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Martial Peak – Chapter 5610, Hard to Settle

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A terrible stink exuded from the snake’s gruesome mouth. Qin Xue’s petite figure was stuck inside the mouth as though she would be devoured at any moment.


At the most critical moment, she resisted the snake’s teeth with her sword. Following a violent impact, she was sent flying away, thus widening her gap with the Rock Snake King.


Although the snake was heavy, it zigzagged forward at an incredible speed. As its Monster Qi surged, the trees along the way cracked and fell to the ground as though they were just straws.


The moment Qin Xue stabilised herself, she felt an immense force coming from behind. She swung her sword and infused her Emperor Qi into it to protect her back.


With a boom, the huge snake tail struck, almost shattering her protective Emperor Qi. Qin Xue staggered forward, but before she could regain her footing, she saw a green fog coming at her.


She was astounded. Although she knew that it wasn’t easy to deal with a Monster King, it wasn’t until she exchanged moves with the Rock Snake King that she realised how powerful the other party was.


Initially, she just wanted to stop the Rock Snake King from harming the Shadow Leopard, but she soon realised that she couldn’t deter the other party without going all out.


“Snake King, forgive my disrespect!” She wielded her sword and cast the fog away with a flash of sword lights that soon formed a light screen and covered the snake.


She had used the most powerful method she possessed to strike back.


“Good!” The Rock Snake King was enraged. It let the sword lights rain on it and cut across its robust skin. As its blood streamed down from the wounds, it roared, “Since the agreement has been nullified, what are you all waiting for?”


Qin Xue’s expression changed drastically, “Snake King, you…”


The Rock Snake King smiled wickedly, “You’re the one who broke the agreement first, so it is not our Monster Race’s fault if your Sect is destroyed!”


Several hundred years ago, that Master who taught the Monster Race the Primal Art agreed with the strongest Great Monsters of the time, which stated that the two Races must not harm each other for no reason. As such, both Races had been living together harmoniously for the past few hundred years.


However, the Myriad Monsters World originally belonged to Monster Race.


More and more Humans appeared in this place with each passing day, and although their existence posed no threat to the Monster Race, many of these Humans had ample vitality in their bodies. Therefore, Monster Race members coveted them. If they could devour these cultivators, it would be beneficial to their growth.


Many Monster Kings intended to eat these Humans as food; however, they were unable to do so since there was an agreement in place.


Nonetheless, several hundred years had passed, so the initial fear which enforced the agreement was less oppressive now. The Monster Race only needed a chance to nullify the agreement.


Only now did Qin Xue figure out that the Rock Snake King did not only want to get its revenge, but was also plotting against the Humans when it decided to interrupt the Shadow Leopard’s ascension.


Streams of Monster Qi started surging from all directions suddenly. They were all Monster Kings who were just as powerful as the Rock Snake King.


These Monster Kings approached in the rain.


Qin Xue was naturally flustered.


Many figures emerged from Great Feather Pavilion and looked into the distance. The Shadow Leopard’s ascension, the fight between Qin Xue and the Snake King, and the Snake King’s roar were by no means quiet, so there was no way those from Great Feather Pavilion didn’t hear them.


Among the crowd, a young woman, who resembled Qin Xue, exclaimed with a flustered expression, “Mother is over there!” 


Several Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, who were in charge of the Great Feather Pavilion, sported solemn expressions.


Given their strength, they were not afraid of those Monster Kings. Regardless of how powerful Monster Kings were, they hadn’t broken free from the World’s restrictions. On the other hand, even though their Order was low, they were still Open Heaven Realm Masters. These Monster Kings were not comparable to them at all.


However, these Humans couldn’t make a move; otherwise, the peace that had been sustained for hundreds of years in the Myriad Monsters World would be shattered. When that happened, the entire Myriad Monsters World would descend into chaos.


They couldn’t possibly bear the responsibility.


“How could Qin Xue be so foolish to make a move on a Monster King?” One Second-Order Master snapped. As he spoke, he took a step forward, “I’ll bring her back.”


The Humans were not supposed to meddle in the Monster Race’s affairs.


Nevertheless, after the Second-Order Master took two steps forward, a figure stood in his way. She was the young woman who resembled Qin Xue, and although her cultivation was low, she still spread her arms and stood steadfastly there, “You can’t go, Elder. Leopard King is achieving an ascension, and the Snake King is its enemy. If you bring Mother back, Leopard King will be killed.”


“If I don’t bring your Mother back, she will die. If she’s killed by a Monster King, we won’t even be able to avenge her death,” the Second-Order Elder stared at the young woman, who appeared hesitant.


“Step aside!” The Elder ordered.


Tears welled up in the young woman’s eyes as she didn’t know what to do.


After a sigh, a middle-aged man emerged from the crowd, “I’ll go over.” He was also an Emperor Realm Master.


The young woman called out in pleasant surprise, “Father!”


The middle-aged man lovingly stroked the young woman’s head and looked at the Second-Order Master, “Please look after Shuang’er, Elder.”


The Elder frowned and said solemnly, “You mustn’t act on a whim.”


The middle-aged man smiled, “Don’t worry.”


The next moment, he turned into a ray of light and charged forward.


Meanwhile, a large area of the forest where Qin Xue and the Rock Snake King were fighting had been levelled, covered with a thick green fog. Inside the poisonous fog, sword lights could faintly be seen flickering. The fight between them had reached a climax.


