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Martial Peak – Chapter 5619, The Search Continues

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After nearly 2,000 years, the Human Race’s biggest killing star, Yang Kai, had emerged from retreat; then, he appeared in Azure Sun Territory and killed three Acquired Territory Lords.


When the news spread out, the Black Ink Clan was terrified!


Acquired Territory Lords were also Territory Lords, and although they weren’t as powerful as Innate Territory Lords, or even ordinary Eighth-Order Human Masters, they weren’t easy to kill by any means.


The Black Ink Clan then heard that those three Territory Lords were the ones who initiated the attack, but all of them were killed within three breaths.


Fortunately, Yang Kai didn’t start a killing spree or even intend to break the treaty they had agreed on previously. Instead, he just strolled around Azure Sun Territory and left.


At that moment, all the Black Ink Clansmen in all the Great Territory Battlefields shivered in fright as they did all they could to get news about Yang Kai.


Soon, they received word from all directions that Yang Kai had appeared on the Great Territory Battlefields one after another; however, he never started a fight and just wandered around as if searching for something.


No one knew what he was searching for.


There were many times when he appeared near the Black Ink Clan’s bases, which made the Territory Lords eager to start a fight but also extremely wary.


They were eager to start a fight because if they did, they might stand a chance of defeating Yang Kai if the entire Army attacked him together. However, they were worried that if a battle broke out, there was no telling how many Territory Lords would die, and there was also a chance that they might not be able to defeat Yang Kai.


It wasn’t until Yang Kai left that the Black Ink Clan finally felt relieved.


However, more news spread across the Great Territories, saying that Yang Kai’s three Legacy Disciples were in Azure Sun Territory, so many began thinking of ways to surround and kill them. This news greatly energized the Black Ink Clan.


The fear of Yang Kai would forever stay with them because he was so strong and overbearing that no Black Ink Clansman dared to offend him. Since the Black Ink Clan couldn’t do anything about Yang Kai though, they could take out their frustrations on his three Legacy Disciples.


Moreover, it was Yang Kai who exposed their relationship before leaving Azure Sun Territory. Also, he said that if the Black Ink Clan managed to kill his Disciples, he would not take revenge. 


Just as countless Black Ink Clansmen were focusing their attention on Azure Sun Territory, they heard even more news from other Great Territories.


Yang Xiao and Yang Yue, who made a name for themselves recently, were revealed to be Yang Kai’s Adopted Son and Younger Sister.


Also, a few women who had recently broken through to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm were said to be his Wives.


In an instant, the Black Ink Clan began targeting everyone with close connections to Yang Kai. The Black Ink Clan had also devised several plans to round them up and slaughter them; however, whether they would actually kill them was doubtful as none of the higher-ups in the Black Ink Clan believed Yang Kai would really not seek revenge.


If they could capture these important people and corrupt them with Black Ink Strength though, turning them into Black Ink Disciples, it would certainly allow them to restrain Yang Kai’s actions greatly.


Undercurrents surged throughout the various battlefields surrounding those cultivators with close relationships with Yang Kai. The Human Race and the Black Ink Clan continuously fought each other in battle after battle, turning the situation into a chaotic mess.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai had long left the 13 Battlefields. With a Universe Chart in hand, he began touring around all the Great Territories.


If the Human Race wanted to get rid of the Black Ink Clan once and for all, they had to find the Primordial Light. Although Yang Kai had ventured into the Chaotic Dead Territory to ask Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan about it, the information he received wasn’t of much use; therefore, Yang Kai still didn’t have a clue about what the Primordial Light was or where to find it.


Now, he could only use the dumbest method of performing an exhaustive search, hoping he would get lucky.


Cang had previously said that when the Primordial Light was born, Primordial Darkness appeared alongside it. Light and darkness were opposite sides of the same coin and were inextricably linked, but now, that darkness had become Mo and was set on devouring the Universe while the light was nowhere to be seen.


The Primordial Light might not take the form of light, just like how darkness had taken the form of Mo. The light could be a blade of grass, a simple tree, or even a Monster or a Human. There was even the possibility of it being everything in this World.


Yang Kai wasn’t sure if he could find it, but he believed that where there was a will, there would be a way.


Moreover, his cultivation was approaching his personal limit. Though it hadn’t reached the peak of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm yet, the heritage in his Small Universe was constantly increasing without the need to go through bitter secluded cultivation.


After chasing his limits for all his life, Yang Kai had reached the end of his Martial Dao, but he didn’t feel the slightest joy. That was because he knew that this wasn’t the peak of the Martial Dao. This knowledge was undoubtedly the greatest despair to a cultivator.


Since he didn’t need to cultivate and couldn’t head to the battlefield to fight the enemy, Yang Kai couldn’t stay idle. If he were an ordinary man, he could stay with his family and be filial to his parents, or spend the rest of his life in peace, but he wasn’t an ordinary man.


It would be best if he could find the Primordial Light, but if he couldn’t, he would take this journey as a trip to reorganize his mind and calm his spirit.


His Divine Sense was constantly surging like the tide, leaving no stone unturned. In every Great Territory he visited, he would bring out his Universe Chart and use his Divine Sense to draw a cross on its corresponding position. 


