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Martial Peak – Chapter 5598, No

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After parting ways in Yin-Yang Heaven back then, Yang Kai and Luo Ting He hadn’t met again. He only knew that she was in charge of Azure Sun Territory and that she was the Army Commander of the Azure Sun Army.


He had no idea why she came looking for him all of a sudden.


“The peace talks with the Black Ink Clan will be taking place in a few days,” Luo Ting He sat down across from Yang Kai and said, “I heard that those from the Supreme Headquarters have come up with a general proposal. Out of the 12 Great Territories, six will be included in the peace deal while the other six will remain as they are.”


Yang Kai nodded, “En; however, that’s just the proposal from our side, so the Black Ink Clan might not agree to it. Regardless, there’s bound to be some arguments.”


The Humans were at an advantage in this kind of peace talk, but naturally, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t agree to everything they asked for, and those from the Supreme Headquarters were well prepared for this.


“I hope that Azure Sun Territory will be included in the six Great Territories where things will remain unchanged,” Luo Ting He directly told him about her purpose for visiting.


Yang Kai smiled helplessly, “Those from the Supreme Headquarters will be responsible for the discussion with the Black Ink Clan. I’m only required to show up. Since you have a request, why don’t you head to the Supreme Headquarters and tell Senior Brother Xiang about it?”


[She shouldn’t have come to me!]


Luo Ting He pursed her lips, “I did go to the Supreme Headquarters, but that damn Big Head Xiang didn’t agree to my request.”


Yang Kai was torn between tears and laughter, “Then it’s pointless for you to speak to me either.”


“Why would it be pointless? Don’t underestimate yourself. The Black Ink Clan want this peace deal with us because they’re afraid of you. Your word has a huge influence on the outcome of this conference.”


Yang Kai wasn’t sure what he should make of this, so he just asked, “Does Senior Brother Xiang intend to include Azure Sun Territory as part of the peace deal?”


“En,” Luo Ting He nodded.


After giving it some thought, Yang Kai said, “Senior Brother Xiang must have his reasons for making such a decision. I know a thing or two about the situation in Azure Sun Territory, so I’m aware the Black Ink Clan has gained the upper hand over there. If Azure Sun Territory could be included in the peace deal, that would be beneficial to the Humans overall. You’ll gain some benefits as well, so what’s the point of you insisting on maintaining the status quo? Furthermore, it has been quite a long time since you ascended to the Eighth Order. If things become peaceful in Azure Sun Territory, you’ll have plenty of time to cultivate to achieve a breakthrough.”


The moment Yang Kai finished speaking, Luo Ting He became infuriated, “That was what Big Head Xiang said as well! However, if cultivating in seclusion was useful at all, what would be the point of you building a stage to train those brats? Of those in my position, I’ve been in the Eighth Order longer than almost all of them and have essentially reached the peak. Nevertheless, it’s not easy to make it to the Ninth Order. To me, cultivating in seclusion is no longer useful.”


Yang Kai instantly understood what she was trying to say, “Do you want to achieve a breakthrough in battle?”


Luo Ting He questioned, “Isn’t that the ultimate goal of all of this?”


“Do you have the confidence to achieve it?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.


Luo Ting He smiled fearlessly, “I can’t guarantee that I’ll definitely succeed, but I’ll do my best. I know Xiang Shan has chosen Azure Sun Territory to be included in the peace deal to do me a favour; however, I know myself best.”


Yang Kai nodded and fell silent for a moment before saying, “I’ll talk with Senior Brother Xiang, then. However, I’m in no way able to influence his decision.”


Luo Ting He beamed at him, “Many thanks, Junior Brother.”


After Luo Ting He left, Yang Kai didn’t continue cultivating.


There were only a small number of Eighth-Order Masters who had the right to ascend to the Ninth-Order currently, because very few people managed to directly ascend to the Seventh-Order in the past. Such a person only appeared on average once every 1,000 years, and many of them died in battle with the Black Ink Clan over the years.


No one could guarantee when the Eighth-Order Masters like Luo Ting He, Xiang Shan, and Wei Jun Yang, who had the potential to make it to the Ninth Order, would achieve this.


Nonetheless, given the situation that the Humans were in, just one or two Ninth-Order Masters wouldn’t be enough to turn things around.


As long as Mo’s true body wasn’t destroyed, the Humans couldn’t root out the Black Ink Clan. However, it was extremely difficult to kill Mo. Now, Yang Kai still hadn’t the foggiest idea about what the Primordial Light was or where to find it. The only thing he was certain about was that Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had something to do with the Primordial Light.


Two days later, Yang Kai left the secret room as it was time for the peace talks with the Black Ink Clan.


The moment he stepped out of the room, he felt some powerful and unrestrained auras which belonged to Eighth-Order Masters.


In the distant void, where the Black Ink Clan’s camp was located, there were also powerful auras gathered together. The Innate Territory Lords were also trying to make a show of force.


Before the discussion even started, the two sides were already clashing from a distance.


When Xiang Shan registered Yang Kai’s presence, he turned to look at him and nodded.


After giving it some thought, Yang Kai sent him a Divine Sense transmission and brought up Luo Ting He’s request, after which Xiang Shan nodded.


“It’s time, let’s go!”


As a roar reverberated across the place, Xiang Shan took the initiative to soar into the void, and he was immediately followed by a dozen or so others.


Noticing the Humans’ movements, the Innate Territory Lords started leaving the Black Ink Clan’s camp as well.


The armies of both Races were well prepared for any possible accidents and the entire Twin Poles Territory was engulfed in a dense murderous atmosphere as a sense of unease spread everywhere. It was as though a little spark would blow everything up.


