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Martial Peak – Chapter 5618, One Final Lesson

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At that moment, the local Space became a mess, and the entire battlefield was rendered into a patchwork of light. The Innate Territory Lord had a surprised and frightened expression on his face as he watched a spear coming at him, swiftly moving about as it slashed him 18 times.


During this critical life-and-death moment, the Territory Lord no longer cared about Yang Kai. The Black Ink Strength surrounding his body surged as it spread out in all directions like a tsunami.


The chaotic Space was disrupted and three figures were sent flying, all of them coughing up fresh blood.


At the same time, the Territory Lord had 18 new injuries and was covered in fresh black blood, making him look incredibly haggard.


Not intending to remain a moment longer, he turned around and transformed into a Black Ink Cloud before making his escape.


“In your dreams!” Zhao Ye Bai roared. The trio had exerted a lot of effort to heavily injure their enemy. If they let their opponent escape, they would have spent their years of cultivation in vain.


Moreover, their Honoured Master was watching them from the side.


Zhao Ye Bai had no expectations that his Honoured Master would lend a helping hand, and Yang Kai had no such intentions either. Instead, he just watched them with interest.


While Zhao Ye Bai roared, his figure flickered. Then, with a slight step, a vague shadow remained in place while his true body appeared in front of the escaping Innate Territory Lord. At some point, a mysterious object appeared in Zhao Ye Bai’s hand. It seemed like a sword, but it also looked like a snake. The thing was squirming in his hand like an untamed animal that could bite back at him at any moment.


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes as he offered some silent praise. Though he did not pay much attention to his Disciples, he didn’t expect the dopiest little one to have grown so much.


The thing in Zhao Ye Bai’s hand wasn’t a sword or a snake, it was a Void Crack. He was using a Void Crack as a weapon.


“Scram!” The Territory Lord yelled madly as a palm appeared from within the rolling Black Ink Cloud and slammed towards Zhao Ye Bai.


The Space Sword didn’t slash downwards but nimbly formed a curve that cut into the Black Ink Cloud. At the same time, Zhao Ye Bai ducked and avoided the Territory Lord’s palm while also revealing Xu Yi standing behind him.


While using Space Principles to intercept his enemy, he also brought along his Third Junior Brother with him.


The Innate Territory Lord had been completely focused on running away, and the two Brothers had combined their auras, so he didn’t notice that there were two Humans before him rather than one.


Xu Yi had a stern expression as he placed his palms together. Then, a dense layer of Time Principles surrounded his body, and with a gentle slap, Time itself was sent flying. 


As this palm struck, the surrounding void seemed to pass through countless years in an instant. When the Innate Territory Lord’s attack reached Xu Yi’s palm, only half of its power remained.


With a shake of Xu Yi’s body, the Innate Territory Lord was sent flying, and Zhao Ye Bai’s Space Sword slashed downwards. 


The huge Black Ink Cloud roiled and split, revealing the Territory Lord’s figure with a large wound at his waist that was gushing out blood. The wound didn’t look like it was from a sharp object piercing him; instead, it was as if some beast had ripped a chunk of his flesh out.


Before the Territory Lord could steady himself, an intense murderous intent struck him from behind. Zhao Ya had harnessed the essence of the Supreme Limitless Spear Art and transformed her weapon into a giant phantom image that swiftly enveloped the Innate Territory Lord.


At that moment, the Innate Territory Lord could no longer escape.


“Kill!” Xu Yi called out and charged forward with his Eldest Senior Brother. 


However, The trio didn’t dare to be reckless and the fight with the Innate Territory Lord lasted another half an hour before they finally took him down with great difficulty.


After Zhao Ya used her spear to blast the Innate Territory Lord’s head off, she withdrew it while all three of them looked pale and panted heavily. However, they were feeling indescribably happy inside.


This was the first Innate Territory Lord they had killed!


Even though they had fought Innate Territory Lords before, it would always end with them suffering a loss and the three of them escaping under their Eldest Senior Brother’s lead. There were also some rare times when both sides suffered heavy losses and mutually withdrew, but never had they imagined killing an Innate Territory Lord so soon.


Yang Kai overseeing the situation might have contributed to their win, but during the latter half of the battle, the Innate Territory Lord had gone all out and no longer restrained his attacks.


This life-or-death battle was certainly beneficial to them. Once they had absorbed the experience from this fight, they were confident that they wouldn’t be in such a wretched state when encountering another Innate Territory Lord in the future.


“Honoured Master, please give us some guidance!” After steadying his breath, Zhao Ye Bai looked at Yang Kai and cupped his fist.


Yang Kai smiled, “Your Master simply shows you the path, how you walk it is up to you. Your Honoured Master has no more advice for you. I only have one comment. Well done.”


Although he felt that the three little ones still had a few rough edges while battling their opponent, and many opportunities weren’t grasped perfectly, nothing was truly perfect in this World. Even he had times when he made mistakes and misjudgments. Moreover, the situation on the battlefield was constantly changing, and only by continuously overcoming their limitations could they grow strong.


Also, Yang Kai noticed that they had adopted an original approach when using their Martial Daos, especially when Zhao Ye Bai and Xu Yi combined both Time and Space Principles, allowing them to display a kind of Space-Time Strength.


