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Martial Peak – Chapter 5601, Retreat

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Before the Star Boundary became an Open Heaven Realm Cradle, though it was very rare, there were still a small number of people who directly ascended to the Seventh Order.


After countless years of accumulation, the Cave Heavens and Paradises had a number of such gifted people.


However, only 100 or so managed to break through that final barrier and ascend to the Ninth Order. Some of them were still growing their powers, like Xiang Shan, Luo Ting He, and a few others, nonetheless, many more had been killed on the Black Ink Battlefield.


Most Ninth-Order Masters achieved the required enlightenment while battling the Black Ink Clan Masters on the Black Ink Battlefield. Only by killing the enemies would they stand a chance to achieve a breakthrough.


Yang Kai didn’t know any of this, for he didn’t come from one of the Cave Heavens or Paradises. He just instinctively wanted to secure a better future for Humans by using his experiences.


That was why he decided to strike a peace deal with the Territory Lords in Profound Nether Territory. It was just an experiment.


The experiment turned out to be useful and feasible; therefore, when the Black Ink Clan wanted a peace deal 300 years later, those from the Supreme Headquarters were willing to agree.


Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been easy for the two Races to discuss a peace deal given the blood feud between them.


Since all the details had been confirmed, the Masters of the two Races took their leave. Unlike the earlier heated atmosphere, the mood was quite peaceful.


The Black Ink Clan would give the Humans some resources as compensation, while the Humans didn’t have to worry about the Black Ink Clan going back on their word.


When the content of the peace deal was spread one month later, the Human cultivators in different Great Territories were thrilled.


Out of the 13 Great Territory Battlefields, apart from Profound Nether Territory, the remaining 12 Great Territories had been in turmoil. As such, the soldiers from the major Armies were envious of the environment and situation in Profound Nether Territory. Over there, the Territory Lords were not allowed to take part in the war; as such, the Profound Nether Army had essentially been disbanded since there weren’t any large-scale battles. Comparatively, the Humans in Profound Nether Territory were both safer and freer.


Now, they didn’t have to be envious. 6 out of 12 remaining Great Territory Battlefields would become copies of Profound Nether Territory. Although the other Great Territories would remain unchanged, things would become much better for the Humans as the number of Territory Lords who could take part in the war would be decreased.


Of course, those from the Supreme Headquarters had to look at the big picture and mobilise the Human Masters to different battlefields accordingly.


The Human cultivators from Profound Nether Territory started streaming into the six new Great Territories that were included in the peace deal. As such, a lot of pressure had been lifted off the originally cramped Profound Nether Territory.


Many ambitious people even started penetrating the Great Territories that the Black Ink Clan had occupied. As Hunters, they naturally had to bear a higher risk, but it was nothing compared to the potential rewards. It was said that fortune favoured the bold, after all.


As a peace deal was reached between the Humans and the Black Ink Clan, the situation in the expansive 3,000 Worlds changed completely.


This kind of situation would be sustained for many years to come. 


Perhaps there would come a time when a certain incident would shatter this agreement; after all, the Humans and Black Ink Clan couldn’t co-exist forever. One of the parties would be completely wiped out eventually. When some triggering event took place in the future, the two Races would surely engage in a final decisive war.


Everyone was working hard to prepare for that future.


It had been 300 years since Yang Kai first visited the Myriad Monsters World.


The sapling he had planted back then had grown into an enormous tree, its gigantic crown like a green cloud that covered the entire sky.


A lot had changed in the Myriad Monsters World. Compared to 300 years ago, the World Energy was undoubtedly richer and the Grand Daos and Principles were more perfect as well.


More and more Humans appeared in this wild World as cities and towns of different sizes popped up everywhere.


This World, which was originally fully occupied by the Monster Race, now had many Human residents.


Most Humans living in this place had ancestors who had made contributions on the various battlefields. They used their Military Merits to exchange for a right to let their Juniors or Disciples reside in the Myriad Monsters World.


Of course, there were also some Open Heaven Realm Masters responsible for standing guard over this World. As such, even though the Humans and Monster Race weren’t exactly compatible, the situation had been peaceful. There hadn’t been any incident where the Humans recklessly hunted the Monster Race or vice versa.


In fact, many Great Monsters chose a different path forward, broke through their shackles, and gained Human Form. They took the initiative to come into contact with the Humans and left the Myriad Monsters World before heading to the various battlefields to fight the Black Ink Clan.


The World Tree clone’s nourishment had started showing its effects.


Although the quality and quantity of prodigies born in this World were not comparable to the Star Boundary yet, some impressively gifted people had already begun to appear.


As time passed, this World would be another Star Boundary.


Everything was right on track, just as Yang Kai had planned.


Yang Kai didn’t inform anyone about his arrival here. Even the Open Heaven Realm Masters responsible for monitoring this World were unable to detect Yang Kai’s presence as they were mostly in the Fourth Order and Fifth Order. 


It wasn’t until two years later that Yang Kai left the Myriad Monsters World.


He didn’t return to Profound Nether Territory though. Since they had struck a peace deal with the Black Ink Clan, he couldn’t make a move as he pleased, unless the Black Ink Clan went back on their word first.


