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Martial Peak – Chapter 5582, Only Two Ninth-Order Masters

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While the Human Race’s military training was in full swing in Profound Nether Territory, Yang Kai had already rushed to Wind Mist Territory.


He had come here to see the last two living Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Wind Mist Territory was the first Great Territory that the Black Ink Clan Army had invaded and it was in complete shambles now. Traces of the Black Ink Clan’s invasion could be seen everywhere and all its Universe Worlds lay in utter ruin.


At the place where the Territory Barrier was breached, Old Ancestors Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing were sitting cross-legged in the void, each of them slowly forming hand seals one after another. Right in between the two of them, an arm that seemed capable of shattering the sky was reaching out through the Territory Barrier.


This arm belonged to none other than the Black Ink Giant Spirit God who had awakened in the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land.


When the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was awakened, he had rushed straight to the Barren Territory from the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land. Resisting the fierce attacks of the Human Race Masters, he reached the weak point of the Territory Barrier and smashed it with a single punch, thrusting its arm through two Great Territories.


Since then, the passage between the Barren Territory and Wind Mist Territory had been forced completely open. The Black Ink Clan Army, which was locked in a fierce battle with the Human Race in the Barren Territory, passed through this broken Territory Barrier and flooded into Wind Mist Territory. Ever since, the Black Ink Clan’s invasion became unstoppable.


Soon after that incident, the vast majority of the Ninth-Order Old Ancestors sacrificed themselves to open up an opportunity for the next generation of the Human Race, exterminating all but two of the Black Ink Clan Royal Lords and severely wounding this Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


The surviving Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing led the Human Race Army out of the Barren Territory and ordered the remnants to split up and go to the various Great Territories to preside over a mass evacuation and migration of the Human Race’s cultivators.


As for the two of them, they rushed straight to Wind Mist Territory and restrained the Black Ink Giant Spirit God with a joint Secret Technique, taking advantage of the fact that the Black Ink Giant Spirit God had to keep its arm in place to ensure the Territory Barrier remained open.


In the blink of an eye, nearly 100 years had passed.


Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing had managed to restrain the Black Ink Giant Spirit God all these years, but that also trapped them in Wind Mist Territory.


If the Human Race still had the help of these two Ninth-Order Masters, the situation in the Great Territory Battlefields would not have been nearly as tense as it was now.


When Yang Kai arrived at this place and laid eyes on that thick and enormous arm, his expression still changed, even if it was not his first time seeing it.


The Black Ink Giant Spirit God was simply too powerful.


As for Mo, who was able to create the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods, Yang Kai was simply unable to gauge its true depths.


The arm was currently tightly bound by numerous chains. If one looked closely, one would discover that these chains were actually manifested from innumerable complex runes. Obviously, these chains were the manifestation of the Secret Technique executed by the two Ninth-Order Old Ancestors.


Initially, Yang Kai thought that there would be many Black Ink Clansmen here monitoring the situation or worse, attacking the two Old Ancestors, but after arriving, he realized that he was mistaken. There was not a single Black Ink Clansman here.


This left him quite puzzled. Logically speaking, since the Black Ink Giant Spirit God was so powerful, the Black Ink Clan’s top priority should be helping him escape. In order to help him escape, attacking the two Ninth-Order Masters was the fastest solution.


The reason Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing were able to restrain this Black Ink Giant Spirit God was not because they were stronger, but because they had certain advantages on their side.


The Black Ink Giant Spirit God had shoved its arm through a Territory Barrier, meaning its main body was in one Great Territory, while its fist and forearm were in another. This had allowed the Black Ink Clan Army to pass through this opening, but it also helped Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing to shackle the Black Ink Giant Spirit God. While the two Old Ancestors could use their full strength, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God could only exert a fraction of it as most of its strength was used to keep the passage open.


If it weren’t for this, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God would have broken free long ago. In the past, a dozen Old Ancestors had needed to join forces to resist a single, heavily injured Black Ink Giant Spirit God, and even then they were barely a match. Now that the Human Race only had two Ninth-Order Masters remaining, how could they possibly restrain it?


