will definitely die!”


Mo Na Ye glanced at him coldly and snorted, stating, “That’s for the best.”


Last time, in Acacia Territory, You Gong was scared witless by Yang Kai, which Mo Na Ye still felt indignant about. If it weren’t for You Gong’s cowardice back then, they would not be in this trouble today.



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