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Martial Peak – Chapter 5591, Sharing the Same Sentiment

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Although there were no Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Void World, they had some basic information about the Open Heaven Realm in the Dao Temple.


The First-Order to Third-Order were considered the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm, the Fourth-Order to Sixth-Order were the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm, and the Seventh-Order to Ninth-Order were the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm.


The Fourth-Order and Seventh-Order were thresholds, and the powers of the cultivators in the different Ranks differed greatly.


The Low and Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, while powerful, could not be considered true powerhouses as their heritage simply wasn’t ample enough. As such, even though they had formed their own Small Universes, they remained immaterial.


Only after one ascended to the Seventh Order would their Small Universe materialise.


Fang Tian Ci was only in the Sixth Order, so his Small Universe should be immaterial, but that wasn’t the case. For some reason, his Small Universe had fully materialised.


Moreover, he was certain that he had successfully made it to the Seventh Order, but for some unknown reason, he dropped down to the Sixth Order all of a sudden.


Everything was a mystery to him. His ascension seemed different from those of the others.


In front of him, a calming voice was heard asking, “Do you feel any discomfort?”


Only then did Fang Tian Ci come to his senses as he promptly replied, “I’m fine. Many thanks for your concern, Dao Lord.”


Yang Kai nodded and placed his hands behind his back.


After pondering for a moment, Fang Tian Ci cupped his fist and said, “Dao Lord, I have a question.”


Hearing this, Yang Kai turned to him and nodded, “Go ahead.”


Fang Tian Ci went on to say, “I think my Small Universe has materialised, but I’m only in the Sixth Order. How is that possible?”


Hearing that, the people around him were surprised. It went against common sense for a Sixth-Order Master’s Small Universe to materialise. Furthermore, they had seen Fang Tian Ci’s Order plunging earlier. As such, his friends and Juniors appeared worried.


Yang Kai looked at him and replied calmly, “There were not many instances where a Sixth-Order Master’s Small Universe materialises, but it’s not unprecedented.”


Hearing that, Fang Tian Ci was shocked, “There were such instances in the past?”


Yang Kai replied, “En, I am one such case. I suppose your mastery of the Dao of Space is quite high.”


Fang Tian Ci replied respectfully, “I only know a thing or two. Dao Lord, do you mean that the transformation in my Small Universe has something to do with the fact that I’ve cultivated the Dao of Space?”


[I didn’t say that!] Yang Kai thought; however, there wasn’t a better explanation now, so he could only nod, “When I ascended to the Open Heaven Realm, I didn’t make it to the High Rank. Nonetheless, the same thing happened to my Small Universe.”


Fang Tian Ci fell into his thoughts, but he was evidently relieved.


It was reassuring to know that there were similar instances in the past, and the same thing had happened to the Dao Lord. As such, it didn’t seem to be a serious issue.


Just as he wanted to ask why his cultivation had dropped from the Seventh Order to the Sixth Order, Yang Kai beckoned to Hua Qing Si.


She came over and called out, “Palace Master.”


Yang Kai ordered, “Bring them to the Star Boundary. After they manage to stabilize their cultivation, send them to Profound Nether Territory to receive some training.” 


Presently, there were a lot of Third-Order and Fourth-Order Masters on the different battlefields, and in Profound Nether Territory, there were even First-Order and Second-Order Masters. On the other hand, the weakest disciples from the Dao Temple were in the Fifth Order; therefore, they had to go through some tempering.


However, Profound Nether Territory was no longer sufficient to meet the needs of training the Human soldiers.


That was because too many people had headed to Profound Nether Territory in the past 300 years.


Yang Kai was now preparing to open several similar training grounds.


Only by having more Great Territories that could be used to train the next generation would they be able to meet the Human Race’s growing needs.


Having made up his mind, Yang Kai cupped his fist at Zhan Wu Hen, “Senior Iron Blood, I’ll take my leave now.”


Zhan Wu Hen nodded in response.


The next moment, Yang Kai disappeared from the spot.


The disciples who had cultivated the Dao of Space were awestruck by this display. There was no denying the Dao Lord was a true Master of the Dao of Space. It was thanks to the Dao Lord’s blessing that these disciples had a chance to cultivate the Dao of Space, but none of them were able to see how Yang Kai disappeared just now.


Hua Qing Si then gathered these disciples together and introduced herself before leading them to the Star Boundary.


Liu Jing Shan approached Fang Tian Ci and gently nudged him with his elbow before saying smilingly, “Don’t feel dejected, Junior Brother Fang. The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm is good as well. Didn’t you hear the Dao Lord say that he didn’t directly make it to the high rank when he first ascended? Given enough time, we can still become as powerful as him.”


He was worried that Fang Tian Ci would feel downcast over the fact that his Order had dropped inexplicably, so he came over and consoled him.


Fang Tian Ci nodded lightly, “You have a point, Senior Brother. I just don’t understand why I failed to make it to the Seventh Order.”


In fact, he didn’t fail. He could feel that he had succeeded, but the moment he achieved his ascension, there seemed to be a force suppressing his cultivation, causing it to drop from the Seventh Order to the Sixth Order.


Regardless, he wasn’t dejected, nor was he dissatisfied. In the past, he was someone with terrible aptitude and in what he believed to be his final years, he just wanted to take in the wonderful sights of the Void World before passing on. It was for such a simple reason that he left the Fang Family Village. It had been more than 2,000 years since then, and he had grown from an Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator all the way to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. There was still a broad and bright future ahead of him, so he was more than content.


Liu Jing Shan said, “I’m glad that you’ve come to accept it… By the way, that tree is enormous. What do you suppose it is?”