Sensing Yang Kai’s aura, Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao opened her eyes and asked in surprise, “Why are you here?”


Yang Kai respectfully bowed, “Greetings, Old Ancestors.”


He was quite familiar with Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao. As for Wu Qing, Yang Kai had met him when he went to Yin-Yang Pass, but he was not that close to him.


Wu Qing nodded slightly in response.


Yang Kai then answered, “I came to see the two Old Ancestors. Is there anything I can help you with?”


Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao shook her head, “It’s alright, you can’t help us in this matter. How is the Human Race doing recently?”


The two perennially remained in Wind Mist Territory and had no contact with the outside world. Although Xiang Shan had come here twice, he could not remain for long. The last time he had come was some three or four decades ago, and the Great Territory Battlefields happened to be in dire straits at that time.


Yang Kai replied, “The situation is still relatively stable for the time being. Although the fighting never ceases, it will not be easy for the Black Ink Clan to defeat the Human Race. In addition, this Junior is highly valued by the Supreme Headquarters and has been appointed as Army Commander of the Profound Nether Army.”


Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao nodded, “You deserve it.” 


Suddenly, a smile appeared on her lips as she asked, “Since you are overseeing Profound Nether Territory, the Black Ink Clan there must be having a difficult time, right?”


Yang Kai thought for a moment before replying, “Junior has negotiated a peace treaty with them.”


Xiao Xiao was taken aback by this revelation, “A peace treaty?”


Wu Qing, who had been quietly listening to their conversation, also frowned and asked, “What treaty?”


“The Human Race must train!” Yang Kai explained his thoughts, to which Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing repeatedly nodded in agreement.


“You’ve considered it carefully. In fact, when Xiang Shan first came here, he also mentioned this matter,” Wu Qing thoughtfully stated.


This time, it was Yang Kai’s turn to be surprised, “Sir Xiang was also considering signing a peace treaty?”


Wu Qing shook his head in response and explained, “He didn’t say anything about a treaty, he was just worried about the future of the Human Race. He said that the good seedlings who had been hidden away might not be of much use in the future; however, he didn’t have any solution to this problem. You on the other hand have already taken a step ahead of him. Good work.”


Yang Kai immediately understood something that had puzzled him. It was no wonder the Supreme Headquarters quickly agreed when he reported the matter of treaty to them. Apparently, Xiang Shan had long considered this issue and had been searching for a solution all this time.


Thinking about it, it was impossible for a prudent and far-sighted man like Xiang Shan to just focus on the present.


“The Black Ink Clan actually agreed?” Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao was a bit puzzled.


“After killing enough of them to leave them terrified and traumatized, they naturally agreed,” Yang Kai calmly stated.


Wu Qing and Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao glanced at each other, secretly wondering just how many of the Territory Lord had died at his hand for them to be this afraid.


“Boy, you are quite arrogant for your age.”


Suddenly, a voice rang out in their ears. This voice seemed to be coming from an extremely faraway place, and yet it also seemed someone was whispering in their ears. Obviously, it was the Black Ink Giant Spirit God who was speaking.


Yang Kai could not be bothered with it though and simply looked at the two Ninth-Order Masters and continued, “The situation in Profound Nether Territory has stabilized for the time being, but if we want to train the next generation up, a single Great Territory may not be enough. This Junior is planning on patronizing the other Great Territory Battlefields in the future to open up a few more training grounds.”


Wu Qing agreed with a nod, “Good, but we still need to leave a few as they are. When those brats advance to the Eighth Order, they will need to fight with the Territory Lords to stimulate their growth.”


“This Junior had the same idea.”


The Black Ink Giant Spirit God spoke again, “Brat, why must your Human Race keep struggling so strenuously? Now that Cang and the others have all fallen, the Universe is destined to belong to my Black Ink Clan. The day this Supreme One breaks free will be the day all submit to us.”


