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Martial Peak – Chapter 5575, The Oriole Behind

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Five Territory Lords had set up an ambush for Yang Kai this time. Mo Na Ye was confident that so long as Yang Kai dared to show himself, he could hold him down.


While they were talking, a burst of Spiritual Energy fluctuation suddenly surged somewhere on the battlefield before disappearing in a flash.


All kinds of energy fluctuations were surging across the chaotic battlefield, so if one was not deliberately paying attention, it would be difficult to detect these specific fluctuations. But since Mo Na Ye had been constantly monitoring the surroundings, how could he miss this sign?


A bright gleam flashed across his eyes, [Yang Kai made his move!]


These Spiritual Energy fluctuations were extremely familiar. In Acacia Territory, every time Yang Kai launched a sneak attack, such fluctuations would appear.


Mo Na Ye immediately looked towards the source of the Spiritual Energy fluctuations and instantly spotted Yang Kai rushing out from a Black Ink Cloud!


[As expected, he was hiding inside a Black Ink Cloud,] Mo Na Ye had been keeping an eye on the various Black Ink Clouds, but he had no idea when Yang Kai had snuck inside of this particular one. Helpless, he could not help but secretly sigh at Yang Kai’s elusiveness.


The other four Territory Lords also caught sight of Yang Kai and were about to rush out, but Mo Na Ye raised his hand and stopped them, “Wait!”


The Territory Lords were puzzled. They were hiding to ambush Yang Kai, but now that Yang Kai had appeared on the battlefield, they could not understand what they were waiting for.


Mo Na Ye had no intention of speaking further, but he still patiently explained, “He can use that attack three times!”


He did not elaborate after that, but the Territory Lords instantly understood. Mo Na Ye… was quite insidious. He was waiting for Yang Kai to exhaust his trump card on the other Territory Lords. Once Yang Kai had used up his unique method, he would be no different than an ordinary Eighth-Order Master. At that time, what did this team of five Territory Lords have to fear?


However, one of the Territory Lords hesitatingly asked, “If we don’t act now, how would we explain it to Sir Six Arms?” 


If a Territory Lord died because of their delay, Six Arms would definitely blame them.


Mo Na Ye indifferently stated, “Killing Yang Kai is the best explanation.”


The Territory Lords looked at each other in dismay as a chill gripped their hearts. Apparently, Mo Na Ye had gone somewhat insane after the defeat in Acacia Territory. He was now even willing to sacrifice a few Territory Lords just to kill Yang Kai.


Doing so might be cruel and unacceptable, but it could still significantly increase their own safety. After all, they were reluctant to face Yang Kai when he still could use his ultimate move; thus, no one had any objections.


By the time they looked in that direction once more, the battle had already ended on that part of the battlefield as they sensed the fall of a Territory Lord.


The Territory Lord’s opponent was none other than Chen Yuan, who knew right away that Yang Kai was making his move the moment he sensed the unique Spiritual Energy fluctuations.


Having experienced the same thing two years ago, why would Chen Yuan hesitate? He immediately unleashed his strongest Divine Ability, splitting his sword into 3,000 beams of light that rained down on the Territory Lord.


Two years ago, when Yang Kai had launched a sneak attack, Chen Yuan had beheaded a Territory Lord in one attack. It could be said that everything had gone very smoothly.


But this time, the Territory Lords were obviously on guard so Chen Yuan failed to kill the opposite party in one move, only managing to severely injure him. Fortunately, Yang Kai timely attacked with his spear, piercing it straight through the Territory Lord’s heart.


Chen Yuan swung his sword once more, beheading the Territory Lord!


The Territory Lord seemed to have cursed something or someone before his death, his eyes filled with indignation, but Chen Yuan could not be bothered with the cries of the defeated. He raised his head to look around, but Yang Kai was nowhere in sight. He had already gone back into hiding who knows where.


Chen Yuan lifted up his sword, turned around, and flew towards another battlefield where another Eighth-Order Master and Territory Lords were locked in a heated battle to provide assistance! The Eighth-Order Master was besieged by two Territory Lords, so, even if he used an Evil Purging Divine Spear, he would still be in danger.