The location of the peace talk had already been chosen a while back. It was right in the middle of the Humans’ and the Black Ink Clan’s camps.


The Black Ink Clan had even brought a Universe Fragment over from their own camp to use as a platform.


There was a huge table set on the platform, and rough-looking wooden chairs were placed on either side.


The Masters from both parties almost arrived at the same time.


It might have been a coincidence or an agreement, but both parties had respectively sent exactly 13 Masters to this place, one representative from each of the 13 Great Territory Battlefields.


They were supposed to be arch-enemies that could never coexist; nevertheless, due to various reasons, they had no choice but to come together today, which was quite ironic.


The Black Ink Clan Masters were mostly nervous and uneasy, as although they had the same number on their side as the Humans, if a fight broke out, some of them would undoubtedly lose their lives today.


This couldn’t be helped, as Yang Kai was present and had proven he could kill Territory Lords like them with ease.


Nonetheless, they couldn’t exclude him from the discussion; after all, he was the mastermind behind the initial peace deal. As such, these talks would be meaningless without him.


Before this, the Black Ink Clan had thought about sending more Territory Lords, but it wasn’t like the Humans couldn’t do the same by sending more Eighth-Order Masters. In the end, they could only accept this arrangement.


They only dared to steal glances at Yang Kai without looking at him for too long, for they were worried they would be targeted.


These powerful Innate Territory Lords were as timid as mice in a cat’s presence. Although they still pretended to be unperturbed, they were terrified deep down.


In comparison, the Eighth-Order Masters appeared calm and collected.


Yang Kai swept a glance over the Territory Lords and realised he didn’t know most of them; nevertheless, he did recognize two.


He had met them in Acacia Territory back then; in fact, they had appeared in Profound Nether Territory before as well, but for some reason, they were all now in Twin Poles Territory.


The purple-haired Territory Lord, who was originally in charge of Twin Poles Territory, had been killed by Yang Kai, so Mo Na Ye was tasked by the Royal Lord to take over. Since the peace talk was held in this Great Territory, he naturally had to show up.


Meanwhile, You Gong was actually the representative from Profound Nether Territory.


A peace deal had already been established in Profound Nether Territory for over 300 years, and the Eighth-Order Masters and Territory Lords had stayed out of the war as agreed. However, since this was a peace talk that encompassed all the Great Territory Battlefields, Profound Nether Territory couldn’t just stay out of it. Six Arms didn’t want to meet up with Yang Kai; therefore, he only sent You Gong to this place so that the latter could report to him about the outcome later.


Naturally, You Gong didn’t want to come, but he had no other choice as he couldn’t disobey Six Arms’s orders.


As Yang Kai swept a glance over them, You Gong hurriedly hung his head low.


He was still traumatized from the incident in Acacia Territory back then; therefore, Yang Kai’s presence here was like a waking nightmare to him.


As Mo Na Ye observed the Territory Lords’ expressions, he couldn’t help but think that they were all useless. Both parties were there for peace talks, so as long as the Black Ink Clan didn’t cross the line, the Humans wouldn’t attack them. However, the reactions of these Territory Lords from the various Great Territories were quite embarrassing for Mo Na Ye.


As the Commander in Twin Poles Territory, Mo Na Ye naturally couldn’t let the Humans look down on the Black Ink Clan; as such, he extended his hand and said, “Please be seated. We’re all here for peace talks. The Humans always say that even if a deal falls short, both parties shouldn’t fall out. Although these peace talks aren’t really a deal, it’s not so different. Let us set the grudges between us aside for the moment until the peace talks are concluded.”


His calmness infected the other Territory Lords and they soon pulled themselves together.


One Eighth-Order Master sneered, “Destroying the Black Ink Clan is our ultimate goal. There’s no room for mercy.”


Mo Na Ye replied dispassionately, “If destroying the Black Ink Clan is your only goal, all of you wouldn’t have come here. Let’s dispense with the unnecessary probing and get to the main topic, shall we?”


Saying so, he swept a glance over the Eighth-Order Masters and eventually stared at Yang Kai. Then, he nodded gently, “What do you say, Sir Yang Kai?”


Yang Kai smiled, “I’m only here to enjoy the show. Don’t pay me any mind.”


When he was still weak back then, he had never expected that even the powerful Innate Territory Lords would call him Sir one day. It seemed that he was now an intimidating figure to the Black Ink Clan after killing so many of their Territory Lords.


While he was lost in such thoughts, Yang Kai pulled out a chair and took a seat. Then, he placed his legs up on the table and leaned back casually.


Only then did the Humans sit down at the table, followed by the Black Ink Clan Masters.


Realising something, Mo Na Ye turned to look at Xiang Shan and said, “It seems that you’re the lead representative on the Humans’ side, Sir Xiang Shan. Am I right?”


Since both parties had been clashing for years, the top Masters from both Races had heard a lot about each other. Even if they had never met or exchanged moves before, they could still recognise one another the moment they met.


Moreover, before Yang Kai’s rise, Xiang Shan was already a famous figure to the Black Ink Clan. He had been to all the battlefields in over 10 Great Territories, and he had managed to kill a few Territory Lords himself.


Many of these Territory Lords had never met Yang Kai before, but most had at least seen Xiang Shan in the past.


Xiang Shan grunted in response, “En.”


Mo Na Ye said, “In that case, let us cut to the chase. After a discussion with all the Territory Lords from different Great Territories, we’ve come to a consensus. We’d like to imitate the peace deal in Profound Nether Territory. From now on, the Territory Lords and Eighth-Order Masters can’t have a hand in the battles in all the Great Territories. What do you say, Sir Xiang Shan?”


Xiang Shan looked up at him and replied impassively, “No.”



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