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Martial Peak – Chapter 5576, Chasing and Intercepting

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The Eighth-Order Master was filled with joy after successfully killing the Territory Lord, but before he could rejoice, Yang Kai’s voice rang in his ear. When he looked up, Yang Kai was already quite a distance away.


At the same time, he also sensed several fearsome auras rapidly heading in his direction.


When the Eighth-Order Master looked towards the auras, he saw five powerful Territory Lords, including Mo Na Ye, heading straight towards him. This scared the Hell out of him and he quickly turned tail and fled in the opposite direction from Yang Kai.


Apparently, Mo Na Ye and the others were not interested in this Eighth-Order Master as their target was only Yang Kai.


Quite a lot of Territory Lords in Profound Nether Territory had lost their lives because of Yang Kai, so unless he was killed, not a single Territory Lord could feel at ease.


Furthermore, Yang Kai had already used his ace three times in a row, killing three Territory Lords. Yang Kai did not have the strength to use it again.


The current Yang Kai was like a Tiger without his fangs, so how could Mo Na Ye and the other Territory Lords be afraid of anything? This was a rare opportunity. If they failed to kill Yang Kai this time, who knows when they could find another opportunity like this.


As such, Mo Na Ye, leading the other four Territory Lords, chased after Yang Kai doggedly.


During the chase, they crossed the vast battlefield. At some point, Mo Na Ye and the others heard the beating of war drums from the Human Race. The rhythm was quite distinct and powerful, but they had no idea what kind of order they were issuing.


In any case, the five Territory Lords couldn’t care less about it as all of their focus was on Yang Kai.


Mo Na Ye’s face distorted with frustration after chasing Yang Kai for a while as he realized that even if Yang Kai had become a toothless tiger, they were still powerless to do anything to him because he was simply too fast. They could not catch him, and thus, could not kill him no matter how badly they wanted to.


Just like how Eighth-Order Humans could not do anything if an Innate Territory was determined to escape, Territory Lords were powerless to do anything if an Eighth-Order Master tried to escape with everything they had.


This was also the reason why not many Eighth-Order Masters and Territory Lords had fallen over the last few decades. When things went south, no one just sat around waiting to die.


Two Eighth-Order Masters had fallen in the battle two years ago mainly because Profound Nether Territory was about to fall and they had no choice but to fight to the death. Had they not been willing to sacrifice their lives, the Humans would have suffered even greater casualties, and they might have even lost Profound Nether Territory to the Black Ink Clan.


Mo Na Ye had fallen into an awkward situation. With the five Territory Lords working together, they indeed had a real chance of killing Yang Kai, but that was only if the other party stopped fleeing and faced them in battle.


This left Mo Na Ye with a stomach full of grievances but nowhere to vent them. He was the one to propose this strategy to Six Arms, and Six Arms had done his part to cooperate; however, if he failed to gain anything despite the fact that they had sacrificed three Territory Lords, Six Arms would definitely lose his temper.


Left with no choice, Mo Na Ye summoned a Black Ink Nest into his hand. It was an extremely small Black Ink Nest, roughly the size of his palm. It was an incompletely hatched Black Ink Nest, and naturally incapable of breeding Black Ink Clansmen. Be that as it may, it could still be used for communication.


This was only a Low-Rank Black Ink Nest, for it was just used for communication so its rank did not really matter.


Mo Na Ye’s Divine Sense surged as he sent a message using the tiny Black Ink Nest in his hand.


Unable to catch Yang Kai, Mo Na Ye had no choice but to request reinforcements.


A short while later, three of the Territory Lords remaining on the primary Universe World where the Black Ink Clan’s main camp was located rose into the sky and flew off into the void.


Frustration piled up in the pursuing Mo Na Ye’s heart as he continued to make new arrangements while the fleeing Yang Kai was completely relaxed. Although the repeated use of the Soul Rending Thorns ended up giving him a splitting headache, he was already used to it by this point so it did not affect him much. At most, his combat effectiveness had suffered a little.


