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Martial Peak – Chapter 5593, No One Seems Happy

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The Eighth-Order Master was surprised that he had succeeded. It never crossed his mind that the Territory Lord would fall into a dazed state because of his companion’s death. Certainly, he wouldn’t let him off while the other party was beside himself.


He quickly called out to Yang Kai, “Kill him!”


Following that, he charged towards the Territory Lord again.


Certainly, Yang Kai needed no reminder as he shot forward and made sure the Territory Lord couldn’t escape. As he wielded his Azure Dragon Spear, the spear shadows rained down on the Territory Lord. Although his attack seemed unsophisticated, its hidden power was enormous.


As the injured Territory Lord was pincered by his enemies, he swiftly fell into an absolute disadvantage.


10 breaths of time later, the Azure Dragon Spear penetrated the Territory Lord’s head and reaped his life.


Two Territory Lords had died within moments of each other. Despite the noisy battlefield, their deaths couldn’t be concealed.


Everyone on the battlefield froze for a moment when the second Territory Lord fell and countless pairs of eyes turned in the direction of the disturbance.


The Eighth-Order Masters were elated while the Territory Lords were soon overwhelmed with fear.


All of a sudden, one Territory Lord yelled, “Yang Kai!”


At that instant, all the Territory Lords realised who the murderer was.


He was the Human who had suppressed all the Black Ink Clan Masters in Profound Nether Territory on his own. The Royal Lord had even issued a warning to all the Territory Lords to be cautious of this menace.


They had heard about the incident in Profound Nether Territory, and while some felt sympathetic or wary, most dismissed the story; after all, they had never dealt with Yang Kai before, so how were they supposed to know how powerful the latter truly was?


Fortunately for them, after the two Races arrived at a peace deal 300 years ago in Profound Nether Territory, Yang Kai went missing. Based on what the Black Ink Disciples revealed to them, Yang Kai seemed to be cultivating in seclusion.


Nevertheless, he appeared in Twin Poles Territory today, and the instant he did, he managed to kill two powerful Innate Territory Lords.


The Territory Lords, who had dismissed the stories from back then, now knew that what they had heard was true.


It wasn’t that no Territory Lords had lost their lives before in Twin Poles Territory over the centuries; nonetheless, there was no precedent where two Territory Lords died in such quick succession.


There was no denying Yang Kai had some inscrutable methods up his sleeve.


Fear and wariness soon spread across the Black Ink Clansmen.


With the spear in his hand, Yang Kai guffawed, his laugh as loud as thunder as he called out, “I’m back! Did you miss me?”


[Why didn’t you stay gone forever?] The Territory Lords cursed at him under their breath while wondering, [What’s wrong with Six Arms? This madman exited seclusion, but we’ve received no warning from Profound Nether Territory at all.]


However, at this moment, the Territory Lords didn’t have time to curse out Six Arms. When Yang Kai swept a gaze over them, they felt their chests tightening as they were worried they would be targeted next.


Meanwhile, things got much better for the Eighth-Order Masters.


Originally, the Eighth-Order Masters were at a disadvantage as they were greatly outnumbered by the Territory Lords. Nonetheless, at this moment, all the Territory Lords slowed down their attacks as they were wary of Yang Kai, allowing the Humans to catch their breath.


Many veteran Eighth-Order Masters couldn’t help feeling amazed that Yang Kai alone was able to exude such deterrence on so many enemies.


“No one seems happy to see me. That’s fine, I won’t force you to respond,” as Yang Kai wielded his spear, he disappeared from the spot the moment he finished speaking.


The Territory Lords nearby felt their hair standing on end. None of them had seen how Yang Kai vanished; as such, they had no idea where he would reappear.


This kind of uncertainty was extremely unnerving.


At this moment, the Territory Lords could only carefully guard their Souls against any potential sneak attacks.


That was because they knew that once Yang Kai made a move, he would directly use that strange method that could penetrate one’s Soul before launching life-threatening attacks on them.


A shriek was suddenly heard from a certain direction on the battlefield. As expected, a Territory Lord was hit.


The Soul Rending Thorns were extremely powerful, so even if a Territory Lord was determined to protect their Soul, they couldn’t possibly ward it off entirely, only somewhat weakening the impact.


On this chaotic battlefield, once an individual’s Soul was disturbed, they would immediately find themselves in a life-and-death crisis.


The Territory Lords who hadn’t been hit felt relieved, which immediately after made them feel ashamed, but there was nothing they could do about it.


When they looked at the source of the cry, they indeed saw Yang Kai appearing there like a phantom. Working with another Eighth-Order Master, he bombarded an Innate Territory Lord with attacks.


It was the first time the Territory Lords in Twin Poles Territory witnessed Yang Kai’s power.


The power of his spear seemed able to shatter the Void itself, so while the targeted Territory Lord intended to flee, space around him contorted and warped, causing his movements to become sluggish and disjointed. How was he supposed to escape under such circumstances?


Just several breaths of time later, the targeted Territory Lord was horribly injured. His dark blood and Black Ink Strength spurted out of his wounds at the same time as his aura plunged.


Following that, the Eighth-Order Master, who had been dealing with the Territory Lord, pushed out a palm and smashed his opponent into a paste.


[How brutal!] It wasn’t until the Territory Lords witnessed Yang Kai’s power that they realised he was more formidable than what they had heard.


The Eighth-Order Master then flew to the nearest battle to offer his help. On the other hand, Yang Kai remained on the same spot and said something that horrified the Territory Lords.


“Who’s next?”


It was as though he was playing some sort of sick game, and whoever he had his eyes on would die.


Naturally, no Territory Lord volunteered to be the next victim.


