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Martial Peak – Chapter 5606, Somewhat Strange

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Upon learning that Yang Xiao’s Squad would come back sometime later, Fang Tian Ci decided to wait beside the Purifying Array. That way, as soon as Yang Xiao returned, Fang Tian Ci would find out about it, ensuring that he wouldn’t miss the chance to meet him.


Having cultivated for thousands of years already, Fang Tian Ci had grown to be a patient person. He could wait for years at a time, let alone a few days.


No one came up to him again; as such, he was able to sit down and cultivate with peace of mind.


Some 10 days later, Fang Tian Ci heard some shouts of excitement while he was cultivating.


“The Ten Directions Supreme Squad has returned! They’ve done something big this time by destroying a Black Ink Clan Army of 30,000!”


“For real?”


“It’s true! I heard that they’ve even killed eight Feudal Lords this time.”


“He’s just as formidable as his Father.”


“Well, that’s nothing. We could do the same if our Squad had so many powerful members.”


“What nonsense are you saying? It’s extremely difficult to destroy a Black Ink Clan Army of 30,000. No one would dare to challenge so many Black Ink Clansmen if they weren’t capable enough. Usually, it’ll take more than 10 Squads and at least the same number of Seventh-Order Masters to deal with so many Black Ink Clansmen. The Ten Directions Supreme Squad hadn’t sought any external help this time. Furthermore, it seems that they’ve returned unscathed.”


As Fang Tian Ci listened to the noise around him, he realised something and opened his eyes, only to see the cultivators around him staring fixedly at the Purifying Array. There was a look of reverence on their faces, as though they were waiting for a Heroic General who had just won a great war to return.


As a light flashed across the Purifying Array, a figure emerged.


He was a young man who was clad in white robes. Even his hair was silvery-white. Not only did he look handsome, but he also appeared noble and imposing.


The moment he appeared, the people around him started greeting him hospitably. It seemed that this white-robed young man was quite popular in this forward outpost.


The men looked at him with admiration while the women stared at him with fervour, as though they were trying to melt the young man with their eyes.


They kept greeting him by calling him ‘Big Brother Yang Xiao’ and ‘Sir Yang Xiao’.


[Is this the Yang Xiao that the Head Manager told me to look for?]


Fang Tian Ci examined the young man and realised that the latter was indeed an outstanding individual. After stepping out of the array, Yang Xiao greeted everyone with a faint smile. He wasn’t aloof, but he wasn’t passionate either.


However, what puzzled Fang Tian Ci was that there was an old-looking turtle the size of a small plate sitting on the young man’s head, looking just like a hat.


As though noticing his stare, the old turtle extended his neck and took a look at him.


Fang Tian Ci was startled, for this small turtle was obviously a powerful Master. The aura he exuded momentarily suggested that he was no less powerful than a Seventh-Order Master.


Following behind Yang Xiao was a woman who was also clad in a white dress. Fang Tian Ci wasn’t sure if it was just his delusion, but he felt that the woman and the Dao Lord looked similar.


Then, more figures shuffled out of the array. Following behind Yang Xiao and the white-robed woman were two young men and one young woman.


One of the men looked like an honest and cheerful person, but something seemed to be troubling him as he kept shaking his head.


The woman walked alongside him as she whispered to him. Although she was gorgeous, her expression was frigid, like an unsheathed blade. Fang Tian Ci only looked at her for a moment, but he still felt as though something had pierced into his soul.


The other young man had a distinct bowl-cut hairstyle. Just like Yang Xiao at the front, he kept greeting the cultivators around him, seemingly enjoying the attention.


Behind them was an Ancient Ominous Beast. On its head sat a Stone Man with his arms crossed, looking as though he was full of himself.


Meanwhile, riding on the Ominous Beast’s back were a young boy and a young girl.


The young boy appeared to be adorable, but when he smiled, his mouth tore apart and revealed a hideous set of teeth.


On the other hand, the young girl appeared quite cute and delicate.


[This Ten Directions Supreme Squad’s members are a bit strange…]


Despite their eccentricity, Fang Tian Ci could feel that they were all powerful.


None of the members in the Squad were weak, as most of them exuded a might equivalent to Seventh-Order Masters; as for those who didn’t, they were all Sixth-Order Masters.


It was no wonder that this Squad was able to destroy a Black Ink Clan Army of 30,000. Any Black Ink Clan Army would be doomed if they came across such a lineup.


Nevertheless, the fact that they were completely unharmed illustrated just how strong they were.


The Head Manager had given Fang Tian Ci a good recommendation. If he could join such a Squad, Fang Tian Ci would never be bored again.


After giving it some thought, he stepped forward and soon arrived in front of Yang Xiao. Then, he cupped his fist and said, “High Heaven Palace, Fang Tian Ci, greets Senior Brother Yang.”


It wasn’t until this moment that he realised the Dao Lord and this Senior Brother shared the surname Yang. 


[Are they related in any way?]


However, Yang Xiao looked nothing like Yang Kai. On the other hand, the white-robed woman beside him resembled the Dao Lord quite a bit.


“Oh?” Yang Xiao looked at him with surprise, “You’re from High Heaven Palace?”


Yang Xiao found the other man unfamiliar. Since he didn’t know him, he reckoned that the latter was a newly promoted Sixth-Order Master.


“Yes. The Head Manager said you’re recruiting members, and she told me to look for you.”


Hearing that, Yang Xiao appeared pleasantly surprised, “Head Manager Hua told you to look for me?” He then realised that this guy was from the Void Dao Temple; otherwise, Head Manager Hua wouldn’t have asked him to seek him out. At that moment, Yang Xiao started feeling expectant. Hua Qing Si had recommended two people previously, but unfortunately, their abilities were not up to his standards; as such, he recommended them to other Squads.