Fang Tian Ci looked in the direction Liu Jing Shan pointed and saw the colossal tree in the centre of the Star Boundary. All the disciples from the Dao Temple were amazed as they had never seen a tree of such enormity before.


In fact, there was a similar tree in the Void World, but no one had seen it before.


Even in one of the newly formed Small Universes here, there was a similar sapling that swayed in the wind. However, the owner of this Small Universe was troubled by other matters and, as such, hadn’t examined himself carefully yet. Otherwise, he would have discovered this sapling’s presence.


After these disciples from the Dao Temple followed Hua Qing Si and landed on the Star Boundary, they dispersed to enter seclusion and consolidate their new cultivation.


On the other hand, Yang Kai headed to the Great Territory adjacent to the Star Boundary. Although there wasn’t any war in this Great Territory, it was extremely bustling. That was because many Human soldiers would gather together in this place to await the Supreme Headquarters’ deployments. Many Alchemy and Artifact Refining bases had also been set up here.


This was the Supreme Headquarters’ Territory, and it served a similar purpose to that of the No-Return Pass back then.


When Yang Kai arrived at this place, he made sure not to alert too many people and soon found Mi Jing Lun in one of the Grand Halls.


When they met up, Mi Jing Lun appeared rather haggard. He was one of the top Eighth-Order Masters, so it was rare to see him looking so exhausted. It was apparent that the affairs in this place had drained his energy greatly.


Seeing the man, Mi Jing Lun was surprised, “You’ve finally stopped cultivating in seclusion.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I’ve just returned from the Star Boundary.”


Mi Jing Lun raised a brow and asked probingly, “What’s your plan?”


Yang Kai glanced at him and laughed, “What kind of plan do you want me to have, Senior Brother Mi?”


Mi Jing Lun let out a sigh, “It seems that we share the same sentiment.”


“We should cut to the chase, then. Which Great Territory is in the most perilous situation right now?”


With a solemn expression, Mi Jing Lun replied, “Twin Poles Territory. The Black Ink Clan have been sending increasing numbers of troops to that place. It seems that they’re determined to occupy Twin Poles Territory. Although we’re dealing with them for now, I’m sure you know that the number of people on our side pales compared to the Black Ink Clan. They have no qualms about sending their soldiers to die, but it’s completely different for us Humans. Now, Twin Poles Territory is just like the Profound Nether Territory of the past. Although Xiang Shan has gone to take charge there now, it’s impossible to turn the situation around without sufficient power.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Got it. I’ll head to the Twin Poles Territory, then.”


Mi Jing Lun breathed a sigh of relief, “That would be for the best; however, if you show up, Profound Nether Territory…”


Yang Kai sneered, “They don’t have the guts to start a war.”


They had arrived at the peace deal in Profound Nether Territory because the Profound Nether Army had given up its absolute advantage, but if Six Arms dared to let the Territory Lords make a move, that peace deal would be nullified.


300 years ago, Yang Kai was able to make all Territory Lords cower, so 300 years later he could do the same.


Mi Jing Lun was stunned for a moment as he deeply felt that old men like them were gradually being surpassed by the young ones, which made him feel slightly dejected. One had to know that for a long time, Eighth-Order Masters like them had been the pillars of the Human Race for millennia. However, even someone like Xiang Shan was unable to affect the overall situation in a Great Territory on his own.


Although Xiang Shan had decided to assume command of Twin Poles Territory, he could only slow the Humans’ defeat, not stop it, much less reverse the situation.


However, this newly promoted Eighth-Order Master named Yang Kai, who was thousands of years younger than them, was confident to the point that he showed no regard for those powerful Innate Territory Lords whatsoever. 


If Innate Territory Lords were like vipers, then Yang Kai was like an eagle hovering in the sky or a fierce wolf waiting in the woods. Be it an eagle or a wolf, his presence alone was highly intimidating to the enemy.


While Mi Jing Lun was dejected, he also felt gratified. It was because the rising stars in each new generation were able to cast a light into the darkness and illuminate a path for the Human Race to move forward upon.


They only had Yang Kai now, but there were bound to be more talented people in the future.


On the Profound Nether Territory Battlefield, the new Open Heaven Realm Masters had started showcasing their strength as they made a name for themselves through the blood and lives of the enemy. They were growing stronger by the day, and they would certainly be important figures in the fights against the Black Ink Clan in the future.


Nonetheless, there was only one Profound Nether Territory, and over the past few hundred years, as more and more soldiers streamed into this place, the originally spacious battlefield now appeared cramped.


If Yang Kai could see this, there was no way Mi Jing Lun and Xiang Shan hadn’t.


The Humans needed more training grounds.


Previously, Mi Jing Lun had wanted to ask Yang Kai to create another Profound Nether Territory; however, after the peace deal was reached, Yang Kai went into seclusion for 300 years.


Before that, Yang Kai had ordered that unless there was an emergency that absolutely required his assistance, no one should disturb him. Although no one knew what Yang Kai was doing, he must have had a very important reason to issue such a command.


As such, Mi Jing Lun didn’t dare to disturb him lightly.


Fortunately, Yang Kai headed to the Supreme Headquarters right after he left seclusion, and he shared the same sentiment as Mi Jing Lun, which allowed the latter to relax slightly.


This young Eighth-Order Master wasn’t only powerful, but he could also see the bigger picture. It was delightful to work with people like him.


“If it’s possible, please create several more training grounds. I’m sure the Black Ink Clansmen wouldn’t dare to make a fuss if you’re the one proposing,” Mi Jing Lun urged.


Yang Kai guffawed, “That was my plan from the start.”



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