As he was unable to use more Soul Rending Thorns for the time being, he could not bother to engage the Territory Lords. The main reason he was fleeing now was that he wanted to lure these five Territory Lords away from the battlefield.


According to the original plan, the Human Race Army should be withdrawing right about now. The Humans did not have that many Evil Purging Divine Spears, and their Army’s strength was no match for the Black Ink Clan in a straight up fight. 


Yang Kai had already heard the beating of war drums, signalling the retreat, and he knew that leading five Territory Lords away would make it easier for the Army to withdraw.


In fact, he could easily escape from his pursuers using Space Principles if he wanted to. Even if the Territory Lords’ auras had locked onto him, so what?


When even Royal Lords failed to capture him in the past, what could mere Territory Lords do?


Since he could escape at any moment, Yang Kai naturally had nothing to fear, and that was why he was letting them follow him.


After a while, Yang Kai sensed something and looked up, vaguely sensing a powerful aura rapidly approaching him.


Yang Kai raised his brow as he muttered to himself, [Someone is blocking the way ahead.]


He thus promptly changed direction.


But a moment later, another Territory Lord rapidly approached him from the front, blocking his way.


Yang Kai changed direction once more.


After about an hour of this situation repeating itself, Yang Kai stopped in the void and looked around.


Mo Na Ye was gleeful as his request for help had not gone in vain. Having been chased and intercepted like this, Yang Kai now had nowhere to run.


[Let’s see how you will escape from this!]


For the distance, Territory Lords’ powerful auras had locked onto Yang Kai like chains. If he made any rash move, he would be showered with attacks from all sides.


As the gap between them was shortened, Mo Na Ye could faintly see Yang Kai’s figure.


While both sides were looking from across the distance, their eyes suddenly met. Mo Na Ye’s eyes were burning with fury, but a look of joy was also present in the depths of their eyes, whereas Yang Kai had a completely calm and stoic look on his face.


Yang Kai’s lips moved up and down, but Mo Na Ye did not hear what he said, but from his lip movements, he could only vaguely tell that Yang Kai was calling him an idiot…


Immediately after, he saw Yang Kai lift his hands as they started radiating yellow and blue light.


Mo Na Ye immediately had a bad feeling and shouted, “Kill him!”


Immediately after giving the order to attack, Mo Na Ye’s aura surged as fearsome Black Ink Strength started to gather, transforming into a pure and powerful Secret Technique that shot straight towards Yang Kai.


The other Territory Lords beside him also simultaneously attacked Yang Kai.


In a flash, the world was flipped upside down.


Nonetheless, Mo Na Ye’s heart started pounding in anxiety because the moment they attacked, the yellow and blue light suddenly converged and transformed into a burst of pure white light. Under the brilliance of this white light, the Territory Lords’ senses that had locked onto Yang Kai were all cut off. Following which, they lost track of Yang Kai’s aura.


When the dust settled, eight Territory Lords converged together, staring at the place where Yang Kai once stood. Yang Kai’s traces were still there, along with faint fluctuations of Space Principles lingering in the void.


Everyone looked at each other while Mo Na Ye’s face filled with such grief that it was as if he had just lost both his parents.




After making a few detours, by the time Yang Kai returned to the frontline camp, the Human Race Army had already retreated. As it was an organized large-scale retreat, even if the Black Ink Clan relentlessly pursued them, they did not gain any advantage.


On the other hand, since the Human spared no expense and used countless Evil Purging Divine Spears, the Black Ink Clan had suffered massive casualties.


When the Eighth-Order Masters saw Yang Kai appear, they hurriedly came forward and greeted him one by one, cupping their fists.


