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Martial Peak – Chapter 5617, I’m Just Looking Around

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“Sir Yang Kai, what’s the meaning of this?” A magnificent Divine Sense suddenly reverberated from the depths of the void. Though it sounded like the voice was questioning Yang Kai, it didn’t dare to be too reckless with its tone or words. Clearly, it was the Innate Territory Lord who was overseeing this place.


1,700 years ago, the number of Innate Territory Lords Yang Kai killed had reached more than 30; what’s more, those Innate Territory Lords were basically killed in a single blow by Yang Kai. Although Yang Kai had used special external means to kill them back then, that did nothing to diminish his incredible strength.


Now that 1,700 years had passed, no one knew exactly how this killing star’s ability had changed, but from how he killed three Acquired Territory Lords in just a few short breaths, everyone could tell he was stronger than before.


The terror that had faded away after nearly 2,000 years of silence had now resurfaced and tightly gripped the Innate Territory Lords. 


[Is this monster… going to start another killing spree? If that’s true, the peace we maintained for more than 1,000 years will surely shatter.]


“Sir, are you planning on breaking the peace treaty our two Races agreed upon?” The Innate Territory Lords asked again, his voice echoing from many different directions, as if he was deliberately trying to hide his whereabouts.


Yang Kai snorted disdainfully as he felt somewhat displeased. These Innate Territory Lords reacted too quickly. It seemed he had killed those Territory Lords too quickly. He should have taken more time to tear them apart so he could have killed a few more Territory Lords without drawing attention to himself.


However, he hadn’t taken action for nearly 2,000 years, so his fine control of his strength was somewhat lacking at the moment.


Yang Kai’s gaze drifted for a moment, then seeming to have ignored the barriers of space, he fixed his eyes on a particular position in the void. Then, he yawned out of boredom and waved his hand, “I’m just looking around. You can all go back to what you were doing.”


The Innate Territory Lord who had spoken earlier while hiding in the dark had already broken out into a cold sweat as he felt a fierce aura locking onto him from far away and pinning him down. Fortunately, that aura disappeared in the next instant.


Knowing that his position had been exposed and that his tricks to hide his whereabouts meant nothing before Yang Kai, the Innate Territory Lord realised that if the latter wanted to kill him, Yang Kai could have arrived in front of him within a couple of breaths. He didn’t have the slightest confidence in resisting Yang Kai’s assault.


On the other hand, Yang Kai’s answer made several Territory Lords feel their chests tighten.


[Looking around… He’s just looking around, yet he killed three Acquired Territory Lords…]


However, they also knew that couldn’t be helped because it was those three Territory Lords who attacked first. In other words, they were the ones who courted death themselves.


The peace treaty did state that Yang Kai couldn’t participate in the war or attack any of the Territory Lords, but it never said Yang Kai couldn’t fight back if he was the one attacked. Moreover, since those three were killed by this killing star, the other Black Ink Clansmen didn’t dare to harp on this matter for fear they would be next.


“I hope what you said is true!” That Innate Territory Lord barely managed to keep his remaining dignity by broadcasting such words in all directions.


A short while later, a frenzy of activity occurred in Azure Sun Territory as all the Feudal Lords and Territory Lords around their main base hurried back inside while those too far away simply found places to hide.


Panicked energy fluctuations could be felt coming from all directions. 


How could the Seventh and Eighth-Order Masters let such an opportunity go? Immediately, they began intercepting those Feudal Lords and Territory Lords while going all out to kill them. In an instant, the originally quiet Azure Sun Territory became extremely lively. 


Meanwhile, Yang Kai slowly moved across the void while sweeping his Divine Sense around. He soon came across several Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters surrounding a group of Feudal Lords. The Humans already had a slight upper hand, but when Yang Kai passed by, the Feudal Lords became terrified. Even though Yang Kai didn’t even glance at them, those Feudal Lords felt like death itself was stalking them, causing their strength to plummet by some 30 or 40%. 


