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Martial Peak – Chapter 5620, Catalyst

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That answer was impeccable. It was the same reason why Yang Kai went to look for the Primordial Light. He felt he had to do something, but there was literally nothing else for him to do, in short, he was bored…


“But we did learn something,” Big Sister Lan suddenly spoke up.


Yang Kai’s expression turned serious, “What did you discover?”


Instead of answering him, Big Sister Lan asked a question, “Do you know Alchemy?”


Not knowing what Alchemy had to do with this situation, Yang Kai still answered honestly, “I know a little.”


He had some Alchemic Dao Essence inside his Small Universe. Though he wasn’t as proficient in it as his three primary Grand Daos, his accomplishments weren’t low either. If he was willing, Yang Kai figured he could easily become an Alchemy Grandmaster. Moreover, he actively cultivated the Alchemic Dao in his youth.


Since there were many cultivators in his Small Universe, they were able to benefit from this and some became quite talented in the Alchemic Dao.


Big Sister Lan continued, “Since you know Alchemy, you should know that there are many times when herbs that have opposing natures are put together inside the same furnace, but not only do they not destroy each other, they enhance each other’s medicinal efficiency.”


Nodding, Yang Kai replied, “Indeed. The Alchemic Dao is profound and boundless, and what it focuses on is the ratio of herbs and how they counteract and enhance each other.” After thinking about it, he questioned, “Are you saying…”


“If you think of me and Big Brother Huang as counteracting herbs, what would you do to blend our medicinal efficacies?”


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “A catalyst!”


It wasn’t true that two counteracting herbs couldn’t be placed in the same furnace, one only had to add a suitable medicinal catalyst, and disaster could be turned into a miracle. Not only could a catalyst help maximize the two herbs’ medicinal efficacies, but it could help them fuse together and produce new and astonishing effects.


“I understand now!” Yang Kai was elated, like a terminally ill patient who suddenly found a cure after searching for so long. He was acting almost epileptic.


The last time Yang Kai came to the Chaotic Dead Territory and talked with these two, he realised that they had a huge connection with the Primordial Light, and perhaps were even part of it at one point. That was because Big Sister Lan previously said that she vaguely remembered being abandoned. 


[Who would abandon them? And what kind of being could abandon them?]


The answer to that was undoubtedly the Primordial Light.


Although Yang Kai didn’t know the reason behind all of this, the Primordial Light did separate from the Yang and Yin that eventually became the Sun’s Burning Light and Moon’s Serene Glimmer.


That was why they vaguely remembered feeling like they were abandoned. They were originally the same being but were separated by a powerful force.


If they wanted to fuse, they would have to reverse what happened. So, there must be a special existence in this World, and that existence was the medicinal catalyst to help Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan reintegrate with each other!


If he could find that catalyst, perhaps they might be able to recreate that glorious light.


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan looked at each other, feeling speechless.


But soon, Yang Kai’s expression turned stiff, and he frowned deeply. It only took a moment for his happy expression to disappear.


He managed to figure something out, but it all seemed meaningless…


Would he be able to find the catalyst when he couldn’t even find the Primordial Light? He had been searching around so many Great Territories, but so far hadn’t found anything at all. Even if he searched every Great Territory, there was still a chance that he wouldn’t find what he was looking for.


Logically speaking, Mo was born at the same time as the Primordial Light, so if the latter hadn’t separated from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, it might also have become a sentient existence in the 3,000 Worlds that was equally strong by now.


However, the Primordial Light separated Yang and Yin aeons ago, and now no one knew what it looked like.


Even the World Tree had no idea.


The Old Tree had been around since the dawn of time and was connected to all the Universe Worlds in the 3,000 Worlds, so who would know something that he didn’t?


Yang Kai suddenly felt devastated.


“Hey!” A leg suddenly landed on Yang Kai’s face. The force was so great that he was sent flying out and even saw stars.


When he finally found his footing, he felt something wet on his face. When he touched it, his hands were stained by blood.


He shook his head as he walked back and looked aggrieved at Big Brother Huang as he asked, “Why did you kick me?”


Big Brother Huang snorted coldly, “You looked so depressed, like your family died or something. It was annoying to look at it.”


Smiling bitterly, Yang Kai asked, “Is it that obvious?”


Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan nodded in sync.


Then, Big Brother Huang jumped up and slapped his small hand on Yang Kai’s shoulder while speaking like an elder, “Little Brother, there is no difficulty that can’t be solved. If you admit defeat before even starting, you’d be better off dead. At least you could have some peace and quiet that way.”


Feeling aggrieved, Yang Kai argued, “I’m not admitting defeat! I just thought…”


“Don’t think,” Big Brother Huang interrupted Yang Kai, “All beings have their own fate. Don’t put everything on your shoulders because you can’t bear that weight. This tragedy that is happening, it’s the whole world’s tragedy, not just yours. If the world would be destroyed without you, so be it.”


Yang Kai lowered his head, suddenly reminded of all he had done all those years ago. 


Back then, he was invincible on the battlefield. With the Soul Rending Thorn and his various Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques, he killed so many Territory Lords in Profound Nether Territory that the enemy became traumatized by his mere mention. However, even with such a huge advantage, Yang Kai still chose to make peace with them.


Didn’t he do that because of this exact reason?