Anyway, cultivators who had cultivated the Dao of Space were universally welcomed, so they were soon accepted.


When fighting with the Black Ink Clan, even though strong Masters could help kill more enemies, there would also be times when escaping was essential. In times like these, cultivators who had cultivated the Dao of Space proved to be invaluable.


On all the battlefields, there was no doubt that the disciples from the Void Dao Temple were the most popular, especially those who had cultivated the Dao of Space. Once such people appeared, countless Squads would invite them to join them by offering many perks.


Yang Xiao was eager to find out Fang Tian Ci’s abilities, so without hesitation, he turned to the honest-looking young man and said, “Junior Brother Zhao, give him a test.”


Zhao Ye Bai stepped forward and motioned for Fang Tian Ci to follow him.


Fang Tian Ci knew that it was a test he had to pass if he wanted to join the Ten Directions Supreme Squad. As such, he followed the other man without any questions.


Soon, they left the forward outpost and disappeared into the void.


An hour later, they returned together. While Zhao Ye Bai remained calm and collected, Fang Tian Ci seemed to be lost in his thoughts.


The test was nothing special as Fang Tian Ci was only tested on his utilisation of the Dao of Space.


Fang Tian Ci was initially confident, but he never expected that Zhao Ye Bai was also a Master of the Dao of Space. Moreover, Zhao Ye Bai had a greater mastery over this Grand Dao than he did.


There was no doubt that Fang Tian Ci had been defeated by the other man when it came to the Dao of Space, and it wasn’t because Zhao Ye Bai was an Order above him, but rather because his comprehension of the Dao of Space was greater.


Fang Tian Ci felt that he had learned a lot, and he also came to realise that there were always people beyond people.


“How was it?” Yang Xiao asked eagerly.


Zhao Ye Bai gently nodded in response.


Yang Xiao guffawed and passionately patted Fang Tian Ci’s shoulder, “From now on, you’re a member of the Ten Directions Supreme Squad. We can finally do something greater.”


His Squad was basically unrivalled in the entire Profound Nether Territory. Others were envious that they were able to kill enemies with ease, but the truth was, how was it possible for them to improve themselves if they felt no pressure?


Only the weak bullied those weaker than themselves, while those who were strong challenged those who were stronger.


Their goal wasn’t to make a name for themselves in Profound Nether Territory; instead, they wanted to storm into the Great Territories that the Black Ink Clansmen had occupied, destroy their Black Ink Nests, and ruthlessly kill all the Black Ink Clansmen they could find.


However, if they wanted to do that, they would face a huge risk even though their Squad members were powerful; as such, they needed enough power to protect themselves.


They initially had such a member.


Back then, with Liu Yan and Zhao Ye Bai joining forces, they could escape if they came across enemies they were unable to defeat; however, after Liu Yan returned to the Star Boundary to cultivate in seclusion in her Phoenix Nest, the Squad’s mobility and ability to escape had been significantly reduced. That was why Yang Xiao sent a message to Hua Qing Si, asking her to look out for people who were experts in the Dao of Space.


Since Fang Tian Ci had passed Zhao Ye Bai’s test, there was no doubt that he had gained the latter’s acknowledgement. Yang Xiao had faith in Zhao Ye Bai’s judgement.


“Come on. I’ll introduce our members to you,” Yang Xiao said enthusiastically.


As he introduced the Squad members to Fang Tian Ci, the cultivators around them were envious. They knew what it would mean if one could join the Ten Directions Supreme Squad; however, they also knew that it wasn’t easy to become one of them.


Yang Xiao wasn’t interested in anyone who wasn’t capable enough.


Although it was Fang Tian Ci’s first time meeting these people, he somehow felt as though he had known them for a long time; as such, he became close to them very quickly.


He sincerely admired Zhao Ye Bai as he cupped his fist and said, “Please give me more guidance in the future, Senior Brother Zhao.”


Zhao Ye Bai smiled frankly, “If there’s some free time, we can discuss the Dao of Space and have a friendly competition. Since you’ve cultivated the Dao of Space, you must be from the Void Dao Temple and have inherited the Honoured Master’s Grand Dao. As such, you shouldn’t underestimate yourself.”


“Honoured Master?” Fang Tian Ci was stunned.


Yang Xiao smilingly wrapped his arm around Fang Tian Ci’s shoulders, “Junior Brother Zhao is my Adoptive Father’s First Legacy Disciple.”


“Adoptive Father?” Fang Tian Ci was astounded.


“I’m talking about the Dao Lord as you all call him,” Yang Xiao explained nonchalantly. Then, he appeared somewhat envious, “That old man certainly has had some fun by building a Dao Temple in his Small Universe. If I had one of the Four Universe Pillars and a Small Universe, I would’ve done the same.”


Fang Tian Ci was bewildered.


Hua Qing Si only told him to come look for Yang Xiao, but she didn’t give him many details. It wasn’t until this moment that he realised many members of this Squad were closely related to the Dao Lord.


The Dao Lord’s Adoptive Son, Little Sister, and three Legacy Disciples were all members.


Certainly, Fang Tian Ci was aware of Zhao Ye Bai and the other two Legacy Disciples. When he was cultivating in the Dao Temple back then, he was informed that the Dao Lord had taken on three Disciples in the Void World. They were all legendary figures, but they were now standing right in front of him.


Upon that realization, Fang Tian Ci felt relieved. It was no wonder that Zhao Ye Bai had a better grasp of the Dao of Space; he was the Dao Lord’s First Disciple who inherited his Dao of Space. It wasn’t surprising that he was more skilful in this Grand Dao.


It was only reasonable that Fang Tian Ci was defeated.



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