What he did not know was that the Territory Lord had cursed Mo Na Ye before his death. According to what he had heard from Six Arms, Mo Na Ye would immediately come to assist him once Yang Kai appeared.


He also knew that he was a bait arranged by Six Arms to lure Yang Kai out, so he had always been on guard and had been defending his Soul zealously. This was the reason why the Soul Rending Thorn failed to completely incapacitate him and Chen Yuan failed to kill him in one attack. If Mo Na Ye had timely come to his aid, he might not have lost his life, but Mo Na Ye did not show up, so how could he not curse the latter?


The death of a Territory Lord affected the entire battlefield.


From the get go, the Territory Lords had always been on guard against Yang Kai’s sneak attack. They had not been using their full strength against the Eighth-Open Heaven Realm Masters, worried that Yang Kai would suddenly appear out of thin air and attack them, but even after all of their preparations, a Territory Lord had still died.


All the Territory Lords started to feel insecure after the first of them fell, especially the Territory Lords who had been arranged to act as bait by Six Arms. They could not wait to turn tail and flee.


Mo Na Ye, who was hiding in the Black Ink Cloud, was also feeling nervous now.


Mo Na Ye believed that as long as Yang Kai’s whereabouts were exposed, he would be unable to hide once more. It was for this reason he had decided to wait until Yang Kai had exhausted all his special Soul attacks before taking him down.


Mo Na Ye’s plan was quite good, but he had never expected that Yang Kai would be able to vanish without leaving any trace after swiftly taking down his target.


It was as if he had simply disappeared into thin air.


The problem was that Yang Kai had finished his assault too quickly. In less than three breaths after making an entrance, he had chewed up and spat out the bait with the assistance of another Eighth-Order Master. Mo Na Ye was simply powerless to track him.


Mo Na Ye’s expression suddenly became extremely unsightly as he came to realize that he had still been too naïve. The situation had developed completely differently from his calculations. How was he supposed to track Yang Kai if the latter could just up and vanish?


Right then, another burst of Spiritual Energy fluctuations flared up. Mo Na Ye immediately looked towards its source, where he saw Yang Kai reappear in a distant location.


Mo Na Ye could not sit still anymore and fiercely shouted, “Let’s go!”


Having said so, he flew straight towards that location. You Gong and the other Territory Lords were momentarily taken aback, but quickly chased after him.


At this moment, Yang Kai was wantonly attacking a Territory Lord with another Eighth-Open Heaven Realm Master. His Azure Dragon Spear moved back and forth, leaving gaping wounds on the Territory Lord’s body.


It was a simple matter to defend against the Soul Rending Thorns. Once the Territory Lords decided to heavily shield their Souls, the Soul Rending Thorn’s might was greatly reduced, but so what?


In a life-and-death battle between Masters, even a momentary flaw could lead to a disastrous end. No Eighth-Order Master was to be trifled with, so once they saw an opportunity, they would seize upon it with all their might.


The moment a Territory Lord was struck by a Soul Rending Thorn, whether they were on guard or not, they would be momentarily distracted, which was a huge flaw.


Yang Kai promptly followed up with a deadly attack!


In this world, how could a Territory Lord resist the combined might of him and another Eighth-Order Master?


Killing the second Territory Lord took a bit longer, about 10 breaths from start to finish, but the moment this Territory Lord fell, Yang Kai felt a few fierce aura lock onto him from a distance.


Looking up, he saw five Territory Lords rushing over, three of whom… looked a little familiar.


[Didn’t I encounter them in Acacia Territory? He’s… You Gong if I recall correctly.]


[Five Territory Lords, they really think highly of me.]


Yang Kai sneered in his heart as he realized that these five Territory Lords were specifically targeting him; otherwise, they had no reason to rush straight towards him.


Obviously, the Eighth-Order Master had also noticed them and promptly proposed with a stern look on his face, “Sir, please leave first, I’ll block them!”


Yang Kai snapped, “Block them my ass. You go help the others!”


Anyone who stood in the way of these five Territory Lords would be killed right then and there. Even Yang Kai himself did not dare to confront them head-on.