This war wasn’t solely his struggle. No matter how strong a person was, there was a limit to their strength. This was the Human Race’s war, and only by the constant strengthening of their successive generations could they have hope of defeating the Black Ink Clan.


How could he have forgotten his original intention after so many years?


Yang Kai suddenly turned serious and nodded, “Big Brother Huang, you’re right.”


Also, he saw a new side to Big Brother Huang as he didn’t expect this little guy to have such insight after having stayed in the Chaotic Dead Territory for such a long time.


When Big Brother Huang heard Yang Kai compliment him, he eagerly added, “Don’t worry. If there ever comes a day when you Humans are defeated, your Big Sister Lan and I will charge out from the Chaotic Dead Territory and make this vast world into a dead zone so that the Black Ink Clan will be buried along with you!”


Yang Kai felt his brow twitch when he heard that as he thought, [This might be Big Brother Huang’s real intentions.]


No matter how isolated he and Big Sister Lan were, or how reasonably they seemed to behave, they were still avatars of chaos and destruction. When the Humans were in charge of the Universe, they could still stay here peacefully, but if the Humans disappeared from existence, nothing would be restraining them anymore. At that point, charging out of the Chaotic Dead Territory wasn’t just talk.


“Can the two of you stand against Mo?” Yang Kai felt doubtful. According to what he knew, these two might have abilities that were on par with a Giant Spirit God or stronger; however, was that enough to rival the strength of Mo?


When he thought about it, Mo created Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods while the Primordial Light created the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer; therefore, the Primordial Light might have been in the Creation Realm as well!


After pondering for a moment, Big Brother Huang replied, “We aren’t his opponent, but nothing will happen if you don’t act. Besides, we can’t just sit here and wait for death.”


Yang Kai exhaled lightly before sighing, “That’s right. We can’t just give in and wait for death to come!”


No one knew whether they could find the proper catalyst, but they had to try before knowing the answer.


Slapping his cheeks, Yang Kai thought, [Cheer up, the future is full of difficulties, but you can’t let that stop you from forging ahead!]


Suddenly, he thought of something. Since these two represented chaos and destruction, how could they have peacefully stayed in the Chaotic Dead Territory for so many years? Shouldn’t they be freely roaming around the 3,000 worlds and releasing their strength?


When Yang Kai unconsciously asked that question, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan looked at each other and saw the confusion in each other’s eyes.


“You’re right!” Big Brother Huang was puzzled, “This is a good question. Why do we have to stay in the Chaotic Dead Territory?”


Frowning, Big Sister Lan said, “But we don’t have the urge to wipe out the Humans and destroy this World. What’s more, I think staying here is quite good.”


“Could this be the thoughts left by the Primordial Light?” Yang Kai asked.


The two couldn’t answer him.


At that moment, Big Brother Huang suddenly felt frustrated, “Hey! Why do you have so many questions? There aren’t that many whys in the world.”


For so many years, they had been living their lives this way and didn’t find it unusual, but this annoying Little Brother kept coming over and asking them so many questions that left them confused. 


“Is there anything else? If not, please leave,” Big Brother Huang had no trace of politeness when he said that. 


“Ugh…” Yang Kai was speechless and thought about it before saying, “Please bestow me some Yellow and Blue Crystals. Also, after so many years, the Small Stone Race…”


Although Yang Kai had brought away a huge batch of Yellow and Blue Crystals and a massive Small Stone Race Army from the Chaotic Dead Territory, so many years of war with the Black Ink Clan had consumed many of the Yellow and Blue Crystals, while few Small Stone Race were remaining. The Small Stone Race soldiers still remaining were mostly the ones who had strength on par with the Seventh-Order and Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, but thanks to their low sentience, they couldn’t exert nearly as much power as the Humans.


“You’re so annoying!” Big Brother Huang felt a headache, “You’ve already taken away everything the last time you were here, yet you’re doing it again.”


Even though it had been nearly 2,000 years since Yang Kai’s last visit, that wasn’t actually a long time from the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer’s perspective.


But despite Big Brother Huang’s complaints, he and Big Sister Lan had already prepared a huge pile of supplies for Yang Kai. It didn’t matter if Yang Kai didn’t mention it, but now that he did, they wouldn’t be stingy with him. Therefore, Big Sister Lan waved her hand, and a giant-mountain-sized pile of Yellow and Blue Crystals floated over from deep inside the void.


Then, she shouted out an order, and several Small Stone Race Armies charged out from all directions in the Chaotic Dead Territory.


Yang Kai happily opened his Small Universe, and under Big Brother Huang’s constant grumblings, he put away the huge pile of materials and Small Stone Race Armies. 


After that was done, Burning Light and Serene Glimmer’s nearly 2,000 years of accumulation were gone.


Such a huge pile of materials and reinforcements were enough to influence the final result of the war between the two races. 


Without mentioning anything else, if Yang Kai distributed the Small Stone Clan Armies he received to the various battlefields, they could deliver a huge blow to the Black Ink Clan as those Small Stone Race Armies had many that were on par with Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Once Yang Kai was done, he respectfully thanked the two.


Since the two Races still wanted to maintain their current situation of the war, Yang Kai wasn’t in a rush to head back and distribute these Small Stone Race Armies. Also, he had to start his search for the medicinal catalyst. 


“I think you should try visiting the Divine Spirit’s Ancestral Land,” before he could go though, Big Sister Lan suddenly made this suggestion.



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