Yang Kai’s gaze alternated between the Eighth-Order Masters. Discovering that despite all of them being injured, not a single one was missing, he lightly nodded, “Everyone who is injured, go and recuperate, we won’t be engaging in any battle for the time being. Also, order the Artifact Refiners in the Army to focus on refining more Evil Purging Divine Spears.”


“Yes, Sir!” Everyone loudly responded.


Yang Kai waved off everyone, “Go, I’m going to heal my injuries.”


Saying so, he headed straight towards his palace, leaving behind a group of Eighth-Order Masters who still had something to say.


This battle could be considered to be the most satisfying battle they had ever fought over the decades they had defended Profound Nether Territory. It was also the first time the Human Race had launched such a large-scale attack.


All the battles they had fought in the past had lasted from half a month to even half a year, but today, from the moment they engaged with the Black Ink Clan to the moment the Army retreated, only half a day had passed, that’s all. It could even be said that this battle was as fast as lightning, yet the results were simply amazing.


Just the number of Territory Lords alone killed in this battle had reached three, while the Black Ink Clan casualties below the Territory Lord level reached the million mark. Although most of the Black Ink Clansmen killed were cannon fodder, there were also many Feudal Lords among the dead.


Although the Profound Nether Army had also suffered some casualties, compared to their gains, it was completely negligible.


All of this was thanks to the Evil Purging Divine Spears.


The Human Race Army had taken a great risk by attacking the Black Ink Clan without any reinforcements. In the past, the Humans had always relied on various pre-arranged defensive emplacements to resist the Black Ink Clan’s attacks, but such a strategy could only prolong the war, not win it. It was not that the Eighth-Order Masters did not want to go on offence, it was just that they did not have the capital to do so.


However, the Evil Purging Divine Spears made up for this shortcoming.


Using the Evil Purging Divine Spears without any regard to the expense had greatly restrained the Black Ink Clan Army. However, in just one clash, the Profound Nether Army had consumed all the Evil Purging Divine Spears they had amassed over the past two years.


And this was when the battle had lasted just half a day.


Without the Evil Purging Divine Spears’ suppression, the Human Race’s casualties would have definitely been tremendous if they had not retreated in time.


Of all the gains though, the death of three Territory Lords was undoubtedly the biggest. No matter how many Black Ink Clansmen were killed, if none of the Territory Lords died, everything would have been useless. The Territory Lords were the top forces of the Black Ink Clan. If the Humans managed to kill all the Territory Lords in Profound Nether Territory someday, no matter how many Black Ink Clansmen were left thereafter, they wouldn’t amount to anything.


“Sir Army Commander is young and promising. Every Soul Rending Thorn momentarily stuns a Territory Lord, leaving them at the mercy of us Humans. Just one swing is enough to behead a Territory Lord, like chopping off a melon,” Chen Yuan’s blood started boiling as he recalled the scene of the last battle.


He had killed a Territory Lord with Yang Kai’s help two years ago, and got the opportunity to kill another one during this battle.


“En, Soul Rending Thorns are the best method to attack the Territory Lords. When the Territory Lord who was fighting me was hit by one, his strength plummeted by about 70%. He tried to escape, but Sir Army Commander arrived in the nick of time and stopped him.”


“Sir Army Commander is really brave and unflappable. He even managed to escape safely from the pursuit of five Territory Lords. That’s truly admirable.”


The group of Eighth-Order Masters were chattering like children who had seen something for the first time in their life, singing praises in admiration.


It wasn’t that they wanted to brag, but the dire situation in Profound Nether Territory had suddenly improved after Yang Kai’s arrival, a fact they all had to acknowledge.


“The Soul Rending Thorn is so powerful. I wonder if we can cultivate it too?” Someone pondered.


If this method could be disseminated to everyone, it would be a huge boon to the Human Race as from then on, they could all easily kill Territory Lords.


“From what I’ve heard, this technique requires the use of a special artifact, and the price of using it is too high; both the user and its target will have to endure the pain of their Souls being torn apart. So, it can’t be used by just anyone.”



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