Yang Kai could summon the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel and use Space-Time Strength because he was proficient in both the Dao of Space and the Dao of Time. It was like a person’s left and right hands working together seamlessly and not too difficult to achieve; however, Zhao Ye Bai and Xu Yi were two different individuals. When one person’s left hand had to work with another person’s right hand, it didn’t only require perfect timing but also absolute trust in each other.


As Yang Kai thought of that, he couldn’t help but sigh. It seemed like the young eagles had grown their feathers and were able to soar in the sky.


He suddenly understood how Ou Yang Lie and the others felt back then. Each age offered new talents, and those new talents would surpass the older ones! The veteran Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters might have had high hopes and felt like they had passed their prime when looking at the young and active him back then.


“After so many years, Honoured Master has never taught you anything in detail, but since we’ve encountered each other today, I will give you one final lesson!” Yang Kai wore a kind smile on his face.


The three Disciples looked serious as they felt inexplicably sad. Though their Honoured Master didn’t seem old and could even be considered young when compared to other veteran Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, they knew that the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm… was their Honoured Master’s limit in this lifetime.


That was undoubtedly a ruthless fate for a cultivator who used up all his life to pursue the peak of the Martial Dao. Though their Honoured Master’s appearance would not age for tens of thousands of years at least, his ambition to pursue Martial Dao would no longer be as strong as it once was.


Zhao Ya’s eyes reddened slightly as she remembered how Yang Kai had taken such gentle care of them when they were young. All these years, they seemed to have never been filial to their Honoured Master, so she secretly decided that if they could wipe out the Black Ink Clan, they must stay beside their Honoured Master and take care of him.


However, while such thoughts flashed across her head, Yang Kai raised his fist to his lips and coughed twice before suddenly shouting, “This King’s three Legacy Disciples are right here! An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! If any of you Territory Lords have a grudge against me, feel free to target them! If you manage to kill them, that just proves your capability, and this King will not avenge them in the future!”


The three Disciples slowly widened their eyes as their sadness instantly disappeared while looking at their Honoured Master with stunned expressions.


Yang Kai then winked at them, “The final lesson is that your Honoured Master can’t protect you for a lifetime, so you have to learn how to fend for yourselves!”


After saying that, Yang Kai didn’t bother to see what their reactions were before taking a step and appearing a million kilometres away from them. Then, he laughed from afar and announced, “There will come a day when the eagle learns to fly and soars high in the sky!”


He seemed to be in an extremely pleasant mood. 


In just a few short moments, his aura disappeared from Azure Sun Territory, obviously indicating that he had left through one of the Territory Gates.


At that instant, many Divine Senses swept towards Zhao Ye Bai and the others from all directions and the trio felt like countless pairs of eyes were now staring at them from the dark.


“Run!” In a panic, Zhao Ye Bai grabbed his Junior Sister and Brother before turning around and dashing towards one of the Human Race’s forward outposts.


“Master?! How could there be such a terrible Master in this life!? Ahhh! I’m going to drop out of the Master’s Sect!” Xu Yi felt like he was going mad.


In this World, the number of those who knew they were Yang Kai’s Legacy Disciples was not low, but it also wasn’t high; after all, Yang Kai had arranged for them to be cared for at the High Heaven Palace before he went to the Black Ink Battlefield, which was some 3,000 years ago. Back then, the three of them were still weak, so the others only thought of them as ordinary High Heaven Palace disciples. No one had ever expected them and Yang Kai to be Disciples and Master.


Of course, they also wouldn’t announce this fact to the wider world.


They knew what their Honoured Master had done to the Black Ink Clan, so if the Black Ink Clan found out about their relationship, they would definitely be targeted.


That was also why the Human higher-ups never said a word about them despite knowing the whole story.


Never would they have imagined that Yang Kai would take the initiative to expose their Master and Disciple relationship today. 


There were so many Territory Lords who died because of Yang Kai, but since the Black Ink Clan couldn’t do anything about him, their next best option was to target his three Disciples.


It was easy to predict that the dangers and risks these three would be facing in the future would vastly surpass what they encountered previously. Perhaps they would be targeted by multiple Territory Lords the moment they appeared in any Great Territory.


Zhao Ya bit her lips as her eyes reddened even more. 


She had secretly decided that once her Honoured Master turned old, could no longer move about, and was bedridden, she would show him the real meaning of filial piety!


After giving it some more thought, she realized that this old fart had never taught them anything these past few millennia. All he did was take them under his wing when they were young and naïve. Since he brought them out from the Void World, they had hardly even met, so how could he have taught them anything?


Yet this old ghost dared to say this was their final lesson!


“Eldest Senior Brother, run faster! They’re chasing us!” Xu Yi screamed in panic. It had only been a short moment, but several powerful auras which obviously belonged to Innate Territory Lords were rapidly closing in on them. On top of that, there were dozens of weaker auras following closely behind them in the dark. Clearly, everyone now saw the three of them as prime targets.


“Don’t resist!” Zhao Ye Bai shouted while using Space Principles to wrap around his Junior Sister and Brother, their figures beginning to flicker.


By the time he had almost run out of energy, they finally reached the Human Race’s main camp. Zhao Ye Bai fell to the ground, feeling like he didn’t even have the energy to move a finger. While he looked up at the jet-black void, he only had one thought in mind. 


[Honoured Master is definitely trying to screw with us!]



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