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Martial Peak – Chapter 5613, Thunder Shadow

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In the distance, Qin Xue and Hou Qing Hai stood on the crown of a tree, pale as they circulated their Emperor Qi to fend off the aftereffects of the battle. 


Although they had no idea whether the Shadow Leopard would win, its words made them realise that the Ox Head Monster Emperor was the culprit behind the incident tonight.


In the Myriad Monsters World, not all Monster Race members were willing to comply with the agreement. Some of them believed that the Myriad Monsters World belonged to the Monster Race, and as such, all the Humans should be killed or become their food.


Despite having such thoughts, they wouldn’t dare to do anything to directly break the agreement.


The Ox Head Monster Emperor was a leader among this faction of the Monster Race. It had expressed its hostility against the Human Race on many occasions and the Sects run by the Humans in its territory had an especially hard time. The disciples from these Sects would even disappear from time to time.


Although it didn’t dare to brazenly target the Humans, the disciples of those Sects could never collect herbs from the forests as easily as those from Great Feather Pavilion.


The disciples in its territory didn’t have the guts to move far away from their Sects as they were worried they wouldn’t be able to return.


Similarly, there were several Monster Emperors who shared the same sentiment as the Ox Head Monster Emperor, but most never showed their intentions explicitly.


Upon hearing Shadow Leopard’s words, Qin Xue and her Husband were certain that the Ox Head Monster Emperor was the mastermind behind this incident.


Qin Xue and Shadow Leopard had been close friends for hundreds of years, which was no secret. As Shadow Leopard went through the Heavenly Tribulation that night, Rock Snake King and White Hair Ape King, who were on bad terms with it, would make a move. There was no way Qin Xue would sit back and do nothing. Once she decided to meddle though, it was no different from destroying the agreement. As such, there wouldn’t be a problem for those of the Monster Race to flare up and retaliate.


It was hard to imagine that a Monster Race member could come up with such a vicious plan; after all, the Ox Head Monster Emperor looked like a forthright being. Nevertheless, Monster Emperors were no less intelligent than Humans.


Everywhere in the Myriad Monsters World, some Monster Race members were secretly paying close attention to the battle between these two Monster Emperors.


They were not Monster Kings, who were unable to have a hand in the battle between two Monster Emperors. Those who could watch this fight were all Monster Emperors in the Myriad Monsters World.


This single breakthrough had affected the entire Myriad Monsters World. Qin Xue was worried that if Shadow Leopard lost the fight, the Myriad Monsters World would descend into turmoil.


She wasn’t certain if Shadow Leopard would win. Although its aura suggested that it was only one step away from becoming a Fourth-Order Monster Emperor, it was badly injured because of the Heavenly Tribulation. Moreover, it had just achieved a breakthrough, so no one knew how much of its power it could utilize.


On the other hand, even though the Ox Head Monster Emperor was only a Third-Order Monster Emperor as well, it had been 300 years since it entered that realm. Not only did it have ample heritage, it was also steady and obstinate. There was no doubt it was a formidable opponent for Shadow Leopard.


Shadow Leopard’s growls and Ox Head Monster Emperor’s bellows reverberated across the sky.


These two gigantic figures crashed into the ground, causing a radius of 10,000 kilometres around them to tremble.


Lightning continued to strike Shadow Leopard, increasing its wounds. Presently, it was fighting against the Heavens and a Monster Emperor, making this the greatest crisis it had ever faced.


However, it was the Ox Head Monster Emperor who felt increasingly terrified. Although the Heavenly Tribulation mainly struck Shadow Leopard, its fallout was giving the Ox Head Monster Emperor a hard time. Although it was a Third-Order Monster Emperor, such fallout was still deadly to it, and as more time passed, the impact would only become more pronounced.


The Ox Head Monster Emperor was also astonished that instead of plummeting, Shadow Leopard’s aura continued to rise.


“Just die already!” Shadow Leopard roared.


The Ox Head Monster Emperor was both terrified and furious. It had already regretted making use of the Shadow Leopard’s ascension to deal with the Humans. Initially, it was worried that the stronger Open Heaven Realm Masters might intervene to ruin its plan, but it never crossed its mind that before it could even carry out its plot, it would be destroyed by Shadow Leopard.


Another bolt of lightning struck, as though responding to Shadow Leopard’s roar.


The Ox Head Monster Emperor widened its eyes in disbelief because it realised that Shadow Leopard had broken through to the Fourth-Order Monster Emperor Realm.


Such an incident was simply unheard of.


Usually, when a Monster King became a Monster Emperor, its Order would be fixed. It was inconceivable that even though Shadow Leopard had become a Monster Emperor, it could still ascend to the next Order during its Heavenly Tribulation.


Initially, both of them were Third-Order Monster Emperors, so the Ox Head Monster Emperor had the confidence to oppose Shadow Leopard since it had been hundreds of years since its own ascension. However, the moment Shadow Leopard became a Fourth-Order Monster Emperor, the Ox Head Monster Emperor knew that it was doomed.


What’s more, it felt uneasy because the Myriad Monsters World seemed to be favouring Shadow Leopard. Presently, Shadow Leopard was no longer defying the Heavens; instead, it was harmonizing itself with the Will of the Myriad Monsters World.


The Ox Head Monster Emperor suddenly realised that this was the true Grand Dao of the Monster Race.


If it could survive this day, it would only take a short time to make it to the Fourth Order, and in the future, it would probably have great achievements.


However, could it escape from death’s door?


Its epiphany at this point seemed laughable.