Before Yang Kai even left, the Feudal Lords, who had barely maintained a balance before, were now at a total disadvantage. It was only a matter of time before they were killed by those Seventh-Order Masters.


A while later, Yang Kai came across another battlefield, but this time he stopped to take a look.


There were three Eighth-Order Human Masters currently battling a single Innate Territory Lord. Though it was three against one, the Humans didn’t hold much of an advantage.


Besides the fact that an Innate Territory Lord was already a very powerful foe, these three Eighth-Order Masters had clearly broken through to their current realm not long ago, so they didn’t have much heritage.


However, the three Eighth-Orders Masters were able to work together seamlessly and were proficient in many kinds of Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques. Despite not having an overwhelming advantage in this battle, they were still able to surround and pin down this Innate Territory Lord.


The space around this battlefield was warped, especially at its centre, and rays of bright light and murderous intent flared wildly.


Yang Kai’s arrival had naturally attracted the attention of these four, and the terrified Innate Territory Lord couldn’t help bellowing, “Sir Yang Kai, are you going to attack?”


Yang Kai chuckled, “No. I’m just having a look. You guys can continue your fight.” 


Then, his expression turned grim as he reprimanded those Eighth-Order Masters, “You three little brats, what have you been cultivating for all these years? It’s three against one, and this is the best you can do? If word of this spread out, my reputation would be completely ruined!”


A young man with an innocent expression immediately wore a bitter look on his face as he complained, “Honoured Master, we only broke through to the Eighth Order 300 years ago, and this guy is an Innate Territory Lord.”


If their opponent had been an ordinary Territory Lord, their fight wouldn’t have been nearly this difficult, but Innate Territory Lords were far more powerful than the current generation of Acquired Territory Lords.


Yang Kai’s face darkened, “You dare talk back to me? Has this Honoured Master’s teachings been in vain for all those years?” 


He then raised his head slightly and spoke in a sorrowful tone, “Didn’t your Honoured Master ever tell you that he killed a Royal Lord just after breaking through to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm?”


Among those three Eighth-Order Masters, the young man with a bowl cut pursed his lips, “Honoured Master, all you know is how to boast about your achievements.”


They would have believed Yang Kai if he had said he killed an Innate Territory Lord as they had heard about how powerful he was for many years. However, killing a Royal Lord? Even they, Yang Kai’s Legacy Disciples, wouldn’t believe him, let alone others.


All three of them were silently complaining about how they never knew their Honoured Master was so shameless.


“How could you all get distracted during a battle? Do you want to die?” Yang Kai scolded them.


The only female Eighth-Order Master amongst them gripped her spear and swept it out fiercely with an angry roar, “Kill!”


Yang Kai applauded, “Ye Bai, you should learn more from your Junior Sister. How can a man not have any murderous intent? When fighting an enemy Master, it’s either you die or they do, so if you don’t give it your all, you won’t be the one to laugh in the end.”


“Yes!” Zhao Ye Bai’s expression became stern as his murderous intent surged.


The Innate Territory Lord was already afraid that Yang Kai would suddenly make a move and kill him, but now he felt completely hopeless after listening to this conversation.


[Honoured Master? Yang Kai is these three Eighth-Order Masters’ Honoured Master? What the Hell am I supposed to do now?]


If these three had been any other Eighth-Order Masters, it wouldn’t have mattered if he killed them, but these were Yang Kai’s Disciples. Once he made a killing attack, would Yang Kai really just stand there and do nothing?


Even if Yang Kai killed him today, the Black Ink Clan would not bring up the peace agreement for discussion and would just let the matter slide.


At that instant, the Innate Territory Lord fell into a dilemma.


Meanwhile, the three Eighth-Order Masters had been through many battles, so they wouldn’t show any mercy to their enemies when given such a good opportunity. Now that the Innate Territory Lord could only defend himself and had no way of striking back, the three redoubled their assault, sending out all sorts of Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques which illuminated the entire void.