Although Qin Xue had condensed her Dao Seal, she still found it hard to deal with a Monster King who was only one step away from achieving a breakthrough. Moreover, her Emperor Qi was draining quickly as she needed to defend herself from the poisonous fog and fight at the same time. There was no doubt she was in a perilous situation.


Just then, a figure boldly charged into the fog with a sword in hand and joined the fight. As he and Qin Xue joined forces, they were able to fend off the Rock Snake King’s violent attacks.


“There’s one more here. Very good!” The Rock Snake King guffawed at how foolish these Humans were. Since one more Human had joined the fight, things would be simpler for Monster Race. It had made the right decision to persuade the other Monster Kings to take action together.


The middle-aged man wrapped his arm around Qin Xue’s waist and flew backwards for several hundred metres. The moment they left the fog, the man shouted, “Snake King, why don’t we stop things here?”


“In your dreams!” The Rock Snake King shot out of the fog. Although its figure was huge, it was extremely agile. The snake opened its mouth and hissed, “Since you dare make a move, don’t even think about leaving this place alive!”


“So be it,” the middle-aged man put on a bitter smile. He knew that they couldn’t settle the problem easily, but he still wanted to give it a try. As such, he wasn’t disappointed when he failed.


Then, he lifted his sword and surged his Emperor Qi before shouting, “I, Hou Qing Hai and my Wife will take responsibility for today’s matter. It has nothing to do with anyone else. Please abide by the agreement, Monster Kings. Don’t be fooled by any unscrupulous villain and risk ruining your futures!”


His voice travelled for quite a distance, and the Monster Kings, who were crossing the borders and approaching them, were startled for a moment, but they soon shrugged it off.


Inside Great Feather Pavilion, the Second-Order Elder sighed. He had already expected this kind of outcome when Hou Qing Hai offered to go, but he was unable to stop him.


The young woman cried, “Father! Mother!” Just as she was about to dash forward, the Second-Order Elder tapped his hand on her head, and the young woman collapsed.


“Take her inside,” the Elder ordered.


Some Senior Sisters who were close to her carried her and entered the pavilion.


Several Second-Order Elders looked in the battlefield’s direction and sighed.


“I’m afraid this issue will be hard to settle.”


“Since we’re here, Great Feather Pavilion will be safe. The Monster Kings won’t have the guts to attack us.”


“I’m worried today’s incident will affect the current affairs in the Myriad Monsters World. If the Monster Race members turn hostile against the Humans as a whole, we will be held responsible.”


“We have to inform the High Heaven Palace about this and ask them to help settle this issue.”


“Do we just let Qing Hai and Qin Xue fight on their own?”


“There are Monster Emperors in the Myriad Monsters World. If we make a move, those Monster Emperors won’t stay silent and do nothing. Unless we’re ready to fight the entire Monster Race, we mustn’t act rashly.”


Someone let out a long sigh. They were powerless to solve this crisis; after all, they were only Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, so they were not powerful enough to suppress all the Monster Race members in the Myriad Monsters World. It was a pity that two bright disciples were in trouble. Both Hou Qing Hai and Qin Xue had the potential to directly ascend to the Fifth Order. They had already condensed their Dao Seals and just had to keep cultivating for another century or two before making that final breakthrough.


Although the Elders were frustrated, they were unable to stop it. They were aware of Qin Xue’s relationship with the Leopard King. Since the Leopard King was attempting a breakthrough, it was only natural that Qin Xue would stand up for it.


On the battlefield, Hou Qing Hai and Qin Xue joined forces and finally suppressed the Rock Snake King.


However, they were not one bit pleased, for they could feel the streams of powerful Monster Qi approaching.


“I’m sorry for dragging you into this, Husband,” Qin Xue sent a Divine Sense transmission apologetically.


Hou Qing Hai chuckled as he replied, “What are you saying? Since we’re married, we will live and die together, there’s nothing for you to apologize about. Moreover, this matter is not irresolvable.”


“Husband, you mean…”


Hou Qing Hai shifted his attention to the Shadow Leopard, “If Leopard King successfully breaks through, it will be able to protect us.”


Qin Xue’s eyes brightened. Earlier, she was too anxious to realise this. Upon her Husband’s reminder though, she finally understood they were not in a hopeless situation.


Indeed, if the Shadow Leopard could achieve a breakthrough and become a Monster Emperor, it would be able to save them.


Following a flash of lightning, a gigantic figure appeared in the sky and let out a high-pitched caw. Thick Monster Qi was approaching fast from the sky.


Hou Qing Hai’s expression changed as he looked up and saw a huge figure descending.


“Iron Wing Eagle King!”


It would take most Monster Kings some time to arrive, but the Iron Wing Eagle King could move swiftly, so it naturally appeared sooner than the others. Seeing that the Rock Snake King was besieged, the eagle swooped down to lend its aid.


The two Emperor Realm Masters had lost their advantage since they had to deal with two Monster Kings now.


The Rock Snake King sneered, “You’ve come at the right time, Eagle King! We’ll eat these two Humans together then kill that stupid leopard!”


Without responding to it, the Eagle King fiercely attacked the Humans.


Immediately, Qin Xue and her Husband fell into a dangerous situation. During the intense battle, Qin Xue took a look at the Shadow Leopard and instantly felt a chill run up her spine.



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