“It’s incredible! Good! Great!” Shadow Leopard seemed to have gone mad as its amber eyes were filled with ecstasy when all of a sudden, it stepped backwards.


The Ox Head Monster Emperor, who had been bearing the storm of attacks, could finally take a breather. Although it had no idea why Shadow Leopard suddenly retreated, it did not question this unexpected reprieve.


While panting, it took a look at Shadow Leopard, but just as it was ready to say something, it saw Shadow Leopard’s robust figure crouching down. One of its paws was in front of the other while it bent both of its back legs.


The leopard looked like a bow that was ready to shoot.


The Ox Head Monster Emperor felt a chill running down its spine, for it was most familiar with Shadow Leopard’s posture.


The posture showed that it was ready to take down its prey.


“Hear me out, Leopard Emperor!” The Ox Head Monster Emperor exclaimed despite feeling embarrassed.


An unfazed Shadow Leopard roared, “Block my move, and I’ll spare your life!”


Upon finishing its words, it seemed to draw in all the lightning around it before vanishing into the darkness.


However, the Ox Head Monster Emperor wasn’t elated at all as it felt the aura of death coming right at it. Faced with the leopard’s glare, it involuntarily stiffened.


As the lightning struck, the Shadow Leopard’s figure was illuminated. It leaped into the air and pounced on the Ox Head Monster Emperor. As it opened its hideous maw, lightning flickered in it. It was as though the leopard had bolts of lightning in its mouth.


Thunder Bite!


Following a flash of lightning, a low shriek was heard reverberating across the Myriad Monsters World. Upon hearing the shriek, all Monster Race members shuddered and remained silent in their dens.


A powerful aura died out in the next instant.


It had been 800 years since the Myriad Monsters World opened up to the outside world, but the Ox Head Monster Emperor was the first Monster Emperor to pass away on it.


Following the use of Thunder Bite, the Ox Head Monster Emperor didn’t even have the strength to counterattack. It stiffened after the lightning struck its figure. Shadow Leopard bit its neck and dug out its Monster Core before gulping it down.


A Third-Order Monster Emperor’s Monster Core was quite nourishing to the leopard.


The Heavenly Tribulation seemed to have become more violent at that moment as nine lightning columns struck consecutively. The peak where Shadow Leopard was located became a valley upon impact.


It felt as if only an instant had passed, but simultaneously like a million years had gone by. Dark clouds continued to gather in the sky, but there was no more lightning.


In the mountain valley, a battered Shadow Leopard got up with difficulty and roared at the sky, after which the dark clouds dissipated.


In the void, the figure of a sturdy black leopard was reflected. The figure looked exactly like Shadow Leopard, right down to its fur.


Throughout the entire Myriad Monsters World, wherever the Humans and Monster Race members were, as long as they looked up, they could see this magnificent figure.


The World hummed as it seemed to be filled with joy.


The Shadow Leopard’s illusory figure in the sky warped before transforming into two ancient characters. The language didn’t belong to the Humans or the Monster Race and seemed to be a direct manifestation of the Heavenly Way. They represented the World’s Will, so everyone could recognise their meaning in an instant.


Thunder Shadow!


The trillions of living creatures in the Myriad Monsters World instantly realised that there was a new Great Emperor that had gained the World’s acknowledgement, and Thunder Shadow was its title.


While the Humans were astonished, the Monster Race celebrated.


They had only heard about Great Emperors from the Humans; however, while many Monster Race members had managed to become Monster Emperors over the years, none had risen to claim the mantle of Great Emperor. They initially thought that it was because the Monster Race was different from the Humans; after all, the Heavenly Way in this era favoured Humans while the Monster Race was only the darling of the previous era. As such, they were worried there would never be a Great Emperor from the Monster Race.


The birth of Thunder Shadow Great Emperor allowed them to see new hope. Fortunately, the Heavens had not cut off the dream of becoming Great Emperors. They were in the Myriad Monsters World where the environment and aura were primitive and favoured them, which was almost like an extension of the previous era.


Since Shadow Leopard had become a Great Emperor, it meant that the other Monster Kings had such a chance as well.


In comparison, the deaths of more than 10 Monster Kings and a Third-Order Monster Emperor were nothing worth mentioning.


Initially, many long-time Monster Emperors were worried about Shadow Leopard’s actions and planned on suppressing it after the dust settled to let it know that it couldn’t kill as it pleased.


Now though, none dared to suppress it, nor were they capable of doing so. Shadow Leopard was the only Great Emperor in the Myriad Monsters World, so they would consider themselves lucky if Shadow Leopard didn’t find fault with them. How would they have the audacity to challenge it?


This fellow had killed countless Monster Race members to get to where it was today, so if it was disgruntled one day, it might just kill some Monster Emperors and eat them as a snack.


Soon, the two abstruse characters turned into rays of light and shot into Shadow Leopard’s body, leaving a mark in the deepest part of its Soul.


Shadow Leopard had gained the acknowledgement of the Myriad Monsters World and earned a title. Its aura, which was faint and withering, immediately started burning again as though it had been splashed with oil. In all directions, the might of the World streamed into its body, allowing its battered figure to acquire immense nourishment. Its blood stopped flowing out of its wounds which were now healing at an incredible speed. Even its Monster Core, which was about to shatter due to the Heavenly Tribulation, became hard and perfect once more.


The rapid increase in its aura allowed it to rapidly ascend to the Fifth Order before it gradually stopped.


It was a gift from the World, openly showing its favour to Shadow Leopard.


Countless living beings were dumbfounded upon sensing this and many couldn’t help feeling envious.



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