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “You three can barely achieve one or two parts of my strength back then.”


Hearing that, Zhao Ya felt her veins bulging and couldn’t stand it anymore, so she spoke while thrusting out her spear, “Honoured Master, why don’t you go look around somewhere else?”


[We three Senior Brothers and Sister are fighting a life-or-death battle! It’s fine if this old fart can’t help us, but can he not just stand there boasting shamelessly while making sarcastic remarks?]


Yang Kai raised his hand and knocked her head, “What’s wrong? Don’t you want me here?”


Zhao Ya felt aggrieved, but at the same time, she was secretly astonished at her Honoured Master’s ability. Although she didn’t have her guard up against him and was fully focused on fighting the Innate Territory Lord, she was still an Eighth-Order Master, after all. However, she didn’t even notice when her Honoured Master arrived beside her.


While thinking of that, she couldn’t help but exclaim inside, [Indeed, old ginger is spicier than young ginger. Boasting might be a habit every man has, but this old man does have some skill it seems. I guess I’ll just let him continue to boast…]


As such, she didn’t say anything.


“Why is it only the three of you? Where’s that little bastard Yang Xiao?” Yang Kai looked around curiously. If he remembered correctly, his three Disciples should have been with Yang Xiao because they seemed to have formed a group called the Ten Directions Supreme and had also made a name for themselves.


But now, there were only the three of them, and Yang Xiao was nowhere to be seen.


Xu Yi used Time Principles to disrupt the Innate Territory Lord’s senses while finding a moment to answer, “These years, our Fellow Brothers and Sisters have broken through to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm one after another, so it’s not suitable for us to stay in a single Squad and kill enemies together anymore. The three of us parted ways with Senior Brother Yang some time ago.”


Yang Kai nodded in understanding.


Back then, they formed a squad to kill the enemy because they weren’t strong enough. Although there were quite a lot of Seventh-Order Masters among them, going into the Great Territories conquered by the Black Ink Clan was extremely dangerous; therefore, it was a better choice to band together. 


But now, these little ones had all broken through to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so there was no need to act as a unit anymore.


Also, this was a wise choice because only in this way could they continue to break through their limitations by exposing themselves to dangerous situations. 


Yang Kai’s three Disciples had all directly broken through to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm back then and were now Eighth-Order Masters. Once they had accumulated enough heritage, they could strive to break through to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm. If they did, they would become pillars of the war against the Black Ink Clan.


It was the same for Yang Xiao. He was a pure Dragon Clan member and had a very strong Bloodline Talent, so he could only rely on purifying and tempering his Dragon Vein and nothing else to achieve a breakthrough.


As for Yang Xue, she was the same as Yang Kai. The Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm was her limit. 


“Die!” A fierce roar suddenly sounded as Zhao Ya pierced the Innate Territory Lord’s chest with her spear. Violent energy exploded, directly opening a huge hole in the enemy’s chest.


With her strength, she couldn’t land such a blow on an Innate Territory Lord so easily. The best outcome for today’s battle would have been both sides suffering injuries or both sides retreating on their own. 


However, Yang Kai standing there talking non-stop forced the Innate Territory Lord to divide some attention to guard against him. Also, the Innate Territory Lord had to be mindful of Zhao Ye Bai and the others being Yang Kai’s Disciples, so he didn’t dare to kill them.


Since the Innate Territory Lord couldn’t escape or pay full attention to fighting his opponents, he naturally wouldn’t have a good end.


“Senior Brother!” Xu Yi bellowed. The three Brothers and Sister had been together for many years and had gone through countless battles together, so they knew each other incredibly well by now. When Zhao Ya succeeded in attacking the enemy, Xu Yi immediately seized the chance. 


Zhao Ye Bai roared, “Coming!”


The two of them immediately pushed their Time Principles and Space Principles, intertwining their strength to create a mysterious energy.



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