Now, most of the Great Territories in the 3,000 Worlds were conquered by the Black Ink Clan, and the Universe Worlds that used to be flourishing and filled with vitality were now dead because they were depleted of World Force and had their Grand Daos destroyed. Numerous Black Ink Clansmen could be seen moving about the void and there were many Black Ink Nests above the dead Universe World. 


Back when the Black Ink Clan had just started invading the 3,000 Worlds, Yang Kai had also visited many Great Territories, but back then, he was rushing about refining the Universe Worlds in an attempt to save as many living beings as possible. 


That journey was frantic and brief.


This time, his journey was more deliberate as he performed a thorough search of every corner of each Great Territory, including all the dead Universe Worlds and Universe Fragments.


In comparison to back then, the Great Territories were now undoubtedly duller. Even the void was permeated with the extremely wicked and loathsome aura of Black Ink Strength.


The dead Universe Worlds were like decaying corpses. 


Black Ink Strength had swept through the Universe. No one could avoid their personal responsibility when faced with such a tragedy.


During his journey, Yang Kai met quite a few Hunters. These Hunters travelled around each Great Territory, destroying Black Ink Nests and being chased after by the Black Ink Clan, which they all considered exciting and terrifying experiences. While facing such dangers though, they also gained a lot.


As Yang Kai passed through each Great Territory, the number of crosses on his Universe Chart gradually increased and soon almost covered the entire map.


He didn’t pay much attention to how many years he had been searching for until he suddenly came to an extremely quiet place.


After cross-checking with his Universe Chart, he suddenly realised that this was actually the Chaotic Dead Territory.


Yang Kai was very surprised as he had visited the Chaotic Dead Territory thrice, but no matter when he came, this place had always been in complete chaos.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were extremely powerful but couldn’t control their own strength; therefore, wherever they were, the violent might of Yang and Yin they possessed shattered the void.


It was because of this that Yang Kai didn’t succeed when asking them to descend the mountain and help the Humans deal with the Black Ink Clan. If they did so, many other Great Territories would become a part of the Chaotic Dead Territory, which was something the Humans couldn’t accept.


Although many Great Territories now were filled with dead Universe Worlds and were conquered by the Black Ink Clan, restoring them in the future was still possible. However, if a Great Territory became a part of the Chaotic Dead Territory, there would be no hope for restoration.


When Yang Kai came again this time and noticed there was actually something different, he couldn’t help but be curious.


Therefore, he flew deeper into the void while calling out, “Big Brother Huang, Big Sister Lan, your Little Brother is here to visit!”


Following a faint aura he sensed, Yang Kai soon found Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, but when he saw them, he was taken aback, “What are… you two doing?”


Standing before Yang Kai was a single figure, or more precisely, the combined figures of Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan. The left half of the figure looked like Big Brother Huang, while the right side looked like Big Sister Lan. The figure’s appearance seemed extremely strange, as if some sort of power had forcefully merged them together but failed.


“Uhm…” The strange combined figure looked at Yang Kai, and its two different coloured eyes also showed different emotions. Then, with a roll of their eyes, the combined body split into two.


With a soft popping sound, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were separated entirely. The two of them looked a little exhausted and depressed.


Big Brother Huang massaged his temples, looking like he had a headache, “We’re trying to fuse. When you were here the last time, didn’t you say we might have a connection with the Primordial Light? We thought about it after you left and thought perhaps you were right, so we gave it a try.”


“What’s the result?”


“The result is what you just saw,” Big Brother Huang spread his hands.


“It’s your fault. If you hadn’t tried to gain control, I wouldn’t have fought with you because I was afraid to get devoured,” Big Sister Lan complained.


Big Brother Huang looked aggrieved, “How can that be my fault? You initiated it. How could I comply silently?”


“As a proper Little Brother, you should carry out your Big Sister’s will,” Big Sister Lan chastised.


“Nonsense,” Big Brother Huang jumped one metre high, “I’m the Big Brother, so you should listen to me!”


Then, Big Sister Lan grabbed Big Brother Huang’s collar and threatened angrily, “Say that again!”


Big Brother Huang looked down at her and repeated arrogantly, “I’m the Big…”


“Alright alright,” Yang Kai grabbed them before placing them on either side of himself, “Stop arguing. You guys have been together for so many years. What’s there to argue about?”


They had been arguing about who was the Big Sister or Big Brother for aeons, but they still hadn’t reached a conclusion.


*Hmph!* Both of them coldly snorted before turning their heads to the side as if they didn’t want to talk to each other anymore.


Yang Kai touched his chin and commented, “When this Little Brother saw your condition just now, I seemed to have seen signs of integration.”


“We can integrate with each other,” Big Brother Huang sighed and shook his head. After so many tries, he finally understood something, “However, unless one of us is willing to be devoured by the other, we’ll never truly become one.”


Big Sister Lan added, “Also, even if one of us is willing to be devoured, the most likely possibility is that we’ll simply destroy each other entirely.”


They were originally the manifestation of Yang and Yin, so their powers were opposed, the epitome of incompatibility, so how could they possibly integrate?


“If that’s true, then why are you guys still trying?” Yang Kai was confused.


Big Brother Huang shrugged, “We have nothing to do anyway. Also, she wouldn’t let me devour her.”



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