Yang Kai frowned and thought for a moment before activating the Great Sun and Moon Marks, creating an enormous ball of Purifying Light that shot straight towards that thick arm.


The ball of pure light immediately disintegrated the lingering Black Ink Strength and the Black Ink Giant Spirit God could not help but let out a groan, but he still continued, “If you submit to this Supreme One now, I can guarantee on the behalf of the entire Black Ink Clan that we won’t corrupt you with Black Ink Strength and will allow you to retain your sentience.”


Yang Kai remained silent for a moment before creating another massive ball of Purifying Light.


In any case, he now had a lot of Yellow and Blue Crystals. Even if he ran out of them, he could still go to the Chaotic Dead Territory and ask Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan for more.


The Black Ink Giant Spirit God groaned again and shut its mouth.


It had finally discovered that the dog that bit him didn’t bark. Yang Kai simply had no intention of communicating with it. If it continued to blabber on, Yang Kai would definitely just use that Purifying Light again.


Although it would not hurt its foundation, the dissipation of its strength was extremely discomforting.


“This thing seems to be full of energy, can the two Old Ancestors restrain it?” Yang Kai worriedly asked.


Wu Qing replied with a smile, “If it decides to escape, the two of us won’t be able to stop it.”


Many things had become clear to them over the past century.


Yang Kai immediately became worried, “Then what should we do?”


If this Black Ink Giant Spirit God really managed to escape, the Human Race would not be able to resist him. Even if Fu Guang came out of seclusion and teamed up with Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing, they still would not be its opponents.


“Don’t worry,” Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao reassured, “He would have to pay a huge price in order to forcefully break free right now. At the very least, he will have to leave behind this arm that has crossed the two Great Territories. Furthermore, he is currently injured, so even if he breaks free, his strength will be greatly reduced.”


In the past, when the Black Ink Giant Spirit God awakened from the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land, he traversed through the Shattered Heaven and rushed to the Barren Territory, bearing the bombardment of countless Human Race Masters. No matter how powerful he was, he was still injured at that time, and to break the Territory Barrier, he had no choice but to pay a certain price.


After the Black Ink Giant Spirit God had shattered the Territory Barrier, the Ninth-Order Old Ancestors went all out to kill the invaders. By sacrificing their lives, not only did they manage to completely wipe out all but two Royal Lords, they also heavily injured the trapped Black Ink Giant Spirit God.


“He’s also waiting for an opportunity while healing himself. There won’t be any problem for the time being,” Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao explained.


Yang Kai nodded in response, feeling much more relieved. Only now did he understand why the Black Ink Clan had not sent troops to attack the two Human Race Old Ancestors. Even if they helped the Black Ink Giant Spirit God in escaping, he would still need time to heal himself.


On the other hand, this way the top Masters of both races could still restrain each other.


Fu Guang was still recuperating in the Dragon Pool, and it would probably take him hundreds or even over 1,000 years before he could leave. Once he came out of seclusion, he could come and help Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing, making it safer.


What troubled Yang Kai was that he didn’t know where Ah Da had gone.


It had been so many years, but he was still nowhere to be found.


Logically speaking, now that the Black Ink Clan had invaded the 3,000 Worlds and countless Universe Worlds had died, Ah Da should have appeared by now.


Yang Kai suspected that this guy was fast asleep in some remote Great Territory, which would make it all but impossible to find him without an exhaustive search.


“Old Ancestors, you don’t need to worry about the matters of the Human Race, us Juniors will handle them.”


Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao nodded, “Do your best, but don’t feel too pressured. We old fogeys have failed to live up to their expectations and forced the burden onto all of you.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “Do you need anything? Do you have enough supplies?”


Wu Qing replied, “You can leave us just a few supplies, we don’t need that much right now.”


Yang Kai immediately took out some provisions and placed them into a Space Ring before handing them to Wu Qing.


He then bowed again and bid his goodbye, “This Junior will take his leave.”


“Go on,” Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao nodded.


Yang Kai stared at the thick arm for a moment before using Space Principles and teleporting away.



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