Hearing this, the Eighth-Order Master didn’t hesitate and headed straight towards a nearby battlefield, like Chen Yuan. Yang Kai didn’t escape using Space Principles like before, but rather glanced provocatively at the five Territory Lords charging towards him before shooting off in another direction.


In that direction was another bait arranged by Six Arms.


Since it was bait specially prepared for him, it naturally attracted Yang Kai’s attention. Just like the two Territory Lords who had been killed before, this Territory Lord was also fighting an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master one-on-one in a remote part of the battlefield. Only by doing so could he be considered bait.


Heeding Mo Na Ye’s advice, Six Arms had arranged a total of five such bait on the entire battlefield.


Whereas other battles between Eighth-Order Masters and Territory Lords were group battles, like with Ou Yang Lie, one against two, or two against three. In short, the Human Race was at a disadvantage almost everywhere.


Fortunately, the Territory Lords were preserving their strength to defend against sneak attacks; furthermore, the Human Race Masters had Evil Purging Divine Spears to defend themselves, so things were not that bad for the moment.


Otherwise, the Humans would have suffered heavy losses as they were the ones to initiate the attack and had no additional Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters for backup.


All the Territory Lords on the entire battlefield were wary of Yang Kai’s movements, and the death of two of their comrades in such a short time had struck terror into their hearts.


When the nearest bait noticed Yang Kai charging straight at him with murderous intent, the Territory Lord immediately discarded any notion of continuing his battle and focused his entire strength on fleeing.


Although the Human Race Eighth-Order Masters tried their best to stop him, he was unable to. Innate Territory Lords were powerful to begin with, so if they were determined to flee, even Eighth-Order Masters were powerless to stop them.


Witnessing the Territory Lord transforming into a streak of black light, trying to flee, Yang Kai sped up and surged his Space Principles, solidifying the nearby space. At the same time, he launched a Soul Rending Thorn.


The Black Ink Cloud that was about to leave the battlefield momentarily froze before suddenly scattering, reverting back to the Territory Lord’s figure. However, the Territory Lord was howling in pain at this moment, his face distorted in pain. His cry was so sharp that even the Eighth-Order Master who was fighting him felt his heart clench.


In fact, Yang Kai’s use of Soul Rending Thorns to assassinate the enemy was no secret among the higher-ups of the Profound Nether Army; after all, Ou Yang Lie knew about the Soul Rending Thorn and was not one to hold his tongue when asked.


They also knew that every time Yang Kai used a Soul Rending Thorn, he would need to sacrifice a piece of his own Soul; however, very few people had personally experienced such heart-wrenching pain so they could not understand just what sort of agony this technique produced.


Although the Eighth-Order Master had never tasted such pain, he could imagine how much it would hurt from the reaction of the Territory Lord after he was hit by the Soul Rending Thorn.


The Soul Rending Thorn was a sacrificial technique, and once used, both the user and its target would suffer intense pain.


The Territory Lord was in so much agony that he would rather die, but even though Yang Kai’s face had gone completely pale from the pain, he did not utter a single cry. The Eighth-Order Master was awe-inspired after seeing Yang Kai’s endurance and perseverance.


Yang Kai had paid such a huge price, so if he were to let the enemy escape now, that would truly be a joke.


This Eighth-Order Master’s face immediately darkened as he promptly summoned his Divine Manifestation, preparing to go all out!


Unlike Yang Kai’s Golden Crow Casts the Sun, and Feng Ying’s Myriad Sword Dragons Venerable, this Eighth-Order Master’s Divine Ability Manifestation was even more majestic and brilliant. Impressively, it conjured up a dazzling golden humanoid phantom that was exuding a fearsome and overwhelming aura, giving the impression as if an ancient god had descended.


The humanoid phantom stood behind the Eighth-Order Master, holding a long sword just like him, but the sword was bigger and thicker.


The next moment, the Eighth-Order Master raised his sword and swung it hard as the phantom behind him mirrored his actions. Immediately after, the Void was cut apart and Black Ink Strength started dissipating. Right then, a slit spread across the Territory Lord before his body separated into two.



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