Three Territory Lords had lost their lives in a very short period. It seemed that once Yang Kai made a move, he would certainly succeed. It was only natural that nobody wanted to be targeted by him.


The Territory Lords, who originally had the upper hand on the battlefield, started retreating. On the other hand, the Eighth-Order Masters were relentless. They had been suppressed by the Territory Lords for years, so now that the tables had turned, they ecstatically attacked the enemies while the Territory Lords grumbled in annoyance.


Just as the Territory Lords were feeling anxious, another one of them suffered tragedy.


Spirit Energy fluctuations flared up momentarily, then a violent force exploded as a Territory Lord lost his life.


In one of the battles, a brawny Innate Territory Lord with purple skin and hair roared, “He can only use the same move three times! There’s no need to be afraid of him now that he’s used up all his chances!”


There were over 100 Territory Lords who were involved in this battle in Twin Poles Territory; however, this purple-haired Territory Lord was apparently one of the strongest.


In fact, he was the Territory Lord who was in charge of Twin Poles Territory, his status equivalent to that of Six Arms in Profound Nether Territory.


He had been vigilant after he realized Yang Kai’s presence, but he never said a word. It wasn’t until he was certain that Yang Kai had used the Soul Rending Thorns three times that he reminded the other Territory Lords.


There had been three Territory Lords who got struck by the strange Soul attacks, and now that Yang Kai was no longer able to use this trump card again, he became just a slightly more powerful Eighth-Order Master. Therefore, the Territory Lords wouldn’t need to be as wary of him.


Hearing that, the Territory Lords finally came to their senses, [That’s right. Yang Kai has used that move three times already, why should we be afraid of him?]


The Territory Lords, who had been retreating, immediately turned around and, this time, it was the Eighth-Order Masters who suffered.


“You like running your mouth, don’t you?” Across from the purple-haired Territory Lord, Xiang Shan wielded his sabre as the dazzling sabre light formed a crack in the Void.


For the past 100 years, Xiang Shan had been stationed in Twin Poles Territory, and he had exchanged moves with this purple-haired Territory Lord dozens of times. Since both of them were equally matched, neither could destroy the other. Despite facing this imposing attack, the Territory Lord easily dodged it.


However, the next instant, the purple-haired Territory Lord’s expression turned solemn, for he realised that an aura had locked onto him. From the corner of his eye, he could see that Yang Kai, who was over a million kilometres away just a moment ago, had appeared right beside him.


A spear quietly extended towards him and was about to strike its mark.


Instinctively, the purple-haired Territory Lord leaned backwards to avoid the attack. Nevertheless, when he detected the familiar Spiritual Energy fluctuation and was flabbergasted.


[He can still use his Soul attack? Impossible!]


Yang Kai had used the same move in Profound Nether Territory many times before, but in every battle, he only ever used it three times before he became powerless to fight. Why was it different now when he was in Twin Poles Territory?


It was only then that the purple-haired Territory Lord recalled that Yang Kai had been cultivating in seclusion for 300 years, so it was unlikely that his power hadn’t increased at least a bit.


His three-time limit was information the Black Ink Clan had gathered 300 years ago. Now, Yang Kai could probably use the same move four times, maybe even five times!


Upon that realization, the purple-haired Territory Lord regretted opening his mouth. If he had known this would be the outcome, he wouldn’t have called out and attracted Yang Kai’s attention.


Unbeknownst to him, even if he said nothing, Yang Kai had already saved his last Soul Rending Thorn for him.


Xiang Shan was locked in an intense battle with this guy, so it was apparent that the purple-haired Territory Lord was an important figure in Twin Poles Territory, most likely the Commander of the Black Ink Clan’s forces.


If Yang Kai could kill him, he could deal a heavy blow to the Black Ink Clan’s morale in Twin Poles Territory.


Certainly, Yang Kai could recognize such a tempting target.


Around 300 years ago, he could only activate three Soul Rending Thorns in succession. Now that his Soul had become more robust, he could easily use the same move for a fourth time.


As his Spiritual Energy flared, the Soul Rending Thorn was silently sent. The purple-haired Territory Lord’s Soul was torn open, and the sharp pain in his mind caused him to roar.


At the same time, all his Black Ink Strength undulated violently.


Yang Kai’s spear brushed past the Territory Lord’s face, the intense weave of Dao Strengths scraping off a large piece of flesh, drawing an even more pitiful wail from the latter’s lips.


Since his attack was unsuccessful though, Yang Kai swept his spear down like a whip, forcing the Territory Lord back.


At the same time, Xiang Shan swung his sabre, sending out a burst of sabre lights that formed a cage, covering the section of the void around the Territory Lord.


Xiang Shan was a veteran of thousands of battles, so he naturally wouldn’t miss such an opportunity.


The sabre light cage swiftly contracted towards the centre, and when they dissipated, the purple-haired Territory Lord’s battered figure was revealed. His brawny figure was covered in wounds which were so deep that one could see his bones. There was no denying he was in a sorry state.


All the same, he hadn’t lost his life. As his thick Black Ink Strength undulated, a fire seemed to ignite in his eyes as he charged towards Yang Kai instead of backing down.


Now that he was so badly injured and both Xiang Shan and Yang Kai, two of the most powerful Eighth-Order Masters in the entire Human Race, were targeting him, this Territory Lord had no doubt he would die here today. As such, he abandoned all thoughts of escape and instead was determined to drag one of them down with him in death.


Naturally, Yang Kai was his target. As long as he could kill Yang Kai, his death would be meaningful.


The Innate Territory Lord unleashed every last bit of his power, causing even more dark blood and Black Ink Strength to spurt from his wounds. At that moment, the purple-haired Territory Lord was like a fierce God who emerged from the primordial chaos, his majestic presence causing the universe around him to tremble.



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