The Human Race’s future did not hinge on him alone, but rather on all the Juniors who were now battling the Black Ink Clan. Yang Kai was unable to bear the weight of saving an entire Race. All the same, he had done his best. As for whether the future was bright or dark, that would be up to all Humans to decide.


Yang Kai thus returned to the Star Boundary and arrived at the place where the World Tree clone was located. After giving it some thought, he landed on a branch and directly opened a tree cave in its trunk before sitting down inside.


The noise he made naturally alerted the Open Heaven Realm Masters who were recuperating or cultivating in this place.


The World Tree clone was the very foundation of the Star Boundary and the most valuable asset for the entire Human Race. It could be said that without this clone, the Star Boundary wouldn’t have become what it was today, and the Humans’ future would’ve been extremely bleak.


As such, there were always at least five Eighth-Order Masters on guard here who were tasked with preventing any accidents from happening. What’s more, due to the clone’s mysterious powers, one would gain some benefits by recuperating or cultivating here.


Therefore, there were many Open Heaven Realm Masters in this place who had to use a lot of Military Merits to obtain a quota.


However, these Masters only occupied a branch or sat down somewhere on the tree crown. They treasured the World Tree clone and wouldn’t dare to damage it one bit.


With five Eighth-Order Masters monitoring this place, no one had the guts to do so either.


Hence, it was shocking that Yang Kai directly carved a hole in the trunk.


The five Eighth-Order Masters widened their eyes in disbelief and quickly investigated. If anyone else had done this, they would’ve dealt with him like he was a Black Ink Disciple; however, when they realized the responsible party was Yang Kai, they all turned a blind eye to his behaviour.


This couldn’t be helped. Although the World Tree clone was said to be a treasure of all Humanity, it was Yang Kai who actually brought it out from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and planted it here.


Even if he wanted to uproot the entire clone, the Humans could only try to dissuade him from doing so, not to mention that he only opened a tree cave for himself. There was no way they could forcefully stop him.


Furthermore, they were probably no match for Yang Kai to begin with.


These Eighth-Order Masters exchanged glances and communicated with each other using their Divine Senses.


“It seems that Junior Brother Yang is injured. His aura is quite weak.”


“Since a peace deal has been struck, he can’t make a move as he pleases, so how did he get injured?”


“Did he go to the No-Return Pass and pick a fight with the Royal Lord?”


“Since he knows he isn’t a match for the Royal Lord, why would he invite trouble to himself? Moreover, I think he just returned from the New Great Territory.”


These Eighth-Order Masters were puzzled as they had no idea what happened to Yang Kai that caused his aura to plunge and made him look so frail.


Nonetheless, it was apparent that Yang Kai had made a cave mansion in the trunk to recuperate. As such, they didn’t dare to say anything or disturb him.


Yang Kai used to be a little brat who had to call them Seniors, but now he was significantly more powerful than they were. At the thought of this, these old Eighth-Order Masters couldn’t help feeling dejected.


However, it was thanks to these talented young people that they had a chance to oppose the Black Ink Clan. If the next generation was weaker than the previous one, there wouldn’t be a future for Humans.


Inside the clone, Yang Kai bore the excruciating pain in his Soul and looked around, feeling pleased with this simple tree cave.


He then began cultivating in seclusion in this place.


He figured he had to cultivate for many years this time and only hoped he had the patience for it. At any rate, he knew that he had to grow strong so that he would have the power to protect himself when war broke out in the future.


Now, he was one of the most formidable Masters in the Human Race, but when a new batch of Ninth-Order Masters and Royal Lords appeared in the future, he would become far less useful.


It would be best if he could make it to the Ninth Order, but even if he failed to do so, the peak of the Eighth Order would have to do.


As he sat down with his legs crossed, Yang Kai refined sets of materials as he stimulated the Soul Warming Lotus to repair his Soul.


The Three Selves Source Reconstitution Art was indeed savage. Although Yang Kai had already used it once 300 years ago, he still almost couldn’t bear the pain of doing so again.


The pain of literally tearing his Soul in half was several times more intense than using Soul Rending Thorns.


Wu Kuang knew that Yang Kai had the Soul Warming Lotus, which was why he taught him this Secret Technique. If Yang Kai didn’t have the Soul Warming Lotus, it would’ve been pointless for him to acquire this technique, for he would have perished the first time he tried to use it.


Just like the Soul Rending Thorns, only Yang Kai could fully utilize this Secret Technique.


Yang Kai was glad that he had acquired this Supreme Treasure when he was still a budding cultivator. Without the Soul Warming Lotus, he wouldn’t have become who he was today.


As a cool sensation spread across his mind, the pain gradually subsided.


Time went by slowly.


Several years later, a man got to his feet in a secret room in High Heaven Palace. His aura was restrained, and he appeared calm and collected.


Fang Tian Ci waved the jade in this hand and opened the secret room’s restrictions before exiting. It took him 10 years of retreat before he finished stabilizing his Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation.


The bright light made him squint as he felt as though a very long time had passed.


Suddenly, he realised that he was no longer in the Void World. He was in the 3,000 Worlds, which was far more expansive.


A disciple from High Heaven Palace had been waiting for him, and hearing the door open, he turned around and saluted Fang Tian Ci, “Greetings, Senior.”



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